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Leveraging Juniper Networks Content and Media Solutions to Deliver Premium Content to Multiple Screens
Juniper Networks Media Flow Solution allows Network Service Providers (NSPs) to optimize their networks for efficient content delivery, while enabling innovative new Challenge services that can expand their valuable role within the overall content delivery market. NSPs seek to optimize their networks Media Flow Solution enables an open, highly innovative media delivery infrastructure for rich media and content delivery, and that can be the foundation of groundbreaking content offerings delivered over the also expand their role within the overall internet to multiple end-user devices. content delivery value chain. The Media Flow Solution, enables NSPs to offer differentiated services, boost Solution subscriber retention, and increase average return per user (ARPU) by delivering premium content to any device for consumption on multiple screens. In addition, NSPs Juniper Networks Media Flow can optimize their networks to reduce the cost of delivery, thereby maximizing their Solution provides a scalable, efficient return on network assets.The highly scalable, rich content caching, streaming, and and flexible content delivery and delivery capabilities of Media Flow Solution, improve the efficiency of content delivery distribution platform that NSPs can and ensure a continuous, premium quality experience - enabling a viable content use to monetize rich media delivery, delivery business model. while leveraging their existing network assets and maximizing both customer The Challenge acquisition and retention. To differentiate and succeed in todays complex consumer environment, network Benefit operators seek the agility to rapidly launch new, innovative, and media-rich services that can be the foundation of successful new business models. Strong brand equity, the ability Media Flow Solution enables NSPs to

to deliver a premium quality experience across fixed and mobile appliances is a key tenet enhance their brand equity, deliver a for success in increasingly competitive markets. premium quality experience for highly innovative services, and maximize Juniper Content and Media Delivery Platform Overview return on network assets. The Media Flow Solution is a converged content delivery and caching solution that can help place NSPs at the center of the consumer value chain by enabling a range of innovative services. The Media Flow Solution provides the foundation upon which NSPs can complement their existing service offerings with premium content offerings delivered to any networked device, in any location. Features and Benefits The Media Flow Solution delivers several advantages that make it the ideal foundation for network operators. Two of these key benefits are the superior scalability and its ability to support virtually all popular video streaming protocols from a single appliance. This superior scale and multi-protocol support and flexibility provide a single, converged infrastructureone that reduces the number of servers needed for adaptive content delivery across very diverse subscriber bases, while also providing a platform for future formats and protocols. 1

Additionally, the Media Flow Solution delivers economic advantages and increased returns on investment by continuously optimizing content delivery and caching for shifting traffic and viewership patterns. This results in significantly reduced network utilization, with the added benefit of improved response times and a premium user experience for all differentiated service levels. In addition to enabling multi-screen delivery, Media Flow Solution can also be used as an intelligent, transparent edge cache to reduce the traffic from off-net services. For more information on all the use cases for Media Flow Solution, please refer to the white paper, Solution Components The foundation of Juniper Networks Media Flow Solution is the Media Flow Controller, an intelligent media aware software appliance designed for high performance caching that supports multi-protocol, mixed media delivery. The Media Flow Solution also optionally includes the VXA Series Media Flow Engines, a line of high-performance, carrier-class platforms designed to host and optimize the performance of Media Flow Controller. Media Flow Manager provides centralized management capabilities for all the controllers. Together the Media Flow Solution provides a highly scalable and flexible content delivery system, uniquely optimized for the needs of NSPs. With the Media Flow Solution, NSPs can rapidly introduce innovative services over their fixed and mobile network infrastructure. This complements the rich, comprehensive video delivery solution toolkit already offered on the flagship M and MX-3D product line (including P2MP LSPs, high-performance multicast, high-capacity video streaming, subscriber management etc). 2 OTT OTT Rich Rich Media Media Provider Provider OTT OTT Rich Rich Media Media Provider Provider OTT OTT Rich Rich Media Media Provider Provider OTT Rich Media Provider OTT Rich Media Provider OTT Rich Media Provider Internet

Service Provider Demonstration Scenarios 1 Rich Media Delivery and Network Optimization 2 Multiscreen Video Delivery 3 Live TV Delivery Applications NSPs can leverage the Media Flow Solution in a number of different ways, depending on their multi-screen content delivery requirements. Scenario 1: For NSPs looking to reduce transit traffic from off-net sources, Media Flow Solution can be deployed to transparently cache popular content at the edge. This improves network efficiency and even improves response time for popular content, since content can now be delivered locally. This can be the foundation for future multi-screen delivery business models, and is illustrated In Figure 1. Scenario 2: Media Flow Controller can be used to deliver innovative web-based on demand content services across different devices and infrastructure typestelevision, PC, mobile, and beyond as illustrated in Figure 2all with a premium and seamless user experience. In this example, Media Flow Controllers comprehensive and rich protocol support, including Adobe Flash (RTMP, HTTP), Microsoft Silverlight, Apple HTTP Adaptive Streaming, Move Networks, and Junipers native SmoothFlow, enables a single infrastructure to deliver content to multiple device types. Network Edge PC Cached Content Media Flow Controllers Figure 1: Network optimization Regional Userbase

Scenario 3: Can also use Media Flow Controller to efficiently deliver live television broadcasts. In this use case Media Flow Controller can provide adaptive streaming to deliver a TV-like viewing experience regardless of network conditions. With the ability to cache content, Figure 3: Live Adaptive HDTV + Timeshift NSP USe CASe NSP CHALLeNgeS JUNIPeR SOLUTION BeNeFITS Network Optimization Reduce costs of delivering OTT traffic Offer differentiated services Generate greater margin contribution on service offerings Reduce transit traffic and optimize networks Intelligent, scalable edge caching delivers significant bandwidth savings Enhanced user experience because popular content is cached and delivered locally Multi-screen video delivery Offer differentiated services Enable rich-media and video delivery to wide variety of devices and formats Provide premium user experience to a wide diversity of fixed and mobile Internet devices Enablement of increased monetization opportunities Single, converged infrastructure supports delivery to multiple device and content types Highly scalable, distributed caching infrastructure optimizes content delivery Enhanced viewing experience for all screens Live TV Online delivery of linear TV to PC and mobile devices Deliver high quality of experience as network conditions fluctuate Increased monetization through innovative new services Start-over , time-shift and replay capability for live streams Market differentiation through live streaming with enhanced viewing experience Teleport/Ingest/ Encode Internet Online Media Network Edge Media Flow Controllers Network Edge Media Flow Controllers Adaptive Delivery HDTV Adaptive Delivery SD Mobile Adaptive Delivery TV PC

Mobile Adaptive Delivery Figure 2: Adaptive streaming to 3 screens (multi-format and multi-screen) Media Flow Controller can also enable time shifting capabilities and other unique functionality. This not only provides a better user experience but also allows the live content to be served locally for subsequent users, as illustrated in Figure 3. Figure 3: Live Adaptive HDTV + Timeshift Network Edge Network Edge Adaptive Delivery Media Flow Adaptive Delivery Controllers Network Edge Media Flow Adaptive Delivery Controllers Network Edge Media Flow Controllers Media Flow Controllers 3

SummaryMedia Flow Solution for NSP Video and Content Delivery Junipers comprehensive video and content delivery solution allows NSPs to aggressively monetize the delivery of rich media content such as video, expanding their increasingly role within the overall content delivery value chain. Juniper Networks Media Flow Solution complements the NSPs existing services, and can help improve the performance of critical infrastructure assets. The Media Flow Solution enables an open, highly innovative video service delivery model that enables a range of revenue and business models (multi-partner, home grown, retail, wholesale, ad sponsored, fee-based, tiered, metering, to name a few.) With this solution, NSPs can increase revenue by offering differentiated services that boost subscriber retention and ARPU, by delivering premium content to any device for multi-screen consumption. In addition, NSPs can also optimize their network to reduce the cost of delivery, thereby maximizing the return on their infrastructure investment. Next Steps Junipers Content & Media solutions provide unmatched scalability with multi-protocol, mixed media delivery. This provides the foundation upon which NSPs can complement their existing service offerings with innovative content offerings delivered to any networked device, in any location. Please contact your Juniper Networks representative for more information. eMeA Corporate and Sales Headquarters APAC Headquarters Headquarters Juniper Networks, Inc. Juniper Networks (Hong Kong) Juniper Networks Ireland 1194 North Mathilda Avenue 26/F, Cityplaza One Airside Business Park Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA 1111 Kings Road Swords, County Dublin, Ireland Phone: 888.JUNIPER (888.586.4737) Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong Phone: 35.31.8903.600 or 408.745.2000 Phone: 852.2332.3636

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