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Professor Elmer C. Albacete

Jessica R. Velez

M Calero”. “C.“Jomapa” o) Jose Rizal – “Laong Laan” p) Macario Adriatico – “Amaori. “Calipso”.1) What are the pen names used by various ilustrados during their century? a) Andres Bonifacio – “Agapito Bagumbayan”. “Kupang”. “Piping Dilat”. “Carmelo”. Amabri”. “Patos”. “Dolores Manapat”. Dati” s) Mariano del Rosario – “Tito-Tato” 2) What are the goals of the following organizations: A. “M. “Maypagasa” b) Antonio K. “Elias” i) Faustino Aguilar – “Sinag-Ina” j) Francisco Arcellana – “Franz Arcellana” k) Francisco de la Cruz Balagtas – “Franciso Baltazar” l) Jose Corazon de Jesus – “Huseng Batute” m) Jose Dela Cruz – “Huseng Sisiw” n) Jose Ma.A Murgas”. “Felipe Malayo” q) Mariano Ponce “Naning”. “Siling Labuyo”. Abad – “Akasia” c) Antonio Luna . Panganiban . “Kalipulo”. KKK .“Taga Ilog” d) Aurelio Alvero – “Magtanggul Asa” e) Cecilio Apostol – “Catulo”. “D. “Calypso” f) Emilio Aguinaldo – “Magdalo” g) Epifanio Delos Santos – “G. “D. Solon” h) Felipe Calderon – “Simoun”. del Pilar – “Plaridel”. “Hilario”. “Tigbalang” r) Marcelo H.

5. libertarian ideas which are manifested daily in the field of politics. 2. La Liga Filipina  A civic society founded by Rizal  Goals of La Liga Filipina: 1. CIVIC Objective: revolved around the principle of self-help and the defense of the poor and the oppressed. POLITICAL Objective: Consisted of working for the SEPARATION of Philippines from Spain. Mutual protection in every want and necessity. D. to gather. 2. 3. Reform in the UST. 4. Tax reforms and others. 4. Defense against all violence and injustice. agriculture and commerce. 5.  Goals of Circulo Hispano-Filipino: 1. religious fanaticism and weakness of character. to collect. 3. 2. literature. MORAL Objective: revolved around the teaching of good manners. science. Study and application of reforms C. commerce. good morals and attacking obscurantism. Abolition of flogging as a form of punishment. hygiene. vigorous and homogenous body. La Solidaridad  Goals of La Solidaridad: 1. Compulsory teaching of Spanish language in all schools in the country. To unite the whole archipelago into one compact. B. Reform Movement of Circulo Hispano-Filipino  The Association failed due to shortage of funds and also because of lack of confidence of the members in Atayde. Establishment of agricultural banks. agriculture and industry . Encouragement of instruction. art. 3. Three Fundamental Objectives of Katipunan: 1.

3) What are the organizations? gains and failures of the above-mentioned .

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