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Career Summary Worked in all areas of the vendor software application business.

Specialized in designing, developing and marketing packaged applications along with data replic ation software used for disaster recovery, migration, and data integration. Acqu ired a thorough financial background to understand and make strategic revenue an d expense decisions at both department and company levels. Worked in both market ing and delivery side of the business, balancing the need to sometimes sell beyo nd product functionality while setting customer and partner expectations for pro duct delivery in a managed release roadmap. Team player and leader with the phil osophy that it is each individuals responsibility to perform their role so that the greater team excels. Effectively communicates with a wide spectrum of people from data entry clerks to corporate executives in both relaxed and extremely te nse situations. Oracle, Redwood Shores, California (2009 present) Oracle acquired GoldenGate to fill a gap in their real-time heterogeneous data m ovement product offerings to aggressively compete against IBMs InfoSphere produc t suite. Oracle retained GoldenGate product management and developments key empl oyees by integrating them at high levels within its existing corporate structure in both the Fusion Middleware and Database departments. The GoldenGate acquisit ion was Oracles second largest private purchase to date. Continues to direct the product strategy and vision for the Oracle GoldenGate pr oduct family. Manages the Oracle GoldenGate PM team whose product supports over 250 different operating system, database and product version combinations. Respo nsible for the prioritization of new product features for both the Middleware an d Database replication development teams spanning two vastly different reporting structures. * Working with Oracle application and middleware teams to integrate with their p roduct offerings * Migrating partnership relationships from GoldenGate to Oracle and new acquisit ions to gain market share * Integrating the current GoldenGate development and product processes with Orac le processes * Evangelizing GoldenGate technology at conferences, internal and partner update s and customer advisory boards throughout the world GoldenGate, San Francisco, California (2005 2009) Initially hired as Product Manager for the HP NonStop (Tandem) product line, qui ckly promoted to manage the entire GoldenGate heterogeneous product line. Design ed and implemented a new product management philosophy and process to support ex plosive GoldenGate customer, partner and product growth. Department duties inclu ded - gathering product input, setting direction, defining requirements, priorit izing enhancements, establishing release content, and communicating delivery sch edule. Worked closely with the GoldenGate development team to deliver product ef ficiently and effectively. Frequent speaker at major industry conferences on Gol denGate product strategy and industry expert in High Availability and Data Integ ration. Earned the reputation as one of the companys most passionate evangelists . Delivered the product direction keynote speech at GoldenGates Real-Time User C onference each year. Promoted to Senior Director in less than two years with the charter to turn arou nd a struggling product management department. At the time of hiring, GoldenGate supported 250 customers, 1500 solutions and 4 databases grew to support 600 cu stomers, 4000 solutions and 10 databases at the time of the acquisition by Oracl e. Explosive growth made the previous product management processes obsolete and cumbersome. At the same time the company was expanding from a single partner who brought in almost all of the revenue to a blended direct and multiple partnersh ip model. * Designed and implemented a three dimension division of roles and responsibilit

y to ensure product management ownership focused on the GoldenGate solutions, da tabase and OS combinations, and partnership requirements * Partnered with data warehouse hardware/appliance and ETL providers to promote the use of real-time low impact data replication for operational and traditional data warehouse implementations * Initiated the transfer of the documentation, training and curriculum teams und er Product Management to ensure the product was consistently packaged, trained a nd documented * Designed a Top Ten list for each of the external facing areas to track and pri oritize enhancements and system modifications in a fair and corporate inclusive buy-in methodology Behavioral Intervention Associates, Oakland, California (Board Member 1994 - pre sent) Behavioral Intervention Association (BIA) provides individualized home/community based programs, consulting, and training workshops that focus on development an d implementation of intervention plans for young children identified with an Aut istic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Currently, BIA has 65 employees that provide serv ices in both the Bay Area and Fresno where they also run an integrated pre-schoo l. BIA is now looking forward to raising funds for starting an integrated pre-sc hool in the Bay Area. * Charter member of the board brought on to look after the business well being. Takes the hard line business view on company direction reminding board members t hat in order to help children, we must be able to pay our bills. * Negotiated a master contract with the Bay Area Special Education Local Plan Ar ea (SELPA) that applies to over 20 of the greater Bay Area school districts to e stablish preapproved fees and services * Streamlined the district funding process to help the children acquire services more efficiently * Unanimously elected to Board President due to success with the soothing of emo tions and averting legal actions after the dismissal of a less-than-optimal empl oyee at the Fresno School * Speaker at fund raisers and corporate evangelist on the success and positive i mpact BIA provides to this under-served special needs population. Fourth Dimension Software (FDS), Redwood City, California (1991 2004) Played a lead roll in designing and launching three internally developed softwar e products. Authored a product management process to evolve semi-custom software projects into configurable software products. Created and developed marketing c ollateral for all products ranging from glossy brochures to technical product ov erviews and whitepapers. Assembled a customer support organization and virtual h elp desk to provide worldwide support for mission critical 24x7x365 applications . Handled rebranding of company. Promoted to Vice President in less than two years. Department responsibilities i nclude: technical sales support, partner relationships, corporate marketing, sys tem design specifications, product management, project management, documentation and help desk support. * Designed a significant portion of three different large scale online enterpris e software solutions Retail banking system (RBS) teller front end with full backend functionality CRM / Customer loyalty software system Travel reservation system (CONTOUR) * Architected accounting interfaces to SAP, PeopleSoft, Lawson and Platinum ERP applications * Partnered with GoldenGate to offer customers low resource utilization data int egration solutions. * Assembled and managed a customer support organization responsible for supporti ng mission critical 24x7x365 applications. Department responsibilities included supporting a worldwide sales and distribution company, a German travel company w

ith over 8,000 agents, a Canadian financial institution in 31 branches across th e country, and an OEM distribution channel with over 500 telecommunication softw are installations. PBL Associates, Point Richmond, California (1983 1990) Installed over 50 ERP systems throughout North and South America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Collected customer requirements, estimated and authored a developmen t plan to support semi-annual releases. Managed ongoing user support for over 12 0 different clients. Designed, wrote, and single-handedly implemented largest fi nancial systems contract in company history for a Fortune 100 corporation. Consu lted with the customers financial executives to design their chart of accounts f or proper isolation of financial responsibility to support a full set of operati onal and boardroom financial reports. Started as an entry-level programmer, part icipated in every facet of the company before becoming Vice President. Education B.S., Business Administration from California State University, Chico. Majored i n Finance with a minor in Computer Science. Special course work emphasis in Econ omics. Personal Interests Road and mountain biking, tennis, swimming, snowboarding, home improvement, clas sic car restoration, sailing, and an avid sports fan. Favorite color is orange a nd favorite movie is Caddyshack (just to see if you are still reading :).