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Drexel Dawson / Resume' Phoenix, AZ. 85016 Home Phone 602-956-1571 E-mail dd113e148@westpost.


SUMMARY ****Preeminent communications skills. ***Successfully led positions as a Sales Account Representative, Marketing Manag er, Advertising Manager, General Manager, Vice President of Marketing, Nation al Sales Manager and Business Development Sales Executive. I also own THAT Co., a Legal Services Brokerage in AZ. ***Self starter with the ability to operate independently or as a team player. Can assume or delegate authority and perform with maximum efficiency in virtua lly any environment. **PC literate in most windows programs as well as Salesforce and SalesLogix **Well organized, self disciplined, mastering the art of listening and hearing. **A lifelong student and in addition to many interests, a fan of Anthony Robbins .


2008-2010 Inside Sales Representative / Lead Generation / FiREapps Set Appointments for our outside sales people. This was a B2B environment, setti ng an initial discovery call with top level financial executives for multin ational F500 companies with foreign exchange exposure. Mastered the art of getti ng to and setting appointments with these decision makers and influencers. Quick ly became the top lead generator for our company consistantly exceeding my goals quarter over quarter. My number of transitions from initial call to next steps was more than 70% 2006-2008 Inside Sales Representative / Lead Generation / By Appointment O nly / Frontline Selling Effectively communicating the customers value proposition and generating a meeti ng is a challenge I enjoy and excel at. This was pay-by performance in the Deman d Generation space. For By Appointment Only, set an average of 10 to 15 meetings with F500 companies per week, putting me in the top 25% out of 70 inside sales representatives. For Frontline Selling, set about 95 meetings total. Frontline r an out of material to work, effectively cutting off my income. I resigned from F rontline.

2002-2006 Account Executive / RJR New Horizons and Interface Technical Training Negotiating technical computer and busine ss skills training, business to business. 50% to F500 companies. Secured $118,9 90 in my first 15 weeks and a total of more than $3.8M.

1999-2002 Advertising Manager, SCG Custom Publishing * Starting from scratch, found, pitched to and secured advertising partners for The Ritz-Carlton Magazine, Trump Style Magazine, and Tycoon Magazine. * Because of continually changing products, personnel, parameters, and assignmen ts, this job proved to be the most challenging of my career. * *nhanced my skill set by developing greater flexibility, adaptability, patienc e, professional persistence and persuasiveness.

1998-1999 General Manager, The Employment Guide / Trader Publishing * Hired for the launch of the new Phoenix office for the fastest growing divisio n of Trader Publications. * Responsibilities included procuring temporary as well as new offices and ma naging delivery and installation of phones, computers, furniture rental, utiliti es, etc. * Advertised for and hired my staff including the Office Manager, Circulation Ma nager, Production Manager, eight salespeople and a sales assistant. * Coordinated the corporate sales training, planned, supervised and participated in the production and deployment of 700 outdoor display racks, created the deli very routes and hired the drivers and negotiated services of vendor distribution . * Generated, printed and distributed our first weekly issue, on time and 20% mor e than our revenue target.

1990-Current Owner, THAT Co. * *stablished my own advertising brokerage when I recognized a need to be met an d the advantages of offering several options to my prospects. * Developed broad based skill-set including but not limited to: market analysis, forecasting, sales, strategic account management, as well as coordinating promo tion and marketing efforts for my primary publications; Arizona Golfer and Golf Today Magazine in the four state area of AZ, CA, NV, and UT. * For Arizona Golfer, my efforts grew the publication by 500%. * 2002-2003; Representing Ahwatukee Monthly magazine and AMI Direct Mail. * THAT Co. currently a legal services brokerage for Pre-Paid Legal LLC. 1988-1994 National Sales Manager, Edison Micro-Utilities * This company marketed billing, sub-metering, and engineering services to the m ulti-housing and mobile home industries. * Responsible for three sales people and brought a 400% growth in billings * Developed forecasting, management and market analysis skills.

EDUCATION Almeda University, MBA / Business Management

Almeda University, Bachelor of Science / Busines s Management Lansing Community College, Business Major Macomb County Community College, Pre-Med. / Psycholgy Major