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Janina Wright CMR 480 Box 2119, APO AE 09128 MBA specializing Project Management (Capella 2011) B.S.

Human Resource Management (UMUC 2007) E-mail: QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY Insightful, quality driven professional with a Secret security clearance. Succes sful in directing a broad range of corporate initiatives in project management, communication, logistics, and human resources. Excel at providing design, system s analysis, and full lifecycle project management while anaging, motivating and guiding colleagues. Hands-on network experience leading all stages of system dev elopment efforts, including assessments, designing, engineering,troubleshooting, equipment allocation, configuration management and customer support. Additional human resources experience in records management, benefits planning, resource a llocation, developing and conducting customer training. SYSTEMS KNOWLEDGE Platforms: Cisco MSPP, Sycamore ODXC, Ciena OTN, Ericsson ATM, Timplex CX, NET P romina, Applications: SQL, Visual Basic, Oracle, HTML, Java, MS Office including MS Word , Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and SharePoint. Windows, Adobe suite, Crys tal Reports, I3tel, Rims, Remedy, Visioneal, CTC, CTM, SILVX, WMS, DDOE,WWOLS. EXPERIENCE Sr. Configuration Manager (Secret Clearance) Apr 08-Present SAIC/DISA Europe (Stuttgart, Germany) * Function as the technical specialist of the network management systems: serve as a key member of a subject matter expert team for the network control and configuration management and configurati on control board (CCB) in the design and development of a management tools enabling internal and external clients to access data. * Manage the implementation and/or execution of complex technical changes to OSS hardware, software applications * Support infrastructures by providing quality assurance assessment of hardware and software configuration of all new network devices from the planning to completion. * Ensure compliance of contract service level agreements (SLA), statement of wor k (SOW), and task orders (TO). * Oversee all LAN and WAN network activity: Validate network configurations util izing CM databases such as ArcSight, I3tel, Remedy, Visonael, Dande, Web Asis, Rims, WWOLS and WMS. * Track discrepancies and conduct quality control of by compiling and downloadin g data files and creating reports utilizing Excel, Access, SharePoint, InfoPath and Unix based systems. * Confer with company supervisors to ensure completeness, accuracy, and timeline ss of documentation and data; generate metrics, trending and discrepancy reports of the network architecture. * Establish configuration items and standardize data for hardware and/or softwar e baselines. * Enforce change management through change requests ensuring processes and appro vals are documented. * Audit hardware and software configuration ensuring performance attributes are

installed technical l service * Develop 00 model.

in accordance with the service order (TSO) and detailed design documentation such as technica installation plans (TSIP). Configuration Management Plans and Processes under the ITIL and ISO 90

Network Engineer (Secret Clearance) Dec 04-Mar 08 SAIC/DISA Europe (Stuttgart, Germany) * Designed and implemented highly complex networks through multiplatform, operat ing systems, and network topologies across widely dispersed geographical areas c onsisting of optical layers such as ATM, Cisco MSPP, Sycamore ODXC, and Ciena Corestream. * Analyzed and assessed technical documentation such as manuals, drawings, speci fications, spreadsheets, databases, configuration management tools, department processes and record Standard Operati ng Procedures in the companyas Quality Management System (QMS). * Consulted teams in the design and development of a configuration management to ol allowing internal and external clients to access real-time network configurations. * Tracked goals and objectives for an engineering group while remaining abreast of corporate and DOD regulations. * Managed training projects, conducted Web-based searches for candidates, and co ordinated all aspects of the training process. * Conducted quality control for technical documents such as network drawings, ci rcuit configurations, service order and fulfillment. * Developed department training matrix and consolidated cost estimates for Task Orders. * Provided functional guidance, supervision, technical support, training and qua lity assurance/quality control overarching all networks: ATM, MSPP, ODXC, Ciena, PA-88, Encryption devices, Cis co Routers, Juniper Routers, Cisco Switches * Ensured challenging deadlines were met while by managing projects that meet th e clientas budget guidelines by 0verseeing all day-to-day program activity inclu ding subscribing services, building scripts, tracking assets, report generation, quality control, and compiling and downloading data files. Data Entry/Logistics (Secret Clearance) Apr 04-Dec 04 SAIC/DISA Europe (Stuttgart, Germany) * Served as the central point of contact for the management of circuit implement ation/termination activities through coordination, scheduling and tracking of subscriber integration events utilizing MS office suite. * Ensured quality control by analyzing and assessing technical documentation suc h as manuals, drawings, specifications, spreadsheets, and source data. * Streamlined staff processes and enhanced service by introducing new processes and procedures. * Designed optical network suites, hardware configurations, and standard cable s chemes to include fiber and cable engineering. * Support migration of data from a legacy system to a new database, and define a

nd/or fine tune database policies, procedures, structures, and apply acceptable data content standards. * Experienced in building and maintaining data repositories, data clean- up, dat a integrity, data manipulations, stored procedures, triggers, and query languages from SQL, VBA and Oracle databases. * Conferred with customers to resolve logistics problems and provided warehouse management system (WMS) training. Base Housing Inspector Sep 03-Apr 04 TMS(Stuttgart, Germany) * Researched analyses of customer and statutory requirements and prepared requir ed documentation ensuring quality control. * Performed a variety of inspections to eligible military/government service mem bers for occupancy and termination of accompanied and unaccompanied government h ousing. * Conducted product demonstration including product functionality. * Enforce adherence to government policies, procedures, or regulations and advis e occupant's standards. Implementation Coordinator (Secret Clearance) May 01-Aug 03 CACI-DISA Europe (Stuttgart, Germany) * Coordinated with Military Departments, Defense Agencies and European commercia l carriers in the operational direction and control of networks, links and facilities. * Performed off-site coordination of LAN network implementation actions required for the customers or subscribers to become operational via new or upgraded netw ork connections both Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET) and S ecret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET). * Managed complex projects, motivates business partners to provide timely servic e delivery, and design and implement telecommunication solutions. * Provisioned service orders with issuing authorities ensuring policy compliance . * Integrated and automationed communications assets in support of global departm ents. * Established, maintained and implemented history folders on all circuits compri sing of the preparation and submission of test and acceptance results, and reports. Human Resource Generalist (Secret Clearance) Feb 95-Oct 00 USAF (Florida, Kuwait, Korea) * Managed a broad range of HR functions including payroll administration, benefi ts, retentions, relocation assignment, personnel file management, HR policy development, employee orientation/training and career enhancement programs. * Processed employee benefits, leave, and termination and payroll discrepancies. including personnel action requests, source documents, unit, field, and master personnel records in accordance with p ersonnel policies, directives, and procedures. * Performed complete review of military and HR policy manual with senior HR gene ralist culminating in a report to senior management with recommendations on outdated policies and those affected b

y new HR laws. * Managed personnel, finance, and automated systems activities including technic al review of completed personnel actions, monitoring transactions register and u pdate personnel data system. * Planned and established priorities such as managing unit and individual traini ng, recommending changes, scheduling, allocating, and reviewing work of subordinate departments. * Supervised and managed unit and field personnel information systems, trained a nd assisted system users, and monitored system activities. * Conducted Train-the-Trainer courses and Product Sales Training for internal sa lespeople as well as dealer representatives. * Delivered extensive management training programs and policies that facilitated employee retention including relocation, compensation, incentive programs and other necessary steps to delive r and retain critical resources. * Assessed personnel manpower and restructured employee billets. Air Traffic Control Specialist (Secret Clearance) Oct 90-Jan 95 USAF (Florida) * Supervised and assured safe operation to military commercial, and private airc rafts to include flight following rules using visual flight rules (VFR), instrum ent flight rules (IFR) and special visual flight rules, at air traffic control facilities in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulati ons. * Coordinated non-radar approach control, ground-controlled approach (GCA), enro ute flight flow, and control tower services to both airborne and ground traffic. * Tested Aircraft communications mediums and transponder functions of communicat ions control and radar tower. * Enforced air traffic control rules, procedures, and regulations while processi ng flight plan data, formulating and issuing ATC clearances, advisories, and con trol information. Education and Training Capella MBA Project Management 2011 Project Management 2010 Security Plus 2010 Cognos Ehealth 2009 Netcracker NCCM 2009 ITIL Certification 2008 UMUC B.S Human Resource Management 2007 Ciena 4200 Test and Turn up 2007 Ciena ONS Core stream Certificate 2007 Advanced DISA Direct Online Course 2007 CISCO MSPP ONS 15454 and 15327 2006 NET BBS Certification Course 2006 ICATS Database Introduction 2005 Basic Promina Certification Course 2005 ATM Level II Certification, DISA 2005 ATM Node Site Coordinator Course 2004 Program Management 2004 IP Network Training Module 2001