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Michael Hein Mousfaihe Street 3623

* Byblos1, Lebanon 00961 * (00961) 3 64

EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT Strategic Planning * Global Manufacturing Management * Project Management Operations * Quality Management 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE Highly accomplished visionary executive with domestic and international experien ce in Project management operations, construction and plant management, multi-ch annel product manufacturing and distribution, technology development, acquisitio ns, and strategic planning with both startup and growth organizations. Results-o riented, decisive leader, with proven success in new project implementation, str ategic thinking, and problem solving. Proven track record of increasing sales, global market share, efficiency and profitability. Tendency to thrive in dynami c and fluid environments while remaining pragmatic and focused. CORE COMPETENCIES * Visionary Leadership * Strategic Business Planning * Quality M anagement * Project Management * Market Identification * Ope rations Management PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE M-H Consultancy Company - Lebanon 2009 - Now Managing Director Advising, leading companies on issues of restructuring, planning, purchasing, in stallation, strategy, organization, technologies, and operations. Specialized in Pipe coatings and galvanizing. ATTIEH GROUP STEEL COMPANY (ITCC) - KSA 2007- 2009 Company Project Director Serve as representative General Manager and responsible for $19 million $investm ents related to build the new Pipe coating Factory in Jeddah. Member of the exec utive management and report to the Board Members of the Company. Responsible for the overall profitable management of all resources assigned of the company. * Establish clear and consistent communication with all Managers's concerning al l significant Project concerns, problems, issues, and opportunities. * Actively participate in the development of long range strategy/plan. * Actively participate with the Manager's in coordinating with the Project depar tment activities. * Support Project Managers with significant Company concerns, problems, issues, and opportunities, including participation as appropriate. * Manage all Project Managers and supervise all Project personnel. * Initiate additional appropriate meetings with Project Staff, as required. * Participate in industry organizations as appropriate to benefit ITCC, our indu stry and community. * Monitor legislative issues impacting design/engineering industry on a local, s tate, national and international basis. Correspond with public representatives to advice of the project's position and impact on the outcome of legislation. * Monitor development, review and implement project standard manuals and new pol icies. Address policy questions and problems. * Stimulate methods and techniques strategy, including development of new techni ques and value engineering. Introduce new programs, techniques and equipment. * Work with the Company Managers to develop and implement corrective action. * Responsible in review of quotation opportunities and selection of Company to b e pursued.


2004 - 2007

Head of Quality Management Served as Quality and Business Developpment Management Manager and responsible o f $120 million turnkey projects, infrastructure service provider with two distri ct offices and net field profit of $.18,3 million. Full responsibility for bottom-line quality, maintenance and safety factors, inc luding company vision, long-range strategic planning, global project management, and customer satisfaction development processes. Monitor all operations for con struction, installation and service provision for infrastructure facility system s: Satellite CNTS; CDTA, AN Auditorium Hotel; AFIS; IM&Gateway;CNTS;Krones;Sabha Hospital; Novo Nordisk; Azzour; GEPIM; Faculte de Medicine; Petroleum Club, Nil e City and City Star.

TANDEM TUBES, SAL. Lebanon 004 General Manager TRAMSTEEL, SAL. Lebanon - 2003 Plant and Quality Manager JEAN JOSEPH TOUTOUNJI & CO - Lebanon & Swiss Consultant for Project installation. 1995 - 1997

2003 - 2


DELTATUBE, SAL - France 1991 - 1994 Project and Quality Manager for tubes and expanded sheet manufacturing. H-SERRES & EQUIPMENT, SAL - France 1989 - 1991 Technical and Commercial Director for complete green house facilities realizatio ns. SERRES BN, SAL - France Production Manager for green house realizations 1982 - 1988

MAFER SAL - France 1980 - 1981 Consultant for metallic construction, purchasing and selling of product. EDUCATION Diploma of Industry Engineer - Landeshauptstadt Saar (Germany) 2 semesters MBA - University of Quebec PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS Lebanese German Business Council Institute for Research Industry Lebanon (1999 to Present) Group Quality Council Germany; Austria; Lebanon; Singapore (2004 to 2008) ADDITIONAL SKILLS * Languages as English, German, French and understanding Arabic * Computer applications in Microsoft Office, Mind Manager, Power Point and Visio .