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| Sales Asset Turnaround | Safety/LP Training Summary of Qualifications An exemplary management professional who has a track record for results and has high volume specialty sales experience along with multi-unit experience with a F ortune 500 retailer with combined volume of almost $10 million. A pro-active an d creative communicator with a broad perspective, able to disseminate ideas and generate action across all levels of a team. Able to bring together diverse individuals to form a unified sales crushing team and motivate them to identify personally with key objectives. Excellent abilit y to identify potential interpersonal and communication problems and take the st eps necessary to circumvent them. Customer-oriented, with demonstrated ability to develop rapport and build lasting relationships with new and existing custome rs/clients and lead large or small teams to do the same. Recognized by superior s, peers, and subordinates as a manager who values diversity, inspiration, and c hallenges. Professional Experience A People Path 2008-present Owner of a small boutique consulting company which focuses on helping small busi nesses improve performance in several tangible metrics like: Sales; Profit Margi ns; Branding; Employee Attendance; Employee Engagement; Policy and Procedure Dev elopment. Selected achievements: * Developed a comprehensive system for a small telemarketing sales company to im prove their interview procedures along with their new hire orientation and train ing system. ** Results ** Improved turnover by 40% which improved profitability /productivity. This change also netted higher sales for new hires which contrib uted to retention since they were receiving bigger paychecks. * Consulted a telemarketing team and developed tangible sales budgets along with fun rewards and prizes for sales and collections staff. ** Results ** Sales up 21% over the previous year, attendance of sales staff up 67%. * Hired by a small flooring company to improve operational efficiency. I set up a free calendar system and excel sheet that emailed all parties when there was an update or change in either, they could access both with a mobile device and f rom any computer. ** Results ** They said it saved them at least 4 hours a week per person in returning each others calls along with rescheduling customer appo intments. * Hired by a small independent flooring company to help them with finances, budg eting, etc. ** Results ** Helped them improve profitability by setting a target operating margin for each job to ensure all miscellaneous expenses were covered in jobs rather than just labor and cost of goods. Set up a monthly budget base d on average monthly sales to ensure during the winter they had operating cash r eserves. Lowe's Home Improvement 2001-2008 Budget/Capital Planning | Custo

Store Manager, Kailua-Kona, HI, August 2007-March 2008 Personally asked by RVP to take over a struggling unit in Hawaii that needed someone with superb people

skills. The unit was a wreck in every metric: Sales; NBT; Training; Merchandisi ng; Customer Service Scores; Complaint Resolution; Property Damage; Employee Hot line Complaints; Operational Audit Scores; Freight Flow; Loss Prevention Audits. The unit was behind in freight by over 50 containers. Senior managers were ne ver trained for their positions, the store had been missing a Store Manager for 8 months and a Loss Prevention Manager for 10 months. The CEO and entourage wer e expected to walk the building in 4 months. Actions * Improved Customer Service and Complaint Resolution Scores within 1 month by en suring every morning started with a morning meeting to talk about customer servi ce with praise for excellent examples the previous day. * All associates were trained on registers, phones, Special Orders, Installed Sa les Contracts. Worked floor with the Senior Managers, led by example and held t hem accountable to do the same. * Freight was caught up within 2 months by hiring temporary help from a 3rd part y. I personally worked some overnights to teach the Stocking Manager technique s to improve efficiency and accuracy. * Made a plan with every Assistant Manager and Department Manager in their respe ctive areas weekly to ensure resets were getting handled correctly and in a time ly manner, held managers accountable for follow up. * Contacted 3rd party delivery companies to get bids to supplement the store del ivery department. Hired a 3rd party that was superb and we had a wonderful busi ness relationship. They improved our Delivery Service scores and enabled me to train and performance manage the Delivery Associates. * Trained all Senior Managers on the Policy Updates they had ignored during the time they were missing a Store Manager, many of these were significant changes. Trained all Senior Managers on Sarbanes Oxley issues. * Every single associate received a Performance Review with suggested training m aterial to improve their skills. ** Results ** From word-of-mouth and high praises for new management, employees helped recruit top Department Managers and Night Stockers from competitors, whic h helped gain market share and improve the store bench strength. ** Results ** Asked by District Manager to give a training series to Department Managers, flown to Oahu to do so and Department Managers throughout the District were flown in. ** Results ** Thanked by employees, customers, and District staff for the improv ements and changes I made. ** Results ** The store had a successful, enjoyable walk in January by the CEO a nd Staff. We had many compliments and all operational areas that were looked at were excellent. Store Manager, Everett, WA, December 2005-August 2007 Promoted to a high volume Metro store that was considered one of the most difficult stores in the Region. Store had finished almost dead last in Special Order Sales, Installed Sales, C redit Card Applications, and Extend Protection Plans, all are important sales pr ograms. The store also had high crime such as: employee cars broken into; Loss Prevention Manager assaulted by people running out with product; many homeless p eople trying to hide in the store; exterior store walls getting graffiti.

Actions * Met with all Senior Managers to go over Performance Standards for individual p ositions, set my expectations for the treatment of all employees and customers. Ensured EVERY manager knew Specialty Sales inside out. * Met with the HR Manager and set an aggressive plan to have all associates cert ified and trained in their respective areas along with additional training to en sure success. * Met with local builders and contractors with the Commercial Sales team. Perso nally helped Commercial Sales place bids and put together large packages at comp etitive prices. * Aggressively pursued a deal with builder in a local high rise who had over 300 units, secured a deal to be the provider of all appliances, all plumbing, all l ighting, various hardware, wiring, and install all floor coverings. * Made an aggressive succession plan to enable all 30+ key functions to have bac kup associates trained. * Targeted the performance management of the top payroll liabilities to relieve the pressure on the store Average Hourly Rate, which allowed for more payroll ho urs yet stay under payroll budget. ** Community Involvement, for the annual Lowe's Heroes Project we built a playgr ound for a woman's shelter. ** Results ** Selected by the District Manager to interview, hire, and train ext ernal Management candidates and make position recommendations based on their wor k behavior and skill sets. ** Results ** The store finished in the top 10% of the Region for Specialty Sale s performance, beat Credit Application goals, exceeded Extended Protection Budge ted sales. ** Results ** 2006 Performance, Sales: Budgeted sales $42.9 million; Actual sale s $43.8 million; My forecast $43.8 million. Payroll: Budgeted payroll 9.87%; Ac tual payroll 9.85%; My forecast 9.79%. Average Hourly Rate: Budgeted AHR $14.09 ; Budgeted AHR $13.84; My forecast $13.85. ** Results ** Won Double Digit Comp Club and 3 of 3 Specialty Sales which includ ed a cash bonus, a Tag Heuer DDCC watch, a trip for two to Las Vegas, five days and four nights at the Bellagio, a spa treatment, and the Rookie Driving Experi ence at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Store Manager, Coeur D'Alene, ID, April 2004-December 2005 Promoted to a $29 mi llion store just outside the Spokane, WA area. The store had numerous calls to the employee Hotline with various complaints about management and general workin g conditions. I arrived just before spring was about to hit, the store had scor ed very badly on employee engagement and the Customer Service numbers were bad. The Senior Managers were not getting along. Actions * Conducted a Senior Management meeting to hear concerns, mediate issues, and se t performance expectations. * Set up a series of meetings to address employee concerns and set performance e xpectations for customer service.

* Started a training boot camp for Department Managers to train them how to use inventory reports efficiently and correctly to enable the store to stay in stock . * Set up a monthly schedule that all Department Managers and respective Assistan t Managers would be walked. * Performance managed a disengaged HR Manager and coached them on how to interac t with associates. * Conducted Benefits Fair with candy, soda, and random prizes to help associates understand benefits. * Audited HR files to ensure employees were getting proper training and Performa nce Reviews, addressed deficiencies with HR Manager, and advised Area HR Manager of actions. * Designed an aggressive succession plan to ensure all 30+ key positions had bac kups trained. * Conducted training in every Specialty Sales function for all Sales Associates. All cashiers also trained on Credit Applications, Extended Protection Plans, a nd Special Orders. * Recruited top talent from competitors and involved entire store in supplying a pplicants from local businesses. * Recruited and trained an outstanding HR Manager that replaced the original HR Manager. ** Community Involvement, 2005 Relay for Life in Spokane, 2006 Remodeled a child ren shelter. ** Results ** The company adopted a spreadsheet, with revisions, I made to ensur e completion of all daily safety and audit requirements along with passing on si ck calls, etc. ** Results ** Store was able to provide management talent for the District. ** Results ** Selected by District Manager to train Department Managers from all over the District. ** Results ** Won Best Sales to Budget 2004 Sales: Budget $28.9 million; Actual $33.7 million; 16% Over Budget. ** Results ** Won Best NBT to Plan 2004 NBT: Plan $1.1 million; Actual $2.4 mill ion; 121% Over Plan. ** Results** Won Best Comp Sales 2005 for Comps in excess of 20%. ** Results ** Won Store Manager of the Year 2005 for excellence in: Audit scores , Inventory, Customer Service Scores, Employee Satisfaction Scores, Training, Re cruiting, Sales, NBT, and 3 of 3 Specialty Sales. ** Results ** Increased sales by over $10 million in 2005 fiscal year, store did over $44.5 million in 2005. Operations Manager, Administrative Manager, Zone Manager, October 2001-April 200 4 Worked for various Lowe's units in WA including Bellingham, Arlington, Mt. Ve

rnon, and Lynnwood. Was the 'go-to' person for District Manager to fix problems in specific stores, accomplished whatever the District Manager asked. Actions ** Results ** As an Administrative Manager led the District and Region with exce ptional audit scores, payroll accuracy, receiving accuracy, and cash office hand ling. Trained other managers to perform their functions. ** Results ** As an Administrative Manager led and developed top talent along wi th backups to every position. ** Results ** Single-handedly busted a theft ring resulting in the recovery of o ver $150,000 in product and the company wide change in how credit card applicati ons and large gift card purchases were handled. ** Results ** Asked District Manager to be a Zone Manager to ready my abilities as a Store Manager. PPA comment, "Jodi always takes the lead to accomplish work lists, training, and developing subordinates to promote ability. Jodi is a very strong manager. I look forward to seeing her as a store manager down the road. " ** Results ** While a Zone Manager my reset best practice of ensuring all commun ication was in the left upright of each set was adopted company wide. Walgreen's, Executive Assistant, Everett, WA 2000-2001 Was recruited by Walgreen's because of co-workers leaving Lowe's mentioning my n ame as a great colleague. Was paid store manager pay and attended Store Manager meetings. Worked in Everett, WA, unit while waiting for my store in Anacortes, WA to be built. Due to RDC overload all new store openings were pushed back 12 months because of replenishment issues. Worked in the Pharmacy over 200 hours after getting my PTCB Certification, CPhT. Colleagues from Lowe's convinced me to return and my District Manager gladly took me back. Lowe's Home Improvement, Assistant Manager, Arlington, WA 1998-2000 Was recruited to Lowe's from Foot Locker by a former Foot Locker colleague. Sta rted with the company as a Department Manager The Store Manager often moved me to departments to fix and clean them before that department's peak season, I oft en ran those departments in season. Effectively ran: Flooring, Appliances, Cabi nets, Paint, Decor, Lighting, Electrical, Plumbing, Seasonal, Outside Garden, Ha rdware, Tools, and Outdoor Power Equipment. Promoted to Assistant Manager. Foot Locker, Store Manager 1996-1998 Applied at Foot Locker for a PT job, at which time I was a real estate agent. W ithin 2 weeks was promoted to Assistant Manager. Was paid a small hourly plus c ommission. Was a top 5 performer in sales book in a store that was ranked 22nd out of 48 in volume. Later promoted to Store Manager in Moscow, ID. Broke 3 sa les records, crushed sales budgets, and won 1997 Rookie of the Year. Promoted t o one of the highest volume stores which was in the North Seattle area along wit h being promoted to a Market Leader. Was responsible for the training, recruiti ng, merchandising, scheduling, inventory, payroll, of 4 other units besides my $ 2.5 million unit. Was also designated as the Manager Trainer. Awards 2006 2005 2005 2005 2004 2004 Lowe's Lowe's Lowe's Lowe's Lowe's Lowe's Double Digit Comp Club & 3 of 3 Store Manager of the Year ($10 Double Digit Comp Club & 3 of 3 Best Comp Sales Best Expense Leverage to Budget Best Sales Over Budget Specialty Sales million increase in sales for 2005) Specialty Sales (Over $1 million over budget)

1997 Foot Locker Rookie of the Year (Broke 3 sales records) Education, Certifications and Professional Development CLTMC - Certified Leadership & Talent Management Coach (2009) EQ- Certified Career EQ Strategist (2009) CCMC- Certified Career Management Coach (2008) PowerPoint and Excel Classes Online Lowe's Store Manager Training Program (2004) PTCB Certification for CPhT (Certified Pharmacy Technician) (2001-2005) Walgreen's Applied Drug Store Management Course (2001) Walgreen's EXCEL training program (2001) Woolworth HRD Executive Development Program - Behavioral Based Interviewing (199 6) Woolworth HRD Executive Development Program - Advanced Preventing Sexual Harassm ent (1996) Bates Technical College, WA Skagit Community College, WA Computer Skills Advanced knowledge in MS Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point, and Publishe r, People Soft, Kronos, Genisis, Quickbooks, Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro X3, Core l Video Studio 2010, Audacity, Camtasia Studio, and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. Some w orking knowledge in Adobe CS4 Contribute, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop.