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ROBERT BYFORD II 22997 Stagecoach Rd.

, Howe, OK 74940 1-808-551-9521 MANAGEMENT PROFILE Leadership & Management * Program Execution * Global Business Development

Experienced goal-oriented and proven leader with Masters of Global Leadership fr om the University of San Diego Maintains TOP SECRET - SCI security clearance. Pr ogram management expertise demonstrating success in coordinating and directing l arge-scale, mission-critical activities; keen ability to foresee and proactively address a range of issues and challenges. Distinguished U.S. Navy SEAL career managing advanced planning, resource allocation and logistics for multimillion-d ollar global operations. Proven success mentoring team members to succeed in str essful environments and fostering significant career advancement. Exceptional c ommunication abilities, highly adept at interacting with individuals from divers e backgrounds and cultures. CORE COMPETENCIES * Program Management * Strategic Planning * Leading Change * Team Leadership * Risk Assessment * Negotiation Strategy * Problem Solving * Procurement / Inventory * Operational Governance EXPERIENCE UNITED STATES NAVY - Multiple Locations, US & Abroad 1991 - Present Chief Operations Officer, Naval Special Warfare Group, 7/2010-Present Provided Executive level direction and leadership for strategic and operational initiatives for three separate Naval Special Warfare Commands within the Group c onglomerate. Optimized assets and operational capitol for logistical support to ensure subordinate commands were tasked, equipped, and transported throughout t he world to conduct successful operations and exercises. Key Achievements: * Strategic Program liaison between highest levels of government and military fo r the planning and execution of National Security missions and Global Operations involving multiple U.S. Agencies and Military Forces. Executive Officer, SEAL Team, 1/2009 - 7/2010 Provided Executive level direction and leadership over daily team operations of over 19 departments, staffed by 493 personnel while managing a 9 million dollar operating budget with over 1 billion dollars of assets. Optimized resources and leveraged multiple funding lines to improve command climate and operational capa bilities. Key Achievements: * Deputy Commander of President Obama's Maritime Extraction Force during the fir st family Christmas Vacation to Hawaii. Lauded by US Secret Service as largest military contributor to POTUS safety during visit. * Program director for National Security missions against unwitting countries in volving multiple U.S. Agencies and Military Forces. Strategically led 75 member Task Unit in mission execution resulting in operational success. * Managed 6000+ hours of comprehensive academic and hands-on training for all te am members encompassing all facets of operations and technical requirements. Str ategically planned and addressed critical SEAL and Combat Support staffing short falls. Architect in redirecting billet structures resulting in cost savings of$1 2.5M. * Managed operations for 435 team members and $120M in equipment between U.S. an d fifteen global locations. Implemented travel and equipment outsourcing achievi ng a 25% savings.

Advanced SEAL Delivery System Operations Officer, SEAL Team, 8/2005 * 1/2009 Directed logistics, training and deployment for 135-member unit and $800M in equ ipment to multiple locations worldwide. Supervised readiness and deployment for teams to global locations and ensured successful program operation under stressf ul circumstances. Key Achievements: * Program leader for new experimental decompression diving protocols to increase the operational capabilities of the Advanced SEAL Delivery System, a $1B SOCOM Flagship program. * Served as Team Leader for Top Secret security operations; coordinated logistic s for 7 multinational air, ground and naval teams securing high-value targets an d equipment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Tactical Combat Leader and Instructor, SEAL Team, 5/1997 * 8/2005 Supervised 20-member teams, including training, special project, and combat depl oyments. Planned logistics and resource allocations for numerous large-scale ope rations, including almost simultaneous deployments of team members and $23M+ in equipment to six locations. Senior leader with responsibility in surveillance an d communication of real-time digital imagery to off-site leader. Consistently en sured all team members received comprehensive training and deep understanding of requirements and standards. Key Achievements: * Successfully led critical national defense operations; consistently commended as the top performing leader and recognized with distinguished awards for outsta nding achievement and dedication, including Navy Commendation Medal with Valor, and several Commendation/Achievement Medals for combat deployments. * Developed and fostered numerous foreign dignitary relationships which are stil l active and successful. * Directed planning and execution of President Bush's ASEAN Maritime Security De tachment in Southeast Asia. * Led 23 senior instructors in guiding over 1700 basic SEAL candidates through 4 00+ High Risk evolutions to include "HELLWEEK", the most arduous training in the U. S. military * Developed the combat leadership course teaching relevant lessons on combat eth ics, personnel and discipline to SEAL Officers and senior enlisted. * Planned and executed operations to recover thousands of tons of prohibited wea pons and black-marketed oil. Transmitted critical intelligence resulting in a 50 % increase in operational success and disabled hostile actions. * Led over 1320 hours of special operations instruction for 100+ team members fr om 4 countries. * During tenure, 40+ team members qualified for advancement to positions of lead ership. Ranked #1 of 18 peers. * Formally recognized numerous times by senior management with multiple awards f or valuable contributions and leadership. "My #1 of 18 SEAL Leaders in my comman d!" - Commanding Officer EDUCATION AND CREDENTIALS The University of San Diego, CA * Masters of Science in Global Leadership 2005 Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL * Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science 1997 GPA 3.63 ~ Cum Laude ~ Dean's List ~ Environmental Science Student of the Year United States Air Force Command and Staff College * Joint Professional Military Education Level One Naval Special Warfare Center, San Diego, CA * U. S. Navy Master Training Speci alist Associations Member, UDT/SEAL Association, 1997 - Present * Member, Veteran of Foreign Wars, 2001 - Present Personal Hobbies: Outdoors- Diving, Hiking & Orienteering, Skydiving. Investing , Foreign Travel, Golf