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SEAN M. MARCONI 2512 S. University Apt 404 * Denver, CO 80210 * (248) 561-7995 (cell) * sm120537 4@westpost.

net RESTAURANT MARKETING & OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST Versatile marketeer and "green thumb" Business Developer with a total of 7 years management experience 4 years in fast casual restaurant environments. Excellent Customer Marketing / Customer Retention Expert. Inspired Leader and Mentor with creative passion leading to extraordinary result s. "Unconventional Marketing that gets Maximum ROI from Minimal Resources" * Operations Management * P&L Management * Strong Negotiating Skills * New Pr oduct/Market Development * Strategic Market Analysis * Building Key Alliances * Staff Training & Development * Leveraging Social Media * Product/Market Launch * Product/Market Positioning * Innovative/Unconventional Ideas * Start-Ups/Turn arounds * Cost-Conscious Advertising Strategies * Financial Analysis * Budgeting/Expense Control BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT HIGHLIGHTS Results of Proactive Leadership and Meticulous Process Analysis are as follows: * Conceived and launched tactical social media marketing plans for under-perform ing restaurant in a depressed economy. Implemented market penetration strategie s while simultaneously maintaining existing customers and expanded marketing dev elopment strategies at no extra cost to increase customer base 8%. * Increased monthly sales revenue and cash flow 35% in a period of 1 year. Focu sed on cutting costs and increasing cash flow; while minimizing debt simultaneou sly by analyzing P & L statements and implementing an unconventional system of p romotions that relied on time, energy, and imagination rather than a big marketi ng budget. * Raised product conversion 40% for organization's slowest sale days. Designed a nd implemented promotional program on slow days and increased catering sales 20 times through extensive community outreach networking. * Boosted gift certificate sales 400%. Implemented a higher incentive plan to dr ive gift certificate sales from an average of $1,000.00 over the past 9 years to $4,000 in a period of 1 year during the month of December. Strategy also led to significant spike in sales during the months of January and February. * Increased sales volume 18% and business profitability 7%. Utilized diversifica tion marketing strategies by offering new services and expanding into new market s. CUSTOMER RETENTION & LOYALTY HIGHLIGHTS Ability to Boost Profitability through creative marketing strategies... * Acquired 10% of Corporate's Social Media market. Leveraged use of Facebook, Tw itter, Yelp, and other review channels to boost positive reviews and increase cu stomer fan base to 1,800 Facebook in 1 year. * Boosted Catering Sales to $4K/month from $200/month. Networked at various comm unity events by supporting other businesses in the community. Created loyalty by giving 1 free party platter/week to a member of the business community. * Generated higher sales on traditionally slow days. Implemented a "Monday Madne ss Special" program for the slowest day of the week. Achieved a 40% increase in Monday sales; while increasing cash flow by establishing "cash only" transactio ns on this day. A "Kids Eat Free" program was implemented on Sundays - the 2nd slowest day of the week resulting in 20% increase in sales.

STRATEGIC FINANCIAL PLANNING HIGHLIGHTS Budget Conscious Proactive Leader and Problem Solver... * Drastically reduced company's debt-to-service ratios with various creditors. After meticulously analyzing company's financials, negotiating and implementing lenient payment plans for lowering all outstanding debts within an 18 month peri od. * Slashed credit card fees 35%. Made a strategic decision to accept only VISA an d Mastercard since their fees were only 2% as compared to American Express and D iscover with a 4% fee. * Turnaround efftorts that took a negative cash flow to a positive status in les s than a year and paid down 30% of debt. Re-negotiated lower payment plans and payment terms with all debtors and implemented creative marketing programs which increased cash flow $10K/month. * Restructured all finance configurations taking a business that operated payche ck-to-paycheck to realize profitable gains in less than 1 year. Conducted a com plete financial analysis and then devised a strategic financial and marketing pl an to impact company's bottom-line. SEAN M. MARCONI Page 2 CHRONOLOGICAL EMPLOYMENT HISTORY PENN STATION EAST COAST SUBS, Rochester, MI 01/2007 - 12/2010 A fast casual franchise restaurant with 225 stores nationwide generating an annu al revenue of $135M. Average monthly unit volume for a franchise location is $46 K per month. Marketing and Operational Manager - Managed 2 franchise locations with a total o f 35 - 45 employees. Generated $1.2M/year total annual income for both locations . EARLY START ENTREPRENEURS (ESE) INVESTMENTS, Rochester, MI 05/2006 - 06/2007 * DbA MyCOLLEGEBOOKTRADER.COM Conceptualized a business model with 2 other business colleagues for college stu dents to trade used textbooks with the goal of obtaining top dollar for their te xts as opposed to selling back to the bookstore at ridiculously lower prices. La unched 5 major colleges in Michigan area. Co-Founder - Managed company's marketing and business development strategies, wh ile maintaining an electronic tracking system for our marketing efforts. Accoun table for scheduling promotional events to drive traffic to web site. AMERICA'S FINEST AUTO WASH, Auburn Hills, MI 03/2001 - 01/2007 A high-end auto detailing company with an annual revenue of ~$500K operating wit h 25+ employees. Assistant Manager - Managed multiple corporate accounts including: Detroit Pisto ns and the Detroit Lions and daily operations. Coached team members on improving sales tactics by implementing a step-by-step procedure for closing business; wh ile increasing upselling capacity. EDUCATION B.S., Marketing, Oakland University, Rochester , MI 2008 Honors

Awards: Top Company Award for Operational Excellence 2007 Membership: Rochester Young Professionals Club Self-Financing of entire tuition and fees via off-campus employment Computer Skills: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) Social Media Platforms: TweetDeck, HootSuite, Yelp, Facebook