Theresa Altman 1149 Carrington, St Peters, MO 63376 636 685 4085 (Home) 636 697 8473 (Cell) ta121989c@westpost

.net (email) OBJECTIVE Short term project assignments as a business analyst/consultant to provide serv ices as needed to complete projects. SKILLS PROFILE * Comfortable with all Microsoft products including PowerPoint and Access * Experience on Mainframe and Unix financial systems for Credit, Debit and Bill Payment processes * Excellent technical understanding of ACH including EDI * Experienced business analyst developing business, functional and technical req uirements * Good project management skills including scheduling and budgeting in waterfall and agile development environments * Experienced liaison between development and business groups * Ability to complete multiple projects in similar timeframes * Experienced with solutions related documentation such as white papers, require ments, training and informational articles EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Business Consultant 2001-2010 RPPS, MasterCard Worldwide, O'Fallon, MO RPPS is Remote Payment and Presentment Service that is the online banking produc t offered by MasterCard Summary - In this position in addition to the tasks listed below, it is necessar y to schedule and drive solutions discussions with both the business team to det ermine exactly what needs to be implemented and communicate with the technical t eam to determine a solution. In this position I was personally responsible for developing a system to create member formats, a system that performed matching o f 'lost payments' and rerouting of payments directly through the ACH. * Managed multiple technical projects for bill payment group including ACH and E DI formats, new system development, customer driven changes Used Waterfall project methodology for long term release projects * Created business requirements * After multiple JAD sessions created functional requirements * After functional requirements complete, technical requirements completed * Reviewed design documentation for accuracy and completeness * Created test scenarios and data for testing * Reviewed test runs and created defect tickets * Created daily, weekly and monthly reporting on project status and budget * Created customer and internal staff training on project implementation * Documentation for bulletins and manuals reviewed and published * Used Agile project methodology for short term projects such as customer formats and web based products * Created opportunity assessment for short lifecycle projects * Worked with development to create use cases * Worked with development to prioritize and schedule product development * Reviewed testing and determined scheduling for continued project development * Managed project timelines to ensure dates met * Managed multiple project budgets to ensure delivery on time and within budget * Acted as 'ACH' expert for MasterCard World Wide * Conducted training for external and internal customers on implemented system c hanges

* Performed testing for projects and performed follow up on defects * Monitored product for warranty period after implementation

Business Manager 1994-2001 Dispute Management, MasterCard Worldwide, O'Fallon, MO Dispute Management is the department that handles Chargeback training, questions reqarding rules and arbitration and compliance cases. Summary - In this position in addition to the tasks listed below, I was responsi ble for creating new rules based on feedback from staff and customers. This req uired multiple meetings and formal documentation created for presentation to a G lobal board. In this position I was the business owner of the automated case filing system of fered by MasterCard. This product resulted in increased revenue for MasterCard since it eliminated paper and decreased ruling time. Additionally it saved cust omers time and allowed a customer to access all disputed chargebacks on line. * * * * * Managed administrative staff for department Conducted and created Chargeback training for customers Managed department budgets Created proposals for new rules Business owner of automated 'Case Filing' system

Coordinator 1992-1994 Acquisitions, MasterCard Worldwide, O'Fallon, MO * Tracked leases on large mainframe equipment * Created 'request for proposals' for new equipment and software * Maintained department budgets Processor 1990-1992 MCI, St Louis, MO * Tracked lease line usage * Tracked payments for lease lines * Paid lease line bills * Business Manager 1994-2001 Workers Compensation/Safety, Consolidated Personnel, St Louis, MO * Managed workers compensation claims * Deposited and tracked retirement accounts * Created and distributed safety training for truck drivers EDUCATION BS, Nursing, DePaul University Chicago, IL BA, Business, Lindenwood University St Charles, MO AAP, Accredited ACH Professional St Louis, MO Project Management Training, Pragmatic Marketing San Francisco, CA

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