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Dea Kent 1510 Mikes Drive Garden City, KS 67846 QUENANA aDEAa KENT qk121e37e@westpost.

net (620) 276-8954 (620) 290-9929 ~ CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER ~ _LEADING ORGANIZATIONS TO BREAKTHROUGH OPERATIONAL, PERFORMANCE, AND BOTTOM-LINE SUCCESS._ DYNAMIC CHANGE AGENT with 20-year portfolio of success driving operations, strategic planning, finance, and human resources functions for organizations across healthcare, auto, finance, and manufacturing. Instrumental in turning around failing operations, restoring profitability, and significantly increasing market share. Dedicated to streamlining operations, enhancing internal efficiencies, and cutting costs to boost bottom line. Well-versed in HR administration and policy-setting. MBA in Accounting & Finance expected 2011. BS in Business Management 54 staff and 989 contract employees._ CEO Drove strategic planning and implementation, partnering with Board of Directors to provide leadership toward achievement of organizational philosophy, mission, strategy, and annual goals and objectives. Led public relations, charitable giving, fundraising, organizational development, risk management, facilities management, and regulatory compliance. Administered human resources functions including recruiting, performance management, compensation, benefits, employee development, new-hire orientation, and training. Developed new procedures and policies. * Turned around failing organization from 10% market share to 98% market share, won back 3 major lost contracts, and earned back lost trust of customers and employees. * Generated 5 new contracts valued at $5M, created 20 new full-time positions, and boosted customer satisfaction to 75% within 6 months. * Increased profit 60%, eliminated employee overtime, reduced A/R days from 45- to 7-day turn around, and mitigated risk down from 75% to 5% failure rate by creating system procedure check and balance system that streamlined operations. *

Enhanced organizational awareness 75% by instituting several new community events including an annual golf tournament that garnered 150% profit. * Increased revenue 35% and reduced expenses 50% by developing strategic alliance with local hospital that included a medical equipment plan. * Cut costs 35% and increased cash flow 200% by implementing real-time signature program that reduced wait time for providing services from 45 to 14 business days. CFO Developed procedures for finance, billing, auditing, and accounting. Managed cash flow, budgeting, expense control, capital fundraising, salary updates, payroll, investor relations, and financial reporting. Spearheaded development and execution of business growth plans. Supported all 3rd-party auditing. * Increased cash flow from yearly to weekly, changed cash basis to accrual, recovered $1M in lost revenue, decreased government paybacks 100%, and contributed 20% to capital investments by implementing new financial plan that instituted 4 key systems: cash flow, operations, accounting, and revenue within 1st month of hire. ~CONTINUED~ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CFO, CONTINUED * Decreased payroll errors 75%, gained 75% market share, and cut staff accounting time 50% and cost of accounting 45% by leading technology integration of 2 financial models to transform laborious accounting methods into automated computerized system. * Slashed purchasing costs 37% without compromising quality through vendor renegotiations and purchasing system overhaul. * Secured line of credit and lowered interest rates 2% by renewing bankas faith in organization by presenting required information in acceptable format. * Achieved clean audits by establishing strong controls that promoted financial statement transparency. LSI INTERNATIONAL INC., Overland Park, KS 2001a"2007 _Entrepreneurial $16M international medical supply sales, manufacturing, and distribution company; #1 market position in sports

medicine, #3 in chiropractic market, #2 in PT market, and #7 in hospital market. _ VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS Led new business development strategies. Ensured cost-effective operations and positioned organization in rapidly evolving, competitive environment by acting as agent for ongoing organizational change. Educated stakeholders on strategies to achieve goals at optimum pace. Cultivated beneficial partnerships. * Propelled sales from $1M to record-breaking $10M by partnering with Executive Team. * Reduced A/R from 90 to 15 days, increased cash flow 44%, boosted purchasing power 44%, decreased product delivery time 15 days by diligently directing finance to create positive business cycle. * Generated 100% positive FDA reports by evaluating results to ensure departmental and organizational objectives and operating requirements were met. * Boosted customer satisfaction 50% and increased market share in sports medicine market from 1% to 90% by collaborating with Executive Team and BOD to set overall organizational policies and priorities. * Slashed operational costs 45% and increased profitability 35% by enhancing internal efficiencies. EARLY CAREER HISTORY 166 Auto Auction ~ Fleet Lease Coordinator Mercury Finance ~ Office Manager EDUCATION & TRAINING MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, EXPECTED 2011 ~ University of Phoenix BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT & MARKETING ~ University of Phoenix SIX SIGMA BLACK BELT CERTIFICATION ~ Aveta Business Institute SPHP, EXPECTED 2011 ~ HRCI AFFILIATIONS Garden City Community Leadership Diversity Culture Board Toastmasters

YMCA Basketball & Baseball Coach TECHNICAL SKILLS MS Office Suite 2010, Excel, Adobe Design Suite, Quickbooks, Peachtree, TSH Distribution Software, Solomon Software, Medicaid, Medicare, MyCil, DAVIS, Access Report, Home Health Manager, GLMI, CIL Data Entry, VIN Systems, CMS, Oracle, CMS, OMB A-122, Grant Writing, GAAP, OSHA, Crystal Reporting