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October 2000 16,

Intrepid NetworkConcepts, lnc.

Malietta,Georgia 30067-65 14 NAPOLEONHILL DearMadamor Sir: ("TheFoundation"), We arecounsel TheNapoleon Fo ndation which ownsthe to Hill federal trademark trademark NAPOLEONHILL, for whichthere several are registrations. has h cometo our client'sattention you areusingthemarkNAPOLEONHILL in thetextofyour that in thc source codefor thatwebsite. This suggests and a relationship with or endorsement The Foundation yourorganization. and Because phrase this by trademark, your useofit is associated exclusively with The Foundation, is a rcgislered and constitutes violationofThe Foundation's a trademarkghts. registcred trademark constitutes Please advised youruseofThe Foundation's be that in trademark infringement, falsedesignation oforigin andunfaircompetition, violationofstatc andfederal law, including Lanham the Act, I 5 U.S.C. 1125et.seq. Yotrshouldalsobe S ofattorneys' feesandtreble advised Section that 1117ofthe Lanham allowsfor an award Act prevailing partyin the case Accordingly, demand we infringement. damages the to ofwillful all thatyou immediat€ly discontinue ofthe markNAPOLEONHILL andremove references use codefor your website. to NAPOLEONHILL from yourwebsiteandsource confusion, the ofconsumer as Your useof MASTERMINDincreases likelihood the identified with him in MASTERMINDconcept setforth by Napoleon andhasbecome was Hill well thatyou discontinue ofthe term use themindsofconsumers. therefore We demand as Center"and MASTERMINDon yourweb site,asthename ofyour "Forum"and"Resource otherwise.

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Inc. Intepid Netwo* Concepts, 2000 October16. Page2 respondby retum mail, but fuino eventlater than tell daysftom the datehercoq Please will or assuringus of your willingnessto cornplywith the foregoingdemand, The Foundation avenues rclief, including litigation. of considerall appropriate

Very ruly yours,

BELL,BOYD& LLOYD Illinois Chicago, SH:si Hill Copyto TheNapoleon Foundation

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