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Michael R. Thornton 15711 Sweeney Park Lane Ph: 832-867-9649 Houston, Texas 77084 mt122e648@westpost.

net PROJECT OPERATIONS/LOGISTICS: CLIENT RELATIONSHIP LOGISTIC MANAGEMENT Highly focused, energetic, self motivated professional with 13 years experience in operations management, logistics, and non-profit organization management. Dil igent and resourceful self starter with solid experience in project management, government relations, and client relationship management. Excellent communicator with strong interpersonal aptitude; works well with groups or independently. St rong leader and motivator who excels in mentoring, teaching/training and empower ing employees. Exceptional oral, written and presentation skills coupled with st rong analytical and project planning skills. Proven ability to implement innovat ive solutions to complex problems. BACKGROUND SUMMARY a Project Mgt (PMBOK) a Client Relationship Management a Operations Analysis a Document Management a Strategic and Operational Planning a Multi-Site Managem ent a Logistics-MAXIMO a Continuous Process Improvement a Team Building a Time Management a Research a Contract Review a Client Communications a Staff Leadership & Management a Active Secret Clearanc e PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS Kellogg, Brown, & Root (KBR) 2009 Project Operations Coordinator- Baghdad Iraq Directing operational activities for KBR with strategic partners & stakeholders. Executing the tactical requirements of Project Management, Operations, Air Ope rations (Flights), & Business Operations in support of LOGCAP project planning. Identified new business opportunities with the customer while maintaining revenu e growth. Creating corrective action measures and accountability response proces s at the site level. Monitoring the progress of projects and report project stat us as needed to the military customer. Advisor on the evaluation of the effectiv eness of site programs and the project operations and/or the productivity and ef ficiency of management. This includes implementing, coordinating, and/or oversee ing a variety of complex management programs impacting KBR activities; planning and/or conducting broad and/or in-depth special studies; developing and/or evalu ating policies in assigned areas of responsibility; designing and coordinating p lanning activities; developing, implementing, and/or monitoring sophisticated ma nagement information issues; preparing and/or providing briefings and presentati ons on analytical findings and recommendations; directing the development of new and/or changes to existing issuances and directives. Results: Site expectations are met. Maintaining continuity/historical knowledge of operational processes of the site while proactively maintaining a positive em ployee and customer relationship. Mainthia Technologies (Boeing Int.) 2009 a" 2009 Integrated Support Project Manager Houston, TX Depot Maintenance & Repair (DM&R) Department: Coordinates, integrates, manages a nd performs Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) to ensure sustainment of complex Boeing & NASA products and services. Researches and provides information to deve lop and maintain Logistics Products and engineering data; develops and implement s Logistics products. Leads the definition of support requirements for product d esigns; reviews and approves requirement documents. Participates in the negotiat

ion of contract and contract changes. Coordinates the preparation of proposals, business plans, proposal work statements and specifications, operating budgets a nd financial terms/conditions of contract. Acts as primary customer contact for program activities, leading program review sessions with the NASA customer to di scuss cost, schedule, and technical performance. Supervises or oversees all proj ects and task orders in progress. Establishes design concepts, criteria and engi neering efforts for product research, development, integration and test, analysi s, and doctrinal writing. Results: Responds to complex customer inquiries. Provi des support related tasks and cost rationales for proposal activities; and assis ts in contract negotiations. Vinnell Arabia (Northrop Grumman) 2008 a" 2009 Chief of Safety/Security Operations Division (SSD) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Ensures that all operation measures are functioning properly to include the appr opriate level of security/safety operations to the division, ROC compound & trai ning compounds. Ensures that all security assets are performing up to standard a nd that their efforts are completely integrated. Supervises 500 subordinate pers onnel in the execution of compound training & safety/security operations. Provid es training and assistance to designated security personnel in force protection operations. Manage trainers that Train the Saudi Army National Guard (SANG) on w eapon systems used in security, anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism operations. Budget division funds for overtime & equipment, forecast training, & oversee fo rce protection projects. Result: Follows the force protection safety/security o perations program of the division. As required, supervises multiple senior train ers in the execution of designated compound security operations and other securi ty & safety personnel. Kellogg, Brown, & Root (KBR) 2006 - 2008 Liaison Officer- Project Management/Operations Baghdad Iraq Created support organization structure for logistics, maintenance and facilities operations. Consulted and resolved issues with LOGCAP (Logistics Civil Augmenta tion Program) project teams, contract administrators, Defense Contract Managemen t Agency (DCMA), Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), and the military customer ; provided daily situation reports for over 100 projects at all 22 sites in Bagh dad valued at over $50 million; supervised production support contract teams. D eveloped and facilitated a project scrub meeting and joint project meeting to en sure customer & client satisfaction for construction management processes and pr ocedures of with in the scope of the LOGCAP project for service support. Result: Maintained efficient profitability; awarded new projects based on high levels o f performance. Kellogg, Brown, & Root (KBR) 2005 - 2006 Senior Operations Coordinator Baghdad Iraq Supervised site operations & report compliance to support the military services in Baghdad. Developed security response measures and emergency evacuation plans , provided basic life support (food, water, lodging, laundry service, operations & maintenance (O&M), and construction), for 20,000 troops based on a performanc e LOGCAP contract. Supervised the operations department, air operations, logisti cs dept, water treatment plant, HR and fuels dept. Result: Positively impacted q uality, safety, and financial performance of each site. Kellogg, Brown, & Root (KBR) 2004 - 2005 Operations Coordinator- Baghdad Iraq Directed operational activities for KBR with strategic partners. Executed the t

actical requirements of business operations in support of LOGCAP project plannin g. Identified new business opportunities with the customer while maintaining rev enue growth. Created corrective action measures and accountability response proc ess at the site level. Monitored the progress of projects and reported project s tatus as needed to the military customer. Result: Clients expectations were met. Maintained continuity/historical knowledge of operational processes of the site while proactively maintaining a positive employee and customer relationship. United States Army 2002 - 2003 Protocol Officer - III Corps (Infantry Officer) Fort Hood, Texas Developed, implemented, & managed the distinguished visitor program at Fort Hood . Planned, directed, and coordinated a variety of activities to include conferen ces, conventions, tours, convocations, award ceremonies, luncheons and other eve nts. Developed recommended itineraries, instruction manuals, guides, supplementa ry material and pertinent correspondence associated with activities/events. Resu lt: Well trained staff; maintained effective group relationships, and developed the ability to deal with high level military and civilian visitors in structured and unstructured situations. United States Army 2000 - 2002 Infantry Platoon Leader/Executive Officer- 1st Cavalry Division Fort Hood, Texas Supervised training, maintenance & logistics daily; second in command to assist unit commander on tactical planning & execution. Coordinated logistic support fo r infantry soldiers at company command level. Accomplished unit objectives inclu ding facilitation of family support groups for soldiers and securing equipment f or unique infantry missions; Worked for the BCTP as a Battle Summary Officer for 2002 War-Fighter. Served as the company advisor to train up Army Reserve and Na tional Guard units using computerized military simulations with wartime scenario s for units who were deploying. Result: Maintained an excellent support battle logistics plan incorporating operations, training, & family support. Demonstrate d my leadership skills in training subordinates on the M16, M203, Bradley tank w eapon systems, equipment, safety, mentoring & combat tactics. United States Army Ohio National Guard 1997 - 2000 Supply SGT to ROTC Cadet: 1-148th Infantry Regiment Xenia, Ohio Supervised and performed duties involving request, receipt, storage, issue, acco untability of equipment. Organized the supply section with expendable supplies a nd equipment for the National Guard HQ. Prepared all unit/organizational supply documents. Maintained automated supply system for accounting of organizational a nd installation supplies and equipment. Issued and received small arms (rifles, hand guns, etc). Secured and controlled weapons and ammunition in security areas . Result: Established an outstanding resource management team and effective pro perty management system to ensure full operation readiness. EDUCATION/AFFILIATIONS Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio 2000 U.S Army Infantry Officer Basic Course, Airborne Qualified, Certified Logisticia n: 92Y CERTIFICATION PMP Certification course completion as of September 2010 Villanova University (P MI test sched APR 11)

AFFILIATIONS Member of Prince Hall Free & Accepted Masons Lodge No. 203 Oklahoma Jurisdiction Former President & current member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. Alpha Mu Cha pter