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SOJKA PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Inventive, proactive Electrical Engineering Specialist, PhD & Scientist with 20+ years experience in product development, training, expert consulting and project management. Skilled communicator, teaching engineers, scientists, managers and Six Sigma Black Belts at Fortune 500 companies (Kellogg, NASA, 3M, SC Johnson, Abbott Labs, John Deere, Hewlett Packard and others.) to be more innovative, creative and protect their intellectual property. Awarded Boeing Associate Technical Fellowship for directing teams on mission-critical projects, drafting new business plans, establishing design guidelines, spearheading many "firsts", driving process improvement and contributing to winning proposals. Holds 3 patents. TECHNICAL SUMMARY Certified user and trainer of various creativity and innovation tools, including Edward de Bono Six Thinking Hats Method c, Idea Fisher r, Theory of Inventive Problem Solving -TRIZ r and Goldfire Innovator r. Expert user in following computer codes: CPEX-ONELD (X-Ray & Gamma Ray Transport), MCNPX (Neutron/Heavy Ion Transport), PSPICE (Circuit Analysis), BOXIEMP2 (Electron Emission PWBs), ELECTRO (2D Electrostatics), COULOMB (3D Electrostatics), MAGNETO (2D Magnetostatics), AMPERE (3D Magnetostatics), OERSTED (2D Eddy Currents), FARADAY (3D Eddy Currents), FSCATT (X-ray Transport), CREME 93 (Space Radiation Environments), SPACE RADIATION 5.0 (Space Radiation Environments, Effects & Spacecraft Shielding) SECURITY CLEARANCES Secret (DoD), CNWDI, COMSEC, WINTEL PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ORBITAL SCIENCES CORPORATION, Huntington Beach, CA; 10/2008 - 12/2009 SENIOR PRINCIPAL RADIATION SYSTEMS ENGINEER; 2 years 2 months Supplied leadership and oversight of radiation hardening and electromagnetic environmental effects integrity of a 2-stage launch vehicle to be used as part of a missile defense system. Interviewed team to gain insight into how effectively their designs were shielded and how survivable their designs were to the effects of space radiation and natural environments, such as cosmic rays, solar radiation, electromagnetic pulse and lightning. Worked closely with: * Electromagnetic Associates (EMA) subcontractor to allocate HEMP and lightning PIN transients to various flight vehicle avionics interfaces. * Manufacturers and vendors to define design solutions for using transient protection devices (TPDs) and transient voltage suppressors (TVSs) in various avionics components, including cable connectors, printed wire boards, etc. * Electrical and mechanical design teams to ensure electrical and mechanical design inputs for each of the

environments were implemented into the design. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: * Produced complete design review briefings, electromagnetic environmental effects program plan and radiation survivability program plan for customer on both the radiation and electromagnetic integrity of the launch vehicle. * Performed space radiation analysis of many of the mission-critical semiconductor parts used on the launch vehicle. * Developed innovative space-saving designs to protect the interface circuits of the avionics printed circuit wire boards on the launch vehicle. * Attended MCNPx radiation transport training classes and became the code manager at Orbital and LANL authorized beta user. Technical Environment: * Utilized CREME 97 space radiation analysis code to calculate the upset rate or error rates of the avionics electronics during sub-orbital fly out. * Applied MCNPX code developed at Los Alamos National Labs to verify and confirm integrity of the launch vehicles when exposed to atmospheric neutrons and heavy ion protons that can cause failure of the flight avionics electronics. * Evaluated EMA 3-D Electromagnetic Analysis code to show that outer shielding of the missile compartment and avionics boxes, electromagnetic shielding of cables, cable connectors and cable overbraid shielding of the launch vehicle protected the PWB interface electronics from induced lightning and electromagnetic pulse transients. INVENTION MACHINE CORPORATION, Boston, MA; 04/2005 - 04/2007 SENIOR PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT; 2 years Delivered training on flagship software product, Goldfire Innovator, to clients nationwide, encompassing TRIZ methodology, intellectual property strategy, patent fences, indexing knowledge bases, performing natural language semantic research, root cause analysis (RCA) and failure modes effects analysis (FMEA). Key Clients: Boeing Concept Development Center, Boeing NASA Space Systems, BAE Systems Land and Armament, Eastman Chemical, Northrop Grumman, 3M, Goodyear Rubber, Air Force Research Labs, Hewlett Packard, Westinghouse, Kellogg, John Deere, SC Johnson, Abbott Labs (Guidant), Diebold, Honeywell, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, DOW Chemical, Johnson Controls, Corning Glass, James Hardie Research, Seagate Technology, Vitamix Corporation KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: * Trained engineers, scientists, managers and Six Sigma Black Belts on using the "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving," and "Value Engineering" to quickly develop new ideas and patents based on their existing designs and products. * Demonstrated creating and indexing knowledge bases so that patents, engineering data and proprietary information can be searched and queried rapidly. * Delivered training on using the "Contradiction Matrix," "Inventive Principles," "Trends of Technology Evolution" and functional diagrams to save cost on existing products and develop new and lower-cost products or manufacturing

processes. * Solved difficult problems using flagship product, including measuring vitamin content of cereal flakes and disposing of radioactive waste from the "cold war" era. BOEING/BOEING NORTH AMERICAN/ROCKWELL INTL., Anaheim, CA; 01/1985 - 04/2005 SENIOR ELECTRICAL ENGINEER & TECHNICAL FELLOW; 20 years 3 months Pivotal technical and leadership resource on projects spanning missiles, satellites, aircraft, avionics, submarines, ground support equipment and command/control facilities. KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: * Awarded Boeing Associate Technical Fellowship for managing system engineering EMC/NH&S/TEMPEST environments effort of 25 engineers, technicians and analysts on Family of Beyond Line-of Site Terminals (FAB-T), National Missile Defense/Lead System Integrator, Global Positioning Satellite - Block IIF and more. * Awarded 3 patents for a radiation hardened pulsed power generator, excimer laser electrode assembly and unique high voltage switch. Built, designed and tested the first ever Spark Gap Switch to operate at 1 Khz at a power of 100 kilowatts. * Drafted new business plans to develop accurate, economical radiation sensors using laser thermo-luminescent dosimeters (TLDs). Composed first design guidelines for radiation hardening and electromagnetic compatibility for Southern California Boeing. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Society of Engineering Sciences Innovation Network; ToastMasters (ATM Bronze) EDUCATION University of Florida, Gainesville, FL Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, 1977 M.S., Electrical Engineering, 1972 Case Western Reserve University (aka Case Institute of Technology), Cleveland, Ohio B.S., Physics, 1970