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SAMANTHA SCHNEIDER 220 Grandview * Laguna Beach, CA 92651 * 949-861-1837 * ss1250a18@westpost.

net Objective: Achievement oriented Director of Sales and Marketing seeking rewarding position in sales and business management. Looking to secure a challenging position which would benefit from over 8 years of exceptional service in both client and emplo yee relations, key account management, inside sales, business organization, corp orate training, and new business development. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE MEGAComfort Inc. Director of Sales and Marketing Dec. '08 - Dec. '10 *Oversaw the operations for the North American division of an international ergo nomics company which manufactures and sells personal anti-fatigue insoles for in dustrial and commercial industries. *Consistently exceeded sales goals and helped the company grow by 53% in 2010 *Developed and executed marketing materials, training packets and sales promotio ns for use both domestically and internationally. *Managed all key accounts and was responsible for bringing in and launching larg e new clients such as Kohler, Toyota and Conagra, which included on-site trainin g and demonstrations for large groups of employees and distributors. *Planned, coordinated and executed the logistics, event materials, group demonst rations and cultivation of new sales leads at trade shows, conferences and large presentations to distributors and clients. This often times resulted in MEGACom fort being featured in numerous event and industry publications. *Assisted the CEO in identifying, planning and executing new sales initiatives w hich lead to the formation of an external sales force. Giggles for Girls Operations Manager Jan. '06 - Dec. '08 *Responsible for the overall operations of a national children's dance gear supp lier which included the oversight of manufacturing, new product development, ord er fulfillment and billing. *Worked with the sales team to increase customer retention by creating inventory reports that allowed them to provide better customer service in the form of inc reased order fulfillment rates and shipment date forecasting. *Participated in the implementation of a new business strategy that was aimed at larger clients and resulted in the acquisition of the company's largest single customer, Legoland. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Corporate Trainer and Assistant Manager June '02 - Mar. '08 *Integral member of the New Restaurant Opening Team which included the training of 120 new employees for each new location and their mangers.

*Created and implemented new hiring processes which were incorporated into the r egional hiring process. *Managerial responsibilities included ordering, invoicing, scheduling, and the r eview of P&L for each location. *Received multiple awards for excellence, service and team leadership. EDUCATION Western Governors University Jan. '08 - July '11 Overall GPA: 3.8 *B.S. , Business Management LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES Spectrum Infant and Toddler Montessories Marketing Consultant for Non Profit April. '10 - Present *Create marketing materials and assist in event planning for fundraising3 non-pr ofit dedicated to increasing the availability of quality and sustainable child c are for infants and toddlers ages 6 weeks to 3 years OTHER INFORMATION Computer Skills *Proficient in Microsoft Office and Photoshop *Advanced knowledge of ALOHA Point Of Sale Software *Advanced Knowledge of Customer Relationship Management Quest Software