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The Veil

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THE Veil
The Veil is a private, secured, secret society cloaked in its deeds and activities. All deeds and activities of The Veil are strictly legal and moral.

Humanities Elite Stardards of Know ledge (A Supreme Know ledge System Specific To Each Individual)

Video Gallery
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About DW Jory
Owner of DW Consulting Managing Member of a land development company in Arizona CEO of Globe Track Wireless President of Baja Mexican Rivera SA (60 Sq mile beach project) Carrizo Gorge Railway Inc. - Chairman of The Board Member of the Board of Directors of "Keepers of the Wild" animal sanctuary 501 C3 Non Profit Responsible for well over one hundred million dollars in commercial development here in Las Vegas. Previous: Ford Mercury Dealer Consolidated Trucking Consolidated Mortgage Consolidated Construction Consolidated Real Estate Company C 21 Franchise Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome to DW Jory Consulting

DW Jory Consulting is a firm with unique services which enable our Clients to solve the many problems which manifest routinely. Our business Clients thoughts, goals, desires and immediate bottom line, which is cash flow, become productive, grow, and function like a smooth running machine. Our Clients, who are individuals, are given the tools to find out who and what they can become. Our consulting assists them in every aspect of their intellectual and financial growth until they reach their goals. In each and every case our clients will gain wealth and confidence and realize that our consulting results are invaluable.

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