WINSTON BRAINE 1341 Orchard Park Dr. a Stone Mountain, GA 30083 a 770-309-4133 wb128921e@westpost.

net CAREER OBJECTIVE To obtain a position within a team that will enhance existing technical skills, experience, and knowledge in the aircraft industry and field of engineering, whi le allowing me to become a valuable team member. EDUCATION_____________________________________________________________________ Kingston Technical High School Kingston, Jamaica a" 1961 - 1965 Royal Society of Arts English Language Stage 1, 2 & 3 Kingston, Jamaica London General Certificate of Education (G.C.E.) London, England Engineering Science Practical & Theory Mathematics Kingston, Jamaica PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS_________________________________________________ a F.A.A. Aircraft Airframe & Power Plant License a British Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License (B-727, B-757, DC-8-50, DC-8-61, DC-8-63, DC-9-30, DC-9-40, DC-9-50, DC-10,) a Certification on A-300, 320 - N.D.T Level II RELATED COURSES & TRAINING__________________________________________________ a NWA Training on DC10, B747 a Ultra Sonic, MAG Particle, Dye Penetrant Borescope Qualified on CF6 and PW2030 EXPERIENCE_____________________________________________________________________ Aircraft Technician 1965 a" 1968 British West Indies Airways Kingston, JA a Performed general maintenance and repaired aircraft, airframe, and power plant equipment. Aircraft Maintenance Manager 1975 a" 1980 Air Jamaica Kingston, JA a Managed 40 people who maintained aircraft and ensured safety of aircraft a Repair aircraft and airframe and power plant equipment. Acting Station Manager 1980 a" 1984 Air Jamaica NY/FL/IL a Oversaw the general running of the air station and daily servicing of aircraft after each flight a Checked power plant equipment Aircraft Technician 1984 a" 1994 Northwest Airlines Minneapolis, MN a Aircraft line maintenance tech responsible for trouble shooting and repairing aircraft in timely and efficient manner in the time constraints dictated by the operation. General Inspector GA/TN/WA/MA 1994 a" 2005 Northwest Airlines

Adaptability/Learning skills Exhibited ability to quickly learn and teach others, with my skill sets:

a Taught aengine runa skills in test cell environment. Field Experience Aircraft General inspector working in overhaul doing induction of aircraft types B757, B747, DC9, DC10, A300, A320: a Inspected engine and airframe components on inducted aircraft types; wrote ite ms for repair. a Inspected completed repairs to ensure compliance with the approved method in r epair manual. a Hangar and field experience on engine removal an installation Timco avaition service Tech rep atl for UAL October 2009 to April 10,2010 .April 19,2010 to date QA Inspector NORTHROP GRUMMAN Performed KC-10 Depot Level inspections while conf orming to US. Department of Defense Polices and Practices.Repair activites were validated by a combination of USAF Technical Ordes,Manufacturesa blueprints and manuals and OEM service bulletins and alerts

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