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TECHNICIAN SPECIALIST. [NICHOLAS J KAKALETZ] Garfield, NJ 07026 k1297814@westpost.


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Past experience service repair industrial and broadcast TV video equipments' inc luding various effects switcher's cameras and related equipment, providing custo mer support in the field and shop, component and system service support to vario us clients in the tri state area .I was servicing the Du Pont Chambers Works Dee pwater NJ. Security network and repaired all their cameras and related equipment . Promoted to Engineering at United States Technologies and Hired as Engineering at ABP Induction, have worked on three Million Watt Inverter Stack damaged duri ng foundry over flow. I worked for four companies repairing digital power suppli es including surface mounted digital supplies used in slot machines, have some c ollege work completed major was Electrical Engineering GPA was 3.5 and I am a fo ur veteran NAVY Radar Avionics Technician E5.I pick up on new ideas rapidly with little supervisory assistance and soon am helping others if needs be. TECHNOLOGIES RED HAT, FEDORA , MANDRIVA , SUSE LINUX ENTERPRISE , WINDOWS 7, MS SERVER 2003 , MS SERVER 2008, ADOBE CREATIVE PRODUCTION PREMIER CS5 AND CS3, DIGITAL POWER S UPPLIES, THREE MILLION WATT INVERTER STACKS , LASER POWER SUPPLIES SURFACE MOUN TED DIGITAL POWER SUPPLIES SERVICE REPAIRS, VIDEO & RF SURVEILLANCE NETWORKS, SU RVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT, PAST EXPERIENCE SERVICE REPAIR VIDEO INDUSTRIAL & BROADCAST, . CAREER HIGHLIGHTS RAIL CAR TECHNICIAN-RAIL CAR PA5 * KAWASAKI RAILCAR * YONKERS, NY 2008-2010$39,000 YEAR A leading US manufacturing facility providing the fabrication, assembly, testing of all types of passenger rail cars.PA-5 Provided mechanical and digital troubleshooting and repair of railcar components and systems. KEY HIGHLIGHTS * Key contributor and team player in all aspects of the manufacturing facility's process. * Expert on various systems analysis and problem resolutions issues for the comp any's engineers. * Provided specifications and information to manufacturer engineers on rail car systems issues. * Five Week School on the PA-5 Rail Car Systems Theory at Kawasaki Heavy Rail Yo nkers NY * Performed troubleshooting and repair of railcar components and systems. ENGINEER COMPONENT TROUBLESHOOTER * BETSON IMPERIAL * CARLSTADT, NJ 2007-200 8$34,000 YEAR An international and domestic parts distributor for the coin-operated industry h eadquartered in Carlstadt, NJ. Official Title Engineering Service Repaired various digital surface mounted power supplies used in casino s lot machines. My billable for the one month of February 2008 was $14943 repairin g MK5PFC and WP203F11, No documentation or schematics, created documentation to effectively repair these digital power supplies. FIELD SERVICE ENGINEER * ABP INDUCTION * NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ 2006-2007$43,000 YEAR A leading global metal casting and forging company providing its products and se rvices world wide from locations in Germany, Sweden, Russia, US, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, Thailand, and Japan.

Repaired Upgraded Retrofit Rewired, three Million Watt Inverter Stack damaged du ring a Foundry over flow. Dissembled rewired upgraded retrofit according to engi neering specs worked in Engineering in final check of wiring before applying Pow er KEY HIGHLIGHTS * Identified and resolved intermittent mechanical defect in diode inverter star ter circuit. IN-HOUSE COMPONENT TROUBLESHOOTER * TRANSISTOR DEVICES, INC * CEDAR LAWN, NJ 2005-2006 $35,000 YEAR A global manufacturer of high-power, fault-tolerant, uninterruptible electronic power supplies and systems designed to prevent power loss in transportation equi pment and computer data storage and telecommunications systems. Repaired various new constructed power supplies for USA Army and tested these de vices. DC to AC Inverters 120 and 240 AC 60cps, Repaired defective, incorrectly wired o r faulty, incorrectly installed components in new power supplies * Repaired of an automated test load system experiencing software problems.

Nicholas Kakaletz

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ENGINEERING * UNITED STATES TECHNOLOGIES (UST) * FAIR LAWN, NJ 2000-2004$36,600 Comprehensive state-of-the-art, component-level electronics repairs supporting s ervice repairs on various legacy power supplies. Engineering: Promoted to Engineering after eight months. KEY HIGHLIGHTS * Supported 25 KW MRI Medical Head End RF Amplifiers, * Identified problem with Raytheon Satellite Up-Link Power Supply and successful ly corrected the issue. * Worked on Laser Power Supplies in Engineering . * Constructed ten IC wire-wrap test board for Raytheon HV power supply boot up. * Prefabricated a 45,000 Volt Test Load for Laser Power Supply, including test d evices. * Utilized software to design and fabricated printed circuit board foil layouts for various test boards and devices Researched and created documentation and testing procedures, including usage and power specifications, for various power supply models facilitating the pro ducts' troubleshooting procedures, repair and boot up condition enabling technic ians to successfully repair troubleshoot and test these legacy power supplies ac cording to specifications. * Technical writing test procedures for technicians on various power supplies. . Attended BERGEN COMMUNITY COLLEGE


Dear Sir, Madam 3 of 3 I am former Navy Veteran United states Navy avionics radar technician E-5 and at tended two colleges My major was electrical engineering and was into my third year of engineering wi th a GPA of 3.5 was on the deans list. I have worked in video service bench work and field service in the tri state area. I serviced the DuPont Deepwater Securi ty Instillation and repaired all their RCA cameras. Have previous experience rep airing special effects video switchers, Bata cam recorders, color and B & W HD c ameras, video editing systems. Worked for four companies repairing digital power supplies and at Betson Imperial Carlstadt NJ with no schematics or documentatio n, my billable high repairing digital power supplies for the month of February 2 008 was $14943. I was hired as engineering at ABP Induction and Betson Imperial and promoted to engineering at United States technologies. I pick up on new idea s and systems and have excellent electromechanically ability, have surface mount ed printed circuit board service repair experience. I am a certified armature ra dio operator I subscribe to scientific American and a member of IEEE computer so ciety. Some of my other interests are science health medicine read articles conc erning biotechnology and science. I have worked in various Linux and windows ope rating systems my home computer runs windows server 2008 modified as workstation . Nicholas Kakaletz Home 973 772 0248