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ARTHUR M. (Skip) NOLL 3388 Martha Custis Drive Alexandria, VA 22302 Cell - 703.628.6885 an12a45b4@westpost.

net Over thirty years of progressive experience in Information Technology environmen ts: including department and system technical support management; project manage ment; hardware and software testing and deployment; facilities planning and upgr ade; and budgeting oversight. Currently maintain a Secret clearance TEK Systems/Future Research Corporation Reston, VA 2010 to Present IT Ops Manager After performing as the Information Technology Manager through Tek Systems on a trial basis, Future Research Corporation has permanently employed me in the same position which is located in the Springfield, VA headquarters office. FRC is a software development corporation, contracted by the Department of Defense which supplies logistics and tracking products including packages in TC AIMS II, for m ilitary deployments ranging from CONUS to Afghanistan. Responsibilities include focusing on the core functionality of a multi-server environment including tota l departmental administration involving planning, implementation, analysis, main tenance, administration, and reporting surrounding the entire software developme nt life cycle. Direct reports include sixteen (16) Systems Administrators and N etwork Administrators spread geographically across the United States. I have de veloped leadership and teamwork by creating solid and productive relationships w ith other business units, management team members, and the government. Achievin g this has required a full tool box of management abilities involving people ski lls, strong data center management and enterprise network system tools, and crea ting and maintaining project schedules and budgets, while staying in compliance with organizational policies and standards and industry best practices. Credited With: * Supporting the TC-AIMS II Environment by ensuring server continuity and integr ity to PM TIS customers operating within a standalone and client server mode as well as on the Enterprise. In addition, I manage support provided to CITRIX and the legacy transportation applications (TC-ACCIS, AALPS, TIS-TO), all used by t he US Army and being migrated to other branches of the armed forces as well. * Successfully converting FRC away from an XP environment and onto a Closed Deve lopment Network using VISA per direction of the US Army's Directory of Informati on Management (DOIM). * Working in concert with Change Management to create a sustainable Supportabili ty Plan which includes hardware and software inventories, accurate license struc tures, and maintenance inventories with expiration dates and refresh costs. * Participating in a high level planning committee tasked to begin moving toward a Virtual environment which is projected, by FY 2013, to save 13 million dollar s. * Creating and supporting the structured framework for the development, testing, and implementation of the current TC-AIMS II software release named Barstow 6.0 which is currently being delivered worldwide. * Achieving cohesion and sense of mission between a diverse group of system and network administrators, who report to me, spread throughout the nation in four l ocations. * Coordinating and implementing a system of metrics compilation in order to grap hically represent the health of the network, databases, and server farms.

DHSS Falls Church, VA 2007 to 2009 Management Consultant Served as a contractor with the DoD's Defense Health Services Systems (DHSS). W ithin this capacity, acted as high level advisor to facilitate the migration of hardware (Egenera Bladeframes) and software (health care applications) to over 1 00 military hospitals and clinics around the world. Participated in the develop ment and implementation of high-level planning in order to meet time-sensitive d eadlines and assisting Operations with the ongoing build-out and maintenance of a worldwide integrated network. Tasked and evaluated subordinates in project par ticipation and adherence to schedule milestones. Credited With: * Serving as high level technical resource for distribution of Egenera Bladefram es and other Dell/Sun servers to over 100 military hospitals and medical care-gi vers worldwide * Travel to sites to perform site surveys and assist in removing obstacles slowi ng the progress of transition * Migrating military hospital applications to Blades while providing insight int o health care facilities and operations * Creation and maintenance of Visio diagrams reflecting not only a macro hardwar e/network summary and application/environment relationship, but also develop mic ro diagrams showing relationships between applications, servers, and the users. Intepros Stafford, VA 2006 to 2007 NOC Systems Administrator Contracted to Battelle's Network Operations Center, managing servers hosting Dep artment of Homeland Security websites. Responsibilities include providing netwo rk operations center support; Windows 2003 and Linux server administration and t roubleshooting; and monitoring and reporting of network traffic and needs. Moni tor and respond to network events which affect the health of various servers and network equipment hosting DHS websites. In addition to managing servers, also required to use Active Directory and Exchange, perform changes to production env ironments, push content updates, draft management reports and maintain Change Ma nagement procedures at all times. Credited With: * Developing and refining backup reporting software that aided in the reporting and troubleshooting of Linux backup jobs * Training Jr. Systems Administrators and shift personnel, increasing our team's capability and reliability * Assisting in the development of Batttelle Policies and Procedures which were c ompleted and uploaded into the Corporate SharePoint directory Collegiate Funding Services, LLC Fredericksburg, VA 2002 to 2006 PC/Network Technician Monitored server farm and physical environment, providing Tier I service to both internal and external customers requiring assistance, and responding to problem s/emergencies as they arise. Tasks also included downloading and processing nece ssary business files, managing, assigning and assisting in special projects such

as hardware/software installation/upgrades. Participated on migration team, mo veing all systems into an Active Directory environment and changed CFS from a .c om to .corp domain. Integral to the team that relocated entire physical busines s infrastructure to new upgraded location with no production down time. Credited With: * Facilitating migration from Windows NT to Active Directory environment * Responsibility for maintaining and re-imaging all Dell desktop and laptop equi pment * Maintaining and monitoring process tools e.g. Servers Alive and CommVault * Completing physical inventory and bar coding of all IT equipment Providian Financial San Francisco, CA Consultant/Facilitator 2002 to 2002 During ten-month contract, I was responsible for the development and testing of Business Continuity Programs involving all business units across geographic line s for use in the event of a disaster. During my tenure, I expanded and helped d efine not only what pieces and areas that were critical in a banking/credit card environment, but also helped management to understand different types of disast ers - both manmade and natural.

Credited With: * Implementing Disaster Recovery programs that were enacted immediately upon the perception of business interruption * Testing plans on a local and regional scale to ensure reliability * Developing a rapid notification system ensuring that key personnel were notifi ed immediately upon any high-tiered event Cyveillance, Inc. Arlington, VA 2001 to 2002 Data Center Manager While completing a nine month contract with Cyveillance I was tasked with the pl anning and construction of temporary and permanent data center quarters. In add ition, I participated in the expansion and growth of a new business involved in the development of cutting-edge technology in the .com world.. Credited With * Site selection, plan development, and contractor interaction in the constructi on of a temporary computer operations facility * Equipment movement and UPS installation with no interruption in business servi ce * Expansion of Operations department to include three people - two computer oper ators and a supervisor

Wilson Brothers Fredericksburg, VA 2000 to 2001

Information Systems Manager As manager, was charged with the overall transition and upgrade of business syst ems utilizing Cisco switching equipment and Dell servers. Managed two computer operators and ensured smooth operation within a multi-location, high volume manu facturing operation. Credited With: * Completely re-wiring five business facilities and home office with CAT5 cable * Project managed, purchased, and supervised third-party installation of a new D ell server system supporting the business operation * Successfully installed and implemented Citirix as the operations front-end sof tware Credit Management Solutions, Inc. (CMSI) Annapolis Junction, MD 1998 to 2000 Director, Data Center Operations Initially tasked with responsibility of taking 1-person operation and developing department that would function as stand-alone computer operations center: full y interacting with divisions such as product testing and development, software s upport, and help desk. In addition, hired staff to serve as principle participa nts in imminent business relocation effort; responsible for all departmental act ivity, e.g. hiring, dismissing, scheduling, grievance moderation, performance ev aluations and complete budget responsibility. Tasked to finish design and const ruction approval of 5000 sq. ft. computer room with all environmental and securi ty considerations, and planning all equipment and circuit relocation. Credited With: * Successful business relocation (as referenced above) with all target dates met /no interruption of services provided to clients and along all business lines * Expansion to 7x24 operations with increase of additional 7 full-time/3 part-ti me operators Holy Cross Hospital Silver Spring, MD 1996 - 1998 Data Center Manager Direct responsibility for all operational and financial aspects of a 7x24 comput er operations center staffed with 6 full-time/5 part-time operators. Hands-on st aff supervision; technical and specialist assistance with network management; UN IX support within HP environment. Heavy internal and external customer support required departmental responsiveness and appropriate service orientation with sp ecific goals, policies and procedures - all developed during my tenure. Respons ible for cross-organizational coordination of resources involving delivery of da ta center services. Credited With: * Coordination and control of scheduling machine usage in order to adhere to hos pital requirements * Overseeing and correction of system-balancing activities between in-house syst ems California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) San Francisco, CA 1990 - 1996 Manager, Computer Operations

Management and direction of 7x24 computer operations facility ensuring maximum u tilization of variety of systems serving multi-campus environment. Direct overs ight of $2 million budget. Staff: 17 computer operators and data entry clerks g uaranteeing processing dependability, accuracy, timely dissemination of data wi th minimum system downtime. Directed all staff activity: performance evaluation s and policy/procedure creation and in addition, coordinated/negotiated vendor c ontracts. Credited With: * Successful integration of 2 computer operations departments in the first natio nal merger of two major urban hospitals: Children's Hospital and Pacific Presbyt erian Medical Center * Relocation of networked systems to one central processing facility * Installation of UPS * Successful negotiation of 9 hardware maintenance contracts to 1 umbrella contr act resulting in excess of $5 million per year savings * Successful long-term downsizing/outsourcing of department to accommodate chang ing role within a managed care environment BA 1977 - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), B lacksburg, VA : Urban Planning 1966-1970 United States Air Force - Radio Intercept Analyst: assigned overseas t o Peshawar, Pakistan and the National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort Meade, MD; T S/Crypto Personal/professional references available upon request