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Gunnar Skogsholm e-mail: location: Word Doc download: Recommendations: SUMMARY Software architect, Senior software engineer, with

good oral and excellent writt en communication skills. Special interests include Silverlight web applications, Ajax Toolkit, ASP.NET, WPF, WCF, XAML, generic OO development, Web Services, XM L, C#, C++ and real-time embedded control systems. TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE Work Status Authorized to work in the US, permanent resident(green card holder) Education BSEE Bachelors of Science, Electrical Engineering, Sep 81 - Dec 84, Gannon University Erie, PA Skill Current Level Experience (timeframe) Annapolis, Maryland

ADO / RDS Advanced 10 years (97-present) ADO.NET Advanced 10 years (01-present) Ajax Toolkit Advanced 3 year (07-present) ASP.NET (1.1, 2.0, 3.5) Advanced 8 years (03-present) C# language Advanced 11 years (00-present) C++ language Advanced 16 years (92-present) Client Server Advanced 13 years (96-present) Crystal Reports Intermediate 3 years (96-03) ErWin Advanced 5 years (96-03) Fortran Basic 10 years (81-92) Generic Software Expert 18 years (92-present) Full Lifecycle (SDLC) Advanced 18 years (92-present) High Performance Web Intermediate 1 year (05-06) HTML / CSS Intermediate 5 years (07-present) Javascript Basic 1 year (08-present) JQuery Basic 1 year (09-present) MFC (MS Foundation) Advanced 10 years (92-present) Mimer database Advanced 2 years (02-04) Objective Grid Advanced 4 years (98-04) Object Oriented Expert 16 years (94-present) Oracle Basic 2 years (96-97) QNX (real time Unix) Intermediate 2 years (94-96) Requirements Gathering Advanced 13 years (96-present) Schema Design Expert 12 years (98-present) Scrum Advanced 3 years (04-present) Silverlight Basic 3 months(08-present) SOAP Protocol Intermediate 3 years (03-present) Specification Work Advanced 24 years (85-present) SQL Server Advanced 12 years (98-present) SSRS Intermediate 1 year (08-09) Structured Query (SQL) Advanced 15 years (96-present) Subversion Basic 2 years (05-present) Test Driven Dev (TDD) Intermediate 2 years (05-present) Team Foundation Server Intermediate 6 months(09-10) Three tier architecture Advanced 10 years (00-present) Transact-SQL (T-SQL) Expert 8 years (03-present) UML methodology Intermediate 3 years (94-00) User Interface Design Advanced 6 years (98-present)

VB.NET (Visual Basic) Intermediate 1 year (04-05) Visual SourceSafe Advanced 13 years (96-present) Visual Studio Advanced 18 years (92-present) Watcom Compiler Intermediate 2 years (94-96) Watir / Ruby Intermediate 2 years (05-present) Web Services (SOA) Advanced 8 years (03-present) WinForms (.NET) Advanced 10 years (01-present) WCF Basic 1 month WPF Basic 1 month XML / XPath Advanced 5 years (01-present)

Operating Environments Windows 7, WinXP, Win2003, Win2k, WinNT, Win95, QNX, MS-Windows, VMS, Unix Industries Aerospace, Rail Transportation, CRM Business, Legal Accounting, Actuarial, Educa tion, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Advertising -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lead Experience I have lead experience from 6 jobs, all of which were successful projects. At G E, I was one of 4 technical leaders for a team of 25 software developers. At AR INC, I was chosen to be the team leader for a team of 4 developers. At Foundatio n Software, I was the software architect and project manager for a team of 15 de velopers. At Couloir, I was the software architect and team leader. At ARINC f or the second time working for a completely different group, I was again chosen to be the technical lead. At Mind Over Machines, I was technical lead on the AMT FS project. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Specification and Requirements Gathering Experience Ability for clear and organized specification writing. As an electrical enginee r, I created many specifications according to the mil-spec standards. At ARINC, we used a special unique format for specifications designed for user interface applications connecting to a relational database. After improving it, directed that this format be used for the 55 detailed specifications for an accounting su ite, consisting of 5,872 requirements. At Conning, I created a specification wi th 1400 requirements. At Mind Over Machines, directed that this format be used the AMT FS project (1202 reqs). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Relational Database Design Experience I have personally designed these database schemas: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Time and billing accounting suite consisting of 196 tables Insurance related financial application consisting of 150 tables Schema for a software engineering tool consisting of 156 tables Educational product line consisting of 120 tables Enterprise application suite consisting of 50 tables Swim team application suite consisting of 45 tables Web content management system consisting of 25 tables Chess gaming system consisting of 11 tables Survey system for manufacturing association consisting of 50 tables


Engineering Software Design Experience Current transformer design tool; winding skew analysis; inverse LaPlace Transfor m; thermal instability temperature rise; insulation life analysis; voltage trans ient droop; aircraft feeder pos/neg/zero sequence impedance calculator; generato r rotor bearing load analysis; Biot-Savart magnetic analysis; 3-D surface transf ormations. PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT 25 years experience

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Senior Software Engineer National Public Radio (NPR) W ashington DC TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: C#, Win Forms, ASP.NET 3.5, Ajax Toolkit, WPF, SQL Server , SQL CE, Visual Studio 2008, 2010 Newsflex is the system that NPR uses to manage news stories from conception to o n-air presentation. Created a proposal to develop a Data Facade (DF) layer. Th e DF provides NewsFlex with a solid data tier foundation and results in signific ant simplification, including the elimination of MSMQ and MS Access. Designed a nd implemented the DF component. Wrote comprehensive unit tests to exercise the DF layer. In addition to control ling access to all data, the DF encapsulates multiple data access layers (DAL). These provide access to the local store, which contains the Newsflex Person da tabase (Hermes). The JET DAL encapsulates all the MS Access code, while the CE DAL encapsulates all the SQL CE code. Designed and implemented a complete refactoring of the Newsflex Web Rundowns. T he Rundowns display the content for the shows that NPR produces. This is displa yed on a large screen in the studio, so that editors and producers know the show content plan at any given moment. The Web Rundowns is an ASP.NET 3.5 applicati on which was refactored from 18 aspx pages to 3 aspx pages and a master page. Created a user interface design for the employee action system (EAS). Recommend ed and then implemented a logging aggregation system called Gibraltar. Gibralta r was crucial to analyzing various problems which occurred in QA and Production. Improved the exception handling and logging component of Newsflex. Fixed bugs in the chat component. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------June 08 to Present Software Technical Lead Mind Over Machines Owing s Mills, MD TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: C#, ASP.NET 2.0, Ajax Toolkit, JQuery, SQL Server, Visual Studio 2008, Win Forms, SSRS Developed a web application for the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AM T). The ASP.NET 2.0/3.5 application collects financial survey information from their member companies in order to generate reports. This application was desig ned with a rich information schema, so that future reports could be developed ve ry easily. The survey sections, question groups and questions are dynamically c reated from a database. Completed the 6 surveys in 3 months, consisting of 479 questions and 1202 requirements. Participated in the development of Q2, an enterprise client server application f or National Registered Agents. Solved a long standing problem causing major appl ication instabilities by removing and refactoring dangerous and unnecessary hook s into win32. Identified and fixed asynchronous concurrency issues. Increased th

e efficiency of large data fetches by eliminating unnecessary trips and reducing the data passed over the wire. Fixed 88 Q2 bugs (C#). Analyzed and solved issue s in the stored procedures, triggers and views (T-SQL). Checked all the database components into source control, and created an automated deployment process. Me ntored the team on configuration management. Implemented several reports in SSRS and created the underlying stored procedures. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jan 08 To Present, Software Architect, Skogsholm Consulting, Annapolis, MD TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: C#, ASP.NET 2.0 and 3.5, Ajax Toolkit, Silverlight, SQL S erver, Visual Studio 2008, Expression Blend Developed the Skogsholm Consulting website ( The site is impl emented using a master page, themes, and CSS best practices. The SC website also includes Ajax accordions, fly outs, customized blog software, data driven conte nt, Google ads, and a flexible navigation scheme. Developed a powerful content management module to allow customers to control con tent over the web. The module features configuration management and customizable promotion model. This allows content creators to promote their revisions to a r eview stage, where the appropriate reviewers can approve or disapprove the revis ion. Developed a Blog Engine. Developed the Maryland Right to Life web site. Developed the Stem Cell Research Report website, presenting a subscription newsletter. Authenticated users are ab le to access the newsletter PDFs. Developed the Annapolis City swim team web site with data driven swim meet resul ts. Developed a site for a possible Objectivist Chamber of Commerce, which incl udes business listings. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oct 06 To May 08, Director of Engineering for Threat Screen / Senior Software En gineer, Inclinix, Annapolis, MD TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: C#, ASP.NET 2.0, Web Services, SQL Server, SourceGear Vau lt, LLBLGen, Watir, T-SQL, KML ThreatScreen ( is an exposure-diagnostic/identification, da ta collection, and reporting tool used by First Responders to quickly assess vic tims to determine chemical, biological, or nuclear agent exposure. Created a WM D screening control that presents questions based on an AI script from a WMD med ical expert. It stores the data locally, and synchronizes with a server when re quested. Created an 2.0 web service to store screening data in the data base. Wrote code that creates a Google Earth mash up. This work has become the killer application at Inclinix, because it shows prospects that Inclinix knows which ma rkets to target for clinical trial advertisements. The map overlays patients and doctors and radio markets. Fixed hundreds of bugs in a legacy application calle d Insite. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Apr 06 To Oct 06, Senior Software Engineer, Applied Information Sciences, Largo, MD TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, VS.NET 2003, VS.NET 2005, SQL Server , T-SQL, and Visual SourceSafe

Worked at an AIS client, InPhonic. Successfully created a web content management tool that stores and manages web content in a SQL Server database. Assigned a l ead position for a project to find and display phones that match certain criteri a. Helped design the schema for a system where the marketing folks could create lists of phones to be displayed to the user in certain situations. Wrote a SQL s cript in T-SQL to automatically populate marketing lists. Part of a team working on developing front end ecommerce store front solutions, including automatic we b redirect and automatic content generation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Aug 05 To Apr 06, Senior Software Engineer,, Baltimore, MD TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: C#, ASP.NET 2.0, Remoting, MSMQ, NUNit, TDD, Subversion, VS.NET 2003, VS.NET 2005 The system works by matching up advertisers and publishers. The Adserver serves up advertising media based on the characteristics of the end user, publis her site and the advertiser, within the context of the business goals of all par ties involved. Performed a detailed study of .NET Remoting, comparing performance and various f actors, and presented the results to the team. Performed research on the http pipeline and presented this to the team. Performed research on .NET 2.0, MSMQ, ACT, Enterprise Library 2.0, Ruby, Watir, and 2.0 Health Monitorin g. Created the web tier of a 4 tier ad server system. The web tier was implemented as an asynchronous http handler that communicates with the application tier usin g MSMQ. Performed extensive refactoring to improve performance and maintainabili ty. Participated in the creation of a high performance web application that ach ieved 3,300 RPS (Requests per second) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dec 04 To August 2005, Senior SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Mettler Toledo AutoChem, Columb ia, MD TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: C#, WinForms, .NET CLR, Web Services, SQL Server Pharmaceuticals typically determine the progress of their synthetic reactions by taking samples which are later analyzed. Since this process is problematic, the industry is moving towards real-time reaction monitoring. A number of technique s are used for reaction monitoring, but individual techniques do not provide suf ficient data to serve the purpose. Sharpshooter is a product that combines the five techniques into one package. Th ese include UV/Vis, NIR, Mid-IR, Raman and FBRM Analyzed the user requirements for Sharpshooter and created a detailed Software Requirement Specification. Designed and documented the Sharpshooter software arc hitecture and created UML diagrams. Designed a database schema to support the a pplication. Created a working prototype of the system in 2 weeks and demonstrat ed this to the customer. Successfully created the final software application to display trends from 5 dif ferent techniques in one application. Created 5 applications to act as adaptors between the main application and the instrument software. The software uses .NE T Remoting to communicate with the 5 different adaptors. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------May 04 To Dec 04, Senior Software Technical Lead, ARINC, Annapolis, MD

TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: VB.NET, WinForms, Biometrics, Web Services, SQL Server Participated in the design and implementation of a biometric identity management system. The software uses smart card technology to perform a 1:1 fingerprint o r iris biometric match. This software was created for the DHS Transportation Wo rker (TWIC) and the Registered Traveler programs. Created a requirements document and a requirements status matrix using Rational' s Requisite Pro. Participated in numerous demonstrations to management and at N orthrop Grumman. Implemented software to interface with the Canon A80 digital camera, the Imagin g Automation's iAthenticate unit, the Topaz electronic signature device, the Can on LiDe flatbed scanner using TWAIN, the Intellicheck Driver's License Reader. Designed and implemented the software to be extremely configurable. Functionali ty was organized into an extremely modular architecture to maximize configurabil ity and maintainability. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Apr 04 To May 04, Senior Software Engineer, BSI, Sparks, MD TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: C#, WinForms, .NET CLR, Web Services, SQL Server Analyzed the user requirements for a portion of a collection agency software app lication. Designed the user interface for the manual claim entry screens. Implemented over 100 UI requirements in under 3 weeks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jan 04 To Mar 04, Senior Software Engineer, The Rouse Company, Columbia, MD TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: C#, WinForms, .NET CLR, Remoting, SQL, MS Windows, Three tier architecture, SQL Server, T-SQL Analyzed the user requirements for a convention meeting management application. Designed the user interface and the relational database schema. Created a fully functional prototype of the application in 13 hours. This was us eful for quickly confirming that the design was acceptable to the end users, pri or to significant development. Worked on the Lease Revenue System, a 3 tier, distributed, C# WinForm applicatio n. Implemented screens and wrote stored procedures for data access using transa ct SQL. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jan 97 To Jan 04, Software Architect, Couloir Software Corporation, Annapolis, M D TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: Visual C++, C#, ASP.NET, SQL, XML, ErWin, Rogue Wave, Wis e, SQL Server, Mimer, Web Services, XPath, SOAP, Crystal Reports. Designed a generic application framework (CouloirPFM) for web enabled, SQL based , user interface applications. The framework was designed to form the basis for multiple groupware applications, and features include RAD C++ development, model -view-controller, robust relational database data synchronization, field level s ecurity, business rule support and a standard SQL engine. Software architect for School-System and School-assignment, a set of web enabled

applications that help to connect teachers, parents and students. Teachers can create and manage lesson plans, assign homework, and monitor student progress. T eachers can see which students are doing their homework. Parents can monitor stu dent work. Parents receive direct communication from teachers regarding student performance. Students can retrieve their assignments, and mark them as complete. Project manager for Martial Art curriculum management software application. Soft ware allows a martial art school to manage a martial art curriculum, including f orms, stances, self-defenses, games and drills. The system presents images and v ideos to accompany the step-by-step instructions. Users can select games and dri lls based on the desired skill (focus, flexibility, etc) and the equipment avail able. Designed and implemented SweTool, a software engineering tool to quickly design prototypes and to construct fully functional applications. SweTool Construction manages user interfaces, screens, control groups, data bindings, and event actio ns. SweTool Project Mgt manages work units, project team staffing, assignments, action items, schedule, product specifications, requirements, use cases and prob lem tracking. Designed an enterprise financial suite, consisting of Enterprise Officer edition , Controller edition, Bookkeeper edition, Standard Employee edition, Advisor edi tion, and Investor edition. The suite is integrated with an e-commerce system im plemented using ASP.NET web services. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Apr 00 To July 03, Senior Software Engineer, Conning Asset Mgt, Baltimore, MD TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: .NET CLR, C#, WinForms, Remoting, SQL, MS Windows, Crysta l Reports, Three tier architecture, SQL Server Worked on insurance related actuarial software using Microsoft's .Net technologi es. The software analyzes the economy and a companys business to create potentia l scenarios. These scenarios are evaluated for risk and reinsurance factors. The software was architected as a multi-tiered, distributed application using th e remoting technologies of the CLR runtime. Designed the application user interface. Created a detailed user interface speci fication including 1400 requirements. Designed the relational database schema wi th 150 inter-related tables. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------July 98 To Apr 00, Software Architect, VP of Development, Foundation Software, A nnapolis, MD TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: Visual C++, MFC, SQL Server, MS Windows, Objective Grid, Crystal Reports, ADO Software architect and project manager for the Practical Digital Partner (PD Par tner) project. Recruited 15 software engineers, and managed the remote developm ent team. Created a structured requirement specification system, designed the database sch ema, and organized the remote access technology. Architected the application su ite with active participation in the design, development, and analysis of the 55 Windows applications. The application suite included over 200 dialogs and was specified by 5872 requir ements. The project was completed in 1.5 years. Software productivity was 3 ti

mes greater than the industry standard. PD Partner is a suite of applications designed to automate the financial & pract ice management of professional service firms. Its chief components include clien t and project set-up and maintenance, time & expense tracking and billing, accou nts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger and financial reporting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------July 96 To Feb 98, Senior Software Technical Lead at ARINC Research , ARINC Rese arch Annapolis, MD TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: C++, ORACLE, SQL, MS Windows, Rogue Wave, Borland Compil er, zApp Provided technical leadership for the Business Unit Order Management Project (BU OM). This business process application was created for TRANE, an air conditioner manufacturer. Designed a generic application framework that implemented a model-view-controlle r architecture. Developed GUI software for the BUOM project. Participated in the design and implementation of BUOM, a 2000 requirement, SQL b ased C++ application that consists of approximately 30 dialogs. This complicated application was completed on time and under budget, with multip le interim releases. Indicating higher quality, the number of LOC was only half of that expected, based on the number of requirements. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------May 94 To July 96, OO Implementation Team Leader, New Locomotive Control, GE, Er ie PA TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: C++, QNX (Real time UNIX), Rogue Wave, Watcom compiler, Rational Rose, Rumbaugh OMT Designed a generic control class library for use on the new GE (General Electric ) AC6000 locomotive. The library includes object oriented classes which perform the following: differentiation, integration (tustin-bilinear), limit, slew-limi t, condition evaluation, timed condition evaluation, pi regulation, low pass fil ter, high pass filter, lead lag filter, notch filter, and timer functions. Designed a configurable parameter server to facilitate management of application specific parameter profiles. Designed engine cranking, temperature monitoring, and snapshot processing softwa re. Designed application level electronic air brake software. Consultant and evangelist to the software team on object oriented design princip les. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sep 92 To July 93 SOFTWARE ENGINEER AEG Westinghouse Transportation System s Pittsburgh, PA TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: C language, MS Windows, Borland compiler, System Archite ct case tool Designed and implemented an application that demonstrated vehicle based moving b

lock algorithms, including a PID control loop. Created data flow diagrams using the Ward-Mellor methodology and the System-Arch itect case tool. Created a system requirements document for an advanced train control program. Designed a new efficient switch interlocking algorithm. Designed and implemented an algorithm for vehicle based Moving Block Train Contr ol. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Feb 85 To Aug 92 PROJECT ENGINEER II Sundstrand Corporation Rockford, IL TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: ADA, Lisp, KEE, UNIX, Cadre Teamwork, VMS, FORTRAN July 90 To Aug 92, Systems Engineering As simulation lead, coordinated the simulation effort for the Boeing 777 Electri c Power Generating System (EPGS). Analyzed and redesigned a magnetic speed sensor, significantly improving its per formance. Performed logic simulation, using KEE (an AI Dev Tool), of the EPGS Control Syst em. Worked with Yourdon-Demarco methodology with real-time extensions on Cadre Teamw ork. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Feb 85 To July 90, Generator Engineering Designed portions of a new 3 stage synchronous generator for the C17 Air Transpo rt aircraft. Designed a three-phase current transformer assembly. Performed generator design calculations to optimize design for rating, size and weight. Project engineering work on the JAS 39 project, a Swedish fighter plane. Project engineering work on the Fokker 50 and Fokker 100 projects. Created and reviewed detailed engineering prints. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jan 82 To Aug 84 ENGINEERING SOFTWARE CONSULTANT Gannon University Eri e, PA TECHNICAL ENVIRONMENT: FORTRAN, PrimeOS Created a graphics software package, used to create a new course on engineering graphics. Programmed dynamic thermal analysis of a solar house as a special project for th e thermodynamics professor. Created a control system software package, which included Inverse LaPlace transf orms, Bode plots, and Root Locus plots.