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Kempton Robert Pierce 110 Crescent Bay, League City, Texas 77573 281-538-2840 (home) 713

-907-8390 (cell) Objective: Dedicated, Sales professional with over 20 years of proven experience in the rea lms of management, marketing and sales associated with the Refinery and Petroche mical Industries seeking an opportunity in Sales Account Management where I can utilize my diverse knowledge and background to incorporate areas of my expertise including: National Account Development, Account Management, Product expertise, and Relationship Building. Summary of Skills: Expertise in national account development Extensive experience in the Refining/Petrochemical markets Coordinated efforts to learn more about competitors strengths and weaknesses Detailed listings to clearly understand customers needs as well as their expect ations. Research new target accounts Detailed Report Management Develop and Analyze projections Professional Experience: FUSION, INC. March 2006 2009 Sales Account Manager Analyze competitive market to research areas strengths and weakness to gauge co mpetitive pricing and delivery. Product pricing and assist shop with implementation of lower cost / higher prof it margins. Expertise in management of various shops for a period of 25 years. Compile sales forecasts based on previous years sales as well as market growth and new target accounts. Present Lunch and Learn Programs, Power Point Presentations with plants in orde r to gain access to Maintenance, Engineering and Equipment Reliability Groups. Prepare exhibits and Represent organization at trade shows events. Network with chemical/refining personnel to stay familiar with new product in t he market place. Manage 40 to 50 major accounts while increasing sales from $1M to $2M in three years. Total sales for company $12M. Accounts include all major chemical and refining accounts as well as service in dustries. WATSON GRINDING & MFG/WATSON VALVE Sales Account Manager August 2004 March 2006

Exemplified by ability to gain account rapport and trust, quickly transition in to the role of an advisor using skills from years of diagnosing mechanical failures on rotating as well as reciprocating equipment. Market surveys at plant levels to determine who would be responsible for the bu ying decisions for repair as well as new valve sales, including Maintenance, Eng ineering and Purchasing Groups. Goals; to introduce Watson Valve to the Refining and Chemical market place. Instrumental in developing Power Point Presentations for Lunch and Learn Progra ms. Analyze competitive market to learn who the competition is as well as pricing a nd delivery needs. Display unique strengths in marketing strategy programs with sales tactics gene rating $75,000 to $100,000 per month. Total sales for the company $10M.

Pierce, Kempton page 2 PRAXAIR SURFACE TECHNOLOGY Sales Account Manager Managed key accounts to jointly establish sales forecast, convey this forecast to management and meet with shop management on a weekly basis to insure updates and timely deliveries. Extensive communications with customers regarding any unforeseen issues and pos sible new ship dates. Accounts include all major chemical and refining accounts and service industrie s. Generated $1.5M a year. Total sales for the company $14M. Served as Management and Operations back-up COOPER ENERGY SERVICE February 1985 April 1995 August 1995- August 2004

Account Manager Coordinated scheduled work between customer and field service as well as shop. Consistently achieve monthly and yearly quotas generating $1.5M in sales per ye ar. Total sales for company $12M Machine Shop Manager *Success and strengths of mechanical skills, product knowledge and communication skills promoted transition to Sales Account Manager Skilled in time management and multitasking. Support the field service group of approximately 20 people. Manage shop work of over-hauls that were generated in the chemical and refining markets. Ensure that jobs were completed in a timely manner in order to meet turn-around requirements. Present to corporate the possibility of new parts manufacturing in Houston to i mprove delivery when needed. Implement a unit exchange program to help equalize the shop load as well as imp rove delivery to customers. Excellent communication skills. Education: University of Houston Houston, TX Bachelor of Science-Business