The Heritage of the Dakota, Lakota & Nakota People

Migration of the Dakote People Kodas, Sunkas Allies, Brothers,

This is Tanka Wheneh, Star Ambassador of planet Dakote – Andromeda Council Ambassador – to the Dakota, Nakota & Lakota People, and all Native American People west of the Mississippi River. You would know me as a Wicaijlipi Oyate / Wicahpi Oyate, a Tunkasina / Tunkasila, an Star Nation Elder, a Spirit Grandfather. I have passed down to Tolec my knowledge of the leaving of some our Dakote people from our world in the Taygeta star system, located in the Pleiades, inside the open Taurus constellation and our people’s migration to Ina Maka / Unci Maka, Mother Earth. Our Peoples Departure to planet Earth. At the time of the planned migration our planet Dakote had 2 billion people. At that time we had spoken with the High Council of Dakote who had already approved the migration of our best volunteers who wished to go off-planet to explore Mother Earth and assist people known as Lemurians. We put together our best healers, engineers, exobiologists, xenobiologists, linguists & cultural experts. These people were also the most emotionally & spiritually aware, adept & mature of our people. They, and some of our vegetable eating animals we selected, were to fly, to be transported across space to the central spaceport of Lemuria on Earth. There were 200 Dakote men, women and children joined together involved in this exodus aboard a large Dakote mothership bound for Lemuria. Once we received a transmission from the Lemurian civilization to receive us, we were invited to join the Lemurians to assist them how to live & work more in harmony with nature on this beautiful virgin planet, Earth. It was our role to help train the Lemurian people to be able to bring about greater meditative techniques to foster more harmonious feelings among them. They indicated a desire for this because there were Lemurian clans, some who choose to evolve at a slower pace more in harmony with all of nature, and others who wanted to evolve faster along a more technological oriented path. Other worlds. At that time, our Dakote people also went to two other Earth like worlds: one in the constellation Taurus as you would see it from your world, in the star system Aldebaran. There are 14 planets there, one of them is called: Tahini, a beautiful blue planet, it’s about 10% larger than planet Earth. Approximately 5,000 of our people migrated to Tahini. These people today retain their normal Dakote size of about 7’ tall on Tahini. The second Earth like world can be found in the Constellation Cassiopeia, in the star system Schedar, it has 12 planets. The planet we settled there is called: Wanihi. It is colored deep purple {color of water} & pink, and is about the size of Jupiter. Approximately 2,000 of our people migrated to Wanihi. These people today have evolved to be about 12 feet tall due to the large size of this planet. This whole migration happened, as measured in Earth years, about a 100,000 years ago.

Back to the story of the migration of the Dakote people to Mother Earth the Arrival. When we arrived in Lemuria the people of Lemuria were already telepathic. So, there was no difficulty in communicating with them. However, we set up an educational school to teach ways of being in harmony with nature, to teach Dakote dialects to these people in exchange for certain other Lemurians meditation methods, & for us to learn which kind of Earth plants had exactly what kind of healing properties. We gave to the Lemurians some of the peaceful, vegetarian animals we brought to Earth that they too could enjoy to walk & eat among the lush, green lands of Lemuria. We began to show the Lemurians our community layout of circular patterns and how to build Earth friendly structures of dome homes, and pyramid gold infused buildings. For our people, many families lived in this kind of communal setting with our own wise elders that were overseers of our communities. The Lemurians wanted more advancement at a much quicker pace, but our people wanted to take their time. Our people wanted to see that the Lemurians had first instilled within themselves a better sense of balance & harmony rather than the advancement of proposed technology for them to be more in tune with nature, to be one with all of life. Our people settled in their communities for years before they even thought about exploration to other parts of the Mother Earth. They needed time to infuse themselves with Earth’s vibrational fields. And yet, they still maintained their communication with our home world of Dakote. They kept the Dakote High Council informed of their progress. Our Dakote mothership went back to our home planet after a 10 year period of overseeing the Dakote population on Earth as they settled into a routine of a newly formed Earth life. Once this ship left, there was still communication with our planet. But over time the contact was reduced to a minimum so as to let our People become an established part of Earth life. As more children came to these families, our Dakote elders on Earth continued to pass down the stories of where we came from in the Pleiades constellation. Our sun Taygeta. Our home world, Dakote. The Earth Changes. Both the Dakote & Lemurian peoples lived side by side for many years. And many children came. Mother Earth was bountiful. And life was good. However, when the Lemurian continent began to start having a shift in its land mass, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions caused a great loss of land. By that time, there were one billion Lemurians and Dakote People in total. Five hundred million people did not survive because this land mass went underwater. The other half, of the remaining five hundred million, many, almost all decided to leave. And the Dakote People along side with the Lemurians used their scoutcrafts built to bring the survivors to the new land that arose from the ocean floor.

Many on both worlds (Earth and Dakote) were saddened by the loss of so many people. But, they knew that their souls were spiritually attuned to the 4th density, the core origin essence of their lives, and therefore they remained calm when their Earth bodies entered a natural death cycle, knowing that their spiritual guides, helpers, teachers, and key star people were with them. And they remained calm during this time - by using an instant, internal knowing, a meditative state which caused their bodies to not feel anything, no pain involved, just instant transition. The Migration to Grandmother Turtle Island. Many of the Dakote & Lemuria people then migrated from Lemuria and began to settle on the new continents risen from the ocean floor. They settled off the east coast of the land you today now call China, and the little islands that arose in these coastal areas. They also traveled to the west coast of Grandmother Turtle Island as well. This migration happened over some 50,000 years ago. During their experiences with the Lemurians, Dakote people did not intermarry with the people of Lemuria; but later choose to intermarry with the then indigenous people of Grandmother Turtle Island some time after the Dakote people migrated to this new land. These indigenous people were more simple people - closer to the land, the plants, the trees, the animals water, wind & sky – they were close to nature being in harmony with all life on the Earth. This new life it was waste, it was good. To the Present. Somewhere around 2,500 years ago the Dakote people started to spread out across the land and began gather into various clans & tribes. And around 1,500 years ago these people began to be known as the Dakota, Lakota, Nakota, and others. And today, these same people are by blood & genetics the closest to us your people, your forefathers, your ancestors on Dakote. This is the story of the migration of the Dakote people the story of their lives as they came to Ina Maka / Unci Maka, Mother Earth and to Grandmother Turtle Island as you call her. In Closing. Know that this knowledge is for all the people and very much so for the spiritual teachers, healers, and medicine men as they continue their quest to this day to inform others that harmony with nature, balance, respect, love for all and focus on spiritual life this is the right path, this is the divine way to live. Wodakota mee kodas, mee sunkas peace my allies, my brothers. -------This is the story as it was told to me by – Tanka Wheneh, Star Ambassador of the Dakote people to the Andromeda Council, and to his People the Dakota, Lakota, Nakota, and all of the people. It is his hope & my hope that reveling the heritage of the Dakote people has given you new Wakan Wicaijlipi Wosidonye, sacred star knowledge, new Maka Wicahpi Wicohan, new spiritual understandings of the sacred star language, and heritage, of your Wicaijlipi Hunkake / Wicahpi Hunka, star ancestors, and has given you much true spiritual knowledge in a good way. {see next page for very important – ADDENDUM}

ADDENDUM {from Tolec}: This morning, Sunday, before waking, I saw in a dream in a vision a very large golden grass field that I knew to be in the Dakotas. I saw in this grass field four (4) medicine wheels all together, all next to each other in a circle. Of these medicine wheels, three (3) represented the Dakota, Lakota & Nakota People. The forth medicine wheel represented the symbol of the planet Dakote, the people of the planet Dakote, your Wicaijlipi Hunkake / Wicahpi Hunka, your star ancestors. And I knew because of this vision, and confirmed by Tanka Wheneh later that day, that there would be a great coming together again, a meeting in the near future of all the People Dakote, Dakota, Lakota & Nakota. This vision told me that a Powwow will happen sometime soon for all of the People Dakote, Dakota, Nakota, & Lakota. The reason for this Powwow is for a great healing among the People, a needed healing. This will happen in a Good Way. Star Ambassador Tanka Wheneh of Dakote, and other star people, will be at this Wicaijlipi Powwow / Wicahpi Powwow, this Star Powwow, to meet with the Elders, the Wisdom Keepers, and all of the People. Ambassador Tanka will speak about our coming transformation on this planet in the near future time a complete transformation into the next world, the spiritual world of the 4th dimension, and the beautiful new future awaiting Ina Maka / Unci Maka, Mother Earth, and the People of Grandmother Turtle Island, and all people on Ina Maka / Unci Maka.

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