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ANTHONY L. COLLELO Algonquin, Illinois 60102 847-826-3094 ac12e4984@westpost.

net Summary Pricing/Program Manager with proven abilities in revenue growth, business develo pment, risk management and managing multiple projects. Recognized as a strong l eader who utilizes his experience in sales, services and accounting and is drive n to meet and exceed expectations. Expertise in: * Cross Functional Team Leader * Promotional Program Designer * Cost and Margin Analysis * Forward Pricing * Supply/Demand Planning * Financial Forecasting Professional Experience CF Industries, Inc., headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois (2,400 company wide em ployees) is a global leader in nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer manufacturing a nd distribution, serving both agricultural and industrial customers. CF Industri es operates world-class nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing complexes in the centr al United States and Canada; conducts phosphate mining and manufacturing operati ons in Central Florida; and distributes fertilizer products through a system of terminals, warehouses, and associated transportation equipment located primarily in the Midwestern United States. 1977 a" 2010 Manager Pricing and Programs a" Sales & Marketing (1996 - 2010) Managed the internal/external pricing/program process; published pricing, price/ margin analysis, authority guidelines and price/program forecasting while meetin g competitive market conditions and corporate strategic initiatives. aNew pricing process and structure project a" Led a cross functional team (Sales , Sales Support, Agra-Business, Accounting, Auditing, Transportation, Facilities , Supply and Procurement) developing a new pricing process and structure proposa l to meet major changes in business operations and practices. aPresented and received approval from the CFO and CEO for the new pricing proces s and structure proposal. The presentation illustrated a comparison of the old v erses the new and projected benefits to be gained. aRisk management project - Led a cross functional team (same as above) creating the Forward Pricing Program concept a" Innovative risk management tool to lock i n future sales, margin and ratable production volume. aPresented and received approval from the CFO and CEO for the implementation of the Forward Pricing Program and associated pricing/program guidelines and levels of authority. aForward Pricing Program contract a" Developed the general terms and provisions of the proposed Forward Pricing Program contract between CF and Customer and att ained final Legal approval for issuance. aWeekly price/program meeting - Led a weekly price/program meeting (Sales, Sales Support, Agra-Business, Accounting, Supply, Procurement and International a" Ke ytrade) to review current US and International market conditions, world supply/d emand balances and establish near term published pricing/programs. aMonthly forecasting meeting - Led a monthly forecasting meeting (Sales, Sales S upport, Agra-Business, Accounting, Supply, Procurement and International a" Keyt rade) to review current US and International market conditions, world supply/dem and balances and finalize pricing/program 12 month projections for the corporate

financial update. aEnsured all pricing activities are in compliance with corporate guidelines and strategies by partnering with Internal Audit, Accounting and Sales Support. Asst. Regional Marketing Manager a" Sales & Marketing (1992-1995) Managed day to day sales, competitive pricing/program situations and supply/dema nd planning for 45% of the US. aIncreased sales 8% by participating in customers marketing strategy sessions, i dentifying competitive challenges and coordinating solutions. aRecord sales in 1995 spring season by partnering with Supply, Logistics and Sal es Support to proactively monitor customers supply balances, take advantage of n ew sales opportunities and circumvent potential inventory outages. aEstablished a new warehouse utilization program to maximize volume during off p eriods and efficiently restock inventory during peak demand periods. Regional Account Manager - Sales & Marketing ( 1990 a" 1991) Supervisor I a" Member Marketing & Sales (1987 a" 1989) Supervisor Services a" Distribution Facilities (1982 a" 1986) Managed day to day administrative and month end reporting responsibilities for 6 5 distribution facilities. Monitored capital projects, forecasting and operation al budgets for each location. aMonitored capital project expenses to assure timeliness of the project and cost s are within original approval levels. aDeveloped inventory reporting procedures and guidelines for 65 owned and leased distribution facilities. aNew leased facilities a" Identify potential site by reviewing inventory handlin g procedures, transportation capabilities and administrative requirements. Attai ned management approvals and finalized contract with legal. aDeveloped a barge drafting procedure to improve reporting of inventory transfer s and minimize inventory shortages. Previous Supervisor and Accounting positions - (1977 a" 1981) Education Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio BA, Accounting, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio