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Jaine Maragathavally (Vally) Kommineni, PhD

4300 Whitwick place, College Station TX-77845

C: (979) 574-4270, email:
PROFILE: Ph.D. with 12+ years of professional experience
* Excellent experience in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and functional genomi
* Co-ordinated with cross-functional teams with multidisciplinary group of scien
tists to complete relevant project activities in a compliant manner.
* Initiated independently new project concepts as well as project collaborations
* Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively to persons with a wide range o
f technical abilities and levels.
* Goal oriented, highly motivated team player
* PhD (Plant Molecular Physiology) University of Hyderabad, INDIA (1995)
- First identified *-amylase in bundle sheath chloroplast.
- Immunological and in vivo labeling studies revealed that the segment proximal
to the leaf base shows maximum photostimulation of *-amylase.
* MSc (Plant Science), Sri Krishnadevaraya University, INDIA (1986)
* BSc (Biology) Sri Venkateswara University, INDIA (1984)
2007-present Assistant Research Scientist
Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology Laboratory, Texas AgriLife Research, Texas A&
M University
* Designed both viral and nonviral vectors.
* Inserted genes at precise location with fusion proteins. Obtained 67-96% targe
ted transgene integration with non-viral vectors and increased gene integration
by 12.7 fold.
* Developed Gene therapy method to introduce therapeutic gene in specified site
on genome. Developed single plasmid constructs combining helper and donor plasmi
ds into one.
* Innovative Adenovirus system is developed with piggyBac transposable element (
~ 43kb DNA) towards site-specific integration with recombineering.
* Modified gene expression by swapping domains between three different proteins.
Analyzed association of domain in protein transportation.
2001 to 2007 Postdoctoral Research Associate Texas AgriLife Research, Texas A&M
* Gene expression efficiency analyzed with LexA Gal4, Sp1, GATA Zn finger domain
s in insect system and Gal4 and 3 different Zn finger domains in mammalian syste
ms. (15 projects with fusion proteins).
* Conjugated 3 genes placing linker and nuclear localization signals between gen
es and expressed fusion protein.
* Generated transgenic lines with Zinc finger nuclease technology and recombinas
e systems.
* Created DNA adenine methyltrasferase (DamID) N- and C-terminal fusion with CTC
F to analyze heterochromatin regions and gene insulations.
* Synthesized genes over 5kb with overlap PCRs along with His, HA and Flag tags.
Modified gene expression by swapping domains between proteins. Analyzed associa
tion of domains in protein transportation.
* Developed transgenics against infectious diseases.
1999 to 2001 Departmental Postdoctoral Research Associate & CSIR Pool officer,
Department of Microbiology and Cell Biology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangal
ore, India
* Engineered edible vaccines for Rinderpest and Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPRV
) viral diseases.
* Expressed biologically active vaccines.
* Quantified protein expression with ELISA
* Engineered viral resistant systems.
1995 Jan -1996 Dec CSIR Research Associate/ Production Associate (Industrial Exp
Southern Petroleum Industrial Corporation (SPIC), Chennai, INDIA.
* Standardized large-scale production of Horseradish Peroxidase.
* Obtained 3240U total peroxidase activity from small tissue in 60 days, with ob
tained purity and specific activity, enzyme can be used directly in diagnostic k
* Purified amylase, phosphorylase and peroxidase enzymes. Hands on experience in
scale up studies.
* Transfer methods and protocols to technology transfer groups.
* Organizing/Program Committee member, In Vitro Biology Meeting, USA 2004, 2
* Outstanding Member Award, by Society of In Vitro Biology, USA 2004
* Chair, Development committee, for 11th International Conference on Invertebrat
e Cell and Tissue culture, San Francisco, CA, USA 2004
* 'IAPTC&B fellowship' award, Orlando, Florida, USA 2002
* CSIR pool officer fellowship, India 2001; CSIR/UGC Research Associate Fellow
ship, India 1989-1996
* Student travel award by CSIR, India to Singapore (2000) & to CSH meeting USA (

* Extensive experience in molecular biological techniques including cDNA library
construction, codon optimization, cDNA and genomic cloning, sub-cloning, Northe
rn and Southern analysis, DNA sequencing, PCR, qPCR, RT-PCR, inverse PCR, 5'& 3
' RACE and site-directed mutagenesis. Excellent experience with Adopter ligated-
- Ability to create enzymes sites in gene without changing ORF.
- Redesigned vectors, rewritten ORF basing on codon bias and improved gene expre
* Recombinant DNA vector construction for plant, bacterial and mammalian express
ion, promoter analysis in transgenic cell lines, gene expression, Gel mobility s
hift assay, Radioactive labeling and detection. Analytical techniques such as en
zyme assay, quantifications, kinetic study, TLC and HPLC.
* Excellent experience in fusion protein and chromatin modifying proteins constr
uction; Recombinant protein expression and purification, SDS-PAGE, 2D gel electr
ophoresis, Immuno-electrophoresis, Chip assay, Immunochemical assays, In vivo la
beling, In vitro translation polyclonal antibody production, Western analysis, E
LISA, plant tissue culture and plant transformation.
* Viral vectors construction, Recombineering, viral propagation, infection, vira
l stocks preparation.
* Mammalian (HEK293, CHOK, U20S, Mice Fibroblast cell lines) and insect (ATC10,
C710, Sua4, S2 cell lines) cell culture maintenance, transfections. RNA interfer
ence collaborated with mice transgenesis.
Guided and trained undergraduate, graduate students, integrated PhD student, res
earch associates and medical professionals from TAMU and other Universities (200
1 to present).
Guided two undergraduates from Kingsville Texas A&M University in NSF funded REU
Program (2008); PhD student from Kentucky University (2004) and Little Rock, AR
(2003, 2005)
Trained students in plant, insect and cell transformations; vector construction
and enzyme analysis.
Vector NTI version 11 for gene data mining, sequence analysis, primer and plasmi
d designing.
Familiar with NCBI Gene Bank search, Entrez, Blast, and Zinc finger tools. Knowl
edge and experience with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, and Dream
Craft of Grant writing: Semester long course from office of Proposal Development
, TAMU 2007
Basic mice handling techniques, TAMU 2002; Organization skills, time management,
leadership skills.
IMMIGRATION STATUS: Permanent Resident.
PUBLICATIONS : Journal Articles (9 + 3) ; Book chapters (4) Conference presentat
ions (17)