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TIPPIE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Iowa City , IA MBA - Operations: Process Excellence & Corporate Finance, GPA -3.58/4.0 May 201 0 BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE Bachelor of Science, Marine Engineering, Pune, India August 2003

Present Work Status: Hold an active US H1B visa valid till 2013. EXPERIENCE AMAZON.COM Operations Manager: Lexington, KY June 2010 Present Amazons Lexington building is their largest building in North American and proce sses 18% of total NA volume. Lead and manage the inbound transship operations; inbound department receives 3 00,000 units per day. Currently manage a team of 60 and assure that these items are properly stowed within a 12 hour time window. In 4th Qtr. led a team of 200 employees and created an Amazons world record of the maximum volume brought in by transship till date. Inbound team shipped in 45 0,000 units in 10 hours, transship was responsible for shipping in 85% of entire volume. Collaborated with ICQA to develop a quality defect tracker to track the defects per transship shipment. Tracker helped in identifying trends in specific produc t lines and provide real time feedback to the source FCs; decreasing DPMO by 8%. Created a mentorship and performance development plan for temporary Integrity a ssociates. This plan helped to identify daily performance deviations and increas e their productivity by 20%. Developed an aging report that helped in identifying the turns of different pro ducts. This helped to optimize capacity better thus increasing productivity by 1 0%. I-MARITIME CONSULTING SERVICES MBA Intern: Mumbai, India May August 2009 Conducted a global analysis of ship building and created global competitive str ategy for Government of Egypt. Upon implementation of this strategy, Egypt will become one of the top ship building and ship repair nations. Suggested development of a niche repair market for tankers plying Suez Canal be fore moving up the value chain. It would help jumpstart growth for the 10 billio n ship repair and ship building industry. Developed a 90-day action plan for Government of India; Benchmarked present sta te of shipping industry and identified macro/micro drivers that influence the in dustry. EX-SERVICEMAN TRANSPORT CO - OPERATIONS MANAGER: Mumbai, India Jan 2007 Aug 200 8 Company operates a fleet of trucks to transport liquid petroleum and chemical pr oducts worth $10 million all over India. Led a team of 70 employees and managed fleet operations of 30 trucks. Developed and successfully implemented growth strategy which lifted business ou t of major crisis, increasing profits by 30% and decreasing liabilities to 20%. Realized growth of 25%, increased fleet size by 20% by expanding business to ru ral areas and diversifying business to different product lines. MARINE ENGINEER (Contractual assignments for the different clients: shipping co mpanies) Oct 2003 Dec 2006 Client: Northern Marine Management / Third Engineer Mumbai, India Led teams comprised of individuals from 18 different countries, across 4 contin ents. Led a 10-person team to prevent major oil spill incident during Category 3 stor

m in North Atlantic Ocean; Required ability to motivate team members during life -threatening situation. Developed contingency plan to respond to crisis; our qui ck and effective response saved company $10-15M. Played a key role in repairing boiler on the ship. Critically analyzed problem and developed unconventional solution to repair boiler and prevent ship from bei ng Off-Chartered, this resulted in $15M reduction in off-charter costs and $30K reduction in logistic expenses and equipment repairs; solution was subsequently implemented on other ships of the fleet. Client: Sirius Maritime Management / Fourth Engineer Mumbai, India Led a team of 4 engineers; organized & conducted maintenance of fuel treatment plant, compressors, pumps and auxiliary machineries; forecasted future expected demand on these plants and reported it to Third Engineer. Handled cargo discharge operations on a ship that used to transport 60,000 tons of crude oil with cargo worth $16-54M. Led an 8-person team in response to oil spill on ship during slop oil transfer, thus saving $10M. Established quick response team and developed contingency pla n to resolve situation and prevent a pollution incident. Client: American Eagle Tankers / Trainee - Fifth Engineer Mumbai, India ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Certified Green Belt Six Sigma. Vice President of Alumni Relations, MBA Association. Represented University of Iowa in a Business Strategy Case Competition at Unive rsity of Illinois. Analyzed shipping process at Hearth and Home Technologies; used rapid continuou s improvement and lean techniques to reduce finished goods inventory and improve delivery lead-times. Also implemented 5S and GEMBA in the shipping process. Conducted a research project for John Deere; identified new economic indicators and drivers which would have a direct impact on its current and future sales. GA, Finance DeptConducted a research on the M&A Hedging Policy Was actively involved in Yuva Unstoppable; organization that works to fulfill n eeds of under-privileged children. GMAT 710 (95th percentile)