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Alexander Barker 59 Camden Way, Fairburn, GA 30213 Phone: (404)966-5309 Email: ab137b9 60@westpost.

net _____________________________________________________________________________ OBJECTIVE Seeking a challenging and responsible position in the logistics/ supply industry or related field that will allow me to utilize and apply my professional program management knowl edge abilities, skills, and experience that rewards initiative and performance with a dvancement. HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATIONS * Excellent communication skills (Oral and Written) * Highly skilled and knowledgeable of Supply and Logistics Management fields * Self-motivated and an accountable decision maker and ethical leader * Expert in Property Book accountability, Standard Retail Supply System and managing third party logistics carriers management * Extremely proficient in Microsoft Windows software and functionally technical programs. Well organized and able to meet or exceed deadlines. * Knowledgeable in SAP, AS400, XA Powerlink, Citrus, Lotus Notes, Excel, Windows 2010, Edition EXPERIENCE Several Staffing Agencies: Randstad Staffing, 08/2001 - present, assembly worker . Advantage Staffing, warehouse associate. Employment Professionals, Internatio nal Buyer. Advantage Staffing, Order filler, Warehouse Associate * Successful monitored and inventoried a broad range of supply accounts with va ried time zones; accounted for international container shipments with oceanic tr ansportation times * Identified and replaced parts that raised quality concerns * Acknowledged and replaced parts that have potential quality concerns * Initiated price change notifications, price quotations reports, and new blanke t purchase orders to suppliers * Loaded outbound shipments and unloaded in bound shipments * Counted items to ensure inventory accuracy * Retrieved and distributed orders needed for required consumers' requests * Periodically managed subordinates on second shift when applicable * Inventoried parts to ensure accuracy of products * Placed material back into inventory once consumers finished viewing documents to ensure accuracy, proper document verification .

03/2002 - 2009. Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Incorporation (Full-Time), Assembly w orker, elevated to Associate Buyer, Newnan, GA * Prevented quality hindrances on assembly line from my position on the assembly line by evaluating the line balances of each position and assuring that each te am member correctly inputted their assigned parts onto the specific required p

osition of the finished unit * Learned all facets of assemblage for all positions on the line enabling qualit y management and gained knowledge of all tactical jobs within the realm of the p rimary unit loading vicinities * Performed and managed a broad range of supply and logistics support functions to include planning, material handling, and procurement and quality control serv ices * Provided customer relation services on material availability, invoice discrepa ncies, etc. * Inventoried all levels of tools and equipment and performed cycle counts to en sure assembly had sufficient parts availability build scheduled units . EDUCATION * Masters of Business Administration- - Finance and Accounting, American Interco ntinental University, Atlanta, GA (9/23/2008) * Bachelors of Science, Business Administration, Shorter College, Rome, GA (12/1 5/ 2005) * Newnan High School, Newnan, GA (8/6/1996) TRAINING * Advanced 50 credited hours within doctoral study business programs entailing g lobal supply chain management * Completed 60 credited hours within a master's accounting and finance disciplin es * Achieved 36 contract hours within Edict Web Portal, supplier shipment electron ic evaluations; honed shipment tracking and systems evaluation skills CIVIC AND COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES * Usher for Saint Smyrna Baptist Church, Newnan, GA 2008- present * Mentor for Boys to Men Youth Group, Saint Smyrna Baptist Church, 2009- present * Actor in Theatrical Ministry, Saint Smyrna Baptist Church 2010- present * Announcer for Congregational Activates and Events, Saint Smyrna Baptist Church , 2009- present AWARDS AND RECONGITIONS * Completion of Junior Achievement Community Service, Atlanta, GA, 1998 * Outstanding and Dedicated Usher's Service Recognitions, Saint Smyrna Baptist C hurch, Newnan, GA, 2009 * Promoted to Quality Advisor for Zone One of Side X Side Assembly Production Li ne to enhance finished product appearance, Newnan, GA, 2004 * Promoted from assembly worker to associate buyer, Yamaha Motor Manufacturing C orp., Newnan, GA, 2005