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RESUME ANGELINO C. ACOSTA 6956 Naomi Avenue a Buena Park, CA 90620 a Home Tel # 714) 521-4367 Email: angelinoacosta@rocketmail.


SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS A mechanically-oriented worker with skills and experiences in mechanical, electr ical, plumbing, and carpentry. A friendly, hard working, dependable worker with excellent work habits and a commitment to produce high quality work in a timely manner. Willing to help others complete work assignments. Have excellent safe ty and attendance records. Possesses a positive work attitude and strong work e thic.

SKILLS AND ABILITIES * Able to solve problems without waiting for instructions. * Generates productivity improvement ideas. * Maintains good relations with co workers. * Operates hand and power tools * Installs and repairs home appliances, including refrigeration and air-conditio ning systems. * Installs/inspects equipment; tests and evaluate its performance * Makes home improvements with mechanical, electrical, painting and carpentry ap plications * Repairs plumbing, electrical circuitry and lighting systems concerns as necess ary * Reads and interprets mechanical drawings and electrical diagrams. * Knows basic AutoCAD drawing * Knows how to assemble home made solar panels and solar systems.

EQUIPMENT OPERATED * Drill press* Extruders* Power and hand tools* Pneumatic controls * Volt-ohm-am pere meters* Molding machines* Pneumatic production machines* Roller conveyors

PART TIME JOBS ORCO Apartment Supplies current Installer * Installs gas/electric water heaters, gas/electric stoves, dishwashers, and oth er home appliances. * Performs minor home appliance repairs as necessary/requested by store customer s. HANDYMAN current * Does maintenance and repair on home concerns involving electrical, plumbing, carpentry and HVAC in on-call basis. * Does room additions.

USA EMPLOYMENT HISTORY SYSMEX, INC. Feb. 2005 a"Dec. 2008 Production Associate (Reagent Specialist) * * * * * Assembled and prepares filters for all production lines. Operated filling stations. Weighed chemicals Assisted in preparing boxes and containers. Set-up lines for filling stations.

AQUA PRODUCTS April 2003 a" Feb. 2005 Assembler * Installed pumps, filters, pre-filters, and membranes. * Assembled control circuits; connected wiring. * Performed tests to ensure assembly units functioned properly. DOMINO REALTY COMPANY 03 Assistant Plumber Jan. 2003 - April 20

* Removed and uninstalled toilet bowls, bathtubs, old water heaters, dishwashers and other appliances. * Installed new appliances. Replaced electrical outlet, gas and water lines/valv es as necessary. * Help painting group personnel to complete their jobs once all the plumbing wor ks were done.

CCL PLASTIC COMPANY . 2002 Extrusion Machine Operator * * .

Aug. 2002- Nov

Operated extrusion and molding machines. Performed quality checks to ensure produced products were of good quality

TAIWAN EMPLOYMENT HISTORY FAR EASTERN TEXTILE LTD. ug. 1998 - Nov. 2000 Filipino Employees Coordinator/Administrator A

* Served as management representative/ link to the 600 Filipino contract workers employed by the company. * Administered the 3-storey dormitory building where the 600 Filipino contract workers were housed. * In-charge of cleanliness and maintenance of the dormitory building. * Performed repairs to all concerns of the dormitory, in plumbing, carpentry, electrical, and in air-conditioning. I had the opportunity to revise the water distribution system to cope with the high water demands, which peaked during the residentsa preparations in going to work that occurred 3 times a day.)

PHILIPPINES EMPLOYMENT HISTORY LAKEVIEW INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION Process Air-Conditioning Systems Installation Engineer / 1975 - 1976 Polyester Filament & Staple Yarn Extrusion Production Supervisor 1976 - 1998 Installation engineer for the process air condition systems of the newly constructed chemical-textile plant, manufacturing polyester fibers/filamen ts. * Production supervisor in the extrusion of polyester products called Filament Yarns and Staple fibers.

EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Graduate at Mapua Institute of Technology Manila, Philippines CONTINUING EDUCATIONS ATTENDED (in the USA) . Attended training with certificates on aHow To Become A General Contractor,a Basic Electricity for Electricians and Home Improvements, and Basic Commerc ial Refrigeration Principles, Refrigeration Electrical Controls, Pneumatic Cont rols, Direct Digital Controls. (ROP in Cypress College) . Certified as EPA 608 Universal Technician thru ESCO . Attended (Edison and IHACI sponsored) NATE training with certificates on; HVAC System performance Module, CORE-General Skills and Electrical Skills, G as heating, A/C & Heat Pump and Air Distribution System. (at EDISON CTAC, Irwindale ,CA) . Attended EDISON CTAC sponsored seminar on EnergyPro Software for Beginne rs (01-07-2010) . Participated on Technology Update Seminar conducted by EDISON CTAC in the latest technology in the following topic areas; Lighting system s, Air -conditioning systems, Thermal energy storage systems, Electric moto rs, Adjustable speed drives with electric motors, Energy management syst ems, and Distributed energy resources. (01-12-2010) . Attended the Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries, Inc. (IHACI) Electrical Module Training Seminar, 12hours at EDISON CTAC (01-19,20,26,27-2010) . Completed IHACI HVAC 12 hours-System Diagnostic 1 & 2 Seminar at EDISON CTAC (01-28, 02-10,02-17, 02-24-2010) REFERENCES Available upon request. I further certify that the foregoing information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Angelino Acosta