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Scott Cordon 8379 Boonesboro Road North Fort Myers, Fl 33917 (813) 966-3285 (cell) scottcordon@yahoo.

com Overview: Over 30 years experience in the automotive industry, with 25 years dedicated to Ford Motor Company. I am Blue Oval Certified as a Service Manager effective Marc h 2005, and as a Warranty Administrator in 2004. Trained in the service drive pr ocess, I have worked to pull dealers out of the warranty review process, and as a Service Manager, I have been successful in exceeding monthly projections on a regular basis. I establish incentive laden pay-plans and create a competitive at mosphere that generates results and keeps the morale of the department high. I a m a firm believer that the Sales Department will obtain the customer base, and i t is the Service Department's responsibility to maintain and retain that base. I also feel the Service Department needs to be visible to the consumer, out in th e community, generating business and working to build on the customer base the S ales Department has worked hard to create. Work History: April 2010 to Present: Parts and Service Director, Charlotte Honda/VW, Port Charlotte, FL Was asked to fill this new capacity to turn around a dealership struggling to ac hieve high CSI/CSE scores, hold onto its customer base, and increase gross profi ts. In the time I've been in this position, I have seen CSI/CSE scores rise 15%, hours per RO increased by .5 hrs, employee morale turn more positive, Customer Pay sales have increased by over $10K per month, and ELR increase by $7 per hour . Gross profit percentage in the parts and service department is averaging aroun d 72%. The used car reconditioning dept has stepped up as well, increasing reven ues and providing better quality vehicles for sale. As things improve regarding customer satisfaction, traffic will increase, resulting in even higher revenues . Reason I wish to leave: Dealership is limited in size, as the Service Department has only 10 bays, leaving income potential limited as well. Also, in spite of t he turn around we have achieved in my short tenure, there are some inherent barr iers that will inhibit further successes. May 2007 to April 2010: Purchasing and Distribution Manager for Discount Preschool Furniture and Supply, the equipment purchasing division of Creative World Schools. Accomplishment of note: Being able to co-ordinate 30 venders, supplying over 300 0 items, to arrive at a new franchise within a timeframe of 4 days to complete s et-up so training and opening can occur 2 weeks after construction has been comp leted. Prior to my arrival, set-up would take upwards of 4 weeks. Supervisor: Kathy McCabe (813) 679-3185 Reason for leaving: This is a family owned child care franchise business (my inlaws are the owners), and with no future franchising projects on the board, and my position hinging on the sale and growth of the franchise side of the business , my salary became a financial drain on the company, so, for the betterment of t he company, I resigned. July 2006 thru April 2007: Fixed Operations Field Representative with Continental-National, Tampa, FL. Was retained originally to develop and administer an in-house warranty program C -N Group was providing their dealers. I was teamed with Owain Stevens as a Fixed Ops Field Rep, handling affiliated dealer service department issues and validat ing warranty claims. Accomplishment of note: Established dealer data base and worked with service dep

artments to streamline their fixed operations module to become more profitable. Supervisor: Owain Stevens 1-352-650-4336 Reason for leaving: The in-house warranty program was never implemented due to b inding issues with existing warranty companies (CNA, GE Capital) thus it never c ame to fruition, plus the opportunity to work within my in-laws child care franc hising company presented itself. August 2002 thru June 2006: Service Manager, Autoway Ford-Lincoln-Mercury, Brooksville, FL. Duties included monitoring shop hours, profit and effective labor rate, and perf orming warranty administrative duties. Accomplishment of note: Beat projections every month except 3 months in the summ er of 2004 when hurricanes swept through the state and affected service sales. A ttained Blue Oval Master Certification. Retained service team after a mutinous s ituation where there was a real threat of union infiltration within all of the A utoNation dealerships in Florida. Supervisor: Erick Wickland - General Manager (no longer with company. 1-888-5686092) Reason for leaving: Released in July after a General Manager change. May 1998 thru July 2002: Owner: Warranty Administrative Services Was contracted to perform all Warranty administrative duties. Was referred by Fo rd DOM Donna Winslow and CSM Mike Vinglione. List of dealerships under contract included: Autoway Ford-L-M (home base), Roy Brown L-M, Brandon Ford, Stadium L-M , Nick Nicholas Ford, Suncoast Ford, and Gator Ford. Accomplishment of note: Was able to perform Warranty Administrative duties at 5 dealerships, 2 of which were high volume stores, at a superior level, keeping th e schedules clear, 126 reports in line, and worked on Reynolds and Reynolds, ADP and UCS computer systems. Reason for leaving: Accepted Service Manager position at Autoway Ford Lincoln-Me rcury. Previous work history includes 2nd shift Service Manager at Gator Ford Trucks in Tampa, FL. ('96-'98); Warranty Administrator Ernie Haire Ford, Tampa. FL.('93-' 96); Assistant Service Manager Northgate Lincoln-Mercury, Tampa, FL. ('90-'93); Dispatcher, Warranty Administrator, and Service Manager Walker Ford, Clearwater, FL. ('84-'90). References: Victor Costanzo, Body Shop Manager Ed Morse Auto Group. (813) 629-1302. 20+ yrs Owain Stevens, Fixed Ops Mgr, Continental-National Services Corp. (352) 650-4336 . 5 yrs Victor Peters, Engine Tech, T-S Racing. (352) 263-4901. 10 yrs