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SYED BILAL HAIDER 103 Laconia Street, Lexington, MA 02420, USA Cell #: 781-640-5178 sh13a5aee@westpost.

net EDUCATION: STEVENS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY 07030 (2009-11) _Master of Manufacturing Engineering, GPA: 3.44/4.00 May 2011 (expected) _ Courses: HVAC Systems in Manufacturing, Design of Water, Steam Design of Biopharmaceutical Facilities, Design & Management of Aseptic Manufacturing Processes, Medical Device Design Modeling & Simulation. STEVENS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY 07030 (2007-10) _Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, August 2010- GPA: 3.238/4.00 (Honors: Deanas List)_ Courses: Fluid Mechanics, Machine Dynamics & Mechanisms, Control Systems, Mechatronics, Design of Machine Components, Thermal Engineering, Heat Transfer, Manufacturing Processes & Systems, Modeling & Simulation, Thermodynamics, Electric Circuit Design, Network Analysis, Switching Theory & Logical Design, Materials Processing, Electronic Principles & Devices, Electro-Mechanical Systems, Graphics, Programming. WORK EXPERIENCE: GLAXOSMITHKLINE, KARACHI, PAKISTAN (JULY-AUGUST 2010) _Trainee a" Lactam & Non-Lactam Production and Packaging, & Quality Assurance (QA)_ Activities performed: * Checked if procedures in the Tableting, Encapsulation, Suspension, Granulation, Injection Vials & packaging rooms were being followed correctly in accordance to SOP guidelines & In-Process Control Sheets. * Did retention, storage, retrieval, destruction of SOPas, Batch Records, Validation, Stability all documents affecting the quality of a product. Helped prepare for an annual audit of the plant. * Created electronic backup search system for all these documents. Learned how to receive & deliver material.

SCHERING-PLOUGH LTD, 2000 GALLOPING HILL ROAD, KENILWORTH, NJ 07033 (AUG-DEC 2008) _Co-op Engineer - Facilities Maintenance (Operational Qualification) _ Activities performed: * Produced work orders, requisition forms, PM's, Request for Concurrence forms (RFC's). * Created engineering drawings for equipment. Came up with a plant shutdown plan. * Used Ariba, MS Office. Updated project information in softwares such as eRoom, CMMS. * Recorded data from air compressor, AHU systems in the HVAC. Verified steam traps were working properly. ACADEMIC PROJECTS: STEVENS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY 07030 PME RESEARCH GROUP PROJECTS: New Oven Temperature Mapping, PQ of autoclave, CIP System Automation & PAT application, Cleanability Evaluation Device Project, Computer Systems Validation for M-Files, Monitoring program for refrigerator/oven/incubator, IQ/OQ Saveris System (report generation & storage). SENIOR DESIGN PROJECT: Propulsion system for Micro Underwater Robot. It is used for drug delivery or delicate surgical operation.A scaled-up prototype was built & the performance was demonstrated. SEMESTER PROJECTS: 12V Power Supply, Autonomous Robot, Joystick Controlled Robot, Tank Filling Project. COMPUTING References available upon request.