Snivy/Servine/Serperior Base Stats: 45/45/55/45/55/63 60/60/75/60/75/83 75/75/95/75/95/113 Abilities: Overgrow Location: One of the starters offered to you by Professor

Juniper. Snivy will evolve at level 17, Servine will evolve at level 36. Rating: Good (B-) - Serperior's stats are decent like most starters. She has a defensive leaning, which is odd because this thing does not look like it, and yet she is. She is also the fastest starter of the three Unova starter, and outpaces the majority of other Pokemon encountered in this game. Use that to your advantage. - Movepool is rather poor. All she learns are grass moves which is pretty much resisted by the majority of the game. Her only coverage move from the beginning to Nimbasa Town is Tackle or Slam if one is gutsy. TM27 is highly recommended starting from Nimbasa Town. Even in the end, this starter is the only one aside from Samurott who does not learn Earthquake. USE GROWTH in the beginning as that move is Snivy's saving grace to boost her mediocre attack power up. You may replace with Coil later as a Servine, depending on your tastes. - It is also to be noted that Serperior has a disadvantage against 5 gyms in Unova while having a clear advantage in only one. Overall, she is not all too bad because she can take hits well and can boost her attacking power, but she does not have a large movepool to back it up. She is more suited competitively and is better off setting up for in-game battles. She requires SKILL to play, and is rewarding if you can pull it off. If you want a Pokemon that just attacks, I would suggest you select Tepig instead. Movesets: Lilith Serperior @ Miracleseed Ability: Overgrow - Return - Coil - Leaf Blade - Giga Drain / Leaf Storm / Dragon Tail

This is the moveset I used for my Serperior in game. The idea is simple: when you see a set up bait Pokemon such as the many Ground Pokemon or Water Pokemon who can hardly damage you, Coil up to raise Serperior's Attack and Defense and Accuracy simultaneously and laugh as their attacks do measly damage. When Serperior has taken enough beating, proceed to Giga Drain your foe to gain health again and when that foe is down, use boosted Leaf Blades or Returns to sweep an entire team. You can be gutsy and leave Serperior at low health to active Overgrow to further empower Leaf Blade's damage. This strategy is VERY effective against N's final roster (aside from Reshiram, but very easy to set up against Zekrom). If you do not like Giga Drain, there is always Leaf Storm to deal with things with higher physical defence and the Coil Up will ensure Leaf Storm will hit. Dragon Tail is there as an option for laughs to force a switch on a foe, but beware of its negative priority (meaning you will move last). This set is very practical and highly recommended, but it is very susceptible to critical hits that just happens to hit every now and then so be wary when setting up. The Sun King Serperior @ Heat Rock / Miracleseed Ability: Overgrow - Sunny Day - Solarbeam - Growth - Return This is a set suggested by Tbird, who is planning on using this set. Solarbeam can be found in Pinwheel Forest if you wanted to know and Sunny Day is a purchasable TM later in the game (the city's name escapes me atm). The idea is to set up Sunny Day and empower Serperior with Growth the next turn, which becomes + 2 Attack and Special Attack in the sun. When ready, fire off super powered STAB Solarbeams and Return as an auxiliary move. When done right, this set is more powerful than the set mentioned above, but be wary of taking extra damage from Fire Attacks in the sun, which Serperior hates.

Tepig/Pignite/Emboar Base Stats: 65/63/45/45/45/45 90/93/55/70/55/55 110/123/65/100/65/65 Abilities: Blaze Location: One of the starters offered to you by Professor Juniper. Tepig will evolve at

level 17, Pignite will evolve at level 36. Rating: Excellent (A) - Emboar's stats are very offensively leaned and defensively, Emboar is no slouch either, boasting a large base 110 HP stat. His offenses are good in both sides of the spectrum. However, his downfall is that low speed of his (the slowest Unova starter) and his low defences, which is somewhat compensated for his high HP. - Movepool is great. Emboar learns all sorts of moves which can help improve coverage against the Pokemon he hates and gains STAB in both Fire and Fighting. Only problem is that he learns only Arm Thrust as his natural Fighting move, but a Heart Scale can get him Hammer Thrust, and there are plenty of good Fighting type TMs out there such as Brick Break or Focus Blast. He is the only Unova starter with access to Earthquake, but unfortunately, that can be attained after the E4. - Overall, this pig is worth getting, as he has advantage against three gyms in Unova and has the tools to mess with those he has trouble against. Certainly he is no slouch and they would say he is the "easy mode" of this game. Yeah playing with him is too easy. Movesets: Angry Suicidal Bacon Emboar @ Charcoal Ability: Blaze - Heat Crash / Flare Blitz - Head Smash / Rock Slide - Wild Charge - Low Sweep / Hammer Arm This set is "suicidal" because of all the recoil moves suggested, meaning Emboar will take TONS of damage from all the recoil done. While it is not practical, he will certainly get the job done by showing off that 123 base attack power and the enormous base power these attacks have. Flare Blitz is your primary Fire STAB move and will certainly dent anything that does not resist it. Because Emboar learns it at level 62 and some of us will not reach that level, Heat Crash is another viable option. Wild Charge takes care of flying or water Pokemon that dare stand in Emboar's way, and Head Smash will do the same to fliers if Wild Charge does not OHKO them for some reason. If recoil does not look fun, then go ahead and replace it with Rock Slide (found in Mistralton Cave), whose flinch rate works great with Low Sweep. Low Sweep is your Fighting STAB so that opponents will be slowed down, usually enough to be slower than Emboar himself, but if you do not care about that speed reduction, Hammer Arm is your most powerful Fighting STAB, but it does the opposite by lowering your OWN speed. Nitro-Pack Elemental Pig Emboar @ Charcoal Ability: Blaze - Flame Charge - Flamethrower / Fire Blast - Scald

but keep in mind that if you only use Fire and Fighting attacks..Work Up . Low Sweep can help reduce the speed of opponents before attempting a set up. Working Bacon Emboar @ Charcoal Ability: Blaze . who are prevalent in the 8th gym. Be warned. keep in mind that unlike Serperior. leaves you with no options to deal with Dragons. however..Heat Stamp / Low Sweep / Brick Break / Flame Charge Use Sunny Day to power up Emboar's own Fire moves.Sunny Day . which raises both Attack and Special Attack. Grass Knot is found in Pinwheel Forest and is there to deal with Water Pokemon. who are usually heavy enough to take heavy damage from Grass Knot. but whatever. however. so many slashes makes this look unappealing. that Fire Blast has only 5 PP to burn. but if you are going to set up. but this at least can make use of Work Up. Bacon in the Sun Emboar @ Heat Rock / Charcoal Ability: Blaze . You can replace the last two moves with Focus Blast if you desire a special Fighting STAB move. who can be taken down after adequate set up with Grass Knot. Water.Brick Break / Focus Blast . This set actually looks pretty interesting as Emboar is the only starter that has access to Fire.. The TM is in Cold Storage. though you would probably prefer Brick Break. you have no tools to deal with Jellicent. This. it still hurts other Water Pokemon hard... Emboar is really slow so this could leave him open to assaults while setting up. and Grass moves! Flame Charge is there so Emboar can become faster and then go ahead and choose between the three elemental moves. Flamethrower is your STAB move and it is the common power vs accuracy argument for your choice between Flamethrower and Fire Blast. do it to the right opponent. However. You have many choices here.Flamethrower / Fire Blast .Solarbeam . and fire back Solarbeams to deal with Water Pokemon. weaken Water moves. Scald is a good water attack and it deals with other Fire Pokemon and has 30% chance of burning other Pokemon.Heat Crash / Flamethrower . . but against the Ghost specialising Elite 4 it is pretty hard to set up.Grass Knot The name Nitro-Pack comes from the fact Flame Charge is called Nitro Charge in Japan.Grass Knot / Flamethrower I know I know.

Movesets: Code of Bushido Samurott @ Mystic Water Ability: Torrent . but even Jellicent will hate boosted Megahorns. He has both physical and special attacks to deal with his foes and just the right tools to utilise his high offences with.Overall. . Run X-Scissor if you hate Megahorn missing at times.Swords Dance / Surf . Oshawott evolves at Level 17. . Samurott is great in the beginning. 57 to learn Swords Dance. If not.Samurott's stats are very well rounded in offence and defence. he is usually fast enough to deal with the game and can reliably defeat many of his opponents. I . you can try to circumvent Samurott's low speed with priority Aqua Jet. Swords Dance will raise Samurott's Attack by 2 levels. he has enough to work around with. This set cannot deal with Jellicent though.Aqua Tail / Waterfall This is assuming you can reach Lv.Megahorn / X-Scissor . But he is certainly reliable to have in your team. which is just awesome. Return is your other "coverage" move.Return / Aqua Jet .Movepool is slightly lacking. feel free to run Surf. allowing him to fire high powered STAB Aqua Tail and throw Megahorns against Grass Pokemon who come in after you have defeated an opponent. Dewott evolves at Level 36. but regardless. but he starts to get worse late game. He can also run Surf of course. While Samurott is a bit on the slow side. Rating: Good (B) . Megahorn is obtained via Heart Scale move tutor.Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott Base Stats: 55/55/45/63/45/45 75/75/60/83/60/60 95/100/85/108/70/70 Abilities: Torrent Location: One of the starters offered to you by Professor Juniper. but if that is not needed. which is basically doubling it. as it is hard to OHKO this Samurai otter.

They also appear in the Dreamyard apparently. much like other Normal type Pokemon. Afterwards.Movepool.Blizzard . Rating: Satisfactory (C) . He is also a VERY useful HM mule.Return / Aqua Jet / Aqua Tail / Waterfall / Megahorn I fail at naming sets. I know Ice Beam is infinitely better than Blizzard. .Stats speak for themselves.would recommend Waterfall over Aqua Tail if you ventured to Route 18 and picked up the HM because of the accuracy and PP boost. run Surf for better power. They blow. Patrat/Watchog Base Stats: 45/55/39/35/39/42 60/85/69/60/69/77 Abilities: Run Away / Keen Eye Illuminate / Keen Eye (starting from Watchog) Location: Try searching the first 3 routes. Sucks right? But this is the best way to deal with that angry Haxorus at the 8th gym who will otherwise sweep your team if you let it. They can learn a whole bunch of irritating moves.Scald / Surf . Super Fang. They're nearly useless competitively and their abilities do not help either. Patrat evolves at Level 20. but you have no access to Ice Beam pre-National Dex. just choose one of the four choices that I put up. on the other hand. The only reason I named it Flaming Katana is because Scald can burn your opponents. such as Hypnosis. having access to Cut and Strength. If you do not care about that. Flaming Katana Samurott @ Mystic Water Ability: Torrent . Any of them will do as Samurott does not have many other options. which is very respectable. shines. He even learns Crunch early at Level 18. and even Flash and Rock Smash. This is probably the only reason you would want to use a Patrat or Watchog unless this guy was your favourite Pokemon or . Confuse Ray. Grass Knot is an option to deal with other Water Pokemon such as Seismitoad. allowing Samurott to take physical hits better. and a whole sort of scary moves.Grass Knot .

Movesets: Vengeful Rodent Watchog @ Anything Ability: Keen Eyes . Bibarel still outshines it :/ Lillipup/Herdier/Stoutland .Strength .Crunch / Return If someone from your party faints. you've seen this coming. Watchog becomes angry that his friend went down. If you run Return on the last slot. you are completely helpless against Ghosts unless Confuse Ray hax works in favour of you.Hypnosis / Attract . becoming effectively base 210 attack for that initial turn he is sent out. Show your foe who's boss by using STAB Retaliate. Busy Rodent Watchog @ Anything Ability: Anything . Attract can also accomplish the same thing.Cut . But I will not stop you if he just happens to be your favourite or something or if you are doing a Patrat only run or something ridiculous. smash boulders that troll you. go ahead and finish off with Crunch or STAB Returns. Hypnosis and Confuse Ray are there to just annoy the opponents.Confuse Ray / Attract .something. As a battler.Flash Yep. If foe is still alive. Utility Watchog. but there are better battlers out there. Unlike the other rodents (except Raticate).Overall. Cut down any trees in your way. Watchog cannot learn Surf. This guy is a very good utility Pokemon.Rock Smash . keep one if you hate it when there are inaccessible places requiring Strength or Cut. he shines with his high movepool and annoying moves. and light up in the dark. . who wouldn't fall for this sexy beast? If you want to make use of his powerful Super Fang. move any boulders out of your way.Retaliate / Return / Super Fang . and besides. Illuminate can help you encounter more Pokemon if you ever need to while Keen Eyes decreases random encounter chance like a boss. go for it.

Stats are very well rounded." ~ Tbird about Stoutland "Stoutland. it is as good as most of the other Normal type Pokemon and can become quite versatile. Rating: Good (B) ." ~ Pokemon White about Stoutland Opinionated but I know. that comes with the price of a very low base Special Attack of 45. which puts into question why Bianca runs Surf on this doggy (the Bianca I face has Samurott so NO EXCUSES). stupid name for a stupid design right?" ~ UnderXRay about Stoutland "Eh.. .Overall. Herdier evolves at Level 32. after looking at his Pokedex entries. it's not what I expected. Unfortunately. Lillipup evolves at Level 16. I can forgive him and now I just love him more.. Its shaggy fur shields it from the cold. He is very strong and has no real weak points. as he is not too slow and he is not fragile either.. I know many of you will bash his design and hate him because he looks ugly or something. Movesets: Dogged Doggy . especially because he is no Arcanine. He even has the Elemental Fangs as Heart Scale moves once he is Stoutland.. He also has that beast base 100 attack." ~ Pokemon Black about Stoutland "This extremely wise Pokémon excels at rescuing people stranded at sea or in the mountains. which is never bad and can come in handy a lot.Base Stats: 45/60/45/25/45/55 65/80/65/35/65/60 85/100/90/45/90/80 Abilities: Vital Spirit / Pickup Intimidate / Sand Rush (starting from Herdier) Location: Search the first 3 routes and I guarantee you they will pop out like crazy. I just wanted to point something out. I thought that too. this loyal doggy can serve you well and can become quite the force since the very beginning of the game. "That thing can go die.. ..As for his movepool. However. Now." ~ Wraith89 about Stoutland "It rescues people stranded by blizzards in the mountains.

While Wild Charge is powerful.Roar .Crunch . Not recommended over the other sets though as in-game favours offence. However. near the end but you have to slide down just to grab it and climb up again. and Stoutland has enough bulk to paralyse what he needs to and Roar away to paralyse even more foes. Work Dog Stoutland @ Anything Ability: Intimidate .Ice Fang / Fire Fang . I know I sound so competitive and whatever. and the last two moves are there for extra coverage. Thunder Wave is VERY useful for slowing down otherwise scary Pokemon such as Haxorus or Chandelure. .Crunch / Fire Fang A fun concept though I do not know if it is all that practical. but you can attempt this in-game to get a feel of a familiar strategy in competitive battling. Crunch is there for Ghosts. Return is the primary STAB option while Retaliate would work if Stoutland wants to avenge a KOd teammate. such as Garbodor or Crustle.Thunder Wave . Parashuffler Stoutland @ Anything Ability: Intimidate . Wild Charge is found in Victory Road.Return . Thunder Wave is purchasable in Nimbasa City and this set works well with Stealth Rocks or Spikes support from a team member.Wild Charge / Thunder Fang This is pretty much the set you would want to end up with Stoutland to make him as effective as possible. so a safer alternative would be the weaker and less accurate yet no recoil damage Thunder Fang.Wild Charge / Fire Fang Similar set to above except with a set up move in the form of Work Up. Wild Charge vs Fire Fang is about power and recoil while Fire Fang has a better coverage than Wild Charge.Stoutland @ Anything Ability: Intimidate .Return / Retaliate .Crunch .Work Up . it also hurts Stoutland himself.Return .

Hone Claws / Attract / Sucker Punch Simply put. and continue pounding your enemy with STAB Night Slash or Return. Sucker Punch is your strongest move here. Tricky Kitty Liepard @ Blackglasses . she is VERY fragile and a powerful blow can either severely dent her or worse. Unfortunately for the cat.Fake Out . try Attract so you have 50% chance of making the opponent infatuated with your kitty. If setting up does not work.Stats are actually decent in the offences.Movepool is severely lacking. Since Sucker Punch is Lv. She is also very fast too with a base speed of 106. but rather she takes more skill to pull off. Purrloin evolves at Level 20. Either way. . Now why does this not get U-turn? That is trolling.Return . open up with Fake Out. and there have been many successful Liepards for in-game. being equally powerful on both sides of the spectrum.Overall. you may not be able to access it. The big cat can be found later in Routes 5 and 9. this Pokemon can be quite nasty and deal powerful blows against her foes. Although she has set up moves in the form of Nasty Plot and Hone Claws. Rating: Poor (D) . so Hone Claws is another option. as it boosts your attack power and accuracy. She has neither. Note that the poor rating does not mean she is useless. a fragile Pokemon such as Liepard needs either defences or a better movepool to function well.Purrloin/Liepard Base Stats: 41/50/37/50/37/66 64/88/50/88/50/106 Abilities: Limber / Unburden Location: Search for the little cat in Route 2 and 3 and even the Dreamyard. .Night Slash . you are not getting past Steel Pokemon but this is the best your kitty can do. though not as bad as Serperior's. Movesets: Chesire Cat Liepard @ Blackglasses Ability: Limber . She is still a popular choice among trainers but she works better competitively rather than for in-game. 55. but she must be handled with care. but requires the opponent to use an attacking move to even work. faint her.

Fake Out . Pansage/Simisage Base Stats: 50/53/48/53/48/64 75/98/63/98/63/101 Abilities: Gluttony Location: If your starter is Tepig.Night Slash / Return An Assist set. Unfortunately for Liepard.Shadow Ball . Liepard depends entirely on her teammates here. . high speed.Nasty Plot . she does not learn Dark Pulse. this is a rather impractical set as Assist is a very random thing. but it has the same coverage as Liepard's Dark moves so it is probably your best choice here for a special move.Grass Knot Aren't those Boldores annoying? Problem solved.Attract . but if you want to have fun just try it out. Just hope the Random Number Goddess is generous here and Assist can be very assisting. Simisage has decent offences.For his stats. If you can pull off a Nasty Plot set up then Liepard is going to hurt a LOT. just like his two brothers. I know Shadow Ball does not get STAB. but low defences.Fake Out / Return / Night Slash . Everybody Wants To Be A Cat Liepard @ Blackglasses Ability: Limber .Assist . However. Watch as they stare in horror as Sturdy is negated via Fake Out and start dealing major damage to them with Grass Knot. 10 Pansage. Rating: Good (B) . which I call troll. a girl in Dreamyard gives you a Lv. Evolve into Simisage via Leaf Stone. but at least Shadow Ball hits Fighters neutrally.Ability: Limber .

but there are a fair share of other types of moves that can be used unlike Serperior. .Acrobatics . Seed Bomb or Return for self-defence. for example.Overall..His movepool is largely consisting of Grass moves.Seed Bomb . Special Green Monkey: Simisage @ Miracleseed Ability: Gluttony .Leech Seed . Work Up allows you to power up your physical and special attacks. Use Crunch to deal with Ghosts and at least dent Chandelure if you fight it. Simisage can prove to be a powerful ally and is sure to aid you for your Grass Pokemon need. Annoying Green Monkey: Simisage @ Big Root Ability: Gluttony . Boldores get hit for a lot more damage than they would with Seed Bomb.Return / Seed Bomb Basically a work up set. Focus Blast vs Brick Break is up to you and for obvious reasons: former is special and more powerful but less accurate while the latter is physical yet weaker but accurate and can break screens.Seed Bomb / Return Basically making use of Leech Seed.Grass Knot . Movesets: Physical Green Monkey: Simisage @ None Ability: Gluttony . which the other monkeys do not have access to for obvious reasons.. . Brick Break deals nearly perfect coverage with Crunch (and the two Pokemon it doesn't hit well do not exist in BW and even if they did they are hit by Acrobatics) or you can just run Return. which becomes a whopping base 110 attack.Work Up .Brick Break / Return The reason for carrying no items is to power Acrobatics..Focus Blast / Brick Break . Dig is there to stall along with Protect for some leech seed effect to take place. no joke! Seed Bomb is there for STAB and it is very powerful. He's boring though because everyone and their mother seems to have this guy or all three of the elemental monkeys.Protect . Use Return for coverage or run Seed Bomb instead.Dig . With Grass Knot.Crunch .

but beware of low PP. Brick Break deals nearly perfect coverage with Crunch (and the two Pokemon it doesn't hit well do not exist in BW and even if they did they are hit by Acrobatics) or you can just run Return. Rating: Good (B) . Simisear has decent offences. You can run Fire Blast if Flame Burst feels lacking. .Acrobatics .. and does not really have the same advantage Emboar has in terms of movepool. it is Simisear's STAB Fire move of choice.Pansear/Simisear Base Stats: 50/53/48/53/48/64 75/98/63/98/63/101 Abilities: Gluttony Location: If your starter is Oshawott. no joke! Though Flame Burst is not physical..Crunch . Movesets: Physical Red Monkey: Simisear @ None Ability: Gluttony .Brick Break / Return The reason for carrying no items is to power Acrobatics.His movepool is largely consisting of Fire moves. just like his two brothers.Flame Burst / Fire Blast . 10 Pansear. Use Crunch to deal with Ghosts and at least dent Chandelure if you fight it. Evolve into Simisear via Fire Stone. .For his stats.Overall. However. high speed. but low defences. he has just enough to work with. which becomes a whopping base 110 attack. a girl in Dreamyard gives you a Lv. Simisear can prove to be a powerful ally and is sure to aid you for your Fire Pokemon need. He's boring though because everyone and their mother seems to have this guy or all three of the elemental monkeys. .

Rating: Good (B) . Sunny Day Simisear @ Heat Rock / Charcoal Ability: Gluttony . or Fire Blast. Or if you want to take physical hits better run Will-o-Wisp.For his stats.Grass Knot Main STAB move of choice would be Flame Burst.Flame Burst / Fire Blast . Yawn is there to be annoying and to put the other guy to sleep after a while.Return / Brick Break / Crunch Another weather variant Pokemon whee. a girl in Dreamyard gives you a Lv.Sunny Day . If that is undesirable.Special Red Monkey: Simisear @ Charcoal Ability: Gluttony .Focus Blast / Brick Break . yadda yadda yadda. Grass Knot deals with some Water Pokemon.Yawn / Will-o-Wisp / Work Up . high speed. Focus Blast vs Brick Break is up to you and for obvious reasons: former is special and more powerful but less accurate while the latter is physical yet weaker but accurate and can break screens. 10 Panpour. depending on your tastes. . use Work Up to boost your attack powers. Evolve into Simipour via Water Stone.Flame Burst / Fire Blast . Simipour has decent offences. Panpour/Simipour Base Stats: 50/53/48/53/48/64 75/98/63/98/63/101 Abilities: Gluttony Location: If your starter is Snivy.Solarbeam . just like his two brothers. Last slot for coverage. Sunny Day for the obvious WHOO I CAN SOLARBEAM mode and to power up Fire moves and mess with Water moves.

If that is undesirable.Overall. Ice Beam is NOT available pre-National Dex so you would have to settle with the more powerful Blizzard yet less accurate. Movesets: Physical Blue Monkey: Simipour @ None Ability: Gluttony . Special Blue Monkey: Simipour @ Mystic Water Ability: Gluttony . Focus Blast vs Brick Break is up to you and for obvious reasons: former is special and more powerful but less accurate while the latter is physical yet weaker but accurate and can break screens. .Hail .Surf / Scald . . use Work Up to boost your attack powers..Acrobatics . You can run Scald over Surf for a chance of burn.Blizzard . Use Crunch to deal with Ghosts and at least dent Chandelure if you fight it.Grass Knot / Focus Blast .Brick Break / Return The reason for carrying no items is to power Acrobatics.. However. Brick Break deals nearly perfect coverage with Crunch (and the two Pokemon it doesn't hit well do not exist in BW and even if they did they are hit by Acrobatics) or you can just run Return. which can be very helpful.His movepool is largely consisting of Water moves. Simipour has a LOT to work with. It's Hailing! Simipour @ Icy Rock / Nevermeltice Ability: Gluttony .but low defences. Simipour can prove to be a powerful ally and is sure to aid you for your Water Pokemon need. Use Scald if you want burn chance but it comes with less power and PP. but is similar to Samurott in terms of movepool. no joke! Though Surf is not physical.Surf / Scald . Unfortunately. it is Simipour's STAB Water move of choice.Scald / Surf .Blizzard / Work Up . Grass Knot deals with other Water Pokemon who may just give you trouble. which becomes a whopping base 110 attack.Grass Knot Main form of attack is STAB Surf.Crunch . He's boring though because everyone and their mother seems to have this guy or all three of the elemental monkeys.Focus Blast / Brick Break .

Hypnosis / Yawn .Dream Eater . did. Evolve her through Moon Stone. .Psychic / Psyshock / Shadow Ball You basically put your foe to sleep by method of choice.Movepool is slightly limited but she has just about enough to work with. Scary Embryo . start casting a Nightmare and then eat their dreams much like her predecessor.Overall. She is not bad by any means but it can take a while to get used to a slow tankish Pokemon. It is an interesting battle strategy and is certainly different from what one is used to in competitive battling or your typical "hit or get hit" Pokemon that run amok in-game.Nightmare . Rating: Satisfactory (C) . Munna/Musharna Base Stats: 76/25/45/67/55/24 116/55/85/107/95/29 Location: Dreamyard. She is entirely one sided in offence and prefers to hit hard with special attacks rather than her pitiful physical attack.Stats look rather strange. Musharna is a mixed bag and can fit or not fit in your team depending on your tastes. I would suggest Grass Knot over Focus Blast because 5 PP low accuracy moves are generally NOT preferred in-game. Movesets: Not Drowzee Musharna @ Anything Ability: Synchronize . However. it is less than desirable to hurt yourself just to get Blizzard to become 100% accurate. Mind you. Hypno. . Musharna is definitely no slouch. she is VERY slow and it is unlikely Musharna will attack first without Trick Room assistance. there is a hail moveset. Defensively.Because Blizzard has a terrible accuracy. but this option is always available. as she has high HP and enough defences to weather through assaults.

Calm Mind / Charge Beam . making Musharna's job easier. but if you don't want Shadow Ball. If you are gutsy run Stored Power over Psychic because that move powers up if you have more stat boosts via Calm Mind. I would use this because I'm DEADLY scared of critical hits.Musharna @ Anything Ability: Synchronize . The last slot is an attack move because obviously you want Musharna to defend herself if needed to. the whole point of this Musharna is to boost her Special Attack and Special Defense and let out her power eventually. They are found from Wild Goletts. feel free to run both Psychic moves.Thunder Wave . except you are setting up walls to support your teammates.Thunder Wave / Moonlight Bear with me despite all these slashes and I will explain. Firstly.Psychic / Psyshock I know this is not competitive battling.Safeguard .Psychic / Psyshock .Reflect . try equipping it so it can help the walls last longer. Thunder Wave slows down your opponents. But 10 PP to attack kind of fails so prepare to give this thing EXP Share if needed.Psychic / Psyshock Same idea as above. IF you can get a Light Clay. The choice between Psychic and Psyshock depends on your foes. Thunder Wave definitely helps slow opponents down while Hypnosis puts foes to sleep. Same deal.Lucky Chant . Support Musharna @ Anything Ability: Synchronize . are they more physically defensive or special defensive? Shadow Ball is for coverage. but you can attempt a similar strategy by making your Musharna a pure support Pokemon. and this would grant me 3 turns to set up a Pokemon without fearing the chance of critical hits all because of Lucky Chant (2 turns wasted because of the initial turn casted and the 1 turn switching out).Shadow Ball / Psyshock . it needs EXP Share. Tapir Behind the Screens Musharna @ Light Clay Ability: Synchronize .Light Screen . but as Musharna is already hopelessly slow. Charge Beam is there if you want to inflict damage and have 70% chance of raising your Special Attack. Moonlight is an alternative to restore your lost health during set up.Yawn / Hypnosis . .

Stats are actually not too bad as one would think it is. Unfezant has a high attack score of 105 and a decent speed of 93. HUGE problem here. he is not worse than Pidgeot. this is the main bird of Pokemon Black/White.Return . but they showed it. His physical defence is pretty decent as well. . though since mine is a female. Return is the most powerful move in this set. But just in case the opponent survives. It is not really what he does not learn that is the problem. Return HURTS. Believe it or not. What can he do? Movesets: Cricket Killer Unfezant @ Anything Ability: Anything . Tranquill evolves at Level 32. she is not a cricket killer. but he can still work well in-game. Rating: Satisfactory (C-) . though his special defence is lacking. and he is worse than Pidgeot! I did not even think that was possible.Movepool. Okay.. but rather what he DOES learn. are SPECIAL. .Quick Attack / Work Up . which can outpace almost a lot of things. but he is quite near its efficiency to be precise. Pidove evolves at Level 21.Overall.. especially during the beginning. however. His Special Attack is not too good though. That base attack of 105? What use is it when the moves he learn from the movelist almost exclusively special? Yeah. especially when STAB'd. as it appears. and believe me. Quick Attack .Fly /Air Slash / Aerial Ace . as his physical movepool is nearly barren. Many of his moves.Roost I pretty much use this set. is a HUGE problem for Unfezant.Pidove/Tranquill/Unfezant Base Stats: 50/55/50/36/30/43 62/77/62/50/42/65 80/105/80/65/55/93 Abilities: Big Pecks / Super Luck Location: They are available starting from Route 3 and will be more available later as well.

except we are using what used to be Pidgeot's signature move: Featherdance.Return / Quick Attack Similar set to above. Route 7 for Zebstrika. I keep missing with it. Fly is also another consideration and is the strongest move possible. we are messing with physical attackers' attack power by halving it and roosting off the damage that has been done.Stats is basically something similar to Liepard. Air Slash is the best of them lot. I found Big Pecks so useful in many ways because I found myself contending against Leer and Screech and defence lowering moves such as Crunch. Rating: Satisfactory (C) .Fly / Air Slash . Unfortunately.. However.. really helping out Unfezant at times when it needs to land that extra oomph. Last but not least. perhaps even better. Basically. Air Slash is for flinching and we have an auxiliary move in the form of Return or Quick Attack.Featherdance . Oh great. Work Up is an alternative and I used it throughout the earlier parts of the game. Big Pecks is preferable so that Unfezant's Defence will never lower. Now we need a Flying STAB. Both abilities work. Blitzle evolves at Level 27. In fact. Because of that apparent weakness. allowing that Chandelure to basically nearly sweep my team. Since the main goal of this set is to wall off physical attacks. your choice. I have a . Stealing Pidgeot's Thunder Unfezant @ Anything Ability: Big Pecks .Roost . but more often than not. it will hit. and the lack of defence reduction helped me succeed. though Super Luck is definitely most desired for its critical a nice finisher. Aerial Ace is a suitable replacement for Air Slash (not only is it physical but it never misses). too many special moves. use Roost to heal up lost health. but unfortunately it left a lot to be desired as it would not even 2HKO Scrafty and even left a Chandelure with 1 HP even though I weakened it to red HP beforehand. Blitzle/Zebstrika Base Stats: 45/60/32/50/32/76 75/100/63/80/63/116 Abilities: Lightningrod / Motor Drive Location: Route 3 for Blitzle.

. "Look I know my abilities are fun to abuse but ENOUGH ALREADY. Discharge is your special Electric attack used for paralysis (not really needed on someone as fast as Zebstrika but can help a teammate). however.Thunder . Your main form of attack is probably going to be Wild Charge. he is fast but quite fragile. Also. but unless their name was Ferrothorn or Leavanny. and Quick Attack if you want to finish off foes. Thunderbolt works over Discharge if you ventured your way to P2 Laboratory. suffers much like the other electric Pokemon. Flame Charge can help do a bit of damage against Grass Pokemon. In spite of the high physical power of the Zebra. I know Stomp looks crazy there. two fire moves. Anyways. but if you need an electric Pokemon.feeling his stats were designed to beat Liepard's. He's fast and can hurt quite a lot. he is not all too great. .Return / Quick Attack . but paralysis + flinch is fun fun fun.Overall.Rain Dance .Wild Charge / Spark . He has a bunch of electric moves. However. Just ask Togekiss. this Zebra can serve you quite well. Motor Drive is still good though so do not fret if you have it. which is not bad at all. despite what some people say. Summer Rain Zebstrika @ Damp Rock / Magnet Ability: Lightningrod .Return / Stomp / Quick Attack I honestly really don't know much else to do with someone like Zebstrika.Thunderbolt / Discharge . if that recoil is not appealing. Return will do more damage if Zebstrika has max happiness. which is trolling. look at my hair >_<" ~ UnderXRay Movesets: Quick as Lightning Zebstrika @ Magnet Ability: Lightningrod .Flame Charge / Volt Switch . and it is more powerful physically than specially. you can always choose the safer alternative in the form of Spark. Special Attacks are still usable. and really not much else.Volt Switch / Wild Charge / Spark . Lightningrod is prefered over Motor Drive on someone as already fast as Zebstrika because Zebstrika can certainly use the Special Attack boost and in those double/triple battles all electric moves aimed at your water type friend are automatically directed at Zebstrika.Movepool. both of his abilities offer electric immunity. feel free to run Volt Switch so you can switch out of your foe and switch into a counter should there ever be a need to. Return is for "coverage". If that does not appeal. Discharge will probably outdamage Spark in many cases.

His special stats however are pretty poor. you would probably want to set up for a teammate.Overall. What hinders him from being excellent is the fact you need to trade to evolve him. it is to be expected. If one breaks. he is quite solid. Really. Sturdy ensures that he survives one fatal hit and be ready to fight back with his powerful rock moves. and his speed is abysmal.Rock Slide / Rock Blast / Smack Down .Return . Rating: Good (B) . both in the 130s. Still. Roggenrola evolves at Level 25. I know. I am thinking competitively again. . much like their predecessor Geodude. . he is the stereotypical Rock Pokemon. but don't forget all 6 of your Pokemon are gears working on the same clock to make it function.Though Zebstrika can easily set up rain and spam Thunders all it wants to. as expected of a Rock Pokemon. UNFORTUNATELY. but other than that. This is for someone who is looking for powering up Samurott or something or a lone Thundering Zebra smashing through an opponent's electrically weak team. Movesets: Stonehenge Gigalith @ Anything Ability: Sturdy . you need to trade Boldore to evolve it. and again Spark for those who are too young to die. while Wild Charge would be still a good choice to fight physically weak Pokemon. it is very amazing as his physical attack and defence are above the roof. Roggenrola/Boldore/Gigalith Base Stats: 55/75/85/25/25/15 70/105/105/50/40/20 85/135/130/60/70/25 Abilities: Sturdy Location: They are common within caves. the others will fall apart. like Graveler. but he does what he does very well. Volt Switch is there if you are aiming to support. but like most Rock Pokemon of Gigalith's niche.Stats are just amazing. Boldore evolves through trade.As for his movepool. it is mostly Rock moves and some Ground moves.

Swoobat's movepool is actually pretty decent. Special Gigalith Gigalith @ Anything Ability: Sturdy .. or Smack Down so that even flying Pokemon can be hit by Bulldoze.Swoobat's only amazing stat is his speed. they take a similar role to your old buddy Zubat.Stealth Rock / Explosion This owns! Just do it. which is not bad. he can ignore boosts made by his foes and still break through. Rock Blast for multiple hitting move. as he has the tools he needs to utilise his STAB options and other coverage moves. No joke. Last slot is open for anything. Return is your physical move of choice for "coverage". He learns early special moves like Confusion and Gust and uses it better than Pidove and its family. As for the rest of his stats. .Flash Cannon . due to Unaware.Stone Edge / Stealth Rock This is pretty much your bread and butter Gigalith set.Solarbeam . no questions asked! Woobat/Swoobat Base Stats: 55/45/43/55/43/72 67/57/55/77/55/114 Abilities: Unaware / Klutz Location: In just about every caves you see. you have Rock Slide.Power Gem .Bulldoze . However. Stone Edge is your most powerful attack and will leave a huge hole on the opposing foe or Stealth Rock to support your team and to get rid of Sturdy on opposing Pokemon. Woobat becomes Swoobat when it is happy enough. which will land a dent in almost anything. they are very negligible and his defences make him too fragile. With Bulldoze being your best Ground option pre-National Dex. Rating: Satisfactory (C-) . As for your STAB option. you will have to stick with that. .

Overall.Attract .Air Slash Calm Mind is cool as you are setting up Swoobat's low Special Attack and Special Defence and hit with a choice of three moves..Calm Mind / Attract . That's right. you can use it as a marker o-o" ~ UnderXRay Drilbur/Excadrill Base Stats: 60/85/40/30/45/68 110/135/60/50/65/88 Abilities: Sand Rush / Sand Force . Leap Swoobat @ Anything Ability: Unaware .. If you do not like setting up Calm Minds. so it is your call. you are as good as staying a Woobat for a long time if he is not happy.Fly . Swoobat's specialty? Or better yet. why not try Attract. Nothing much to say here.Return "you know if you slam it hard enough on paper.Heart Stamp . Movesets: Not Zubat Swoobat @ Anything Ability: Unaware ...Shadow Ball / Attract . Swoobat is a pretty common sight but the problem with him is that he is not overwhelming (though it is very fast) and he is very vulnerable and requires HAPPINESS to evolve.. Attract + Calm Mind so you have some chance of setting up uninterrupted? Setting up is usually done in major battles though and not against regular trainers. He is okay from the early point of the game though.Psychic .

but to outpace crucial threats sand rush is required.Location: In caves. you have a choice for a boosting move between Swords Dance and Hone Claws. but regardless Excadrill makes a good teammate for anyone who needs a Ground type. he really does not need much else and even without TMs it is self-sufficient. And special attack? Who needs that? . His defences are not the best but that high HP is good. I would run Sand Rush if you have Sandstorm. . But from Excadrill it is POWERFUL and gets STAB. Usually the former is preferred because that is just about enough to get you to one shot almost anything you can find. Movesets: Gold Rush! Excadrill @ Soft Sand / Smooth Rock Ability: Anything . Sand Power also works though for nearly overkill damage. great stats. To be honest. but Hone Claws makes Rock Slide more accurate. . Unfortunately. the only STAB Steel move Excadrill gets is Metal Claw. but do what you will. you can equip a Smooth Rock and run Sandstorm instead. However.Stats are just amazing. Anyhow. either ability works. If you don't want a boosting move though. though you probably want to set up Sandstorm with someone if you are attempting a Sand Rush sweep. He has high HP. decent speed (which doubles in sandstorm). which just shows how useful he can be. Drilbur evolves at Level 31. though X-Scissor is recommended to hit that evil Hydreigon later (though you might not outpace it). adequate movepool. and a VERY impressive Attack score. he is pretty hard to find. Earthquake is probably the best non-penalty move in game.Movepool is great! He even learns Earthquake NATURALLY at Level 36. He just so happens that this guy is used a lot in the competitive metagame as well.Earthquake .. Really. because that's the whole point to Excadrill. which can REALLY HELP with Excadrill. Rating: Excellent (A) .Rock Slide . For Fliers. and that coming from base 135 attack? That seems too good to be true! He does not have an outstanding movepool but the movepool is just about all he needs. Unfortunately.Sandstorm / X-Scissor / Brick Break / Return There is nothing much to say really. feel free to just run 4 attacks as that is sometimes enough. that is why Rock Slide exists.Overall. you know how sometimes the ground starts rumbling and there's that one spot that seems to do it? Usually it is an item but sometimes it is a wild Drilbur. except it cannot strike fliers. Your third attack can be any of the choices listed above.Swords Dance / Hone Claws . and an awesome ability and typing make Excadrill probably the best Ground type this game has to offer.

Grass Knot / Surf / Fire Blast An attacking Audino. From then on just pick whatever move you want to use in whatever combination you feel is proper. Audino is a rather rare Pokemon only made for collectors or people abusing the poor thing to make it into an EXP fodder. Movesets: Prepped and Ready! Audino @ Anything Ability: Regenerate . This is probably the set you want to use with Audino for in-game.Shadow Ball / Return . But they're like 1% encounter rate or something ridiculous. so. what did you expect? There's just SO many things Audino can do that it is hard to list all of them in here. should you be fortunate enough to find one in spite of all odds. Charge Beam raises special attack 63% of the time (factoring in the 90% accuracy) while Work Up raises both Attack and Special Attack. For starters. as expected for a Normal type Pokemon. equally bulky on both sides in fact. who does that better usually.. The Doctor Is Here! . ..Her movepool is TREMENDOUS. she is bulky.Thunder Wave .. Seriously.Well. which is preferred more in-game. but that's not enough to deter the fact she is slow and offensively inadequate. Thunder Wave is extremely helpful for slowing down foes not only for Audino but for your teammates too should Audino fall.Audino Base Stats: 103/60/86/60/86/50 Abilities: Healer / Regenerator Location: They are in every route in Unova. so you can do MANY MANY things with her. And even if you do find one..Charge Beam / Work Up . . She can be helpful for healing other Pokemon in-battle..Overall.. Rating: Poor (D) . such as Alomomola. but there are others. she is not too great in battle.

Audino @ Anything Ability: Any, though Healer is preferred - Helping Hand - Heal Pulse - Refresh - Return / Last Resort I suppose this would work in double/triple battles. I don't have much to explain here and as usual, the last move is there for self-defence. Helping Hand helps your allies' attack become stronger, Heal Pulse can heal your ally, and Refresh can help with your own status problems.

Timburr/Gurdurr/Conkeldurr Base Stats: 75/80/55/25/35/35 85/105/85/40/50/40 105/140/95/55/65/45 Abilities: Guts / Sheer Force Location: I've seen some Timburrs outside of Pinwheel Forest, and a few by Cold Storage. I do not know any other locations. Timburr evolves at Level 25, Gurdurr evolves through a Pokemon trade. Rating: Good (B+) - The guy hits like a monster. His attack stats are literally up the roof. Even Gurdurr has the same attack power as Unfezant. The big guy's bulk is just amazing too. His HP is high and its physical defence is very high too. Though his Special Defence lacks and its speed is abysmal, Conkeldurr is surely a force to be reckoned with. If he gets burned, Guts will ensure that its power RAISES instead of falling. Talk about power! - As for his movepool, it seems that unlike most other fighters, he actually learns nonFighting moves naturally. In fact, he learns Rock moves to deal with his flying adversaries, possibly to reflect the stone pillars it carries. - Overall, this guy is the Machamp of BW; and he knows how to mess with anything that comes in his way. Conkeldurr is nearly broken and is a solid fighter that one should be prepared for or have one in a team. Unfortunately, like Machoke, Gurdurr requires trade to evolve. Movesets:

THOR IS HERE! Conkeldurr @ Anything Ability: Guts - Bulk Up - Hammer Arm / Brick Break - Rock Slide / Stone Edge - Payback / Return / Facade Named after Gin's Conkeldurr. With Bulk Up, Conkeldurr is nearly unstoppable physically and will continue to mow through an enemy while being nearly unstoppable. As for STAB, you can go either Hammer Arm or Brick Break, depending on your tastes. Rock Slide vs Stone Edge is the usual power vs accuracy argument, not to mention the amount of PP Stone Edge has, making Rock Slide usually better in-game. Payback can hit ghosts who would otherwise not care much for Conkledurr's attempts on plowing through a team. If Ghosts are not your main concern, go with the more reliable Return. If you think Conkeldurr will suffer a status problem, be gutsy and attempt Facade.

Tympole/Palpitoad/Seismitoad Base Stats: 50/50/40/50/40/64 75/65/55/65/55/69 105/85/75/85/75/74 Abilities: Swift Swim / Hydration Swift Swim / Poison Touch (starting from Seismitoad) Location: Oddly, I've seen some Tympole outside of Pinwheel Forest. I thought they can only swim? Palpitoads seem to be around Icirrus City in the waters. Tympole evolves at Level 25 while Palpitoad evolves at Level 36. Rating: Good (B-) - Stats are pretty decent, as it is well rounded, defensively and offensively. His speed can be fixed with its ability Swift Swim in the rain. - As for his movepool, Seismitoad has a lot of things going for it, and can go either physical or special (a lot of those in this game, isn't there?). He also gets STAB for Water and Ground move. Not bad, eh? Unfortunately, unlike most waters, he does NOT learn Ice moves. What in the world?

- Overall, Seismitoad can be very useful in a team, especially because his only weakness is Grass (albeit 4x) and he is immune to Electric moves. Problem is, he is a bit middling; while he is well-rounded, he does not excel all the way. That is not really a problem in-game however, but Tympole is pretty difficult to train, especially when the forest is all Grass Pokemon. But still, he is a possible water Pokemon to consider for your team. Movesets: Slippy Seismitoad @ Damp Rock / Mystic Water Ability: Swift Swim - Rain Dance - Surf / Scald - Grass Knot - Focus Blast / Sludge Bomb / Sludge Wave This is where we can make good use of Seismitoad's Swift Swim ability, which allows him to double his speed AND power up his Water moves. Surf vs Scald, you know the deal. You want power or the chance to burn? Grass Knot hurts other Waters really well. As for the last slot, I guess Focus Blast is your last resort against stuff like Hydreigon or something, or you can try to hurt Grass type Pokemon with Sludge Bomb or Sludge Wave. Now, Sludge Wave is quite expensive and is accessible from Battle Subway via 48 BP. Also, it has the drawback of hitting everyone in your team as well in Double/Triple battles, but it is slightly more powerful than Sludge Bomb. Poison-Dart Frog Seismitoad @ Mystic Water Ability: Poison Touch - Drain Punch - Return - Bulldoze / Dig - Surf / Scald Well, here I am trying to make use of the Poison Touch ability if your frog happens to have it. Drain Punch is just beautiful: it replenishes health and it has a good type advantage against many things. Choose betwen Bulldoze and Dig for your Ground STAB, either can work. Return is for an extra physical attack. As for your water move, unfortunately there is no physical water moves to run here, but Surf has the power while Scald can burn your foes. However, this is counterintuitive to the whole Poison Touch strategy, but regardless, if you need to burn something, it is still an option.


His signature move Storm Throw is a Fighting Frost Breath with 100% accuracy. The other moves are for extra coverage or for having . he has higher Special Defence than Conkeldurr. all he learns are Fighting moves for his natural level up.Hmm. Storm Throw is his signature move and always deals critical hit. Run Brick Break instead if you feel like it. though with Body Slam. depends on who you fear more. you have a chance of paralysis. Circle Throh Throh @ Anything Ability: Guts . As for the last move. but both at least hit their intended targets. You need to encounter a shaking dark grass patch if you are playing Black. . ghosts or fliers. allowing you to outpace some enemies.Circle Throw . Return is another option.Bulk Up ..Rock Slide / Payback A regular bulk up set. he has tools of his own to differentiate himself. He also has a few extra attacks from TMs but otherwise a generic Fighter. being effectively 120 base power attack.Storm Throw / Brick Break ..Stats are almost reminiscent of Conkeldurr. though I prefer Storm Throw here. which is not bad. This guy is bulky and has a decent attack power and also has Guts.Storm Throw / Revenge / Rock Slide . Movesets: Storm Throh Throh @ Anything Ability: Guts . Though Throh is still actually attainable and requires no trade (unless you're Black version). For starters. though you have to take a hit before being able to execute it. but we can go to that later. Rating: Good (B-) . Circle Throw is also an interesting move.Payback / Rock Slide It's really fun shuffling your foes with Circle Throw.Body Slam / Return . He's also quite slow but for the most part. which is basically Roar that does damage (but also 90% accurate).Base Stats: 120/100/85/30/85/45 Abilities: Guts / Inner Focus Location: In White version they are outside of Pinwheel Forest.Bulk Up . Conkledurr does the job better.

His movepool is just like a generic fighter and unfortunately nothing interesting to boot. However. Sawk is available early on from the game and can be a good fighter in many ways. . which is very powerful and will make a short work of anything that doesn't resist it.. Then there are the whole coverage moves. Sawk is an interesting fighter but somewhat fragile. Sawk Base Stats: 75/125/75/30/75/85 Abilities: Sturdy / Inner Focus Location: In Black version they are outside of Pinwheel Forest. and you know the deal by now. which can be a hinderance. Movesets: Imma Sawk Ya! Sawk @ Anything Ability: Sturdy . MUCH weaker. Also. If you don't like the fact Close Combat lowers your defences. But this guy has Close Combat. it has way more PP than Close Combat. However.Bulk Up . Rating: Good (B) .Overall.Rock Slide Bored of these Bulk Up sets? You betcha. his fragility is compensated due to his ability Sturdy. . However. which is good reason enough for consideration. which is possibly the best fighting move there is. he isn't all that fast but he is quite powerful.Now we have what you call a "fast yet fragile fighter" that we are used to in the form of Primeape and all. you can run the safer Brick Break.Payback / Return . he DOES get Close Combat. allowing to survive one fatal hit. but it is noticeably actual fighting move in case you don't feel like tossing them away.. You need to encounter a shaking dark grass patch if you are playing White.Close Combat / Brick Break . However. .

.I Sawk Sawk @ Anything Ability: Sturdy . coming off a base 125 attack and 300 base power. however. use Counter to destroy your foe and afterwards.Stats are pretty okay. but at that point. Her attack power is the highest physically and her speed is pretty decent too. Payback is weak. Acrobatics. it is quite dangerous because ANYTHING can KO it. Sewaddle/Swadloon/Leavanny Base Stats: 45/53/70/40/60/42 55/63/90/50/80/42 75/103/80/70/70/92 Abilities: Swarm/Chlorophyll Leaf Guard/Chlorophyll (Swadloon only) Location: Sewaddles are all over Pinwheel Forest. this thing takes a lot of effort to raise. Rating: Satisfactory (C-) . leave more to be desired.Reversal . Defences. which is bad. I don't know. however.Overall. becoming a middle stage bug who requires happiness to become a Leavanny. most of it are Grass moves and Bug moves. If you know something is going to use a powerful physical move like. you will have a powerful 300 BP Reversal at your disposal! The other moves are there just to leave a dent on stuff that resist Fighting moves or to defend against Ghost Pokemon. and even then she is still difficult to use. You can leave Sawk at 1 HP after an encounter. Special Attack is not too good but it is somewhat usable regardless.Counter . Sewaddles evolve at Level 20 while it takes Happiness to get Swadloon to evolve. She has a bit of other moves as well. but not enough to allow much coverage. . especially things with priority attacks. as a caterpillar who only has Tackle and Bug Bite. But Reversal will HURT.Rock Slide / Payback This makes good use of Sturdy. However. if you are faster (and this set assumes Sawk is faster than its target). she is not a bad choice .Return .As for her movepool.

She just requires a lot of effort and it usually is not worth the effort. If you are using X-Scissor. Bug and Grass are pretty redundant actually. though Leaf Blade is much stronger.Leaf Blade / X-Scissor .Return / Shadow Claw I don't know. Swarm is a viable ability for powering up Leavanny's X-Scissor in a pinch. Leavanny will HURT. She may have a lower Special Attack score but it is still salvageable.X-Scissor / Aerial Ace . Chlorophyll is helpful here..X-Scissor .Sunny Day .Leaf Blade . . Onweer Leavanny @ Miracleseed Ability: Anything . Oops. The design needed a skirt-like appendage though if it wanted to represent a Dutch woman. and usually Bug is the better choice.Swords Dance . and she is certainly scarier than Serperior in terms of power. Otherwise.Return / Shadow Claw You can see there are a lot of options here. After a Swords Dance. just thinking of a Sunny Day set here for fun. She is quite similar to Unfezant though in terms of stats. Movesets: Sword Wielding Dutch Nanny Leavanny @ Miracleseed Ability: Anything . I guess it is the same as the set mentioned above except without Swords Dance.Return / Shadow Claw Well. It is up to you to decide though.and is still pretty cool. but she is just slightly fragile at times (that 4x weakness to Fire and Flying moves for example). Zon Kindermeisje Leavanny @ Heat Rock / Miracleseed Ability: Chlorophyll .Solarbeam . but she lacks coverage.Leaf Storm . so it is not all so bad.X-Scissor . Leaf Storm hurts like a maniac though so it is to your best interest to use it when an emergency occurs. Oh well..

he has the moves he needs to learn.Poison Tail / Bulldoze . his HP is not great. It requires a Heart Scale however. but his high powered moves make up for it. which is effectively 180 BP thanks to STAB. He sort of middles in offence. "dude look out!. but Scolipede has access to the powerful Megahorn. and you know the rest. . The movepool itself is not too great. even though Double-Edge pretty much does the same damage.Megahorn / X-Scissor . However. with recoil. it's a venipede using roll out gone bad!" ~ UnderXRay about Whirlipede Horny Centipede Scolipede @ Anything Ability: Swarm .Return / Double-Edge . such as Bulldoze to at least hit Fire types for super effective damage.Rock Slide / Screech Blast your foes with a powerful Megahorn. His defences are okayish. but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of being super-imposing. it does not take that much to get a Venipede to evolve into a Scolipede. Scolipede's Poison STAB is not very kind and is pretty weak. X-Scissor can be used if you hate Megahorn's accuracy. Rating: Good (B-) . but not enough to be considered bulky.As for Scolipede's movepool.Overall. so there are alternatives.Well. Unfortunately. and the results are not too bad either.Venipede/Whirlipede/Scolipede Base Stats: 30/45/59/30/39/57 40/55/99/40/79/47 60/90/89/55/69/112 Abilities: Poison Point / Swarm Location: Venipede is found within the inner parts of Pinwheel Forest. . The other moves are there for extra coverage. and Rock Slide does . Not bad I must say. Scolipede can certainly be a good bug anyone can consider within his team. his attack power is pretty decent and his speed is just fabulous.

. Use a Sun Stone to evolve a Cottonee. Black Version.Megahorn / X-Scissor It looks like a competitive set or something.. they are all over Pinwheel Forest. plantatio-*gets shot*.Protect . Intoxication Scolipede @ Anything Ability: Swarm .Dig . Cotton. Baton Pass Scolipede @ Anything Ability: Swarm . Wait. Screech is always fun as it makes the foe take double damage from your attacks. there is a house in Nacrene City where there is a girl who will trade a Petilil for a Cottonee. Just hit Toxic on a large foe. maybe it can fire off a Megahorn to finish his nemesis off. and start Protect and Dig stalling.Return / Double-Edge . If Scolipede lives.Toxic .. This Cottonee is Modest and has 20/20/20/31/20/20 IVs. the idea is to pass Agility on someone in your team that you know needs that speed boost so it can get a chance to sweep... Scolipede needs to attack after all. The other two moves are just fillers and can be whatever it wants to be. a Pokemon without an attack move is useless in-game. Cottonee/Whimsicott Base Stats: 40/27/60/37/50/66 60/67/85/77/75/116 Abilities: Prankster / Infiltrator Location: In Black version. Rating: Poor (D) . In White version. Just an idea.Agility ..Megahorn / X-Scissor Basically. maybe that tough Haxorus.even more. but it's merely toxic stalling.Baton Pass .

it was not meant to be.Solarbeam . he can use non-attack moves to go first. But only use it if you are gutsy.Well. then you can use Cotton Guard. Return for neutral coverage. set up Growth under the Sun and fire some Solarbeams. + 3! Proceed to annoy your foes . The general idea is to use Substitute. but if you cannot access TM90 because it is ONLY available in Twist Mountain during winter.Giga Drain Okay. many people know how annoying he is. it requires a Sun Stone to evolve. You can however.Leech Seed . he is quite fast. Growth becomes + 2 Attack and Special Attack in the sun. but thanks to Prankster. it is still a base 120 power attack that can come in handy. but not quite because this is not Whimsicott's full potential. "Dude. . though he is usually faster than most others.Sunny Day . which makes Whimsicott's mediocre attack power all of a sudden scary. Last slot can go to anything. His offences are not all too great either. This just comes to show you that competitive players know Whimsicott's competitive potential. While Hurricane becomes 50% accurate under the sun. Movesets: Cotton in the Sun Whimsicott @ Heat Rock / Miracleseed Ability: Prankster . He has some annoying status moves like Leech Seed and Stun Spore. But if you really like he.Substitute / Cotton Guard . Alas. but is an in-game variant. but competitively. so training one will be very hard. . there are ways to use Whimsicott in game. if only he had Sleep Powder.. That's right. but his offensive moves are rather lacking... If only. You can start by using Cotton Guard to add + 3 Defence to Whimsicott.Growth .As for his movepool. but he does not have a lot of defence. Whimsicott seems to be a Pokemon designed for competitive play rather than in-game. King Cotton Whimsicott @ Big Root Ability: Prankster .Poisonpowder / Protect . In-game he seems to lack a lot. so this is SIMILAR to the competitive set. I can play Erufuun in my sleep!" ~ Gin Note: Erufuun is Whimsicott's Japanese name.Shadow Ball / Return / Hurricane Basically you are able to set up the sun and start firing Solarbeams and all. it's just annoying. Shadow Ball can be used for Psychics and Ghosts.Overall. Also.

Rating: Satisfactory (C+) . her offensive movepool is literally ALL Grass moves. they are all over Pinwheel Forest. . there is a house in Nacrene City where there is a girl who will trade a Cottonee for a Petilil. This Petilil is Modest and has 20/20/20/31/20/20 Poisoning them and Leech Seeding them and if you need to. is what you call Gamefreak trolling. Petilil evolves via a Sun Stone. or else that is just annoying. if you like to stall them out. Lilligant is fascinating.Lilligant has the stats of a special sweeper. Quiver Dance.Overall. but make sure they do not have a Full Restore ready. I got smitten by her the moment I saw her and is possibly one of the few Gen V Pokemon I like. her special stats and her decent speed makes her a good grass Pokemon. Movesets: Grace des Fleurs Lilligant @ Miracleseed Ability: Own Tempo . However.Sleep Powder . which raises Special Attack/Special Defence AND Speed by 1 stage. She has some very good moves in the form of Teeter Dance and even better. That means NO coverage of any sort and therefore difficult to sweep. however. run Protect instead of Poisonpowder. She can be useful at the right times but should be handled with care. However. . Petilil/Lilligant Base Stats: 45/35/50/70/50/30 70/60/75/110/75/90 Abilities: Chlorophyll / Leaf Guard Location: In White version. In Black version. use Giga Drain. such as Zekrom or something.Lilligant's movepool. It is almost guaranteed to take someone out due to pure stalling. While her physical stats leave more to be desired. She requires a Sun Stone to evolve to obtain. this can work well against major monsters of a Pokemon that you might have trouble dealing with. Try this set out in competitive battle with Substitute/Protect/Leech Seed/Taunt and it will surely frustrate your foes. not the Crest of Sincerity. While this is utterly walled by Grass / Poison Pokemon such as Amoongus.

Lilligant focuses on her special side. Basculin Base Stats: 70/92/65/80/55/98 Abilities: Reckless / Adaptibility Rock Head through an In-Game Trade in Pokemon White Location: Use Surf on water and you may find one of these guys. making her speed nearly OD. Something ParaDoX65 noted is that Cofagrigus's MUMMY will activate with Petal Dance and destroy Own Tempo. Lilliga t can begin to thrash all about with a base 180 Petal Dance (which is 120 + STAB). If her health begins to sink.Solarbeam . If you are fighting Shauntal or Ghetsis. has Chlorophyll. Best used in major boss battles such as the battle with N or something. but this is an alternative. you can put someone to sleep and set up Quiver Dance with impunity. Oh you're scared of confusion? Own Tempo says denied! You can basically have infinite Petal Dance without the fear of confusion this way. there is only 10 PP for Petal Dance. Plein Soleil Lilligant @ Heat Rock / Miracleseed Ability: Chlorophyll . use Synthesis or Giga Drain to heal her HP. Once enough Quiver Dances are set up. beating almost anyone. so be wary. With that in mind. Remember you gain Quiver Dance at Lv. This set can power up faster than Quiver Dance.. though unlike Serperior. you may not want to lead with Lilligant. . Lilligant however.Petal Dance . However.Return I know you are getting bored of this set being used over and over. which will hurt. With Sleep Powder.Synthesis / Giga Drain This is probably the most you can make out of Lilligant in-game. though if you don't care about Solarbeam you can always run both Growth and Sleep Powder. 28 and Petal Dance at Lv. so use that Sun Stone early on if you need to (or use Heart Scales).Growth / Sleep Powder .Quiver Dance .Sunny Day . 46. fire Solarbeams and Return for coverage. Also. but be wary of the sun running out. she has access to Sleep Powder which is always helpful.

Sandile/Krokorok/Krookodile Base Stats: 50/72/35/35/35/65 60/82/45/45/45/74 95/117/70/65/70/92 Abilities: Intimidate / Moxie . Rock Head can only be obtained through a trade in Pokemon White in Driftveil City. . However. Aqua Tail is his strongest move in this set.Waterfall / Aqua Tail / Surf . With Adaptability. Ice Beam is post-National Dex and Basculin cannot use Blizzard. He is still all right.Double-Edge / Return . but his TM/HM list is mostly Normal and Water moves. Reckless. but you might prefer another fish due to him being difficult to train. when all your guys are at least 30 + you find him in level 5-20s. However. Adaptability.Aqua Jet Basculin is one angry fish. but you can run Surf instead if you like special moves over physical moves.5x from STAB. are there for coverage. his defences are quite low. and Rock Head. He is odd that he can use three abilities. though more powerful physically. Movesets: Angry Bass Is Angry Basculin @ Mystic Water Ability: Adaptability . Unfortunately.Crunch .You get this guy WAY too late in the game to be of practical use. .Stat wise Basculin has some good traits. The other two moves. He is pretty fast and powerful on both sides of the spectrum. his Aqua Tail and Aqua Jet will become 2x effective instead of the usual 1. Double-Edge and Crunch. Use Return instead of Double-Edge if you hate recoil at the cost of a bit of power. Use Waterfall if you have the HM instead of Aqua Tail. meaning they will hurt. or so they say.Basculin has a movepool good enough to be useful. which is to be expected. No use getting Scald as Basculin wants to do as much damage as possible as he is already frail.Rating: Satisfactory (C-) .

so it can come in quite late. Fighting and even Dragon moves. Movesets: Gangsta Croco Krookodile @ Blackglasses / Soft Sand Ability: Anything . However. Unfortunately. which would not be of much use anyways. Smack Down is available from Battle Subway for 36 BP. Mind you. so if you did not reach that point yet. Crunch is your Dark STAB while Earthquake is your Ground STAB. which is always welcome.Brick Break . Before that he is stuck with the weak Sand Tomb and Mud Slap.Crunch . Rating: Good (B) . Darumaka/Darmanitan Base Stats: . so that can also work. mostly Ground. but not bad by any means.Location: Search around Desert Resort and Route 4. 54. He has access to an assorted amount of moves. Krookodile is a solid Ground Pokemon for any team. with 95/75/75 defences. Earthquake is Lv. Brick Break gives nearly perfect coverage alongside Crunch.Return / Rock Slide / Smack Down / Dragon Claw This set is just a simple concept: hit your foes with hard hitting moves. That leaves his low Special Attack. Unfortunately. His speed is not so bad either.Earthquake / Dig / Bulldoze . Sandile evolves at Level 29 while Krokorok evolves at Level 40. Either ability works here. .Krookodile's movepool is surprisingly quite good. which isn't spectacular. Dark.Krookodile has a HUGE attack power which makes Feraligatr a tad bit green. it does not learn a decent Ground move until 32. and it even troll's on Pidgeot's by 1! His bulk is not so bad either. feel free to run Dig or Bulldoze instead. which is Dig. Intimidate for helping take a hit or two while Moxie means a KO will raise Krookodile's attack power. Dragon Claw is a TM found in Victory Road. and last move can either go to Return or Rock Slide or Dragon Claw. Rock. . the Dark typing can be helpful in fighting some Psychic and Ghost Pokemon that will appear later in the game. Smack Down will allow you to hit fliers and levitaters with Earthquake. While he is not as good as Excadrill.Overall.

140 base attack power? That's insane. Maractus .Brick Break . expect to play reckless. and will probably not survive stuff like Water or Ground moves. and those without STAB such as Rock Slide and Brick Break and Bulldoze become more powerful. which is useful enough to sweep for himself.The guy has a pretty good movepool. If you are too young to die.70/90/45/15/45/50 105/140/55/30/55/95 Abilities: Hustle Sheer Force (as Darmanitan) Location: Route 4 and outside of Desert Resort has Darumaka. With Darmanitan. You either KO or get KO'd. even if it is something like Overheat.Flare Blitz / Fire Punch . because he is very fragile.. He has pathetic Special Attack. Darmanitan is amazingly powerful and can be a good Fire Pokemon for your team.Darmanitan is purely physical. His defences are VERY fragile.Bulldoze Darmanitan's Sheer Force ability is SCARY because it powers up already powerful moves such as Flare Blitz. Darmanitan is very fast as well. Darumaka evolves at Level 35. sporting 95 speed. though they lose their secondary effects. To give you an idea of how strong he is. a Water Pokemon known for its bulk. Movesets: Ape With Power Darmanitan @ Anything Ability: Sheer Force . go ahead and replace Flare Blitz with Fire Punch. They work well with his ability Sheer Force. .. His ability Sheer Force makes moves with secondary effect that affect the foes become much stronger. so there is no use attempting special moves. at the cost of the effect. however. his Flare Blitz took half of my Jellicent's HP. it ties with Conkeldurr's attack power! However.Rock Slide .Overall. . Watch out. though he has 105 base HP already. Rating: Excellent (A-) .

However.. but can get her job done.Return Wow. .Overall.Solarbeam . her ability Water Absorb gives her a good way to be immune to Water while Chlorophyll solves her otherwise unsalvageably speed.Cotton Guard / Acupressure . Then proceed to set up and start firing Solarbeams. Sigh. Now we have three physical moves to deal with. though she is better off with special moves. but at least you can boost your speed with the Sun.Needle Arm / Giga Drain . Well. there are some quirks like Sucker Punch. Movesets: Not Cacturne Maractus @ Miracleseed Ability: Water Absorb .Sunny Day . Maractus is a quirky Pokemon that can function well as your Grass Pokemon. Run Giga Drain instead of Needle Arm if Needle Arm becomes inadequate.Return A physical set.. but eventually she gets boring really quickly. . Fire Pokemon or something.Base Stats: 75/86/67/106/67/60 Abilities: Water Absorb / Chlorophyll Location: Desert Resort Rating: Satisfactory (C-) . and is definitely not defensively adequate either.Another Grass Pokemon with low movepool. She is not too physically powerful either. Giga Drain also replenishes half HP drained. Just don't send her out against. She's a slow customer too. She is not too useful either.Growth . though Maractus is much better in the special department.Sucker Punch . you know. . we must have seen this gazillions of times now.Aside from Maractus's Special Attack. most of her other stats are very mediocre. Cotton Guard for awesome defence boost while Acupressure can give + 2 random stat. Sunny Cactus (Not Another Sunny Day Set!) Maractus @ Miracleseed Ability: Chlorophyll .

That means stuff like Surf can go KO Crustle. Crustle is a good armoured bug that can be a teamplayer and a stand alone sweeper. Crustle evolves at Level 34.. If you get in a Shell Smash. . despite how this humble hermit crab looks like. This Pokemon ended up in ParaDoX65's roster. then Crustle will gain + 2 Attack. but he will learn some good support moves like Stealth Rock and the dangerous yet powerful Shell Smash. as expected for a Rock Pokemon. "Shell Smash is broken X_X" ~ ParaDoX65 Movesets: Out of the Shell Crustle @ Anything Ability: Anything . He even stole Rhyperior's Rock Wrecker. Obviously.Dwebble/Crustle Base Stats: 50/65/85/35/35/55 70/95/125/65/75/45 Abilities: Sturdy / Shell Armor Location: You can find them at Desert Resort. His attack score is decent as well.Rock Slide / Smack Down .Overall. Not much to expect. but Crustle made a huge transformation from a humble hermit crab into a scary monster.Dig / Return / Shadow Claw / Flail This Crustle is dangerous. Crustle can surprise you. there is that low speed which is made almost unsalvagable. Rating: Satisfactory (C+) . for you and your opponent.Crustle has amazing defence.X-Scissor . and to give you a feel of how he seems to play. though using it is not always the best choice. Special Attack AND Speed at the price of -1 Defence and Special Defence.. but of course.Crustle's movepool is largely Bug and Rock moves.Shell Smash . . we . huh? His early moves are pretty weak though.

. a bulky sweeper? It doesn't seem to make sense. but not every lizard Pokemon knows Dragon moves.want that Bug STAB X-Scissor and that Rock STAB Rock Slide. with Sturdy. but if you want that HM mule to actually do something even in battle. However. you can make use of both Dark and Fighting STABs. It is somewhat messed up.Its movepool is just enough for it to succeed. It is a weird one. Last slot depends on your preferences. but as ParaDoX65 has experienced first hand. but usually Rock Slide is better for the job. Useful against someone like N or Ghetsis. I know it's a lizard. if you run Sturdy as your ability.Stealth Rocks / Whatever If you don't like Watchog..Rock Smash . This is a high risk. except no Flash. Flail will do a number on a lot of things. Flail is a funny option. Whatever. but has good attack power and quite high defences on both sides. Talk about scary! . but Dig can take care of Excadrill. . you can run Stealth Rocks to contribute to the team. Scraggy evolves at Level 39. high reward set. Rating: Good (B+) . and it even knows Hi Jump Kick. because it is really slow.Cut .Whoa.Strength . this can also work. If someone manages to leave Crustle at 1 HP. I mean. Like. would you look at that typing? Dark/Fighting? Yikes. it shouldn't.. Shadow Claw is also an option so Ghost Pokemon do not wall X-Scissor.. I don't know WHY it learns Dragon attacks.. At any rate. Scraggy/Scrafty Base Stats: 50/75/70/35/70/48 65/90/115/45/115/58 Abilities: Shed Skin / Moxie Location: They're all over Route 4 and Desert Resort. it's a waste of Pokemon slot. Yeah. beware of priority attacks like Aqua Jet! B-b-but I Like My Shell! Crustle @ Anything Ability: Sturdy .. especially when boosted with Shell Smash. as Return can normally hit stuff well. you can come in after someone fainted and set up Stealth Rocks. Smack Down is an option if you want to make fliers to get hit by Dig.

but this will do for in-game.. but if you miss (10% of the time you WILL). Punk? Scrafty @ Anything Ability: Moxie . but Crunch is more stable and can lower Defence..Rock Slide / Dragon Claw / Swagger Scrafty has STAB Dark and Fighting. it seems Tbird says this guy is broken. Brick Break is safer but a lot weaker. status is annoying. The last two moves are for extra coverage and whatever. A LOT. which is one of Scrafty's weakness. but I won't deny how useful he is. Movesets: Problem. as it has a base 130 power (talk about jacked). Shed Skin is also a possibility because face it. Scrafty has a lot more moves available for competitive battling. Crunch vs Payback depends on your preferences. Payback will usually deal more damage than Crunch would. Rock Slide is appealing because it hits Fliers. he becomes stronger. Anyhow. but whatever works for you are also available.Hi Jump Kick / Brick Break .Crunch / Payback . so choose your poison. but they are about the same rarity as Dwebble and Maractus (10%). Hi Jump Kick is almost always superior. He is definitely something to be considered.Overall.Sigilyph has some pretty good stats. I can't find them. you will hurt yourself. sporting high Special Attack and Speed. Rating: Good (B-) . so that means it makes a good teammate.Return . I know I don't like this guy or anything. Sigilyph Base Stats: 72/58/80/103/80/97 Abilities: Wonder Skin / Magic Guard Location: They are at Desert Resort. which means nearly perfect coverage (the two Pokemon that resist the combo do not exist in Unova). the choice between Hi Jump Kick and Brick Break is for you to decide. and shows his face often in the competitive scene. He can take hits very well and hit back with powerful attacks. Its . but since Scrafty usually goes last.. Do what you will. While Moxie is usually preferred because once Scrafty KOs a Pokemon.

Psychic .. which makes me want to facepalm. it has low Attack power. or even Miracle Eye. That is amazingly troll. Note Hypnosis is a Heart scale move. after a bunch of Cosmic Powers. go ahead and run Hypnosis to put your opponent to sleep. This is incredibly frustrating for the foes as they have to directly attack Sigilyph as moves such as Toxic or Will-o-Wisp will FAIL to even have an effect on Sigilyph due to Magic Guard. Psychic and Air Slash. Sigh. How? I don't even know. if you do get it. As expected. it has some interesting moves which can be of use. And another strange thing about it is the fact it has a gender. Scrafty would hate that. and Sigilyph is not a slouch in Special Attack. but other than that.Shadow Ball / Flash Cannon / Miracle Eye Cosmic Power is pretty fun and utterly evil.As for its movepool. and has STAB Psychic and Flying attacks.Now why isn't this the evolved form of Unown? It certainly looks as if it is.Psychic . . After boosting Sigilyph's Special Attack to powerful levels. Then there are your STAB attacks. I wouldn't consider its other ability. If Cosmic Power is not appealing. Flash Cannon for Rock Pokemon. Blessings of the Ancients . . Pokemon BW is troll. ROOST is a HEREDITARY move. I know. Wonder Skin. and super effective Frost Breath ALWAYS criticals. Unfortunately. funny idea. but if you Miracle Eye a Dark Pokemon.Cosmic Power / Hypnosis . but it can be useful at times. Sigilyph becomes nearly untouchable. Kachina Sigilyph @ Anything Ability: Magic Guard .Air Slash . Last slot can go to Shadow Ball for Ghosts.. they can get affected by Psychic! Heh heh. I suppose Sigilyph is a good Pokemon as its stats are pretty good and it has good moves.Air Slash . Sigilyph can be the "bird" of your team. It also has defensive Light Screen and Reflect for personal usage. to be of practicality. Its Ability Magic Guard protects it from indirect damage. critical hit will do a number to Sigilyph. but it is just so rare and in one place only.Charge Beam . not many Pokemon can stand in Sigilyph's way and expect to live. but you would probably just Air Slash it anyways. which is ALWAYS good. Oh well. Movesets: What Is This I Don't EvenSigilyph @ Anything Ability: Magic Guard .Shadow Ball / Flash Cannon This is the only way without Calm Mind's help to boost Sigilyph's special attack.Defences are not bad either. Unfortunately.

which is actually pretty good.. but you can try Tailwind to help your teammates in gaining speed. It also costs a Heart Scale.Reflect . The next options are the two STAB moves as usual.Light Screen .Air Slash .Whirlwind .Psychic / Hypnosis It really is fun setting up Thunder Waves all over the enemy and shuffling them with Whirlwind.. but it is inaccurate and not practical. and add that up with paralysis and you have one annoying monster in your hands.Cofagrigus looks like your stereotypical defensive Ghost.Thunder Wave . Its Ability Mummy is pretty funny. Low Attack and abysmal speed as well. Yamask evolves at Level 34. Curse of the Ancients Sigilyph @ Anything Ability: Magic Guard . high defences (particularly the physical side) but LOW HP. I guess we will have to resort to its Special Attack.Psychic / Tailwind .Air Slash Setting up two screens would indefinitely help your teammates. it really is. as it disables the opponent's ability upon contact. That is usually enough to offset its high defences unfortunately. Yamask/Cofagrigus Base Stats: 38/30/85/55/65/30 58/50/145/95/105/30 Abilities: Mummy Location: Relic Castle. Rating: Poor (D) . Hypnosis is also an option if you want to sleep shuffle. . It is probably better just to run Psychic and Air Slash. Too bad it lasts for only 3 turns. And then there's that annoying Air Slash which can cause flinching.Sigilyph @ Light Clay Ability: Magic Guard .

In fact. but you can run Hex if you think you can burn your opponent and proceed to Attack.Protect This seems to be the only moveset I can come up with for Cofagrigus because of the lack of TMs it can learn pre-National Dex. if only. Grass Knot is the only other option Cofagrigus seems to have. Shadow Ball is more reliable and has more PP. it is just frustrating and evolving it is a chore. but training it in game is just difficult.. Shadow Ball is your main attack. Will-o-Wisp is to add salt to injury: just this means 37. Anyways. it does not learn Thunderbolt.. This thing is certainly not what I want to meet. as it means the opponent you want to finish off will lose 25% HP per turn. Protect is there to help you stall and get more damage in. Oh well. The trollish part is that Cofagrigus does not learn Pain Split. which is rather strange. I Want My Mummy! Cofagrigus @ Spell Tag Ability: Mummy . Sigh.Protect .Shadow Ball / Hex I don't even know. but unlike most of the other Ghosts.Grass Knot . seriously? . Last but not least we have Protect so you can stall an opponent out while they burn. Will-o-Wisp burns stuff and raises Cofagrigus's already high defence indirectly. Cofagrigus cannot be traded in the GTS without a nickname because of that.. Also. Sigh. however.. Its pre-National Dex movepool is..Curse . Really? Movesets: Tutankhamen Cofagrigus @ Spell Tag Ability: Mummy . VERY difficult.. If only Psychic was available earlier.Will-o-Wisp .Cofagrigus has a good movepool. Cofagrigus has high enough defences.Shadow Ball / Hex . so you might as well attempt this. but it would certainly be a good battle finisher. go ahead and either Shadow Ball or heal it with a Full Restore or something.5% per turn from then on. and if Cofagrigus is still standing tall in the battlefield. too little options. but Cofagrigus has a hard time getting through the game as a Yamask and as a Cofagrigus.. pretty poor because many of the good TMs it learns cannot be accessed until after beating the E4. .Overall. It is not as bad as Lampent though. However.Will-o-Wisp . Curse is the crux of this set. but it is up to you. Cofagrigus is one scary customer.

He even has the relatively exclusive Shell Smash and Aqua Jet. along with a few coverage moves.. he has all the right tools to help him become a successful Water Pokemon. >:) . You know what Shell Smash does. a whopping score of 133.Shell Smash . He has STAB Rock and Water to work with. His physical defence is huge. Carracosta is available very early and is a good Water Pokemon for your team if you feel like you need one. over the Quicksands) and choose the Cover Fossil. except this guy might just do the job better.As for his movepool. Tirtouga evolves at Level 37.Waterfall / Aqua Tail / Aqua Jet . Rating: Good (B+) .. not RUN. as Water tends to be the better typing here and he can even attack from both sides of the spectrum. The 4x weakness to Grass is evil..Tirtouga/Carracosta Base Stats: 54/78/103/53/45/22 74/108/133/83/65/32 Abilities: Solid Rock / Sturdy Location: In Relic Castle. However. His two abilities Solid Rock and Sturdy are leaning defensively and either two work. Slow Turtle? Not .Overall.. Hmmm. . Movesets: Archelon Rising Carracosta @ Mystic Water Ability: Anything .Carracosta is incredible. Crustle. he is incredibly slow and has a pretty low Special Defence.Surf / Crunch / Dig / Return Where have we seen this before? Oh yeah. Revive the fossil in Nacrene City. He is on the slow side but he does not go down easily and he packs a heavy punch.. but he shouldn't fight Grass Pokemon anyways. He has a good attack power and even a usable Special Attack.Rock Slide . it lowers both your defences by 1 stage in return for + 2 Attack / Special Attack / Speed. talk to the female Backpacker at the left (note: WALK.

Aqua Jet is a bit on the weak side. though it is still kinda slow even at + 2. but Lv. Aqua Jet does. or Crunch to hurt Jellicent. have a low base power. Prehistoric Tank Carracosta @ Mystic Water Ability: Solid Rock . so Surf may be a suitable alternative. 61 is a long way to go. however. Return is an option for more coverage. Curse raises your attack and defence by 1 stage at the price of lowering your speed by 1 stage.with this. That is why there is AQUA JET which is a priority move which you can consider. Rock Slide is your secondary STAB and for your last move you can either go Surf for your swimming needs and a decent Special Attack. Waterfall is the safer alternative to Aqua Tail for its accuracy and flinch chance. Archen/Archeops Base Stats: 55/112/45/74/45/70 75/140/65/112/65/110 Abilities: Defeatist Location: In Relic Castle. But once Carracosta is all set up. as it has AQUA JET to negate all that speed drops anyways. For someone already as slow as Carracosta.Rock Slide . so you can go ahead and use Aqua Tail instead. while Hydro Pump aims to mess with things with lower Special Defence than physical Defence. Dig to beat Electric Pokemon. he will be a large dominating force to be reckoned with. Either way. so there are other moves in this set to take advantage of Curse's effects. The reason why Crunch is not used here is because you will be inevitably slower than Jellicent and its Energy Ball will more often than not OHKO you (or do heavy damage). The last two moves afterwards are all dependent on your preferences. You can even run both Aqua Tail and Aqua Jet if you wanted to. which isn't a bad idea either. especially as it already does numbers to Boldore and Gigalith anyways (not to mention more PP).Aqua Jet . Shell Smash is BROKEN. so that becomes a problem. making it very tough to beat. or Return for coverage.Waterfall / Aqua Tail / Return / Dig / Surf This takes a more defensive approach with the skill Curse. not . this is one scary set too. however. just not as immediate as Shell Smash version. regardless of speed drop or not.Curse . that's for sure. that is not much of a problem. STAB Rock Slide can deal with flying foes while Waterfall or Aqua Tail will utterly destroy many things that do not resist it. talk to the female Backpacker at the left (note: WALK.

.Dig / Return / Dragon Claw With no item attached. Rock Slide is the obvious #2 STAB move to go along with Acrobatics. Archeops's movepool is not all too interesting.U-turn . Archeops is a good Pokemon in any team and is available pretty early. though STAB Acrobatics will hurt Hydreigon more than Super Effective Dragon Claw would. Archen evolves at Level 37. Rating: Excellent (A-) .My my. It should be noted that Dig has a good coverage with Rock Slide. expect Acrobatics to HURT. Yeah. he makes even Salamence look bad.Acrobatics . He usually does OHKO his foes (an ARCHEN did 100 + damage to my Serperior with Acrobatics.Rock Slide . U-turn is there simply because Archeops is normally faster than its opponent (note: beware of priority moves) and can inflict some large damage if he simply knows it is not the fight to pick on. That's right. He does get STAB moves but overall. In fact. However. the movepool is pretty shallow. That being said. Movesets: The Great Archeopteryx Archeops @ Nothing Ability: Defeatist . Despite learning Double Team. Revive the fossil in Nacrene City. over the Quicksands) and choose the Plume Fossil.RUN. so U-turn is very valuable. I wouldn't ever set up with this Pokemon because of how easily Defeatist will activate on him. but it's still there as a consideration.Unfortunately. but they are powerful enough to make a dent to the opposing Pokemon. he comes at a HEAVY price: the ability Defeatist. . The last slot can go to either Dig or Dragon Claw or Return. for example). Also. making him similar to Deoxys-A. Be cautious when handling Archeops. Archeops is the "KO or get KOd" Pokemon. Archeops has some incredible INCREDIBLE attack. both of his Attack and Special Attack goes down in HALF.Overall. Trubbish/Garbodor . Archeops has low defences and is INCREDIBLY fragile. but you have to know what fights to pick and what fights not to get involved in. special attack and speed. When Archeops reaches 50% of his HP. that's a large price to pay for such a powerful Pokemon.

but he doesn't have a lot of attacks to make use of unfortunately.. Sludge Wave is another alternative to Sludge Bomb. so. I don't know what they were thinking when they designed a Pokemon based off garbage.. he does tend to keep away wild Pokemon with Stench. so make your choice. but Return is more powerful when Garbodor is happy.Garbodor has well rounded stats. but not abysmal. His defences are okay. Literally. but usually middles in many of them. but I've never seen one yet. and his speed is not all that bad. . Unfortunately. his attack power is pretty good.His movepool is absolute garbage (no pun intended). .Base Stats: 50/50/62/40/62/65 80/95/82/60/82/75 Abilities: Stench / Sticky Hold Stench / Weak Armor (as Garbodor) Location: They say it is available in Route 5. it only has 5 uses and is 70% accurate. he's pretty handy to have. Stockpile is useful for raising Garbodor's . I see a lot of them from female Team Plasma grunts though. it will be a nightmare for your allies. absolute garbage. It is superior to Sludge Bomb in singles battles.Wow.Stockpile . it just shows where Pokemon is going. which lowers Defence by 1 while raising Speed by 1 when hit by a contact move. but in doubles. Reason being that Special Attack is rather weak Acid Spray will help make Sludge Bomb much stronger. He has very little coverage moves and he can only hope for using his STAB Poison moves and a few others..Acid Spray / Gunk Shot / Swallow . He's well rounded. Trubbish evolves at Level 36. But I digress.. If you don't care about Acid Spray. Garbodors are at Route 9 UnderXRay says.Body Slam / Return . His Speed can be raised with its ability "Weak Armor".. you can make use of Gunk Shot which is Garbodor's most powerful attack. and Smeargle won X_X" ~ UnderXRay Movesets: Junk Man Garbodor @ Black Sludge Ability: Anything . so make it count. Body Slam will slow your foes down if it inflicts paralysis. Though some people will probably be appealed by it (I know I'm not). And he is a pain to train. it's so bad I actually had to recommend Acid Spray on this guy.. Ugh.Sludge Bomb / Sludge Wave / Swallow / Payback Yes. "It looks like this guy went into a fight with Smeargle. However. His Special Attack is on the weak side though. Rating: Poor (D) .

if that Haxorus gets greedy with Dragon Dances. Most of her attacks are Dark moves.defences. Payback is another choice so you can actually do some damage against Ghosts. so choose your poison. She is really frail. Yay! Then you can intoxicate it with Toxic. if there is a Pokemon who uses Roar or Dragon Tail in your team. . but then I realised that the later trainers will begin to use Full Restores. then we might have something going on here. Zorua/Zoroark Base Stats: 40/65/40/80/40/65 60/105/60/120/60/105 Abilities: Illusion Location: Zorua is an EVENT Pokemon and for that reason it can only be attained through event. Zorua evolves at Level 30. She is basically Lucarioesque in terms of stats.Clear Smog . but if worst comes to worst. and all the other moves that will help it are either hereditary or post-National Dex TMs. however. .Toxic / Toxic Spikes . and it is said through an event Zoroark can be attained at Lostlorne Forest. However. You can run Swallow so you can recover lost HP. Sludge Bomb or Return are used for your own self defence. and continue stalling it with that evil move Protect.Protect .Zoroark's stats are a lot more offensive than defensive.Sludge Bomb / Return This is more of a utility set. but keep in mind all your defence boosts will be lost in that process. I was going to suggest Toxic Spikes.As for her movepool. Clear Smog so it gets rid of them. The idea is simple. Clean Up Crew Garbodor @ Black Sludge Ability: Anything . the Garbage Man is here to clean the mess up. . she doesn't seem to get anything interesting without TMs. rendering it useless. Rating: I actually cannot rate this Pokemon as it is unattainable without activating the event.

Night Slash . Movesets: Much Ado About Nothing Zoroark @ Blackglasses Ability: Illusion . and as my friend UnderXRay found.Return Physical Zoroark. But use Nasty Plot to become a lot stronger once the foe finds out the Pokemon they thought they were fighting was not who they thought it was. you can use the alternative Shadow Ball. and that is her ability Illusion. other special moves Zoroark can learn. However.Focus Blast / Night Slash / Return . which has the same coverage.. Zoroark is a quite powerful Pokemon. If neither of the moves are appealing.U-turn / Hone Claws . isn't it? Behind That Mask Zoroark @ Blackglasses Ability: Illusion . Night Daze is a level 64 attack. The last two slots are dedicated to the. Then start attacking with STAB Night Daze.Grass Knot Unfortunately. there's one thing Zoroark has. Using Illusion.. She has good attack score and an even more powerful Special Attack and awesome speed..Low Sweep / Focus Blast . Surprise your opponents by not being the one they expect you to be. she learns too many Dark moves. Zoroark may be more powerful specially. Zoroark does not learn enough Special attacks to take advantage of that wicked 125 SpA. If you don't feel like you need U-turn (a Heart Scale move). Unfortunately. Low Sweep is Zoroark's only physical Fighting move. oh well. Try taking the form of something like a Fighting or Poison Pokemon so they will try using Psychic or something on Zoroark. If only Flamethrower was available before National Dex. It is a shame Dark Pulse is a hereditary move. fighting a Lilligant with hard hitting physical Dark moves is surely interesting. She will also trick the AI and Illusion will last until Zoroark is damaged directly. so if you are not that high leveled. You will find the movesets a bit lacking in coverage though. but unfortunately NO STAB. but has more physical moves. but you can try the risky yet powerful Focus Blast. Heh. Zoroark will take the form of the last Pokemon in your party.. use Hone Claws to power up your attack power to ensure that your foes will regret staying in. . go ahead and replace them with physical moves. and then either U-turn out to an appropriate counter Pokemon or start smacking them with STAB Night Slashes and other moves.Night Daze / Shadow Ball ..Nasty Plot . However.Overall.

5x. If you do not have 2 Heart Scales. . Minccino requires a Shiny Stone to evolve. and physically powerful. but she is not too powerful and pretty fragile. Movesets: Winter Coat Cinccino @ Anything Ability: Technician . Cinccino is an interesting Pokemon.Bullet Seed . Work Up is a good way to make Cinccino stronger. but it is also in Route 5 and 9. If only Technician and Skill Link could be one ability. and you'll be set. and Tail Slap will be Cinccino's main attack.Cinccino is a LOT like Ambipom.. it is still a pretty good way to use Cinccino..As for her movepool. overall. and VERY similar stats. She has the same abilities. Rating: Satisfactory (C) . many of her moves are Normal types. she's just awesome. . she's fluffy. Use her ability Technician to make her more powerful and her multiple hitting moves.Tail Slap .Minccino/Cinccino Base Stats: 55/50/40/40/40/75 75/95/60/65/60/115 Abilities: Cute Charm / Technician Location: I found some near Cold Storage.Overall. but weak defence and low Special Attack. Oh well. but it requires Heart Scales. She's cute.Rock Blast Here we are taking advantage of Cinccino's ability Technician. powering up its weaker moves by 1. . She is very fast. though it can sometimes miss. and she learns very little other moves.Work Up / Return . strangely for a Normal Type Pokemon. you can replace one with Return and still use Work Up. The other two moves are also multiple hitting moves.

Gothitelle actually has decent defensive stats. as she is very well rounded and has a lot of interesting options which can be useful.Gothita/Gothorita/Gothitelle Base Stats: 45/30/50/55/65/45 60/45/70/75/85/55 70/55/95/95/110/65 Abilities: Frisk Location: Pokemon Black only. and also a low attack score. she has pretty low speed. there's 63% chance of raising your Special Attack.Charge Beam . coming at a rather inconvenient time. . but Thunder Wave is also a consideration to compensate for Gothitelle's low speed. Using Charge Beam. Best of all.Psychic / Shadow Ball . but she can prove to be a useful Psychic. You can run both if you want. as Psyshock targets the opponent's physical defence while Psychic is your main STAB option. Gothitelle is a difficult Pokemon to train.Overall. Movesets Elphaba Gothitelle @ Anything Ability: Frisk . oddly enough for a Psychic.Gothitelle has a lot of Psychic moves and the moves Psychics normally learn such as Shadow Ball. she can learn Dark moves and physical Fighting moves. such as Grass Knot or Shadow Ball or Thunderbolt. You should normally run another coverage move. but oddly. However. . It is rather strange that she can learn a lot of physical attacks. Her Special Attack is pretty good too. they are in Route 5. or just replace one of the Psychic moves. Rating: Satisfactory (C+) . Gothita evolves at Level 32 while Gothorita evolves at Level 41.Grass Knot / Shadow Ball / Thunderbolt / Thunder Wave . then hit hard with STAB Psychic or Psyshock.Psyshock / Shadow Ball This is basically a set that attempts to help Gothitelle sweep. Gothitelle is quite bulky enough to take punishments . and I've seen some Gothorita in Route 9.

Thunder Wave / Psyshock . Supportive Goth Gothitelle @ Light Clay Ability: Frisk . Rating: Good (B+) . all helping Gothitelle's already decent defences.from both sides.Reflect . Solosis/Duosion/Reuniclus Base Stats: 45/30/40/105/50/20 65/40/50/125/60/30 110/65/75/125/85/30 Abilities: Overcoat / Magic Guard Location: Pokemon White only.Low Sweep / Brick Break . she does not fear a lot aside from STAB Dark or Ghost moves or Megahorns from Escavalier or something.Psychic Another team playing supportive psychic sets that has been mentioned MANY times before in this guide. Problem is. Goth with Muscles Gothitelle @ Anything Ability: Frisk . this is more suited competitively than in-game. Solosis evolves at Level 32 while Duosion evolves at Level 41. they are in Route 5.Payback .Tickle / Rock Tomb / Rock Slide Lol. and I believe Duosion are also in Route 9.Light Screen .Return . Reflect. Light Screen. Thunder Wave can mess with fast people and Psychic is there so Gothitelle actually has an attack.

Then comes its attacking options. there are so many to choose.Psychic . It has enough moves to get by. with the moves it needs. Recover can also take the slot of Thunder Wave so you can heal yourself during the process if needed. HUGE Special Attack. It is another one of those SLOW Psychics like Musharna. Thunder Wave can mess with fast people and Psychic is there so Reuniclus actually has an attack. but unfortunately.. Unfortunately.Reuniclus's stats seem interesting. It even shows its face a lot in competitive play as well. Er. it gets RECOVER. Reflect.Shadow Ball / Grass Knot / Flash Cannon / Thunder Wave . but you must absolutely have your STAB Psychic or Psyshock or both.Psyshock / Focus Blast Try getting Magic Guard over Overcoat because Magic Guard is infinitely superior.Recover . that is post National Dex. there is no way to boost Reuniclus's Special Attack.. all helping Reuniclus's already decent defences.Psychic / Psyshock Another team playing supportive psychic sets that has been mentioned MANY times before in this guide. .Reuniclus has to be one of the most broken Psychics they've made. With Recover. It also has Magic Guard as its ability! While this thing is DIFFICULT to train. and some even think it should be banned to ubers. along with the ability Magic Guard. This set is similar to its counterpart Gothitelle's. except it has one difference: RECOVER. Movesets: Man's Attempt on Creation Reuniclus @ Anything Ability: Magic Guard .. It got away with huge defences. Reuniclus can heal itself from all the damage it has taken. wow. . and I mean VERY difficult. but it is already quite powerful. Homunculus With Support Reuniclus @ Light Clay Ability: Magic Guard .Reuniclus's movepool is like most other Psychics.Reflect . all for the cost of low speed (this again) and low attack. It is almost Musharna on steroids. . But aside from that. and can also use Trick Room. Pick your poison. Light Screen. the final form pays off way too well. something Gothitelle wishes she had.Light Screen . but it has VERY high Special Attack and ridiculously high defences.Thunder Wave / Recover . and yet it learns Thunder but not Thunderbolt.

Hurricane . a Ducklett will appear. You will regret it! Anyhow..Ducklett/Swanna Base Stats: 62/44/50/44/50/55 75/87/63/87/63/98 Abilities: Keen Eye / Big Pecks Location: Charizard Bridge (the Drawbridge) sometimes has shadows you can walk over. but watch out for benefitters like Conkeldurr or Throh. but they still elude me. a fairly good Pokemon. Swanna's Surfs will become monstrously powerful. but the bad defences can be hazardous. She learns Normal moves and Ice Beam through TMs though.Overall. but aside from that. She also has quite low defences.Swanna has a rather offensive stat spread. She is elegant and I really wish I can find one one day. with both attacks equaling each other. . Movesets: Silver Swan Swanna @ Damp Rock Ability: Big Pecks .Roost / Air Slash Swanna is a monster in the rain. she does get POWERFUL Flying moves to make up for the lack of moves she learns.5x as effective as it was before. that is what Swanna's other STAB. Rating: Satisfactory (C+) . such as Brave Bird and Hurricane. LITERALLY. Overall. Ducklett evolves at Level 35. However.Rain Dance . becoming 1.Swanna's movepool is literally ALL FLYING and WATER moves. but only when she starts learning all the hard hitting moves. . after setting up Rain. but sometimes. but don't use her against something with Thunder.. good for Flying or Surf or both. She can hit hard.Surf / Scald . Swanna is a pretty interesting Pokemon. . If they decide to crash the party. ALL WATER and FLYING. and her speed rather decent (although an odd speed tier). which will usually result to wings. Scald is another option if you think burns are appealing.

HURRICANE. With Featherdance. Roost is there to accomodate for that. but it also hurts you..Scald / Aqua Ring .. try Protect instead. while Fly is another way to stall burn damage.Fly / Brave Bird . is for. Cygnus Knight Swanna @ Mystic Water Ability: Big Pecks . It is amazingly powerful and should be used more often.Roost . When Swanna is damaged. Hurricane becomes 100% accurate in the rain. she can Roost off the damage to annoy once again.Air Slash / Fly / Protect This is an attempt to make Swanna more defensive.Roost This time. And any attempts to lower Swanna's defences are foiled due to her Big Pecks. and has a chance of causing confusion. Vanillite/Vanillish/Vanilluxe Base Stats: 46/50/50/65/60/44 51/65/65/80/75/59 71/95/85/110/95/79 . but Swanna does not survive very long. Swanna will try to be more physical and attack with Brave Bird. and Scald has a chance to burn. Air Slash is a cool STAB that can also cause flinching. If Fly does not work for you. so don't get Aqua Ring + Protect for the last slot. Use Surf for your water STAB or to deal with those Boldores (watch out for rock moves however). Swanna effectively doubles her defences. The Ugly Duckling Swanna @ Mystic Water Ability: Big Pecks . while Scald has the ability to burn but is generally weaker. such as Air Slash because Hurricane's low PP can be annoying after a while. Obviously. but anything else can go in there. Return is for coverage. Brave Bird HURTS. I suppose Roost is there so damage that has been done before can be healed.Surf / Scald .Return .Featherdance . as usual. you want to get Swanna to have at least ONE attacking move.

but afterwards I realised it was not all that bad. so no one takes her seriously.Avalanche / Mirror Coat / Frost Breath iScream and uScream for iScream's Ice Beam! This is basically the set I use. However.Surprisingly.Ice Beam . I think the Ice Cream is rather underrated. If the weather turns rainy.Acid Armor .Overall. is severely lacking. .Movepool. She isn't too slow. Flash Cannon is there to hurt Rock Pokemon. Vanilluxe is not as bad as people make her out to be. I run Avalanche because some Pokemon have higher Special Defence than Defence. and it also lowers Special Defence. however. though not the best. Not many Pokemon can take an Ice Beam from Vanilluxe easily. Two of the game's major "bosses" do not use it for no reason you know! Movesets: iScream Vanilluxe @ Nevermeltice Ability: Ice Body . however. and it kept getting KOd very easily early on. and the fact that it becomes a base 180 attack when Vanilluxe was directly attacked before. I was joking when I first put it into my team. you will have an awesome Water move in your hands! Unfortunately. Last but not least. and she isn't too vulnerable. like Autotomize. Vanillite evolves at Level 35 while Vanillish evolves at Level 47. Ice Beam is Vanilluxe's main attack. Frozen Treat from Helsinki Vanilluxe @ Icy Rock / Nevermeltice Ability: Icy Body . Rating: Satisfactory (C+) . Her physical attack power. but later on.Flash Cannon . and her defences are not all too bad either.. it is a big mistake to underestimate Vanilluxe's power.Abilities: Ice Body Location: I found Vanillite near Cold Storage. and Water Pulse. Flash Cannon. that beast Special Attack is something. and there really is nothing else to put in there. It's pretty good. Ice Shard. are all hereditary moves. is not bad either. but you can also run Mirror Coat if a non STABd Fire move comes your way and you want to bounce it back. It was a pain to train. Anyways.. some of the cool moves. Acid Armor makes Vanilluxe much more durable and is very useful against hard physical hitters. She is just a snack that smiles back and is an Ice Cream. . I admit. and it really hurts. early Ice Beam is always cool and she can learn Weather Ball with Heart Scale. or Frost Breath for always hitting critical hits for whatever reason you want (or if you find Ice Beam running out too quickly). She is mostly Ice moves (what did you expect?) and.

.- Hail Blizzard Flash Cannon Acid Armor/ Ice Beam You thought Ice Beam hurt? Wait until you get a load of this. Blizzard. Movesets: Oberon. Then there's all the other coverage moves and blah blah blah you know the rest. Deerling evolves at Level 34.Sawsbuck has a good enough movepool for a Grass Pokemon. It is not too difficult training one either. Sawsbuck is a great Grass Pokemon for anyone who wants a Grass Pokemon in their team and can do a lot to help. With Sap Sipper as his ability. Vanilluxe will HEAL from hail every turn! Talk about nice bonuses. Though his defences are not too great.Overall. Lord of the Forest Sawsbuck @ Big Root / Miracleseed . this deer is a rather excellent addition to Black and White.Sawsbuck's stats are well rounded overall. Rating: Good (B) . his attack power is solid and his speed is decent as well. and his forms are different each season as well to add to the spice. Deerling/Sawsbuck Base Stats: 60/60/50/40/50/75 80/100/70/60/70/95 Abilities: Chlorophyll / Sap Sipper Location: Routes 6 and 7 are swarming with them. Hail not only damages non-ice foes. Sawsbuck's attack power will increase further when hit by a Grass attack. With Megahorn and Wild Charge and even Jump Kick. 100% accurate. . there are some pretty good supplementary attacks which will always be useful. And due to Vanilluxe's ability Ice Body. but it also makes Vanilluxe's most powerful move.

but again. which is brutally powerful.Wild Charge / Megahorn Sawsbuck's STAB of choice. is an excellent signature move and pretty powerful. Protect is for extra seed recovery and stalling. which is always a good thing for this deer. Bambi Sawsbuck @ Big Root Ability: Sap Sipper .Solarbeam . and since that move is powerful. Last but not least. but aside from that. Solarbeam still packs quite a punch. it is best you keep it. Golden Hind Sawsbuck @ Heat Rock Ability: Chlorophyll . For the last slot.Return / Charm This is a more defensive but more annoying set to use for Sawsbuck.Horn Leech .Return . You probably started off with Jump Kick from the start as a Deerling. Wild Charge is an electric move helpful for taking down Flying Pokemon. It is essentially a physical Giga Drain. STAB Return always works well.Ability: Sap Sipper . Horn Leech. so Return will do. more reckless recoils here. so run two physical attacks to complement Solarbeam.Return / Double-Edge . but that recoil is painful.Protect . Emolga . so all is not lost if you want to run Solarbeam. Double-Edge is a good choice. If you want more power.Jump Kick / Megahorn . but Charm will indirectly double your physical defence. You may replace either Jump Kick or Wild Charge with Megahorn.Leech Seed .Sunny Day .Horn Leech . which complements perfectly with Sawsbuck.Megahorn / Horn Leech / Jump Kick Though Sawsbuck's special attack is lacking. Try it out for fun. Don't forget Sawsbuck also has a Normal STAB. there is not much it can do. Leech Seed + Horn Leech = easy way to gain extra health. Note that in the sun Sawsbuck's speed doubles with Chlorophyll as its ability.

.Emolga is another fast but frail electric Pokemon that we see 9001 times. You don't have to rely on Double Team in this set.Base Stats: 55/75/60/75/60/103 Abilities: static Location: You can trade a Boldore to a Hiker inside a house in Route 7 for an Emolga. and Volt Switch out to a Pokemon who can deal with Haxorus. or Encore that annoying Dragon Dancing Haxorus. . If you ventured to P2 Laboratory. Use Discharge for the paralysis to help your teammate. Encore and Volt Switch. except he flies now. Icarus Emolga @ None Ability: Static .Acrobatics This is Emolga's attempt to be annoying.Encore / Light Screen You know how annoying Volt Switch is.Discharge / Thunderbolt . .Acrobatics . No item means Acrobatics will hit HARD. feel free to replace Discharge with the harder hitting Thunderbolt.Volt Switch . Charge Beam is Emolga's method of raising its Special Attack.This is just another electric rodent. He also has some annoying moves like Double Team. Yeah. After 6 Double Teams (if you get that far) Emolga is nearly unhittable (unless they use moves like Faint Attack or Swift) while Emolga can do whatever it wants to its foes. so rejoice.Discharge / Thunderbolt . and Acrobatics is Emolga's most powerful move.His movepool is mostly electric and some flying moves. Rating: Poor (D) . I never did it so I do not know how good it really is. as he is no longer weak to Ground but immune! Whee! Movesets: Not Pikachu Emolga @ None Ability: Static . and it is a good Flying STAB in general.Charge Beam . Light Screen is another option to help your team soak special attacks better.Double Team .

. Karrablast MUST be TRADED for a SHELMET (very specific requirement) in order to become an Escavalier. but regardless. He learns mostly bug moves.Return While Escavalier's slow as a snail. It should be noted that Megahorn is a hereditary move and is Escavalier's most powerful attack. . He has really low speed though. but that is to be expected from that armour. Movesets: Yes my Liege? Escavalier @ Anything Ability: Anything . Well.Escavalier is certainly a very peculiar Pokemon. well.Swords Dance .I should not rate this so low. If only his movepool were a bit bigger. stealing the Shelmet's armor to become an Escavalier. With a HUGE attack score of 135. and very high defences. . . but the reason I did it is because Karrablast is VERY difficult to train. Escavalier might as well OHKO almost anything he fights.Escavalier's movepool is quite poor.Karrablast/Escavalier Base Stats: 50/75/45/40/45/60 70/135/105/60/105/20 Abilities: Swarm / Shed Skin Swarm / Shell Armor (as Escavalier) Location: Route 6. maybe not Ghost Pokemon. Karrablast evolves through a strange method of just trading with a Shelmet. But if you do get an Escavalier. except Fire attacks. there's nothing that can stop him. To become an Escavalier. oh well.X-Scissor .. he is certainly a force to be reckoned with and not an easy Pokemon to take down. Escavalier stole Heracross's thunder as the strongest Megahorn user.. Escavalier will make his potential known. After a Swords Dance. Rating: Satisfactory (C-) .Iron Head .. this guy can take hits very well and dish back obscene damage very well. but it also has Iron Head for STAB and the amazing Swords Dance.

and has a pretty high HP score. intoxicate your foe. Amoonguss should not be underestimated. He is quite difficult to train. he can become really annoying very quickly.His movepool is rather barren though. as it is mostly Grass moves. However. NO it's a ball. Amoonguss is quite bulky on both sides. NO IT'S FOONGUSMAN!" ~ UnderXRay Movesets: RenegadeShroom Amoonguss @ Big Root Ability: Effect Spore . and start Giga Draining or Protect stalling them out until your foe is overcome with indirect damage over and over. Notice the lack of Poison STAB as well. a lot like Voltorb from the previous generations. Rating: Poor (D) . .Foongus/Amoonguss Base Stats: 69/55/45/55/55/15 114/85/70/85/80/30 Abilities: Effect Spore Location: They appear as Pokeballs. . You Ingrain to gain extra health (though Ingrain means no switching out).Giga Drain .Ingrain / Synthesis / Return . He even lived through a Flame Burst from Lampent. Despite the fact he is not as powerful as one would like it to be.Overall. however. speed. "it's a potion. he is full of useful support moves.Well. and though the game is not really kind to support Pokemon. . Foongus evolves at Level 39.Protect / Clear Smog This is the epitome of bulky grass. He learns Spore much like the other mushroom Pokemon. I think. His attack score is the same on both sides of the spectrum at 85. but really late.Toxic . Amoonguss can be useful nonetheless. What had to give? Yeah. They are in Route 6 and 10.

Synthesis can be used to instantly recover Amoonguss's health instead of using Ingrain.. and should certainly be used. Good Night Shroom Amoongus @ Big Root Ability: Effect Spore . another boring Sunnybeam set.Giga Drain . only difference is this guy is actually slow and does not have Chlorophyll. Frillish/Jellicent Base Stats: 55/40/50/65/85/40 100/60/70/85/105/60 Abilities: Water Absorb Cursed Body Location: Surf around Route 4 and Driftveil City.Return / Toxic Yeah. but this option is here.Solarbeam .Growth .. it is a Level 62 move. But Spore is a selling point in Amoonguss. Growth is + 2/2 under the sun. Frillish evolves at Level 40.Spore .Return . which I doubt you will reach before the Elite 4 unless you are a dedicated trainer of some sorts. aside from the fact I ran out of ideas. Protect stalling is fun though. Just watch out for Fire attackers and you are all set. Unfortunately. Mushroom Under the Sun Amoonguss @ Heat Rock / Miracleseed Ability: Effect Spore . meaning Solarbeam and Return will work well. but it is here to make use of Solarbeam. but Clear Smog is a Dragon Dancing Haxorus deterrent. really).Sunny Day . Return can be used if you don't want to stall your opponent out (it slows down battles. . That's kinda bad for a Grass Pokemon.Payback Nothing much to say.

Defence problems can be circumvented though with moves that cause burn and its unusually high HP for a ghost Pokemon. It was supposed to replace Tentacool and Tentacruel. If you do get burns.Brine / Ominous Wind / Blizzard / Hydro Pump / Will-o-Wisp For you Republicans. Jellicent has a lot to offer. Jellicent is a good Pokemon to try out. However. .Shadow Ball / Hex . .Surf / Scald . having great special defence and HP. so just choose! It's in game so do whatever you feel. 520 AFTER you beat the 6th gym (meaning you should be somewhere in the 30s if not 40s) makes it difficult to train it. Jellicent has a lot of toys to play with.Jellicent is a rather defensively leaning Pokemon.As for the movepool. Psychic and Energy Ball are available after National Dex is obtained. HRM means His/Her Royal Majesty. but Shadow Ball is more consistent. but aside from that. Hex will do more damage than Shadow Ball. notably attack. and as for the last slot. However. I don't think a Ghost would be THIS common in the waters or something.Rating: Poor (D) . defence. and speed. Movesets: HRM Jellicent Jellicent @ Mystic Water Ability: Water Absorb . offensive. that one thing is what brings Jellicent down. This is the set I ran.Overall. Scald is useful for Jellicent's "low" defence and also gets STAB... or a combination of both. Two STABs in the form of Surf and Shadow Ball is really nice. Alomomola Base Stats: 165/75/80/40/45/65 Abilities: Healer / Hydration .Recover . Jellicent can catch up quickly by grinding in caves or the desert and whatnot. are lacking. Its Special Attack power is decent as well but its other stats. almost anything can be used. the fact you get it at Lv. but I don't know. Recover off any damage Jellicent has sustained. Be it defensive. it is just really weird. Unfortunately.

Location: Surf around Route 4 or Driftveil City Rating: Poor (D) - Alomomola has some of the weirdest stats ever. Her HP is VERY high, nearing Wailord's HP and her physical attack and defence are in the "decent" zone. Her special stats, however, are VERY low and nearly inconsiderable. Her speed is quite low too. Looks like this Pokemon was meant to be a supportive Pokemon. - Alomomola's movepool is very shallow, but she has all the moves she needs to support her teammates, but she does not have adequate self-defence. - Overall, Alomomola was meant more for competitive battling more so than in-game usage. One thing bothers me about Alomomola... why did she NOT evolve from Luvdisc? Movesets: Mary Seacole Alomomola @ Mysticwater Ability: Anything - Wish - Protect - Aqua Jet / Waterfall - Return / Scald Alomomola can heal your Pokemon by passing gigantic Wishes, which is her main purpose. She can also heal herself as well. Aqua Jet is its STAB move here, as it runs off her physical attack. Return is there to complement it for coverage, but Scald also works, not for damage, but for inflicting burns, which can be very useful, but NOT recommended due to Alomomola's low Special Attack. Florence Nightingale Alomomola @ Mysticwater Ability: Healer - Heal Pulse - Helping Hand - Return / Safeguard / Wide Guard - Waterfall / Aqua Jet This Alomomola was designed for the Double or Triple battles. While she does not have a lot of power to offer, she can certainly keep its teammates standing on the battlefield using her valuable Heal Pulse. Every other turn she can either set up Safeguard, Wide Guard an Earthquake/Surf, or usually just Helping Hand to give a teammate a boost. Return or Waterfall are there for self-defence, but Scald is for the burn chance if you feel like it is needed. Too bad doubles and triples are not prevalent. Overall, this isn't plausible in-game.

Joltik/Galvantula Base Stats: 50/47/50/57/50/65 70/77/60/97/60/108 Abilities: Compoundeyes / Unnerve Location: Chargestone Cave. Joltik evolves at Level 36. Rating: Satisfactory (C) - Galvantula's defences are poor, but his speed is incredibly high. His Special Attack is higher than his Attack, though neither are all too great. Using Compoundeyes + Thunder, however, may be something interesting. - The movepool is horridly barren, as it is mostly bug or electric moves. His signature move Electroweb is of little use because Galvantula is already really fast, and it lowers the foe's speed by 1 stage. - Overall, Galvantula is an interesting Pokemon. The new Bug/Electric combo is surely something to spark someone's interest, and he loses its flying weakness that way. He is just rather weak and can get unnerving to people with arachnophobia. Movesets: Static Shock Galvantula @ Magnet Ability: Compoundeyes - Thunder - Signal Beam - Sucker Punch / Thunder Wave - Return Using Compoundeyes, Thunder's low accuracy is boosted up to a whopping 91% (30% boost), making it hit more often than it normally should. Signal Beam is the Bug STAB of choice. The rest are "extras" and useful coverage moves. Eensy Weensy Spider Galvantula @ Damp Rock Ability: Anything - Rain Dance

- Thunder - Signal Beam - Sucker Punch / Return / Thunder Wave ... climbed up the Water Spout. Down came the RAIN and washed the Spider out. Anyways, using Rain Dance will bring you two advantages: you can never miss with Thunder, AND it will weaken Fire moves so MAYBE Galvantula can have a better chance of standing pretty in the battlefield. Use Signal Beam as your Bug STAB. The rest are coverage moves. Along Came a Spider Galvantula @ Magnet Ability: Anything - Agility - Electroball - Signal Beam / Bug Buzz - Sucker Punch / Return / Thunder Wave ...who sat down beside her, scaring Miss Muffet away! Why use Agility on something as already fast as Galvantula? Good question... but the primary use of this is to raise the power of Electroball, which becomes base 150 power WITHOUT STAB if the opponent is 25% or lower speed than Galvantula's. All of a sudden it sounds appealing doesn't it? It takes one turn to set up Agility, but that turn can be costly, so make it count. Signal Beam and Bug Buzz I've already discussed, and the last slot doesn't matter really.

Ferroseed/Ferrothorn Base Stats: 44/50/91/24/86/10 74/94/131/54/116/20 Abilities: Iron Barbs Location: Chargestone Cave. Ferroseed evolves at Level 40. Rating: Satisfactory (C) - Ferrothorn has very high defences, as expected of a Steel Pokemon. He also has a usable physical attack, but his special attack suffers, and his speed is abysmal (we have too many of these). Iron Barbs means everytime someone touches Ferrothorn they take quite a bit of damage, helping Ferrothorn greatly. - As for the movepool, Ferrothorn learns all sorts of moves that can help play a

Movesets: Audrey Jr.Payback / Return There's not much Ferrothorn can do but set up Curses to boost his already good physical side while reducing his already hopeless speed.Power Whip . and it is very powerful. then all of a sudden it learns Gyro Ball and the special Mirror Shot. However. that can come in handy as it powers up its STAB Gyro Ball. which becomes a lot stronger the more slower Ferrothorn is against its opponents. Also. Power Whip is Ferrothorn's main Grass STAB. However. so know your foes before attempting! Klink/Klang/Klinklang Base Stats: 40/55/70/45/60/30 60/80/95/70/85/50 60/100/115/70/85/90 Abilities: Plus / Minus . 5 PP is disappointing so while Iron Head will do no good flinching as Ferrothorn is too slow to utilise that. He learns normal weak moves like Metal Claw or weak multi hitting move Pin Missile. but eventually.Iron Head / Gyro Ball . he is also physically offensively capable with powerful moves like Gyro Ball or Power Whip. it is quite difficult to train with his natural movepool going all over the place. Ferrothorn is a LOT more suited for competitive play than in-game. Note that setting up Curse when the opponent has a foe that uses Fire moves is pointless. that low PP from the moves he learn will bite him harder than anything. However. Only problem is that they lack PP. so it should not be skipped.Curse / Thunder Wave . Ferrothorn is also useful in game.defensive role in a team. Iron Head is a reliable Steel STAB attack. However. Last slot can go to either Payback or Return. He learns Payback at Level 53 or by TM. . Ferrothorn @ Miracleseed Ability: Iron Barbs .Overall.

but overall it is not too bad.Its movepool is just. Plus and Minus. As for its ability. Klink evolves at Level 38 while Klang evolves at Level 49. Movesets: Gear 1 Klinklang @ Magnet Ability: Whatever . Then there is Autotomize to double Klinklang's speed. All it learns are Steel and Electric moves.Location: Chargestone Cave.. Klinklang is quite tough to train because the majority of its moves are special.Flash Cannon This makes use of Klinklang's special moves. Flash Cannon for STAB and Discharge because there really is not much else to get. usually Autotomize will help Klinklang better in the long run.Overall.Return .. or just Thunder Wave to mess with your foe's Speed. Its special side is a little weaker than its physical side. there's Return. while it is best physically. which is not bad at all. try this out to take advantage of Klinklang's better physical stats. while Discharge is the alternative if you do not have TM24..Klinklang is pretty well rounded. If you want to make use of those abilities. Gear 2 Klinklang @ Magnet Ability: Whatever . but they did not even do that.Thunderbolt / Discharge ..Thunderbolt / Discharge / Volt Switch If you ever reach Lv. which is bad! It does have interesting moves like Shift Gear though. get an opposite charged Klinklang :/ . Oh well. Gear Grind is for STAB while Return is the only other physical move it can really make use of. Thunderbolt is usually better in the long run for the last slot. 54.Autotomize / Thunder Wave . but its main attraction is its high attack and even higher defence.Shift Gear . Well. but so what? It does not even receive STAB for electric moves either! Sigh.Charge Beam / Metal Sound . It has a surprisingly decent speed. Now there are two special moves. Use Charge Beam to have a 63% chance to raise its special attack.. Volt Switch is there to switch out while dealing some damage to a foe. . that is troll. It might as well be electric as well. LITERALLY. Use Thunderbolt instead if you found TM24. However.Gear Grind . Rating: Poor (D) . so beware). It does not even learn any physical moves after Bind. Using Shift Gear gives you + 2 speed and + 1 attack. or just Metal Sound to mess with your foe's Special Defence (note: Defiant Bisharps will enjoy that more than hate it. oh well.. . ewww.

then why did I give him a bad? Answer is because Eelektross is VERY difficult to obtain. and even after that. Dragon. Because of his ability Levitate. Eelektross learns all sorts of good Electric moves and even has Dark. Tynamo is VERY difficult to find in Chargestone Cave.If he is so good and all. and assorted others.Tynamo/Eelektrik/Eelektross Base Stats: 35/55/40/45/40/60 65/85/70/75/70/40 85/115/80/105/80/50 Abilities: Levitate Location: Chargestone Cave (2% chance appearance. Fire. Tynamo evolves at Level 39 while Eelektrik evolves with a Thunderstone.. but this thing takes a lot more effort than he is worth. And when in that stage. If you do get him. he only has Tackle and Charge Beam and Spark to work with. Pretty cool right? . He is not too defensively weak either. you will need a Thunderstone to evolve Eelektrik and once you do that. Eelektross has no weaknesses (beware of Gastro Acid or Mold Breaker!). Yeah. Movesets: Electrophorus electricus Eelektross @ Magnet Ability: Levitate . .His movepool is not too bad either. Rating: Bad (E) . He has a low chance of appearance or something ridiculous. no TM access and very low stats.Eelektross. but nearly impossible to train. is not water but is found floating in Chargestone Cave. great. First of all.. despite being an eel. This trend will continue later on with other g od Pokemon. Then it takes up to Level 39 to evolve! He takes a LONG time. It's slow but it is quite powerful on both sides of the spectrum. He is a good Pokemon. 8% in the basement). Poison. he cannot learn any more moves via level up.

Ground Pokemon? Not a problem. which is cool. STAB Thunderbolt will definitely do that job. so use Return instead if you do not have it. Flash Cannon is there just to be another special attack. Using Coil raises Eelektross's attack. Last slot can go to either Return or Acrobatics. such as Return or Crunch or even Wild Charge. Note that Eelektrik learns Coil at Lv. but the recoil is annoying. Super Eel Eelektross @ None Ability: Levitate .Acrobatics / Return This is something like Serperior minus the Speed and the weaknesses and the lack of power. receiving STAB.Crunch . Elgyem evolves at Level 42. Wild Charge is Eelektross's most powerful move. 54. which lowers the foe's Special Defence by 2 stages. .- Acid Spray / Charge Beam Thunderbolt / Discharge Grass Knot / Crunch Thunder Wave / Flash Cannon All these Slashes look atrocious. but if you run Discharge instead of Thunderbolt. allowing Eelektross's next move to be twice as strong as long as it is special. make sure there is no item attached to Eelektross for full damage. Elgyem/Beheeyem Base Stats: 55/55/55/85/55/30 75/75/75/125/95/40 Abilities: Telepathy / Synchronize Location: The top floor of Celestial Tower holds RARE Elgyems. defence and accuracy by 1 stage. but if you use the latter. note that Discharge has a 30% chance of paralysis. he learns Acid Spray.Coil / Return . Thunder Wave is a good option for the last slot if Eelektross's low speed bothers you. but bear with me. Crunch is his other physical move so just put that in. The last two slots can also be replaced with physical moves. Charge Beam can work if you want to raise Eelektross's special attack instead of relying on Acid Spray.Wild Charge . Using Eelektross's special movepool is rather fun. Most of the time you will met Litwicks. which will take a while. but you don't have to run these if you don't want to. Hai Grass Knot (Note: this strategy is ineffective against Excadrill). For one.

Its movepool is similar to the other Psychics. it's another boring Psychic Pokemon when you probably already have Duosion or something by now.Overall.Rating: Satisfactory (C) .Light Screen . It learns STAB Psychic and has access to Shadow Ball. this Little Green Man (Elgyem. Another supportive set which can help your team. Movesets: Chief Grey Beheeyem @ Anything Ability: Synchronize .It's another powerful Special Attacking but Slow Psychic.Calm Mind / Charge Beam / Thunder Wave . or Shadow Ball to nail other Psychics. if you do not. Litwick/Lampent/Chandelure .. Use Recover to heal up damage done to Beheeyem.Reflect . I sense a pattern here.Psychic You saw this coming.Recover Using Calm Mind or Charge Beam. raise Beheeyem's special attack so it can hit much harder than it already does already with STAB Psychic. but unlike the others. Gamefreak seems to love these variants in this game . Why is this becoming so prevalent among the Psychics? Hmmm. Thunderbolt is stronger than Shadow Ball in general and can be helpful against Skyla's Pokemon.Thunder Wave / Recover . Beeheeyem @ Light Clay Ability: Synchronize . However. E. it learns Calm Mind AND Recover naturally! .T. LGM) has something to offer and should not be underestimated.Psychic . Thunder Wave can replace Calm Mind if you think Beheeyem already hits hard enough.Shadow Ball / Thunderbolt .

. Rating: Poor (D) . Movesets: Hitodama Chandelure @ Spell Tag Ability: Anything . but they are workable. and she took a great deal of effort just to evolve her at a high level of 41. but it still gets its job done. . That's near the amount of Kyogre's 150. she has enough moves to work with so all is not lost.Base Stats: 50/30/55/65/55/20 60/40/60/95/60/55 60/55/90/145/90/80 Abilities: Flash Fire / Flame Body Location: They are all over Celestial Tower.Will-o-Wisp . Is the Sun Safe? Chandelure @ Spell Tag Ability: Anything . but she was still torn to shreds by nearly everything. then by all means try that out. got OHKOd more often than not. and Shadow Ball is more stable. Her defences are okay. Once she was a Lampent.. unfortunately. Litwick evolves at Level 41 while Lampent evolves with a Dusk Stone. so bear with it. pretty much all Chandelure can learn for now. Even my Level 11 Frillish evolved before her. she was outpaced by everything. Last but not least is Fire Blast. Shadow Ball should be your main Ghost attack.Chandelure's most frightening and most noteable stat is her beast special attack of 145.Shadow Ball / Hex .Her movepool is not too great before national Dex. she became more bearable. She does not even get Flamethrower..Fire Blast This is.Sunny Day .Flame Burst . which was really shameful. As a Litwick. Flash Fire means immunity to Fire and it powers her fire attack while Flame Body can burn someone on contact. Keep in mind Hex has 10 PP as opposed to Shadow Ball's 15 PP. and her speed is usable. Flame Burst is somewhat weak.I had the most frightening experience with Chandelure. Her other stats are somewhat mediocre. which is Chandelure's most powerful attack in this set. just not remarkable. However. and you know how strong Kyogre is. I did not even evolve her with a Dusk Stone until AFTER I beat the E4. as it is powerful. but if you want to use the Will-o-Wisp + Hex strategy (Hex doubles its power when the opponent is status'd).

such as Seismitoad. Axew/Fraxure/Haxorus Base Stats: 46/87/60/30/40/57 66/117/70/40/50/67 76/147/90/60/70/97 Abilities: Rivalry / Mold Breaker Location: Mistralton Cave. He does learn a lot of other moves too. See that HAX power of 147? Yeah. of course. but at any rate. but that's pretty much all it needs to dominate.Overall.. but usually I go Flame Burst only because Fire Blast has 5 PP and is less than perfectly accurate. Though he reaches his final form at 48. Ever heard of a Ghost in the sun? Thought not. Movesets: . you've guessed it. DRAGON moves.Solarbeam . His speed is not bad either.Flame Burst / Fire Blast . while his defences somewhat suffer. this is the result of Gamefreak's fetish for high stats in this generation. this dragon is powerful and pretty easy to train. this will help Chandelure a LOT as it powers her already nightmarish Fire Blast and weaken Water moves coming to her. Shadow Ball is your other STAB. Solarbeam will make sure Water Pokemon are taken down. . Mold Breaker is a good ability as it ensures abilities do not interfere with his attacking (such as Earthquake hitting Levitaters) . He should not use special attacks. Axew evolves at Level 38 while Fraxure evolves at Level 48. Flame Burst and Fire Blast is dependent on your preferences. even Fraxure is pretty powerful.Haxorus is a monster. so that should definitely be there.Shadow Ball It's interesting that Chandelure can use Sunny Day. He is nice to have but sometimes it becomes too easy. Rating: Excellent (A) .Haxorus learns mostly. they are not incredibly poor.

which is a problem. Cubchoo/Beartic Base Stats: 55/70/40/60/40/40 95/110/80/70/80/50 Abilities: Snow Cloak Location: Twist Mountain.Shadow Claw / X-Scissor / Return . If you meet a Steel Pokemon. However.Overall.Brick Break / Dig / Return Haxorus. Rock Slide is another option. Hurts. while he is rare and not very easy to train. Rating: Satisfactory (C) . Movesets: King of the Arctic . interestingly enough. Beartic is a solid Pokemon that can work.Beartic is well rounded in most of his stats. though rare. There are other options and many are useful in their own rights. but his weaknesses and his slowness brings him down a notch.O NO ITS HAXORUS! Haxorus @ Anything Ability: Mold Breaker . He even learns Brine naturally.Dragon Dance / Swords Dance . He has a high attack power as expected of a bear. You will mainly use Dragon Claw as it gets STAB and undoubtedly almost always OHKO your foes. Cubchoo evolves at Level 37. He is powerful and can tear a lot of things apart when used right. Use Swords Dance instead of Dragon Dance if you think Haxorus is already fast as Swords Dance makes Haxorus much stronger than a Dragon Dance. Use a single Dragon Dance and he hurts like a bulldozer.His movepool is a mix of physical and special moves of many kinds. mostly Ice and Fighting and even Water. . his speed is rather low.Dragon Claw . and has the powerful Superpower as a Heart Scale move. go ahead and Brick Break or use Dig on them so they do not resist your main form of attack. .

unless winter. so it's good to have it.Brick Break / Return . and Rock Slide has good coverage alongside Bulldoze or Dig. Mind you.Beartic @ Nevermeltice Ability: Snow Cloak . 30?! 30?!!! . which is 5%.Shadow Claw / Rock Slide .Cryogonal has to have one of the strangest stat distribution ever created. Brick Break + Shadow Claw offer very good coverage. and Icicle Drop is still a good physical Ice move. these moves are pretty weak. For one. The other moves are there to basically give coverage.Blizzard . it has the highest Special Defence of all Ice Pokemon not named Regice.. and is ready to take his foes out in rage! RAWR! First option is Icicle Crash because it is his best physical STAB option. 50 attack. Ha ha. but also give Beartic an evasion boost due to Snow Cloak. 30 defence. but there's also the option of Bulldoze and Rock Slide.Icicle Drop Though Beartic's Special Attack isn't spectacular. so there's also Return for a more powerful attack should Icicle Crash not suffice.. Rating: Bad (E) . Cryogonal Base Stats: 70/50/30/95/135/105 Abilities: Levitate Location: Twist Mountain. Okay.Return All out physical attacking Polar Bear is angry. Where's the Polar Bear? Beartic @ Icy Rock / Nevermeltice Ability: Snow Cloak . 1% encounter rate though. Use Hail to not only make Blizzard 100% accurate. I won't use physical attacks.Icicle Crash . Then look at those physical stats. one cannot ignore the powerful Blizzard.Hail . Bulldoze will lower the foe's speed. Its Speed is quite surprisingly high and its Special Attack is not bad either.Brick Break / Dig / Bulldoze .

not Night Slash.Yeah.. but the lack of its availability and its rather low usefulness if it is even obtained makes it deserve a "bad".Ice Beam .Confuse Ray / Frost Breath / Solarbeam . er. but there is not much Cryogonal can do anyhow.Recover . . The one Hydreigon you face only uses special attacks as well. so try it out if you had to. . setting up against a physical attacker would probably be foolish as it would go down rather quickly.At any rate.. It has Levitate which grants it Ground immunity. Fortified Snowflake Cryogonal @ Light Clay Ability: Levitate . it is probably quite useful to run this particular set on this guy because it is fast and can set up both screens. Mind you. as it always strikes with critical hit and it is good to have another attack. Now what can it do? It needs to attack. hopefully buying you some turns.. Want to try Solarbeam? I guess it can work. that's its best STAB option. so it can destroy both of them with Ice Beam if it wanted to. Movesets: Angry Snowflake Cryogonal @ Nevermeltice Ability: Levitate . I like the guy. Most of it is Ice attacks and some supportive moves like dual screens and Acid Armor.Light Screen .. It isn't like it gets anything else.Ice Beam I know that these sets are probably not the best in game. it needs another move. however. It really begs for more options to attack with. but no Sunny Day? What is this madness? It wants Dark Pulse. It truly deserved more than this.Reflect . but with what? Hello Ice Beam.. . but not as high as one would hope for. Trollingly enough. Recover is for recovering some lost health. One good thing about Cryogonal is that it outspeeds both Haxorus and Hydreigon. but it is lacking in offensive moves. it gets Solarbeam. Very well.Recover Cryogonal ABSOLUTELY needs Acid Armor. Cryogonal is an interesting concept.Acid Armor . basically a Tackle will hurt a LOT on this guy while it sponges Flame Bursts from Litwick well. It has some utility in competitive battling. If anything. But just 10 PP.Cryogonal's movepool is in shambles.. What a strange Pokemon. .. Confuse Ray is cool for confusing stuff. Last but not least. I suppose Frost Breath works as a great alternative.. Recover lost health later and Ice Beam is so it can defend itself. so even better. It even learns Recover. Without Acid Armor it is going to get pummeled over by physical moves 9001 times over.

Bug Buzz . o_o Rating: Satisfactory (C-) . resulting to having its shell stolen and becoming a ninja. Strange. he is not a bad choice. U-turn is the way to go so that you can U-turn out of something and gain some experience along with a teammate.His movepool is mostly bug moves. no surprise there. Movesets: Ninja Ambush Accelgor @ Big Root Ability: Anything . and the ever so redundant Agility.Accelegor has one outstanding trait about him.This thing has an odd way of evolution. he is pretty tough to train as a Shelmet. but as a Accelgor.Giga Drain What's more annoying than Double Team? And what's more annoying than puking Acid Spray all over your foes to reduce their special defence sharply while you can STAB Bug Buzz all over their faces? Giga Drain restores some lost HP. His special attack is higher than his attack power. by trading specifically with a Karrablast. Power Swap. and it is even better with Big Root. speed. but he is really fragile. Guard Swap. If Double Team is not your style. trollishly enough.Shelmet/Accelgor Base Stats: 50/40/85/40/65/25 80/70/40/100/60/145 Abilities: Hydration / Shell Armor Hydration / Sticky Hold (as Accelgor) Location: You can find them in the puddles in Icirrus City or in Route 8 and the Moor of Icirrus City. . The Shelmet will become an Accelgor while Karrablast will become an Escavalier. He is even faster than Electrode. Shelmet evolves through a trade with Karrablast. .Acid Spray / Swift . he is frail defensively and should be cautioned at all times. Swift . However. he also learns Grass moves and even has things like Recover.Double Team / U-turn . Overall.

Mud Bomb / Dig .Discharge / Thunderbolt . definitely try it out.Surf / Scald .Sludge Bomb / Sludge Wave / Thunder Wave We should run both of Stunfisk's STAB attacks. although his special attack is okay. While Stunfisk has some good electric STABs. so usually Mud Bomb would do better. or if someone just angers you with mass Double Teams (those Emolgas for example). but he is not a Water Pokemon. Stunfisk Base Stats: 109/66/84/81/99/32 Abilities: Static / Limber Location: Icirrus City. like many of the other Gen V Pokemon that has been covered.Stunfisk's movepool mostly consists of Electric.He has a peculiar stat spread. Stunfisk has high HP and some nice defences. but it runs on his lower physical attack and also 100% accurate. He has many options to work with. When I Evolve. I Don't Evolve Stunfisk @ Soft Sand / Magnet Ability: Anything . Stunfisk is a troll. Dig is more powerful. .Overall. . If you want something different. but it is weak to Water moves and even his own Ground moves. Rock.Oh Wait. But he is quite an interesting Pokemon. but Sludge Bomb / Sludge Wave can help defend Stunfisk against Grass Pokemon in general. Moor of Icirrus Rating: Satisfactory (C-) . Movesets: I Swear. Surf is a good water move to have. He suffers with his low speed. Ground. However. and Poison moves. Water. though his design was officially trolled by Gamefreak. though the weaker Scald can inflict burn. Route 8. Last slot can be Thunder Wave for another option to run a "neutral" attack. he suffers with his Ground STAB. . but a rather low attack power. He looks like a Water Pokemon. He even learns Water moves. His special attack value is better than his physical attack value.

. but he also has strange moves like Calm Mind and even the relatively exclusive Aura Sphere.Meinshao's movepool is mostly fighting moves of course. He is a good Pokemon but he just comes a bit late and is one of those Pokemon who take forever to evolve. A rather simple but effective set. The "latecomer syndrome" is what I call it. Rating: Satisfactory (C-) . If the opponent you fight are at an advantage against Mienshao. who are usually purely physical. He is quite fast as well but he is really fragile.Drain Punch / Brick Break . Movesets: Everybody Does Kung Fu Fighting! Mienshao @ Anything Ability: Regeneration . . Fake Out your foes first then begin to attack with Drain Punch to heal and do damage.Rock Slide Meinshao's physical moveset. simply switch out with Uturn. A lot of milestones being broken in this generation. Meinfoo evolves at Level 50. Rock Slide hits fliers and can cause flinching. which will heal 33% of his health after switching out.You know what blows? Meinfoo evolves at Level 50.U-turn . that's for sure. which will also heal some health because of Regeneration. oddly for a fighter. If he did not evolve at such a high level then he would rate rather higher.Meinfoo/Meinshao Base Stats: 45/85/50/55/50/65 65/125/60/95/60/105 Abilities: Inner Focus / Regenerator Location: Dragonspiral Tower and Victory Road. This can be made up for by his ability Regeneration.Fake Out . .Meinshao has a mix of good attack power and special attack.

Druddigon is a weird Dragon. which ignores secondary effects of moves but makes those with secondary effects more powerful. Movesets: Victor Druddigon @ Anything Ability: Sheer Force . Take advantage of what he has and he can work for sure. He has decent survivability and a good attack score. I digress. Hone Claws is an attack + accuracy boosting attack. They are more common inside than outside. and Normal attacks. Rating: Satisfactory (C+) . Druddigon is one strange customer. There is not a lot of other things that are noteworthy . but he is really slow. Crunch is there to take advantage of Sheer Force.Druddigon Base Stats: 77/120/90/60/90/48 Abilities: Rough Skin / Sheer Force Location: Dragonspiral Tower. Rock Slide certainly . making Druddigon take down a lot of things in one shot. He's some filler Pokemon that was apparently designed after a gargoyle. Keep in mind Hone Claws require a Heart Scale to unlock.Hone Claws . Aside from Crunch we did not take advantage of Sheer Force.Dragon Claw This takes advantage of Druddigon's ability Sheer Force.Revenge / Rock Climb . but they could have done a little better with the design. In fact. His abilities Sheer Force and Rough Skin both aid Druddigon and can be useful in their own ways.Most of what Druddigon learns are physical Dragon. but if Axew is a pain getting or whatever. Revenge is the same deal and if Druddigon is hit the turn before Revenge works. it will do double damage. Druddigon can somewhat work. Dragon Claw is your main STAB option and should always be there. . so there are other options to consider. Dark.Overall.Crunch / Rock Slide . outside and inside. he is the slowest dragon out there. but he is a lot more bulkier but slower. Fighting.

Golurk has a movepool of Ground. Overall just try out what you think will work best. Just choose what you like the most and it should work out. By and Ghost moves. At any rate. . allowing it to learn Thunderbolt and Ice Beam and Grass Knot. but it is less than 100% accurate. Dragon Claw is your main attack otherwise and should not be ignored. many dealing with the fact Druddigon are slow and therefore works well. Golett evolves at Level 43. Low speed seems to be this generation's favourite theme or something. Fighting. Golett/Golurk Base Stats: 59/74/50/35/50/35 89/124/80/55/80/55 Abilities: Iron Fist / Klutz Location: Inside of Dragonspiral Tower.Dragon Claw / Hone Claws .Golurk is another Pokemon with high attack but low speed and well rounded defence.Revenge / Superpower / Dig . Dig is pretty cool in general if you would like a Ground move. for some reason it has a large special movepool. However. and since Druddigon is already quite slow. as Rock Slide also benefits from Sheer Force. Do not try using special moves as it is not Golurk's forte. its ability Iron Fist makes Hitmonchan obsolete makes its punch moves like Shadow Punch and Dynamicpunch stronger by 20%. Hone Claws can also work to make Dragon Tail 100% accurate because a miss is frustrating. .Payback / Crunch Using Dragon Tail is rather fun because you keep forcing the other guy to switch out.Dragon Tail . Rock. The rest of the other moves are other toys Druddigon can play around with. Rock Climb also does the same. Hugo Druddigon @ Anything Ability: Rough Skin . it does not mind the negative priority much anyhow. Rating: Good (B) . though Hone Claws can fix that accuracy problem. for example.

Movesets: Sentinel Golurk @ Soft Sand Ability: Iron Fist .Shadow Punch . Pretty interesting actually. Rock Slide and Brick Break give you good additional coverage.Brick Break / Heavy Slam Nothing much to explain here. Use Magnitude or Dig instead if you did not reach Level 50 yet.Bisharp is a peculiar Pokemon with another boring high attack trait. Shadow Punch is a weak move in general. but with Iron Fist. but there are other options. It is immune to three types of attacks. his Attack power raises by 2 levels. which is why we have extra attacks. Pawniard evolves at Level 52. His HP and Special Defence are also on the low side. such as Return and the new Heavy Slam. I don't know how the heck this guy is Ghost. now that makes you walled by something as dumb as Pidove.Earthquake .. doesn't go down easily. It is fairly common but it makes a good ghost Pokemon for your team and a good ground as well if you are looking for one. as when any of his stat decreases. Rating: Poor (D) . His ability Defiant is a rather scary one. and evolves at a reasonable level at least (reasonable by this generation's standards). Great. it becomes a bit stronger and it also never misses. Earthquake is strong but it learns it at level 50. Since Golurk is incredibly heavy. aside from the fact that two of its STAB moves are going to be its main moves.Rock Slide / Return . and special Attack should not be considered. which does more damage the heavier Golurk is than its foes. . his speed is somewhat middling but it is not atrocious.Overall. but it is. Pawniward/Bisharp Base Stats: 45/85/70/40/40/60 65/125/100/60/70/70 Abilities: Defiant / Inner Focus Location: Route 9. However. expect a lot of damage done by it. His Defence is high too at base 100.

However.X-Scissor / Thunder Wave ..Brick Break / Thunder Wave Note that Swords Dance is obtained at Level 63. but taking down Steel Pokemon will be more difficult.Night Slash . he learns Grass Knot. Yes. but he also has some Fighting moves and a few other physical attacks. Oddly. Next comes his two STAB attacks Night Slash and Iron Head. the latter being stronger vs neutral targets. and there are not enough attacks he can learn before he does. another one of these guys? Bouffalant is another high attack but low speed Pokemon that they keep cooking up with. while X-Scissor is another interesting move to have. which for some reason became nearly universal in distribution.. which is a long way to go. which can slow down his foes to make sure Bisharp can KO uninterrupted.Iron Head . Iron Head also comes with the added bonus of flinch chance... Bisharp learns a lot of Dark and Steel moves. but it is rather pointless in-game if you ask me. Lastly. but if you do get it. Pawniard evolves at Level 52.. Bouffalant Base Stats: 95/110/95/40/95/55 Abilities: Reckless / Sap Sipper Location: Route 10 Rating: Satisfactory (C-) . He even has very good defences too. Brick Break can take care of other Dark Pokemon like enemy Bisharps. so let that be your incentive to run Thunder Wave. Swords Dance will allow Bisharp to pretty much OHKO almost anything. what is with this whole late evolution business we are ending up with? Movesets: Mordred Bisharp @ Anything Ability: Defiant . Pawniard is pretty cool until you realise. we need some coverage moves. Seriously Gamefreak.Overall. all at . he suffers the "latecomers syndrome". all the good stuff seems to come when he evolves.As expected. an alternative would be Thunder Wave.What. .

Teach Bouffalant Wild Charge and you have another move to abuse with Reckless. so not all is lost.95/95/95. so it's definitely a good idea to consider. . but this is the reason why Bouffalant should ever be used.Overall. However. Bouffalant does get Swords Dance at Level 56. feel free to try it out. Rating: Bad (E) . His speed may be middling. He just should have come earlier and he would have been a better addition to the team. What a shame its name changed. which he is full of.Megahorn Head Charge was called Afro Break in Japanese. And as usual. His ability Reckless is noteworthy for powering up his recoil moves..Braviary is well rounded and is not a bad Pokemon at all. so he requires slight more grinding than other Pokemon usually. Because Bouffalant already has low speed. and if you reach that level.Wild Charge .His movepool is rather pretty low for a Normal Pokemon.Revenge .Head Charge . Movesets: Afro Break Bouffalant @ Anything Ability: Reckless . Head Charge becomes even more powerful because it is a recoil move. he already has decent stats and quite powerful moves. His signature move Head Charge is Double-Edge with less recoil damage . . Rufflet evolves at Level 54. Revenge is a good Fighting move to use. and with the ability Reckless. he comes pretty late.. Head Charge is incredibly powerful. White Only. but he has just enough to work with. Rufflet/Braviary Base Stats: 70/83/50/37/50/60 100/123/75/57/75/80 Abilities: Keen Eye / Sheer Force Location: Route 10 and Victory Road. Megahorn is another strong move to put in. don't bother with his special stat of 40. Oh well.

54. both are the same power. Movesets: Battle Hymn of the Republic Braviary @ Anything Ability: Sheer Force . while a Rufflet evolves at Level 54. What a shame. His attack power stands out immediately with that insanely high score of 123. Either way. take your pick. while Rock Slide is the only move in this moveset that benefits from Sheer Force. His movepool suggests he is a "fighter" that he might as well been a Fighting/Flying. that requires a Heart Scale. Return and a Flying move. unlike most other birds. I kid you not.Braviary is an odd bird. Hone Claws can be used if you want Rock Slide to be perfectly accurate. so there is a LOT of grinding needed to even get him to be in sync with your team.but it is salvageable. Come on Gamefreak what is that? . Why does Gamefreak keep on doing this? He is available in the Route right at the north of the 8th gym. and did I mention he evolves at Level 54? Yes. . This bird would definitely replace Unfezant if he did not come at that inconvenient time and have a troll evolution. but that requires a Heart Scale. There are two STABs available. is actually not bad. but the lack of PP and accuracy is not appealing. Aerial Ace or Sky Drop. But unlike Staraptor. Another alternative can be Crush Claw. He even learns Rock Slide.Fly / Aerial Ace / Sky Drop . Oh. And yeah.Why is this good Pokemon rated bad? He suffers from the "latecomer syndrome. His defences. Are they kidding me? Vullaby/Mandibuzz Base Stats: 70/55/75/45/65/60 . so you can just attempt to use Work Up if you still want to power Braviary up. he gets Superpower over Close Combat.Return / Hone Claws / Work Up . However.Shadow Claw .Rock Slide / Superpower This eagle is one scary customer. Superpower can be used too. It is also weaker than Return. he has low special attack. which lowers the foe's defence AND benefit from Sheer Force. it is learned at Level 51 as a Braviary. because trollingly enough. Shadow Claw is there so you can hit Ghost Pokemon super effectively. Sheer Force helps with very few moves that Braviary has though.

she actually learns Dark Pulse without breeding. now what? Well. . It's a shame really. and is not even worth it in the end. much like Braviary. and just tough to level. and she comes very late.Nasty Plot . and it will require leveling up to 54 to even become a Mandibuzz. Nasty Plot. but she was built to be a wall. really. You know what's troll? Roost is a hereditary move. evolves very late (level 54 like her rival Braviary). anything can go in that last slot really. Mandibuzz's attacks will actually start to hurt. wait that includes me too!). Movesets Dia De Los Muertos Mandibuzz @ Blackglasses Ability: Anything . Rating: Bad (E) . Anyways. Mandibuzz is more fitting for competitive battling rather than in-game. and unlike a lot of the new Pokemon. but after her two STABs. Mostly just Dark and Flying moves.Barren movepool. I guess you can just go Faint Attack / Air Slash / Dark Pulse / Fly or something if you wanted to. she does learn Nasty Plot. I really like her. However.Dark Pulse .Flatter / Fly / Bone Rush I really do not know what else would do. . and Bone Rush even. because her only selling point.110/65/105/55/95/80 Abilities: Big Pecks / Overcoat Location: Route 10 and Victory Road.. Interesting? Okay. but I remembered that this guide was written to suggest what would be a "viable" moveset for in-game. Her two STABs are Air Slash and Dark Pulse. She could have been a lot better if she came earlier.Mandibuzz was not built offensively. Sorry. Vullaby evolves at Level 54. Her offences are atrocious however. . She has tankish defences and not so bad speed either. and hardly does any damage against anything. but she suffers "latecomer syndrome" and "bad movepool disease" and "maligned stats-itis". I guess Flatter is a way to buy you a few turns if it works (use it against physical attackers for best results).. She just does not have anything good to run in-game.Ok you thought Braviary was bad? Wait until you get a load of this (Sorry Black Version players. Black Only. You can just run physical attacks like Return or Faint Attack or Fly or something. requires a Heart Scale.. if you use Nasty Plot. it will require a Heart Scale for Nasty Plot. Her abilities Big Pecks or Overcoat help reinforce her defences..Air Slash .

. and the last slot can go to anything really. .. Return being your most powerful option overall. Heatmor at least does not need an evolution. Flash Fire gives him immunity to Fire. but he still cannot offer a lot for the player to defeat the Elite 4. Movesets: Need a Light? Heatmor @ Heat Rock / Charcoal Ability: Flash Fire . Rock Tomb is also an option to help make up for Heatmor's rather low speed. the usual Sunny Day + Solarbeam tactic. What a shame. but special attack is larger. who wanted to use this guy. Anyways. Trollingly. that Heatmor comes much too late to be of practical use. if it hits. I actually have to tell Tbird. many of the Dark type moves he learns are through breeding. The other moves he learns however is not too impressive and rather barren. nothing else to look up to. Although he is slow and all.Heatmor Base Stats: 85/97/66/105/66/65 Abilities: Gluttony / Flash Fire Location: Victory Road Rating: Bad (E) . That is. along with Flame Burst or Flamethrower (depending on your level). both attack and special attack. but other than that.Heatmor has pretty high offences.Flame Burst / Flamethrower . His defences are rather low and its speed is not too great either.Sunny Day . .Return / Dig / Shadow Claw / Rock Tomb You want to know what is troll? He cannot even learn Flame Charge! What kind of a Fire Pokemon does not? They really messed up this guy.Solarbeam . Gluttony of course will not help unless you use a berry.Heatmor comes wayyyyyy too late. .This Pokemon actually has one selling point with his movepool: he learns Flamethrower naturally (albeit at level 51). this is what seems to work the best.

however. Crunch can help deal with Ghost Pokemon while Dig can hurt some Fire Pokemon. can actually be useful against some of the Elite 4 members. Durant.. such as Grimsley's Dark Pokemon or Caitlin's Psychic Pokemon (though beware of special attacks). he is an anteater).Durant Base Stats: 58/109/112/48/48/109 Abilities: Swarm / Hustle Location: Victory Road Rating: Satisfactory (C-) . Movepool: Mr OwlHeatmor Ate My Metal Worm Ant Durant @ Anything Ability: Anything . However. Heck. Like really. which just trolls on the musketeers and Infernape by 1 point. Durant comes way late.Crunch . . Anyhow.His movepool is not too great. His HP and special stats suffer. X-Scissor and Iron Head are Durant's two STABs. Reshiram will roast Durant. I'm not sure how good Dig is against the Elite 4 or even N. Wow. any of Durant's ability works. Fire Pokemon will probably get manhandled by Dig and Durant's high attack and speed.Dig / Aerial Ace Note the Mr Owl statement is a palindrome (just get rid of Heatmor and Ant). much like his rival Heatmor. 109 and 112. Durant is probably a lot more useful to run. if trained. but he gets all the moves he really needs to take down his foes. But either way. even though Heatmor obliterates Durant (after all. though both Reshiram and Zekrom are weak to Ground. but keep in mind that messes with Durant's accuracy.Iron Head . can help against Marshal's Fighting Pokemon.X-Scissor . The only thing holding him back is his tardiness and requirement to grind to get him to be ready. for example. he even has 109 speed. though the boost is good. Strange Pokemon. He has high attack and defence for an ant.. Anyways. Aerial Ace.Durant has a very odd stat spread. .Overall. However. which is good. .

Rating: Bad (E) .. It seems one Pokemon after another all I am rating are the latecomers. He has good speed. and you must evolve at Level 50 to become his SECOND FORM Zweilous. That's when Shelgon became Salamence.Hydreigon's stats should not even be explained. but both are usable. Come on.Hydreigon is a pseudolegend and of course he would come with a catch. Seriously while these folks became their final form raging and ready to obliterate. Then to become the ferocious Hydreigon you have to train him until Level 64. While X-Scissor is learned at Level 51. And he is available only at Victory Road. Trollingly enough. because this will take a long time. there is also a TM for it if you cannot reach that level. Deino evolves at Level 50 while Zweilous evolves at Level 64. to witness his ultimate glory. which just grew an extra head. this guy is strong. Sigh. decent defences. that's right.and with Hustle. His Special Attack is higher than its Attack power. . what is that? This is the ultimate example of the "latecomer syndrome". 64. this guy gets stuck at his second form at that level. . it does not even miss! A worthy consideration to tell you the truth. This is the pseudolegendary Pokemon of Pokemon Black and White.Hydreigon's movepool is great. Hydreigon is very scary and Levitate gives him an extra immunity to Ground. Deino/Zweilous/Hydreigon Base Stats: 52/65/50/45/50/38 72/85/70/65/70/58 92/105/90/125/90/98 Abilities: Hustle Levitate (as Hydreigon) Location: Victory Road. You get his baby form Deino. Talk about the ultimate grind-fest. Without further ado. and 2 levels after Gabite became Garchomp. not even naturally.. Movesets: Змей Горыныч . here comes the movesets. He learns Dark and Dragon moves along with others like Fire and Water and Ground and other stuff. and 5 levels after Metang became Metagross. and you had better believe it. and high offences. Come on. he learns Dark Pulse through BREEDING.

Crunch . Unlike Hydreigon.Body Slam / Return I am going to assume you will be using either Deino or Zweilous since reaching Hydreigon stage will be nearly impossible. Larvesta/Volcarona Base Stats: 55/85/55/50/55/60 85/60/65/135/105/100 .Dragon Pulse . Run Acrobatics instead if you want to beat Marshal easily. Crunch is his main STAB option and his Dragon STAB is either the powerful yet inaccurate Dragon Rush while Dragon Pulse can also work provided you have a bit of Work Ups set up.Thunder Wave / Work Up . Ha ha. using both Dragon and Dark STAB to subdue his foes. Last slot can go to Body Slam if you wish to paralyse your foes to aid Deino/Zweilous's speed problems while Return is generally more powerful. You can try Work Up to boost your power and pretty much OHKO almost everything the game has to offer.Dragon Rush / Dragon Pulse .Fire Blast / Acrobatics I suppose this is the best I can come up with Hydreigon. so this is the ultimate beast of pre-National Dex Pokemon Black/White.Crunch . Take note that Hustle will LOWER his accuracy. nothing would stand in his way (beware of Marshal however). But that's ONLY if you reach Level 64. Work Up can boost his attack and special attack while Thunder Wave helps his low speed. Anyways. and this is also aided with their ability Hustle. Ghetsis's Hydreigon has got nothing on this one. you are way overleveled if you have this. so take caution.Hydreigon @ Nothing Ability: Levitate . At Level 64. just run these moves and you should be able to have an easy time defeating the Elite 4. GG.Surf . This Lemean Beast at his finest. Devon and Cornwall *"i think you took the two heads are better then one thing too seriously o-o" ~ UnderXRay Deino / Zweilous @ Eviolite Ability: Hustle . Deino or Zweilous are better PHYSICALLY than specially.

Carracosta to come in and Stone Edge Volcarona. it will take a long time. she loses that physical power when she evolves. Wild Charge. Strangely. but once you KO them. As for the Bug STAB. somewhat. However. or Return for a safer alternative. as it is Fire and Bug moves mostly. "Why does it take so long to evolve this Arceus head bug into some butterfly?" ~ Mewtwo EX Movesets: 태양은가득히 Volcarona @ Charcoal Ability: Flame Body . but the MUCH weaker Bug Bite can be used in Silver Wind's spot for more PP in case Heart Scaling for Silver Wind does not seem right. which will be Volcarona's main attack. Her physical side is weak but her special side is way too good for regular Pokemon standards.Quiver Dance . Yeah an egg to hatch. the Larvesta you CAN get before that event is a man in Route 18 who will give you an egg.Silver Wind / Bug Bite . Quiver Dance is an obvious choice. but both are weak. Well okay. Fun. Larvesta's attack power is better than Volcarona.. Flame Body can be good for burning Pokemon who touch Volcarona. nearly impossible to get to by the time you reach the Elite 4. who is a Level 70 Urugamosu Volcarona in Relic Castle. but as stated earlier. all because of that availability factor.. Last slot can go to Double-Edge it learned as Larvesta.Abilities: Flame Body Location: There are two. And those three stats are already high on Volcarona. Rating: Bad (E) .Heat Wave . and just annihilates the foe. . Then training Larvesta from Level 1 all the way to 59 + is a difficult trip.Volcarona's movepool is interesting.Double-Edge / Return / Hyper Beam It's really hard making a set for Volcarona. Why not just go ahead and try Hyper Beam? It's 150 base power. but then what? Try hatching that egg. but one is post game. special. but she also has access to other moves like Psychic and strangely.Volcarona may as well be the sun god or a legendary Pokemon with her stats. good Pokemon does not mean good in-game. and Speed all in 1 turn. I don't know. . as it is Volcarona's main selling point.So you can access the egg as soon as you get Surf. Then 1 more level later it learns Heat Wave. Quiver Dance is Volcarona's selling point. It really is. Let alone training REGULAR POKEMON to past the 50s by then. Volcarona is a good Pokemon. use a Heart Scale to get Silver Wind. giving her + 1 Special Attack. . Special Defence. Alakazam is similar like that. I think it would be of your best interest to switch out lest you want.

Double-Edge / Return . Flame Charge and Bug Bite are weak. Cobalion will gain + 1 attack power whenever hit by a Dark move (try switching into a .Heat Wave . Double-Edge and Return is a choice between power or no recoil.Wild Charge Face it. the Sun! Use Sunny Day to have chargeless Solarbeams blasting Water Pokemon like Carracosta while Heat Wave still remains a powerful Fire move for Volcarona's use. strangely.Bug Bite . This guy unlocks the other two Musketeers as well Rating: Good (B+) . so we will run physical attacks here.Sunny Day .Cobalion has a huge defence.Helios Volcarona @ Heat Rock / Charcoal Ability: Flame Body .Solarbeam . Late Bloomer Larvesta @ Eviolite Ability: Flame Body . Its weakest point is its Special Defence. and has well rounded offences too.Flame Charge . Larvesta hits higher physically than Volcarona does. Wild Charge gives you an advantage against water and flying Pokemon. though Larvesta is still not too powerful. as you can see. Its speed is very good as well. Quiver Dance is still there because it is awesome. Thanks to Justified. but those are her only options for physical STAB. Lastly. Cobalion Base Stats: 91/90/129/90/72/108 Abilities: Justified Location: Mistralton Cave.Quiver Dance This basically takes Volcarona's persona to be truly be revealed. you're not going to be a Volcarona before you hit the Elite 4 unless you really took your time in this game.

Sacred Sword .Iron Head .Terrakion has a very usable movepool. so if that Serperior keeps setting Coils up. Run both of its STAB moves Iron Head and Sacred Sword of course. Terrakion Base Stats: 91/129/90/72/90/108 Abilities: Justified Location: Victory Road. Take advantage of Justified and switch into a Crunch or Dark Pulse or something to raise its attack power further. not bad at all.predicted Dark move). but it does not need to use that.Swords Dance / Volt Switch . Movesets: Athos Cobalion @ Anything Ability: Justified . so whatever. High Attack Power and well rounded defences and high speed makes Terrakion an awesome fighter. It is not the best one but it works quite well. . . Cobalion is the leader of the three Musketeers and rightfully so. Sacred Sword is an interesting move that ignores ALL defence boosts. Its only weakness is that special attack value. try out Volt Switch for fun.Cobalion learns a lot of Fighting and Steel moves. .A Level 42 Pokemon accessible right after getting Surf? Not bad.Terrakion definitely has the best stat distribution of the three musketeers. You must first unlock Cobalion first for it to appear Rating: Satisfactory (C+) . but Return also works. Cobalion will have a field day setting up Swords Dances and quickly obliterate with Sacred Sword. Last slot can go to XScissor. If set up is not your thing. such as Thunder Wave and Volt Switch.X-Scissor / Return Swords Dance makes Cobalion very scary. but it also has access to electric moves strangely. It is the only one of the three musketeers to .

and it sees use in competitive battling a lot for a reason too! Movesets: Porthos Terrakion @ Anything Ability: Justified . Terrakion's STAB Sacred Sword and Rock Slide work great together. Terrakion is the best offensive Musketeer. but it wuold really help it if it learned more defensive moves like Leech Seed.Virizion is the opposite of Cobalion in terms of stats. use it.Virizion's movepool is fit for an offensive Pokemon. Virizion looks like a defensive Pokemon slapped with an offensive movepool. Not surprisingly.learn Earthquake. You must unlock Cobalion first for it to appear Rating: Good (B-) .Sacred Sword .X-Scissor / Bulldoze / Return Using Swords Dance on Terrakion is overkill. .Rock Slide . though Earthquake is not accessible before the Elite 4. Unfortunately. Virizion Base Stats: 91/90/72/90/129/108 Abilities: Justice Heart Location: Pinwheel Forest. .Swords Dance . and unlike most rocks not named Aerodactyl. Rock Slide can also cause flinching. . It has high special defence. Justified raises Virizion's attack even further if it gets hit by a Dark move. it learns Grass and Fighting moves. Regardless. but low defence. it can become a valuable partner. high speed and evened out attacks. and Sacred Sword ignores all defence boosts. it comes MUCH too late as a price for its value and it has a lot of elemental weaknesses. Terrakion is actually fast. if trained.Overall. Last slot can go to any physical attacks that fit your tastes. but when you feel like it.

Sacred Sword.Sacred Sword . Movesets: Aramis Virizion @ Miracleseed Ability: Justified .Return / X-Scissor / Aerial Ace Basically this makes use of the Sunnybeam combo if Giga Drain does not do Virizion any good. That being said. Work Up can replace Swords Dance so both attack stats can be boosted.Return / X-Scissor / Aerial Ace Virizion can obtain better moves after the game. which is a long way to go.Overall. in spite of the ice weakness. Virizion can be a good team member. maybe Jellicent too. Virizion's primary STAB is NOT physical but rather special. which can spell trouble. is Virizion's most powerful move at this time and ignores defence boosts when it hits.Sunny Day . Virizion has got nothing against Chandelure. Last slot can go to anything you see fit. Well actually. Unlike its brothers. Solarbeam is very powerful and most likely anything weak to Grass that is not Jellicent will be OHKOd.Giga Drain . The other moves are still useful regardless. Unfortunately. Zenith Virizion @ Heat Rock Ability: Justified . Giga Drain is a useful move anyhow as it drains health and restores Virizion's lost HP.Sacred Sword . Tornadus Base Stats: 79/115/70/125/80/111 Abilities: Prankster ..Solarbeam . It is still a good Pokemon and can aid against the fight against Brycen. as we know. but unfortunately some flaws are apparent. but this is all it can work with as of now. such as learning Leaf Blade at level 67.Swords Dance / Work Up .

talk about laziness. What is with these uninspiring designs really? Gamefreak. Pokemon Black only. Thundurus Base Stats: 79/115/70/125/80/111 Abilities: Prankster Location: He roams Unova but you have to listen to an old woman's story in Route 7 first before his presence is activated. but relatively low defences. seriously. but don't forget that Tornadus's physical attack power is also pretty good. Really strong that there is really nothing much you can do with him but give him STAB and a few coverage moves. Really. its ultimate move..Pure Flying Pokemon? What were they thinking? And he looks like a green Thundurus. so Acrobatics is an amazing choice. Movesets: 風神 Tornadus @ None Ability: Prankster . Rating: Satisfactory (C-) . His stats are the exact same as Thundurus's. . at Level 67 unfortunately.. Rating: Satisfactory (C-) .Air Slash . Pokemon White only. anything can go in here. Some fighting moves are also present.Location: He roams Unova but you have to listen to an old woman's story in Route 7 first before his presence is activated. Use Grass Knot if something like Carracosta starts bothering you. . special attack.Tornadus has a high attack. It learns Hurricane.Most of Tornadus's moves involve Flying and Dark moves. and speed.Acrobatics / Grass Knot Tornadus is strong.Crunch .Extrasensory / Brick Break . Use your Master Ball if you have to. God of the wind is powerful but a very hard deity to catch.

Its speed is good for standard Pokemon but rather slow for uber standards. but its high special stats are what is appealing. His stats are the exact same as Tornadus's. but relatively low defences..Brick Break / Return / Fly / Wild Charge Basically just keep charging Charge Beam until Thundurus becomes very scary and fire powerful Thunderbolts. Its physical power may not be as strong but it is strong regardless. Oh wait. It even learns Nasty Plot. . has incredible stats. special attack. talk about laziness. it is. Some fighting moves are also present. but Hurricane takes a long time to learn for Tornadus anyways.Thundurus outclasses Tornadus in every single way possible. what is this I don't even. it is supposed to end in Dragonspiral Tower. Movesets: 雷神 Thundurus @ Magnet Ability: Prankster . use your Master Ball against the god of thunder if you are having trouble. which is just trolling Black version people. Gamefreak really.Most of Thundurus's moves involve Electric and Dark moves. Rating: Satisfactory (C) .Reshiram. though at level 61. and speed. It looks like a blue Tornadus. However. . it does not learn Hurricane. Last slot is your choice. If you fail to catch it.Thundurus has a high attack. TurboBlaze ensures NO ONE is immune to ANYTHING Reshiram . use Volt Switch instead. Reshiram Base Stats: 100/120/100/150/120/90 Abilities: Turboblaze Location: Right near the end of the game in Pokemon Black only.. Laziness on the spriting and the stats. being a legendary Pokemon.. If Charge Beam does not appeal.Thunderbolt / Discharge .Charge Beam / Volt Switch . do not forget that...Grass Knot .

uses. Reshiram can also fight Ghetsis's Cofagrigus easier due to its lower special defence as opposed to its higher defence. which is scary. Spoiler Warning: . it rocks! It's a shame it only gets two battles to prove its worth. . but even during that time being. However. . Reshiram will have a fixed moveset. However.Reshiram has a useful movepool and its signature move Fusion Flare is very powerful as it has NO DRAWBACKs.Reshiram has an easier time fighting Zekrom than the other way around due to Dragonbreath being a special move which Reshiram specialises in. it is irrelevant during this part of the game. You will have to wait until AFTER you beat the game to even customise Reshiram unfortunately. Unfortunately for this time of the game. Zekrom tends to spam Fusion Bolt a lot. If Zekrom uses Light Screen then it will become more difficult.


keep in mind Zekrom has Light Screen to weaken Dragonbreath's impact. it is supposed to end in Dragonspiral Tower.Dragonbreath . However. Klinklang = Fusion Flare. but unfortunately Fusion Flare runs out quickly so have some Ethers or something along with you to have more than 5. If you fail to catch it. you should usually be able to 2HKO it. Zekrom Base Stats: 100/150/120/120/100/90 Abilities: Teravolt Location: Right near the end of the game in Pokemon White only.Slash . Vanilluxe = Fusion Flare! Archeops is also trouble so get someone else to fight it. and stay away from Bouffalant and Seismitoad. more often than not. oh that was Zoroark? Whatever that thing also hates Fusion Flare too so two down and everyone is down. Carracosta is usually trouble so stay away from it.Fusion Flare When you fight Zekrom just Dragonbreath it as even with something as bad as Impish nature. Same deal for Hydreigon as it is probably faster and will use Dragon Pulse to get rid of Reshiram. Just Fusion Flare Cofagrigus. Ghetsis rages and you fight without a break. all Zekrom will do is spam Fusion Bolt. Not bad. However.Spoiler Movesets: ‫שרף‬ ָָ ׂ Reshiram @ Nothing Ability: TurboBlaze . Bisharp and Eelektross. .Extrasensory .

However. there's N. . Two battles with this. there is a type that is naturally immune to electricity without the aid of an ability (Ground types).. so that is always good.Zekrom has a useful movepool and its signature move Fusion Bolt is very powerful as it has NO DRAWBACKs. In fact. Movesets: ‫שד‬ Zekrom @ Nothing Ability: Teravolt . do not forget that.Rating: Satisfactory (C-) .Zekrom. However. has incredible stats. Like Reshiram's ability. Archeops should be easy to beat.Dragonbreath . lest you want N to use that Full Restore. Keep in mind unlike Reshiram. then use 2 Dragonbreaths or something.Zen Headbutt . it might as well stay out for that time being. I would stay away from using Zekrom against Ghetsis as they all seem to do too well against Zekrom. all Reshiram normally does is spam Fusion Flare. Its special power may not be as strong but it is strong regardless. . but its high physical stats are what is appealing. so it might be best to use someone else. Use Fusion Bolt against Carracosta. Vanilluxe = get out of there as Ice Beam will eat Zekrom alive! As for Klinklang you basically wall it but Metal Sound is annoying. Cofagrigus has a high defence so even Fusion Bolt might not work too well. BUT it is faster and carries Dragon Claw.You might realise that Reshiram is tougher to take down with Zekrom than using Reshiram to take Zekrom down because of Dragonbreath being a special attack. Try to play along with its game and use Fusion Bolt because it gets powered up after getting hit by a Fusion Flare.Slash . As for Ghetsis. TeraVolt ensures that abilities like Volt Absorb or Motor Drive or Lightningrod do not get in Zekrom's way.Fusion Bolt Against Reshiram it will be a bit tough but you will trump Reshiram because Reshiram does not have any dragon moves. Its speed is good for standard Pokemon but rather slow for uber standards. Zekrom has a difficult time fighting N and Ghetsis more than Reshiram does unfortunately. Zekrom will have a fixed moveset. Unfortunately for this time of the game... . Zoroark is too fragile to stand up to Fusion Bolt so. it is irrelevant during the last part of the game. Zekrom CAN trump Eelektross and Cofagrigus if you play it right.. being a legendary Pokemon.

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