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Manuela Mauger 3176 67 th Terrace South St.Petersburg, FL 33712 mm127fbba@westpost.

net Tel: 321-735-6323 Home Alt:813-507-9127 Cell ~~~~~~~~~~~ PROFILE ~~~~~~~~~~~ Dedicated manager with a strong work ethic and the ability to build lasting client relationships. Experienced in operations management,sales,budget development, staffing,and cost control. Adept at communicating effectively with customers,vendors,and staff. Able to motivate employees to perform to their maximum potential. Exceptional organizational and planning skills;adaptable;enjoy new challenges. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OBJECTIVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The opportunity to join a growing company that has a position open for Given my experience and skills ,I would be an ideal match for this position . I have many years of experience in a variety of fields and countries. Addition to my extensive professional expertise ,I have strong communication ,excellent customer and teamwork skills. What I am most passionate about is "efficiency." I enjoy working on ways, to improve operations,processes and workflows.There is nothing I enjoy more than ensure the quality of customer service ,high standards of "excellence" by monitoring and evaluating staffs progress. Skills I have always relied on: "Being diplomatic and fair"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Key Accomplishments Successfully managed a family restaurant,increasing sales through quality food,exceptional service,and family value. Achieved the highest sales on pies . Maintained expenses below budget through accurate planning , waste reduction ,purchasing,and cost-effective operating procedures. Planned and managed significant remodeling projects that enhanced the ambiance of the facility. Offer outstanding team leadership ,management ,and conflict resolution skills. Exceptionally organized and disciplined.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EXPERIENCE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6/2005 - 11/2010 Perkins Bakery and Family Restaurant Melbourne, FL Manager Management/Administration

Accountable for budgeting,cost control,payroll,general accounting, and profit and loss. Planned menus,estimated food and beverage costs,and purchased inventory. Investigated and resolved food/beverage quality and service complaints, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business. Successfully launched and marketed the Bakery.

Supervision/Training Recruited,hired ,supervised,scheduled,and motivated a staff of up to 35 employees. Trained service staff to enhance customer service and increase profits through suggestive selling. Improved productivity and morale by initiating systems for accountability and by instituting effective training programs.

1/2004 - 6/2005 Suntree Petite Academy Melbourne, FL Teacher - Scheduled classroom and field trip activities,implemented curriculum, provided parents with feedback. 9/1997 - 8/2003 Ceip Marinada School Cambrils, Catalunia Spain Teacher/Social Worker - Teach Languages ; English and German . - Coordinate with teachers aides ,administrators ,social workers and parents to evaluate and tailor program to each childs individual abilities and needs. - Maintain accurate and complete student records ,prepare reports on children and activities as required by laws,district policies,and administrative regulations. 3/1993 - 5/1997 Tigerbaer Wiesbaden, Hessen Germany Founder and Owner for a "Charter School" - Owner and Founder - Met government requirements for opening of "Charter School",planned curriculum ,scheduled and coordinated teaching and support staff, implemented budget plans,produced assessment reports.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EDUCATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1995 Educational Management Master Degree GPA: 4.0 - Johannes -Gutenberg University, Mainz, Rhein-Land Pfalz Germany