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Our Product Line
Price List
How to Order
How Much Will You Earn
Option2: Unpackaged
Eau de Cologne
Eau de Toilette
Eau de Parfum
Hand & Body Lotion
Hand & Body Wash
Hand Gel
Perfume can be classified in three types:

Eau de Cologne (EDC) – Fragrance oil

content 3-
3-5%, this feels light to skin and lasts
about 3 hours and easily fits everyones’ budget,
very ideal for everyday wear.
Eau de Toilette (EDT) – Fragrance oil content
6-10%, this is more concentrated than EDC
and lasts longer, about 5 hours.
Eau de Parfum (EDP) – Fragrance oil content
11--15%, this is comparable to the original
brands & lasts the whole day.
It is important to note that Krystal fragrances
are prepared at the maximum oil content

EDC – 5%
EDT – 10%
EDP – 15%

Krystal Fragrances pride ourselves that we use only the

finest ingredients in our perfumes. These are our key

Fragrance oils – the most important ingredient of a perfume, we

use only pure fragrance oil imported from France. Unlike other
perfume versions rest assured that the scents will not change in

Berbacs Alcohol – this is an unscented perfumers alcohol, so the

perfumes won’t be smelling like alcohol

Moisturizers – for the NO sting effect on the skin

includes content, bottle &
personalized label
*20 mL P35 *10mL P45
50 mL P65 30mL P103
100 mL P110 50mL P146
60mL P170
EDT 80mL P215
*10mL P40
50mL P115 * 50 mL P50
60mL P130 100 mL P75
80mL P162 500 mL P250
* 50 mL P35
* 100 mL P55
500 mL P120

Hand Gel
* 50mL P30

Testers EDT P25

(depends on scent availability)
*Minimum applies

☺ for 20ml edc – 5 bottles/scent, all scents

☺ for 10ml edt – 3 bottles/scent, all scents
☺ for 10ml edp – 3 bottles/scent, all scents
☺ for 50ml hand & body lotion – 2 bottles/scent,
all designer scents, no minimum for VSecrets & Baby scents

☺ for 50ml hand & body wash – 4 bottles/scent,

all designer scents, no minimum for VSecrets & Baby scents

☺ for 100ml hand & body wash – 2 bottles/scent,

all designer scents, no minimum for VSecrets & Baby scents

☺for 50ml hand gel – 2 bottles/scent,

all designer scents, no minimum for VSecrets & Baby scents

EDT & EDP Special Bottles

see special bottles.pdf

small (10 ml glass) P3
medium (30 ml glass, 50 ml PET) P4
large (80ml glass, 100 ml PET) P6

Shrink wrap
full bottle P1
cap spray P0.5

Terms of Payment COD

For volume orders, 50% dp
lacoste touch of pink for women
d&g lt blue for women
green tea by elizabeth arden for women
pleasures by estee lauder for women
heiress by paris hilton for women
red delicious by dkny for women
romance by ralph lauren for women
still by j lo for women
beautiful by estee lauder for women
happy hearts by clinique for women

cool water by davidoff for men

hugo boss dark blue for men
lacoste essential for men
double black by ralph lauren for men
drakkar by guy laroche for men
polo sport by ralph lauren for men
clinique happy for men
bulgari extreme for men
polo blue by ralph lauren for men

Victoria Secrets
Endless Love
Love Spell
Strawberries & Champagne
Sweet Temptation

Baby Scents
Baby Sweet
Willow Chamomile
See separate attachment for full and
updated fragrance list

Decide on the scents, type and size you want to market

As much as we want to help you thru and thru, for this part please
decide for yourself, different people, different tastes, what may be
excellent for me may not be for you

Minimum order P1500 any variation

pls refer to the list for conditions

Text or email me your orders for confirmation

Orders cutoff every Tuesday

Orders confirmed by Tuesday are available for meetup every

Saturday, any MRT & LRT Line

Orders below P1500 are allowed

but will only be sent via Air21 or LBC
Freight Cost shouldered by the buyer

Payments accepted: GCash (preferred) & Bank Deposit

For 5 bottles 30 mL EDT/EDP app 0.5 kilos

Freight Cost P110 for Manila and environs
email your orders so I can send you exact freight cost

You will be a reseller not a dealer so you may

set your own price depending on your market
Just a glimpse, here are the prices of some of
our resellers:

50mL EDC P90 up

30 mL EDT P120 up
30 mL EDP P150 up
Say you decide to start with the minimum purchase, P1500

sample order
12 bottles 30 mL EDP (designer scents)
5 bottles 50 mL EDC (VSecrets scents)

you pay
12 x P103 P1236
5 x P65 P 325
with just the minimum SRP you earn
12 x P150 P1800
5 x P90 P 450
that’s over 40% income

For those who want to do the repacking

themselves. This option is much cheaper, it just
entails a little work on repacking the product.

EDC P400/500 mL

EDT P350/250 mL

EDP P375/200 mL
*minimum order for unpackaged – 5 bottles any variation*
Label sticker P100/A4 size sheet
for 1.5x1.5in that’s 35 pcs

Empty Bottles
PET pump spray clear/colored 20mL/50mL/100mL
For cologne only P15

Glass Bottles
10mL glass w/pump spray P16
round bottle 30, 50, 60, 80 mL w/ spray P25
special bottles see separate sheet for pictures and prices
Sample Computation

50mL EDC
500 ml EDC (makes10bottles 50 mL EDC)
EDC) P400
cost of cologne P40/50mL
bottle PET P15
label P3
P58 *our packaged priceP65

30mL EDP
200mL EDP (makes 6bottles 30 mL EDP, xss 20mL)
20mL) P375
cost of parfum P56.25/30mL
bottle glass P25
label P3
P84.25 *our packaged price P103
for Packaged option
☺ Order the indicated # of bottles with same scent
get it at a lower price

50mL EDC 24 pcs&above P55

100mL EDC 12 pcs&above P95

30mL EDT 20pcs&above P75

50mL EDT 12pcs&above P105
60mL EDT 10pcs&above P118
80mL EDT 7pcs&above P144

30mL EDP 13pcs&above P95

50mL EDP 8pcs&above P131
60mL EDP 6pcs&above P145
80mL EDP 5pcs&above P187
☺ Order 100 bottles (any variation) for 100ml
EDC, 50, 60 or 80 ml EDT or EDP or any
variation and get 5% discount off the total price

☺ Free tester for every P1000 order

(for orders P2000 up)
up)- not applicable for
shipped items
*discounts are not applicable together, client may get
the lower priced *
For Unpackaged option
☺ free tester for orders of P2000 up (1 free tester for every P1000 order)
- not applicable for shipped items, total of edc,edt and edp only

☺For orders P10,000 up free label sticker – 3 sheets

☺ Order 10 1-
1-liter edt or edp or combination – 5% discount

*discounts are not applicable together, client may get the

lower priced *
Body wash
Hand Gel
Tester bottles
PET Bottles
10mL glass
square bottle Sexy bottle

Hugo bottle

Round bottles
available colors as shown
shade may vary from actual

For 10ml glass For 30ml glass &50ml PET

Plus P3 Plus P4

For 50,60,80ml glass& 100ml PET For 30ml crib

Plus P6 Plus P6
Transparent & metallic gold & silver stickers

Standard sizes (actual size as seen)

Standard format

2x1 2x1.3 1.5x1.5 logo here

scent name
scent name

***No background color

For other sizes and designs, pls send your
files(jpg) so we can quote you if additional
payment is needed
***for prints >50% printable area plus P1/bottle
colored stickers
See separate sheet for designs
Standard sizes (actual size as seen) Standard format


2x1 2x1.5
scent name

20 ml PET 10 ml glass 30 ml glass

50 ml PET

50 ml glass
1.5x1.5 60 ml glass
Special bottles
80 ml glass
100 ml PET