Local Groups and Institutions in Zamboanga City supports the World Harmony Interfaith week on February 2012 On December

22, 2011, a Partners’ Meeting was held as part of the preparation for the World Interfaith Harmony Week which will marked on February 2012 at the Astoria Hotel, in Zamboanga City, Philippines. National Ulama Conference of the Philippines (NUCP) as the lead organizer of the event, gathered representatives from the Government Organizations, Local Government Units; Philippine National Police-Zamboanga, Zamboanga Chamber of Commerce, Media, Non-Government Organizations, the Academe and from the Religious sectors. This Partner’s Meetings serves as a venue for the stakeholders and supporters of the World Interfaith Harmony week to articulate and suggest their initiatives and activities for the week long celebration. As an initial step a PRIMER was distributed during the occasion as a springboard to drumbeat our on-going commitment to popularize and socialize interfaith dialogue based on foundational teachings of both Islam and Christianity and encourage for the others who are not yet convinced of the need to engage in interfaith dialogue as path to harmony and peace. The World Interfaith Harmony Week proclaimed by the United Nations Organization in 2010 to celebrate this event on the first week of February every year encouraging all states to support, on a voluntary basis, the spread of the message on interfaith harmony and goodwill in the world’s churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and other places of worship on the foundational teachings of love of God and love of neighbor. (UN General Assembly November 2010) As part of the on-going commitment to interfaith dialogue many groups and individuals had expressed their desire to take part on this initiative as partners were: Silsilah Dialogue Movement, Basilan Ulama Supreme Council, SALAM, Archdiocese of Zamboanga through its Social Action Office, the Ateneo de Zamboanga University through its Peace and Culture Institute and Kasajahitraan. “The celebration of the World Interfaith Harmony Week becomes a discovery to know, respect and appreciate each other, it’s a new spirit and this will serve as a contribution for peace.” The Mayor will make an executive order and DILG all Local government unit will enjoin the celebration.

Initial plan of activities: Launching of the World Interfaith Harmony Week

Signing of a declaration of commitment of all stakeholders ..Unveiling of the official Logo of the World Interfaith Harmony Week Religious places of worship will give the message of the Harmony Interfaith Week .

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