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Name: Lawahith Fares Hassouneh Nationality: Jordanian D.O.B: 11/03/1962 Address: P.O.

Box 9051-Abou Dhabi - U A E Contact NO: Home Tel: 026331137 Mobile: 0507619460 lawahith Hassouneh 0503200822 Dr. Raslan Hakim Languages: Fluent in Arabic & English (Writing & Reading) Education: B.S.C. In Bio Chemistry & Biology (Bir Zeit University In progress study Master in Clinical Research Administration Liverpool -UK) 1. Working in Food Microbiology 2. Working in Food Chemistry 3. Teaching in Food and Health Science technology Abu Dhabi Higher College of Technology: From October 2004 up to June 2010 I started my work in Food Inspection and Health Science Programs as a teaching lab technologist My work in Food Inspection program included Food Microbiology and Food Chemistry. I used to prepare all the lab material, handouts, demonstrate and run all the practicals with students. I supervised so many students in different projects including their Bachelor and higher diploma graduation degrees. My work includes preparing different Microbiology media and all chemical reagents required for all these practicals. Also I used to help students (male & female) to process the experiments in the lab. I was responsible for having all the lab requirements (reagents, consumables& capital equipments), I worked with faculty and teachers and supervisor to maintain the lab needs on time. I used to assist in teaching, prepare practical sessions and produce lab methods for all disciplines: All Food Inspection practical's and projects, Food Microbiology and Clinical , Food Chemistry and Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Blood Bank, Biochemistry, Immunology, Pharmacy, General Science & Researches. Al Salama Hospital: From 01/Jan/2004 to 20/July/2004 I worked as in charge Microbiology lab technician, my work was to do all the microbiology work alone besides help other technicians in Hematology, blood bank &Biochemistry. Also drawing blood and taking different samples form patients, dealing with patients, nurses and doctors Central & El Jazeirah Hospital -From 10/6/2002 to 13/5/2003

I worked voluntary on Microbiology lab, I worked on all sections :TB lab, Urine ,Stool ,Miscellaneous (Swabs, C.S.F,Body fluids ,... ) Blood culture Media preparation. Work Included routine analysis, culture, identification & sensitivity for all different microbiology samples. Annab labs From 28/Dec/2001 to 20/Dec/2003 I worked on all the machines that are available in Biochemistry & Hematology and some tests run manually .I used to prepare Microbiology media then, routine analysis, culture and sensitivity .Part of my work was to take blood and receive other specimens from patients. Also type and repot results to the doctors. Rashid hospital -Dubai From 15/Jan /1988 up to 13/July/ 1992 I worked on all section (taking blood - blood Bank- hematology biochemistry - serology).I worked on every test related to Microbiology According to the standard methods available( manually or automatically). El-Zahra hospital-- Sharja From 9/10/1987 to 30/11/1987 Phlebotomist part time job to replace technician. Kuwaiti hospital - Dubai From 01/51987 to 30/08/1987I trained in all departments (Microbiology - Hematology &Biochemistry) manually & automatically. And taking blood from patients. Rammallah hospital - Palestine From 01/11/1986- 30/1/1987 I trained on taking specimen and processing it on all sections (Hematology- Microbiology--Biochemistry &Blood Bank) Work Experience CURRICULUM VITA