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Arthur C. Ermlich Jr 800 Lord Leighton Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 ae13e0004@westpost.

net a Home 757-496-9953 a Work 757-491-4141 a Cellular 757-28 8-8239 a Summary a Professional with seventeen years legal expertise, including an outstanding reco rd of performance in planning, preparing and managing civil and criminal litigat ion. Expert analytical, investigative, organizational, negotiation, and courtroo m litigation skills. Organized, highly trained individual with exceptional follo w-through abilities and management skills, able to plan and oversee projects fro m concept to successful conclusion. Extensive experience in analysis of financia l records and settlement negotiations. a As owner/partner/manager of law firms I have developed the ability to motivate e mployees and facilitate team work to complete client's objective. I possess stro ng communication skills and have developed the ability to successfully resolve p roblems in antagonistic situations. A self-starter who has the ability to assess short and long term goals, prioritize tasks, and delegate responsibilities to o ther team members. Prior to attending college, extensive experience in business environment dealing with large and small projects, including government contracts. Daily responsibi lities included manpower management, billing of work completed, resource managem ent, and interfacing with primary contractors and government inspectors. a Areas of Expertise a Extensive experience in analyzing fact specific situations and applying current law in advising clients. Met and conferred with opposing counsel, filed complain ts, answered cross-complaints, negotiated and settled cases prior to litigation. Developed word-processing templates to decrease the time to produce standard do cuments. Trained legal and support staff to maintain the highest legal and profe ssional standards. a Recruited, trained, and evaluated office support staff. Mentored new employees o n company objectives, business standards, and employee expectations. Able to for m cohesive teams of employees to accomplish specific goals. a Bar a Attorney, Virginia State Bar, 1994. Admitted to Virginia Stare Bar 4/14/1994 Admitted to Virginia Supreme Court 6/6/1994 Admitted to U.S. Federal District Court 11/18/1994 a Experience a Thomas Law Group, Virginia Beach, Va 2005 to Present Attorney Acted as lead counsel in several jury and bench trials, both civil and criminal, in state and federal courts. Advised fellow attorneys of case law. Drafted lega l documents, including subpoenas, motions, contracts, and trial court briefs. In terviewed and prepared clients for arbitration and settlement negotiation. Inter preted statutes, drafted agreements, and filed complaints and motions. Conducted case research and prepared legal memoranda, orders, judgments, and decrees. Coo rdinated discussions with outside counsel and negotiated settlements. Gained div erse experience in criminal and civil law. Analyzed and improved departmental op erations within the law firm setting. Established new procedures resulting in in creased productivity and more efficient resource utilization. Provided legal doc uments to courts on matters awaiting litigation. Managed document control, inclu

ding indexing and summarizing contracts and agreements, analyzed responsive docu ments, and updated clients' privileged files. Analyzed and researched legal issu es. Advised corporate clients. Drafted pleadings, motions, discovery requests, a nd briefs. Interviewed and prepared clients for mediation. Interpreted statutes, drafted contracts, and filed complaints and motions. Handled administrative and procedural aspects of running large cases. Handled extensive civil law and moti on practice in state and federal courts. Recruited, hired, trained, mentored and developed staff lawyers. Typed letters and dictation, assisted clients, organiz ed and maintained records and data pertaining to client files, and researched le gal precedence. Achieved favorable resolution of complex, difficult-to-win cases through meticulous work and deployment of group-supported strategies. Assisted with trial preparation and worked closely with co-counsel in preparing defense s trategies. Performed research, drafted memos, motions, and other court filings f or a general litigation firm. Prepared preliminary phases of litigation, includi ng discovery, motion practice, and pretrial motions. a Athur C. Ermlich Jr., P.C.& Lomax and Ermlich, P.C., Virginia 1994 to 2005 Beach, Va Owner/Attorney Trained office staff and provided tools they required to reach expectations and achieve objectives. Managed client relations. Earned respect with a proven abili ty to obtain high performance levels from employees while maintaining a pleasant working atmosphere. Acted as lead counsel in several jury and bench trials, bot h civil and criminal, in state and federal courts. Analyzed and researched legal issues. Drafted pleadings, motions, discovery requests, and briefs. a Concrete Cutting Co., Inc, Virginia Beach, Va. 1985 to 1990 Superintendent Superintendent for road construction/demolition company with direct responsibili ty for project management and completion. Completed projects ahead of schedule a nd under budget. Proficient in handling simultaneous projects and meeting deadli nes effectively. Analyzed problems and anticipated project needs. Tracked change s made to the scope of work and made recommendations for required change orders. Directly supervised employees and created detailed reports on status of work or ders, billings, and material usage. Interacted daily with prime contractors and government inspectors. a Education a District of Columbia School of Law, Washington, D.C. 1993 J.D., Law Law School a Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va. 1991 B.S., Political Science Pursued major with two minors in criminal justice and economics. Accepted early admission and scholarship to law school before completion of degree. Completed o ver 75% of Bachelor's Degree requirements before accepting admission to Law scho ol. a First Colonial High School, Virginia Beach, Va 1978 H.S., Diploma a a a a a a Training a

1993 to 2010. Attended numerous continuing legal education seminars in various a reas of the law. Also appeared as lecturer and presenter for numerous seminars a nd served as mentor to others attorneys. a Honors a Virginia Beach Court Services Unit, 1995 to 2005. Recognized for volunteer servi ce to legal community a Board Member and President, Friends of the Virginia Beach Juvenile Court, 1998 t o 2002. Served on nonprofit board which coordinated volunteers for the Courts an d assisted individuals and families in crisis. a Virginia Beach CLASS Program, 1995. Recognized for volunteerism to pro bono lega l program assisting victims of domestic violence. Class Program received Liberty Bell award for outstanding service to the community by the Virginia State Bar. a Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission, 2001. Recognized for outstanding commitm ent and dedication to assisting children in foster care. a Virginia Beach Juvenile Court, 1998 to 2002. Received letters of appreciation fo r volunteer work as representative for the 2nd judicial District at various prog rams with the goals of improving docket control, software applications, and effi ciency and integration of statewide court databases. a Volunteer a Virginia Beach Rescue Squad, Virginia Beach, Va. 1985 to 2005 volunteer coordinator Volunteered at the annual oyster roast to raise funds for equipment. a Virginia Beach Swim League, Virginia Beach, Va. 1996 to 2007 official a Club Brittant Swim Club, Virginia Beach, Va. 2005 to 2010 Board Member,Vice -President, President a Served as Board Member, Vice President, and President of local community pool. a Seven Cities VolleyballClub, Virginia Beach, Va. 2008 to Present Director a Director of local club promoting AAU and junior olympic atheletes. a