NOTE: Bring the following on Sunday Oct.

16, 2011 (FAMILY DAY) y y y y y y Extra clothes Towel Alcohol Cap/ hat water Swimming attire (if you want to swim)

Please wear assigned color code t-shirt__________________ (members of the family who are joining) Penleigh kids will wear PE uniform Kindly bring _________________________________ to be shared to others for our snack time See you!!! Penleigh Management NOTE: Bring the following on Sunday Oct.16, 2011 (FAMILY DAY) y y y y y y Extra clothes Towel Alcohol Cap/ hat water Swimming attire (if you want to swim)

Please wear assigned color code t-shirt__________________ (members of the family who are joining) Penleigh kids will wear PE uniform Kindly bring _________________________________ to be shared to others for our snack time See you!!! Penleigh Management NOTE: Bring the following on Sunday Oct.16, 2011 (FAMILY DAY) y y y Extra clothes Towel Alcohol

y y y Cap/ hat water Swimming attire (if you want to swim) Please wear assigned color code t-shirt__________________ (members of the family who are joining) Penleigh kids will wear PE uniform Kindly bring _________________________________ to be shared to others for our snack time See you!!! Penleigh Management Grade II Niko Pholl Nhiel Bien Rj Donald Kurt Mic mic Grade III Rafael Nicholas denielle seth benedict jp tim ie Grade IV josh adrian nathan jadon kian chloe ikay bhea .

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if your team gets the answer right. Give each team the following: 50 sheets of laser print (white) paper 10 sheets of construction paper (any color) a small handful of toothpicks (around 30 or 40) a roll of scotch tape or duct tape 3 pages of newspaper 4 wire coat hangers On the GO whistle. The idea. and the blood of lobsters is blue. TRUE OR FALSE? 4. North Carolina.FOLLOW THE FREQUENCY This is best played in a gym. At the word GO. you get a bonus point. The others must sit and wait for the next question. Start with your shoes and your other adult leader's shoes. TRUE OR FALSE? 5. and put a blindfold on one teen in each pair. To qualify. 1. you tell the teens. held in a gym. The construction that can support the most shoes without being helped wins a can of Coke for each member. The side of a hammer is a cheek. The teen without the blindfold will be the guide to the one who is blindfolded. Each guide is given a different noisemaker (whistle. the kind RAZOR makes.904 pounds in 1939. HERE ARE SOME TRIVIA QUESTIONS: The correct answer is in red. who was weighed at 5. etc. Choose four pairs of teens from the audience. Sharks apparently are the only animals that never get sick. The only domestic animal not mentioned in the Bible is the cat. bike horn. It's a combination of the cerebral and athletic. the structure must be at least one foot high and hold at least two shoes. One by one. the guide leading tries to direct the blindfolded teen around one object and then to find a prize designated just for his team. The crowd can start yelling and making noise to add to the confusion. Get four of the scooters. is for your structure to hold as many shoes as possible. but then a selected teammate gets to go to the line and shoot a free throw. each team must to build a structure that is at least one foot high. The blindfolded teens should race on the scooter to find a hidden object in the room! The fun is in the teens trying to discern where their particular sound is coming from! SHOOT AND SCORE This is a twist on yesterday's trivia game. You may set up soft obstacles at different parts of the court. and try to mix them where some of the teens who don't know each other will be mixed together. go around the room and see how many shoes each structure can hold without collapsing. The ridges on the sides of coins are called filings. TRUE OR FALSE? 6. The first team to correctly answer the question gets to go to the line for the shot. Divide your group into groups of 4 to 6. If he gets it right. TRUE OR FALSE? 3. TRUE OR FALSE? BOB THE BUILDER This is a fifteen-minute game that is a good team-builder.) The blindfolded teen is told the particular noise he should be listening for. In this game. TRUE OR FALSE? 7. where the kids get to know each other. TRUE OR FALSE? 2. The giant squid has an eye that is a meter or more in diameter. the blood of insects is yellow. . you get one point. The biggest pig in recorded history was Big Boy of Black Mountain. The blood of mammals is red. then work your way through the teens' shoes if the structure holds up.

The pair of runners arriving here kneel one on each side of the line. You will be announcing several machines. the teams cannot defend their goal nor stop the other team's advance in any way. Here are some items that your teen groups can imitate: HELICOPTER CD PLAYER TOASTER SCHOOL BUS PERSONAL COMPUTER BULLDOZER OUTDOOR GARDEN FOUNTAIN . though: the balloons cannot be carried." Each team is given six balloons and told to break into three squads. At the far end of the room is a line marked on the floor. Each squad is to take one balloon and race to the other end and drop the balloon in the "goal. The banana under your armpit and hopping on one leg down a field and back. Here are some ideas for those relays. as each little squad protects and delivers its balloon by batting it as fast as possible. Announce that you will have prizes (cans of Coke) for the winning team who is able to perform the best. Divide your teens into two teams. place a large waste can (55 gallons) at opposite ends of the room. INDOOR GAME: GOOFY GROUP THEATER here is a fun gme that is a good team-builder. Assign teens to groups of no less than five but no more than ten. The Smartie must be pushed into the waiting spoon by the nose of the partner. In the playing area. The first team whose squads complete this wins the game. These are the "goals. . Players may bat the ball a total of four times before having to pass it to another player.. and on each line lies a Smartie candy for the couple.SMARTIE and SPOON RACE ( MOM & DAD) Couples take part in this. (sound. and if they touch the ground. 2. 1. Players must share the passing! OUTDOOR GAMES Banana Olympics Required: Bananas Players: Small to large groups Game of the Month 10/07 Divide the group into teams of 8-10 players and give each team a banana. Two important notes. They run with their hands behind their backs. Each team will complete several series of different relays using their banana. Second.. they are taken back and started again. This is a fast moving total offensive game. Should the Smartie be dropped during the return both must kneel and pick it up in the same fashion. race back and get a second balloon and do the same. It's a good exercise in teamwork.think of other items the teens can imitate AIR SOCCER Here is a fun game that teenagers of any size or shape can play without fear of being overwhelmed or intimidated. vehicles or objects and the teams will use their members to form that machine and imitate it. Place the banana between the knees and hop down a field and back. action) as judges decide which is the best for that round. One member carries a teaspoon in his mouth. only batted in the air.

The course could go through mud puddles and/or water (sprinkler) if available. You may have to write them on a large white board so that all players will know what relay is next. Please use a clean rope or sheet for this variation. they are to race down the course and back without letting go of their ankles. Egg Roll 500 Required: Eggs (cooked or uncooked). The first team done is the winner. the first person in the team is to untie a knot. Two teammates tossing the banana back and forth down the field and back. crawl like an inchworm to finish line. Divide into teams and each person is to go through obstacle course pushing an egg with their foot. You could even have them use only one hand to untie the knots which means they would have to use their teeth. On go. Players are to lie belly down.3. 4. Mark off a starting point and finish line. If cup falls off and spills they are to start over. Tie as many knots as there are player in each team. Show the players all the relays that they¶ll have to complete for the Olympics. obstacle course Players: Small to large groups Set up an obstacle course with a start and finish line. players can do this barefoot if weather permitting. Knot Race Required: Ropes or sheets Players: Small to large groups Set up two teams with a rope for each team. then hand the rope to the next person and repeat. Inchworm Required:: Paper cups and sand or water Players: Small to large groups This can be played as teams or individually. On ³go´. If outdoors. Once a team has completed all these relays someone on the team must eat the banana and the team that is done first is the winner. with cup filled with sand placed on their back. The first person on each team is to bend over with feet apart and grab their ankles. You can adjust this game to all types of players including the disabled Chimp Race Players: Small to large groups Set up teams and play area. Use your own ideas. Teammates line up in leapfrog formation and first player hops over players while holding banana and then tosses banana to next player in line to do the same. add to the list or use only a few ideas. . Each person on the team repeats the relay. Variations: Have the teams send the rope down the line with them tying the knots and then back up the line untying them. Place the banana on the ground and each teammate must roll across the banana. The first team done is the winner. The first team to untie all their knots is the winner. 5.

but no talking. (moderator¶s choice). a bit of leniency should be practiced as far as stepping only on the plates. If the twisted pretzel is dropped the person previous to them is to pick it up. The first team to get all members across wins. one plate is taken from the team. If it breaks or is not whole. y y y y EGG HEAD SCAVENGER HUNT (COOKING) Animal sounds (find the member) Raise with family (tie their feet) . The number of people on the team will determine length of space. The team that is first to pass the pretzel down to the end of the line is the winner. They are to turn and pass the twisted pretzel to their teammate that is standing next to them. After the teams try this. The first player on each team is also given a twisted pretzel to be balanced on the other end of the stick pretzel. have them try again with these variations: -No shouting out instructions.Lily Pad Required: Paper plates Players: Small to large groups Game of the Month 3/03 Divide the group into teams of 4 or more. snaps or whatever else they can come up with. They can use stomps. They will have 2 fewer plates than the number of teammates. The object of this game is to get all team members across a space (pond) by stepping on the plates (lily pads) only. Each team must come up with a strategy for passing the plates back and forth in order to get all teammates across the span. Whoever is on that plate must go back to the beginning. That player will turn and pass the twisted pretzel to the next player and so forth until the twisted pretzel has be passed all the way to the end of the line. At least half of the players¶ foot must be on the plate. (moderator controlled). Set up four teams and they have to pass the pretzel for one end of the bus over the seats to the other end of the bus. -Every 30-45 seconds. an official is to give them a new twisted pretzel. You could play this game on your next bus trip with your youth group. grunts. Have official stand in the isles to ensure that the isle seat players pass the pretzels over the seats. NO words at all. and the team has to come up with a strategy to get that person back with the team Pass the Pretzels Required: Bags of sticks pretzels and twisted pretzels Players: Small to large groups Set up teams. in fact. Since they are using 9" plates. and think they have it figured out. place it on their stick and pass it back to them. give each player one stick pretzel and have them put one end into their mouth.

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