Learning redesigned

Digital learning tools to engage young learners

Introducing web 2.0
• Web 1.0
– Pupils accessing

• Web 2.0
– Pupils as creators – Pupils as sharers – Pupils as Contributors – Pupils as collaborators

• How about Web 3.0

Ten web 2.0 tools for your school
• • • • • • • • • • Buildyourwildself – Design personal avatars Wallwisher – Leave stickies on a class/school wall Wordle – Create exciting word clouds Glogster – Design amazing posters Storybird – Creative story writing Writingfun – Planning for writing Tikatok – Collaborative story writing Wikispaces – Create simple wikis Animoto – Build exciting videos Toondoo – Comic strip creator


.. Just a bit of fun!!

(www.buildyourwildself.com) • A great tool for designing personal avatars • Can become children’s personal character for online work • Very easy


.. Leave a sticky!!

• A great tool for leaving messages on a ‘wall’ • Sooooooooooo easy to use!! • Leave messages for the whole school, classes or individuals • Embed to school website of class blog • Never need to forget homework again !!

Let’s try worlde.com
• Creating stunning ‘word clouds’ • Emphasise key words and vocabulary • Use as display resources or table top tools • How could it be used in your classroom?

How about Glogster?

• Have you heard of a Blog? • What about a Glog? • Create amazing posters .. collaboratively .. from anywhere • Include ..
– Pictures – Text – Graphics – Sounds – Songs

Then there’s digital storytelling
(www.storybird.com) • • • • • A brilliant collaborative story writing tool Sooooooooooo easy to use!! Access from anywhere e.g. Home Stimulus from wonderful art Embed on any website e.g. school website

• • • • •

.. Story planning

A simple, independent tool for planning Sooooooooooo easy to use!! A set of planning tools for different genre Tips for different styles Printable plans

• • • •

.. More creative writing

A collaborative writing tool Simple templates Appropriate levels for different ages Various themes

How about a quick WIKI?
(www.wikispaces.com) • Creating class, group or individual websites • Easy to contribute and add information from any PC • Children can contribute from home • Groups can collaborate when away from school • Fantastic opportunity for . WWW

A simple video?
(www.animoto.com) • Free to educators • Create stunning videos in minutes • Embed video into presentations, wikis, websites e.t.c. • Add photos, music, text to video • Access from any PC

• • • • •

a cartoon to end

Quick tool for creating cartoons Simple to use Create characters and stories Upload photos etc. Access from any PC

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