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11/01/2012 6:16 PM

KFHMB will be the first Islamic bank in Malaysia to provide full financing on Takaful Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance to our KFH Musyarakah Mutanaqisah Home & Property Financing-i. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House and was officially opened on 17 February. This." commented Mr. the first foreign Islamic bank in Malaysia. real estate financing. http://www. KFHMB choice of Takaful Nasional as one of its business partner is a proof of the strength. Takaful Fire. August 17. Representatives from KFHMB and the main Takaful operators sealed the pivotal alliance at a signing ceremony in Kuala Lumpur . A market leader in the Islamic banking industry in Kuwait. all of which are conducted in strict compliance with Islamic law. The distinctive feature in the Takaful MRTA financing arrangement that KFHMB is providing is that the Takaful MRTA contribution is being financed based on the Qardh (interest free loan) concept. could play an important role in enhancing the Islamic Financial industry.. to provide convenience for financing as well as Takaful protection for assets and properties. Managing Director. K. Hj. Tn. lease financing. capabilities and confidence we are able to provide to our business partners.. KFHMB is also providing Group Family Takaful coverage to all KFHMB employees as part of its staff benefits scheme.. Kuwait Finance House (KFH) is listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange. In fact.do?contentTypeId=30. Adam Manaf. Mr. Kuwait Finance House ( Malaysia ) Berhad (KFH(M)B). Takaful Nasional Sdn Bhd and Takaful IKHLAS Sdn Bhd.kfh. Managing Director of KFHMB.my/kfhmb/ep/kfhContentView. Managing Director of Takaful IKHLAS added. as well as adding value to our stakeholders. Motor Takaful. Signed on behalf of KFHMB was Mr. KFH is involved in Corporate & Investment. Acting Chief Executive Officer. "We look forward to this business partnership with Kuwait Finance House ( Malaysia ) Berhad as it is a business opportunity to grow and expand the Company and the Takaful industry. Hj. Takaful Nasional Sdn Bhd and Tn.. Salman Younis. This arrangement is made to encourage all KFHMB home and property financing customers to take up the benefits of the Takaful MRTA at no extra cost. at zero profit rate. with representatives from the three entities. Salman Younis in his speech highlighted that smart partnerships and strategic alliances amongst Islamic financial institutions. K. "Through this alliance. Home : About Us : Kuwait Finance House (Malaysia) Berhad Forges Strategic Alliance With Main Takaful Operators Company Profile Press Room Investor Relations Financial Results Careers @ KFHMB Kuwait Finance House (Malaysia) Berhad Forges Strategic Alliance With Main Takaful Operators Kuala Lumpur. At the same time. "Takaful IKHLAS is just as excited that we are able to offer our takaful plans to meet the needs of KFH customers and products. has forged a strategic alliance with three main Takaful operators. KFH has been accorded an upper medium grade (high creditworthiness) investment credit rating of ¿A2' by Moody's Investors Service. Takaful House owners and other general Takaful products. Syed Moheeb Syed Kamarulzaman. K. Commenting on the strategic alliance. KFH(M)B has an initial paid-up capital investment of RM380 million (US$100 million). About Takaful Malaysia Berhad Can we help? KFHMB Contact Centre Toll-Free: 1800 888 KFH (534) Fax: 603-2056 7755 24 Hours ________________________ Send enquiries and feedback Locate our branches I am looking for." Note to Editor: About Kuwait Finance House and Kuwait Finance House ( Malaysia ) Berhad Incorporated in the State of Kuwait in 1977. designed to ensure accuracy and timeliness of information. Salman Younis. Acting Chief Executive Officer of Takaful Nasional Bhd said. 2006 ~ Kuwait Finance House (Malaysia) Berhad (KFHMB). We believe this will help enhance our efficiency and professionalism when dealing with customers. This strategic alliance will provide a convenient way for KFHMB Customers to take up Takaful products with the three Takaful operators through KFHMB business channels. including consumer banking." In line with the company's aspiration to be the preferred Takaful provider. as well as A+ by Standard & Poors and Capital Intelligence. I trust is very much in tandem with KFHMB's desire to provide the best financial services to its customers. Mohd Azmi Abu Bakar. We continuously strive to enhance our systems ability and further leverage on the use of technology to better serve our customers.com. throughout the tenure. En. Adam Manaf. Commercial and Retail Banking.. 2006. Chief Executive Officer. At the same time. Our services are supported by state-of-the-art technology. Managing Director of Kuwait Finance House ( Malaysia ) Berhad. Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad. Takaful Malaysia Berhad. direct investments and portfolio investing.Kuwait Finance House (M) Berhad: Kuwait Finance House (Malaysia) B. Rates Latest Promotions Financial Results Application Forms Fees & Charges Glossary 2 of 3 11/01/2012 6:16 PM . Takaful IKHLAS intends to continue playing a leadership role in the Takaful industry. Syed Moheeb Syed Kamarulzaman. Takaful IKHLAS Sdn Bhd.. The Takaful products being made available to KFHMB customers are Takaful Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA). this arrangement will also ensure that the whole financing transaction is fully Shariah compliant. The arrangement paves the way for the partners to leverage on each other's strengths and vast business networks. trade finance. marking the first strategic partnership between KFHMB and the three entities.

com. Sungai Petani. please contact: Kuwait Finance House (Malaysia) Berhad Raja Zamilia Raja Dato' Mansur Director of Communications & PR Finance House ( Malaysia ) Berhad> Tel: +603-2055 7898 Mobile : 019.my Takaful Malaysia Berhad Lokman Bin Abdul Rahman Manager. Negeri Sembilan and Perlis.my/kfhmb/ep/kfhContentView. was incorporated in 1972.643 million.com. About Takaful IKHLAS Sdn Bhd Takaful IKHLAS began its operation in July 2003.0 or higher or equivalent browser software.my Client Charter | Privacy & Security | Terms & Conditions Of Access | Disclaimer Copyright © Kuwait Finance House (Malaysia) Berhad 2009-2012. Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad.kfh. This website is best viewed with Internet Explorer 7. The Company will continue to expand its network presence to Johor Bahru. http://www. MNRB Holdings Berhad (MNRB).000 agents around Malaysia ..com.0 or higher.do?contentTypeId=30. For media enquiries. As a subsidiary company of BIMB Holdings Berhad. and commenced operations on 19 February 1973.. 74. Pahang.. The company's parent company. It has been converted into a public listed company with the listing of its shares on the Main Board of Malaysia Securities Exchange Berhad (MSEB) since 30 July 1996. Amanah Saham Darul Iman.com.. Corporate Communications Takaful Ikhlas Sdn Bhd Mobile : +6013-381 8664 Fax : +603-7955 7868 Email : raihan@takaful-ikhlas. has an authorised capital of RM 500 million and a paid up capital of RM 152. Other major shareholders are the Employees Provident Fund Board (EPF).my Takaful Nasional Sdn Berhad Norkamarulazman Nordin Head. is the largest Takaful operator in Malaysia with more than RM3 billion assets. Lembaga Kemajuan Tanah Persekutuan (FELDA).my Takaful Ikhlas Sdn Bhd Raihan Rahim Head. With over 21 branches and 13.25% of its equity is held by the BIMB Holdings Berhad. 3 of 3 11/01/2012 6:16 PM . TN is able to offer personalized services in a wider area and offer both general & family Takaful products for savings & protection. Corporate Communications Takaful Nasional Sdn Berhad Tel : +603-2612 5007 Fax : +603-2698 1010 Email : azman@takafulnasional. Amanah Saham Sarawak and Lembaga Tabung Haji. Kelantan.Kuwait Finance House (M) Berhad: Kuwait Finance House (Malaysia) B. About Takaful Nasional Sdn Berhad Takaful Nasional Sdn Berhad (TN). Takaful IKHLAS has established 2 customer service centres in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and has recently officially opened its Regional Office in Kota Bharu.zamilia@kfh. MNRB is listed on the Main Board of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and counts Permodalan Nasional Berhad as its major shareholder through Skim Amanah Saham Bumiputera. Mozilla Firefox ® 3. a member of Maybank Group. All rights reserved.286 2944 Fax : +603-2055 7755 Email : raja. the State Islamic Religious Councils of Terengganu. and other key market centres in West and East Malaysia .com. Public Relations Department Takaful Malaysia Berhad Tel: +603-2721 1892 Fax: +603-2274 0843 Email: Lokmana@takaful-malaysia. incorporated in 29 November 1984.

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