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1.TRACKING AND COUNTING PEOPLE IN VISUAL SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS-2011 2.Detecting Background Setting For Dynamic Scene-2011 3.Automatic Road Extraction using High Resolution Satellite Images based on Level Set and Mean Shift Methods-2011 4.Design and Optimization of the Moving Object Detecting System Based on Blackfin DSP-2010 5.Oversampling to Reduce the Effect of Timing Jitter on High Speed OFDM Systems-2010 6.New Companding Transform for PAPR Reduction in OFDM-2010 7.Multiobjective Optimization for Pre-DFT Combining in Coded SIMO-OFDM Systems-2010 8.The Portable Wireless Aerial Image Transmission System Based on DSP-2010 9.An Improved Preamble-based SNR Estimation Algorithm for OFDM Systems2010 10.Analysis of BER Performance in Presence of Nonlinear Distortion Due to PDHPA in Downlink DS-CDMA Signals-2010 11.Design of Schmidt-Kalman Filter for Target Tracking with Navigation Errors2010 12.Slow Adaptive OFDMA Systems Through Chance Constrained Programming-

2010 13.Joint Estimation of I/Q Imbalance, CFO and Channel Response for MIMO OFDM Systems.-2010 15 .Design of Spreading Permutations for MIMO-CDMA Based on Space-Time Block Codes-2010.

1..Performance Analysis of Integer Wavelet Transform for Image Compression2011 2.An Improved Median Filtering Algorithm Combined with Average Filtering2011 3.A view on latest audio steganography techniques-2011 4.Multitemporal Image Change Detection Using Undecimated Discrete Wavelet Transform and Active Contours-2011 5.Content Based Image Retrieval Using Textural Features based on PyramidStructure Wavelet Transform-2011 6..Contrast Enhancement using a Weighted Histogram Equalization-2011 7.A new robust blind DWT-SVD based digital image watermarking-2011 8.AUTOMATIC RETINA EXUDATES SEGMENTATION WITHOUT A MANUALLY LABELLED TRA INING SET-2011 9.Face Recognition Using Eigenfaces-2011 10.The License Plate Recognition System Based on Fuzzy Theory and BP Neural

Network-2011 11.Research and implementation of information hiding based on RSA and HVS2011 12.Localization of Optic Disc in Fluorescein Angiography Images-2011 13.A New Adaptive Weight Algorithm for Salt and Pepper Noise Removal-2011 14.A Novel Method of Image Steganography in DWT Domain-2011 15.IMAGE Resolution Enhancement by Using Discrete and Stationary Wavelet Decomposition-2011 16.Design of A Color Image Fusion System Based On DSP and FPGA-2010 17.Segmentation of Masses in Digital Mammograms-2010 18.A High Capacitive and Confidentiality Based Image Steganography using Private stego-key-2010 19..Blurred Image Recognition by Legendre Moment Invariants-2010 20.Generic Lossless Visible WatermarkingA New Approach-2010 21.Image Thumbnails That Represent Blur and Noise-2010 22.Audio Compression Using a Munich and Cambridge Morlet Wavelet-2009