LeX MagICa

Many in our esteemed Awakened society have suggested to me that our society could function far better without the politics, without the Consilium, without the Orders and without a bunch of magical elites executing a Lex Magica over a Domain. Indeed, the question of why we need these institutions at all is one that I am asked, as a Silver Ladder, on many occasions. I can sum up the answer to all of this with just one word – Hubris. A Mage who stands alone will surely fall to Hubris. They say that no man is an island, and indeed no Magi is his own world. We do not drift idly across the heavens, no we are comets that will plummet to the ground should we err in our judgement and path, and those who fall, fall in flames. The plight of Hubris is an insidious one, for those who are in a state of Hubris lack the humility to understand their faults, let alone to acknowledge them for what they are. When we have all the power of the Arcanum at our very will, it becomes far more easier for us to find confirmation of our delusions, than otherwise. Sleepers cannot help you, for your delusions are of a nature beyond their ken, it is only other Awakened that can observe and warn you of impending Hubris, for they share a kinship of the soul and know the paths of Awakening. Thusly, we form cabals, standings and coveys of enlightened brethren who are able to observe us in close quarters. In this shared observation we support one another and advise us when actions we are taking may be in the name of Hubris. Though what of Consiliums and the Lex Magica… are they not merely outdated models of governance as the Free Council suggests? There is easily room within the specific models of Consilium so that they may tailor themselves to the needs of their domain, but most importantly it’s a form of self-regulation. Every society needs their parliament, their social contract and their enforcers of the peace. That is the role of the Consilium. For alone, we are not only vulnerable to Hubris, but we are vulnerable to those who would malign us, be they other cabals or denizens of the abyssal hoard. However, the Lex Magica is not only important for those it governs, but for the governors as well. The leaders of a mage society are the most susceptible of all to the fall to Hubris, for power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Lex Magica places limits on their temporal power, and the precepts exist from many centuries of trial and error. In this we can see the importance of the Atlantis Myth, be it a real city or a part of our cultural heritage in name only, it serves as an important and constant reminder of the price of Hubris. Deny the history if you will, its historicity is not important, only its legacy. Its secondary import is that of unity, by sharing in the common cultural mythos we are united as mages across the world, irregardless of creed, faith, path, or magical practices. There is a commonality which is important in creating the foundation of any society. From this stems the import of the Orders, each of them carries part of the Atlantean Legacy, even the Free Council vicariously shares in this. Through the orders the individual mage can find their own unique method of expression as each Order shares a different heritage, be it the secrecy of the Guardians or the drive of the Arrows. United we stand, alone we surely fall. Puck Councillor of the Sydney for the Lunargent Watchtower of the Silver Ladder

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