AtLantean PentaCLe

In reading the descriptions of the Inferior Arcanum, I realized that the Moros have an unbalanced advantage by having both their Ruling Arcanum as Inferior Arcanum of other paths. Instead I present this version of Inferior Arcarnum based on the geometry of the Atlantean Pentacle.

Subtle: Ruling: Fate; Common: : Death, Mind & Spirit; Inferior: Prime Gross: Ruling: Time; Common: : Life, Forces & Matter; Inferior: Space

Subtle: Ruling: Mind; Common: : Death, Prime & Spirit; Inferior: Fate Gross: Ruling: Space; Common: : Forces, Matter & Time; Inferior: Life

Subtle: Ruling: Death; Common: : Fate, Mind & Spirit; Inferior: Spirit Gross: Ruling: Matter; Common: : Life, Space & Time; Inferior: Forces

Subtle: Ruling: Prime; Common: : Fate & Mind & Spirit; Inferior: Death Gross: Ruling: Forces; Common: : Life, Matter & Space; Inferior: Time

Subtle: Ruling: Spirit; Common: : Death, Fate & Prime; Inferior: Mind Gross: Ruling: Life; Common: : Forces, Space & Time; Inferior: Matter