E l d r i tc h Di s c i p l i n e s

Vampires have long unlives. In that time they have amble years to train and perfect the disciplines of the Vitae. As such many Kindred reach levels of power beyond the conventional mastery. As stated on page 114 in Vampire: the Requiem: “…some elders insist that once a vampire’s potential with a Discipline reaches a certain point, she may break from the static incarnations of a given Discipline and manifest powers with her own personality invested in them.” If, in this duration, a target commits a Morality sin equal to or beneath her threshold she must role for degeneration as per the normal rules (any Morality lost or derangements are applied to her normal Morality levels). If she commits a sin that is above the temporary threshold, but below her normal threshold, then she does not. At the end of the effect she recalls all her sins and is likely plagued with them. At this point she makes a Morality check based on the lowest Morality sin committed that was not beneath her This means that while legend suggests that each vampire can temporary threshold (as this would have already been tested). manifest their own unique powers at disciplines of these levels, they are by no means absolute. Presented here are potential Eldritch While in this fugue the target may attempt to rid herself of her Disciplines* for use in Vampire: the Requiem. They can be worked urges. This may only be done when she is about to engage in a in as the Disciplines that will manifest (meaning rumors of unique Morality violation (based on her normal, not temporary Morality). powers are false), or perhaps just one of the options available that is Before the act is done, she may roll her normal Morality reflexively. If introduced into your game. she succeeds then she may sacrifice a permanent Willpower dot to cancel the effects of the Discipline. This represents the part of her *As a point of reference in this document I refer to any Discipline that is 6 normal conscience making a powerful sacrifice to overcome her dots or more as an Eldritch Discipline. primal instincts at the horror of what she is about to do. This does not make her any less horrified at her actions and may incur a Animalism minor derangement at Storyteller approval. If she successfully rids herself of the effects she cannot be affected by the power for rest of the night.

Anyone who is reduced to Morality 0 becomes a Storyteller On some level every sentient creature has a predatory or primal controlled character for the interim. instinct. Humans, like Kindred, have powerfully base desires and needs, but socialization has taught them how to restrain such Exceptional Success: No additional effects except for truly low behaviors. This Discipline allows a Kindred to remove the veneer of Morality scores. civility for one scene on an unsuspecting target. Cost: If used on a mortal, 1 Willpower; If used on a supernatural creature, 1 Vitae. Dice Pool: Manipulation + Subterfuge + Animalism – Resolve Action: Instant

•••••• Primal Tap

•••••• Prescience

A Kindred who reaches this level of mastery has such a finely tuned sense of perception that she can capture her current moment in her Roll Results thoughts and make astounding predictions of the probability of how Dramatic Failure: The Kindred becomes the victim of her own events will unfold from there. As such, a Kindred predictive ability is Discipline and unless she spends a Willpower dot she degenerates not a glimpse into the future, but a psychically augmented into a Revenant for a scene. Furthermore, the Kindred cannot make estimation. a use of this power for the rest of the night. The discipline can be used in one of two ways. It can be used to Failure: The Kindred fails to invoke the target’s passions. assess a general outline of a current scene, or it can be used to more accurately predict the actions of a single target. Success: The Kindred stirs the ire of the target’s base passions. For every success, the effect subtracts one from the target’s effective Cost: 1 Willpower Morality (Humanity for vampires, or whatever the target’s modified Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Auspex (versus the subject’s Resolve + Morality trait is). In that time the target will be compelled to behave Blood Potency if Contested). according to their Vice (for example a Glutton will gorge himself on his pleasures, while a person inspired by Wrath will go on a Action: Instant (to use on an entire scene); Reflexive + Contested destructive spree). A target does not regain willpower for fulfilling (to predict the actions of a single target; this version may not be their Vice. The lower her effective Morality the more depraved she invoked more than once per turn). will attempt to behave. In the above example of a Glutton, if her Roll Results effective morality is reduced to 2 she is able to commit casual murder and may satisfy her Vice through cannibalism. Dramatic Failure: The Kindred manages to make absolutely untrue or vague and muddled predictions about the upcoming events. As such they cloud and distort her judgment. For the duration of the

event in question she loses the 10-again ability and all 1s cancel successes. Failure: The Kindred’s predictions prove to be neither useful nor hampering for the duration.

successes are gained and the target only has 4 Willpower, she would lose two permanent Willpower dots.


Success: When used upon a scene, the Storyteller may give the player a single hint about what they can expect in the upcoming •••••• Rapture scene for each success. These hints should be oracular and become Beyond the realms of mere adoration, this power of Majesty can be more vague the further into the future they are. used to inspire religious fervor, pious adoration and worship. When When used upon a single target, the character or Storyteller will activated Rapture suffuses the Kindred with a holy aura that projects describe the actions of that target to the player at the beginning of upon witnesses the impression that the figure they are meeting is the turn, for a number of turns equal to successes. This includes the infused with divine inspiration. While this doesn’t actually change turn in which the power was activated, unless that target has already the character’s appearance, the aura of Rapture will overlay whatever moved that turn, in which case the effect begins in the subsequent the witness perceives as sacred to them. A person who is a devout turn). Christian might perceive a shining halo convinced that the person Exceptional Success: As above, but the player can assume the 9- they are speaking to is a blessed saint, whilst a Hindu may see that again rule in any action that deals with reacting to the predicted person as an avatar of their deity. For people that already know the Kindred, they will still feel a sense of holy reverence emanating from events. them as though the person that they had always known was, for the moment, divinely inspired. While in the presence of this creature, supplicants will feel and As Celerity is a graduated physical Discipline, Eldritch Celerity is behave like they might around an apparition of the divine. simply an extension of that power. All the normal rules of Celerity Characters of high Morality will feel at ease, or peace in the presence apply to Celerity of levels 6 and above. of this person, while those of a low Morality may feel internal burnings of guilt and horror. Furthermore, a character may not act in a way that is contrary to that person’s Morality. If the character Dominate suggests acts, or acts in a way that is lower than the target’s Morality in front of them, the subject may make a reflexive Morality roll. A •••••• Breaking the Spirit success means that they are no longer swayed by the effect and are disillusioned to the character’s sanctity. When a Kindred reaches this level of Dominate, they are literally able to strip away the will of any who would oppose him. The sheer Cost: 1 Willpower per supernatural creature targeted. overbearing personality of the vampire enfeebles the fiercest Dice Pool: Presence + Socialize + Majesty opponent. Action: Instant Cost: 1 Willpower Roll Results Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Dominate – Resolve Dramatic Failure: The Kindred’s aura takes upon an appearance Action: Instant that reveals them for being the Damned that they are as the beast inside them seems to be revealed plainly on their appearance. While Roll Results its possible that they could be mistaken for a demonic entity, most Dramatic Failure: The Kindred’s is overcome with her own power of the time this results in a Masquerade breach. and suffers the loss of a Willpower dot. Failure: The Kindred fails to sway his audience. Failure: The Kindred’s force of will is not sufficient to brow-beat his Success: When a success is achieved the Kindred is able to assume opponent. the guise of Rapture. A person swayed by the power will take most Success: For every success gained, the target’s willpower score is of what the character says with divine authority. There is a certain temporarily reduced by one for the remainder of that night. That is infallibility about their divinity that cannot be denied. Advice that is with three successes a target with a willpower of 6 functions with given is most assuredly taken to heart. Anything that is said by the only 3 dots of willpower for the duration of that night. Willpower character is taken as sacred prose. Mechanically, the character gains points in excess of the dots reduced are lost and are not the 8-again rule on any Social interaction with swayed targets. automatically recovered at the end of this power. Swayed people will very likely come to the defense, socially and If the subject’s willpower is effectively reduced to 0, she becomes physically, against threats directed to the object of their reverence; listless and unmotivated like usual. and often with the passion of those defending an object of religious Exceptional Success: As above, but the target also loses a willpower adoration. dot for every success in excess of the target’s willpower. That is, if 6


Exceptional Success: As above, but targets once affected will be swayed by the effect of Rapture for a number of nights equal to the Kindred’s dots in Majesty. Even then, unless the subject is given reason to believe otherwise (such as seeing the character performing debase acts), they may continue to maintain the belief that the player was (or still is) a sacred being.

When activated this power causes a single enclosed space to be unseen and unknown. An enclosed space may be a small cardboard box all the way up to a large ball room. The number of successes required to activate are equal to twice the number of dots in the Haven (Size) Merit to describe the area; so 1 or 2 rooms would require only 2 successes, while a vast network of tunnels would require 10. From the outside and from the inside, doors and any portals in and out of this place vanish from the mind of any witness that may wander past or remain inside. The effect of this power lasts for a number of nights equal to the Kindred’s dots in Obfuscate. Furthermore, the area selected reduces the effect of sunlight in the room. By expending a willpower point the Kindred may decrease the intensity of sunlight spilling into the room; reducing filtered sunlight to faint, or faint to none at all; only one Willpower may be spent in this manner. However, if the enclosed space is ever exposed to direct sunlight the effects wear off immediately. Naturally, spaces best used for this are ones far away from potential interference. Cost: 1 Vitae Dice Pool: Wits + Subterfuge + Obfuscate Action: Extended (target successes is twice the equivalent size in the Haven (Size) Merit, each roll takes 5 minutes of concentration) Roll Results

•••••• Pathos
The Kindred uses the art of this discipline to inspire a sense of pathological fear in a given subject, causing them to flee in terror from it as an uncontrollable phobia. This fear manifests in its target as a chosen psychological pathology that creeps over the victim and distorting his sense of perception over it. Whenever he gazes at the subject of his given fears it appears dangerous, ominous as monstrous as it is distorted by his fear. A simple spider becomes 5 times as large in his mind and covered in hoary spines. A stranger on the street comes across like a murderer following the victim. The type of Pathos selected must be generalized. Selecting cats as a phobia works, while selecting “that person over there” does not. This Pathos is chosen at the power’s inception and cannot be changed for the duration. It’s duration is a number of nights equal to the Kindred’s dots in the Nightmare discipline.

A target may not be subject to more than one effect of Pathos at a Dramatic Failure: The Kindred’s attempts to hide this location are entirely ruined and all successes are lost. time. Cost: 1 Vitae Failure: The Kindred gains the number of successes required. Dice Pool: Presence + Empathy + Nightmare versus subject’s Success: The Kindred adds the successes to the total; when the Composure + Blood Potency (The Nosferatu clan weakness does not number is achieved the effect commences.. apply to the Discipline user’s roll.) Exceptional Success: No additional effect except for adding many successes to the total. Action: Contested Suggested Modifiers: Place selected has frequent traffic –5; Place selected is habituated by an individual (house of residence, office Dramatic Failure: The Kindred becomes afflicted by the Pathos space etc…) –1 per person; Place is owned or claimed by Kindred +1; herself. Place is physically locked +2; Place is physically concealed +3 Failure: No thing of horror manifests. Roll Results Success: The Kindred inflicts a Pathos on the victim. The target will react to the described source as though she was suffering from the Phobia derangement to that thing.


Exceptional Success: As above, but the target will react to the Pathos The Discipline of Protean allows the vampire to be a consummate as though she was suffering the Hysteria derangement instead. shape-shifter. This power grants the Kindred the ability to mimic other – human forms, taking on the appearance of any face or Obfuscate physique that they have encountered.

•••••• Metonym

•••••• Oubliette
The powers of Obfuscate at this level allow a Kindred to turn any single place into a room secreted from the world around it. As such it may act as an unknown Haven, a treasure vault or even a prison with no perceptible way out.

Cost: 1 Vitae per excessive or missing dot Dice Pool: This power requires no roll to activate. When activated, this power allows the Kindred to move about the dots in her Physical Attributes to mimic the physique and appearance of another person, or simply to rearrange her own shape. The change of these dots reflect the physical appearance that the Kindred wishes to assume, so if a Kindred wishes to appear incredibly buff, but does not place sufficient dots in Strength she will fall short of the desired

appearance. To compensate for this the Kindred can spend 1 Vitae Vitae to revert back to the character’s normal form from an assumed per missing dot (or excessive dot to make herself appear as weaker form. characters). These temporary dots do not give the character the Action: Instant mechanical benefits of having higher strength or dexterity; they only represent the change in appearance. Similarly, reduced dots do not penalize the character’s Attributes. Resilience In mimicking another person, the character must rearrange their As Resilience is a graduated physical Discipline, Eldritch Resilience own dots to mimic that character as best as possible (strength being is simply an extension of that power. All the normal rules of given priority over dexterity over stamina). When there is a Resilience apply to Resilience of levels 6 and above. difference in the number of dots between the target mimicked and the Kindred must spend that difference in Vitae to replicate the Vigor image. This power last until the Kindred uses it to change shape again, or As Vigor is a graduated physical Discipline, Eldritch Vigor is simply until sunrise when she reverts back to her normal form. It costs no an extension of that power. All the normal rules of Vigor apply to Vigor of levels 6 and above.

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