Naskah Drama Sangkuriang

Finally Dayang Sumbi accept Sangkuriang’s requests. One day they talked Dayang Sumbi : Well if all this should I lead, so slave must submit a request which fulfilled Sir! Sangkuriang
: I will meet all the princes’s requests

Dayang Sumbi : If the host wants to be my husband, so weir the Citarum River into a lake and make sail boats for our place, rejoice enjoy our wedding Sangkuriang : beautiful princess requests, I will certainly fulfilled

Dayang Sumbi : But, the lake and the boat must be completed overnight. Tomorrow morning before dawn, had servants see the lake and the boat was ready
Sangkuriang : Okay, now let me go

(sangkuriang dam lake) Sangkuriang : Do you not know that I still descendants of the gods .... and to stem this river into the lake I had to ask for help Guriang 7 I've ever met at that time I was in the odyssey. Guriang 7, help me to make the lake and the boat overnight. Oh god supreme, help servant (Dayang Sumbi see Sangkuriang made lake) Dayang Sumbi : It seems that the lake was soon finished, but how could this happen I have to think of something, and ask the god that all this does not happen Dewa : Dear ladies Sumbi to foil all of this, so spread your scarf and beat the dimple as a sign it was morning. Upon my will anyway roosterwill crow to convince Sangkuriang that it was morning! : Well, why it was still dusk rooster was crowing, or whether it was morning. No. .. this is still not possible today evening, or maybe all of this princess to thwart sense, but I made the boat has not been completed.


Dayang Sumbi : Sangkuriang, it was morning. Because all of my request before you meet, then we are off to get married today Sangkuriang : What? (Sangkuriang angry, then he kicked the boat that was nearly finished so that the boat overturned and became Tangkuban Perahu Mount )

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