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Extended Awareness. Part-2. Last part mentioned under Part-1.

Once we understand this gospel from the perception of a science then a new understanding develops an understanding that triggers quest towards highest awareness the one that aspires to become identified with the evasive yet factual essence of this entire creation.


Today we embark upon the second part of the same

Gospel mentioned under the endowment of the ancient wisdom

that has come to us as a compilation by the name Srimad Bhagwat Gita. Under the second part it is mentioned that moved by the compassion towards such seeker I (the lord) that dwells within the soul of each being then release the effulgence that dissipates all darkness born out of ignorance. Here under this above gospel a one true aspect of the cosmic creator is revealed and that aspect is its compassion. But that compassion is conditional; conditional to the extent that it acts upon situation that are eligible of its direct invocation otherwise it retains its exercise of compassion as the basis of all of its acts (it means that the creator is compassionate by default but the intervention part of its compassion only comes in its direct action when some eligibility is ripe not otherwise. Second important aspect that arises from the same gospel is about the exactness of an address of the creator i.e. its abode for certitude (although it is all pervasive yet something with absolute ascertainment is getting established; a fact that was mentioned under one of my earlier articles wherein a small inspirational tale was mentioned about decision of the almighty through his worthy counsel about his place of residence). And that place has been mentioned under this gospel as the soul of each being the Indweller as a source spark within all souls. To be precise it exists within us no harm to be rhetoric about this fact while saying that if it does not exist within me then it does not exist anywhere else. The gospel enforces a belief that those who are the deserving ones i.e those who sincerely yearn in consonance with the facts mentioned in the previous part of the gospel as mentioned under the part-1 of this article to them its compassion flows from their own innermost; the place that is the abode to the cosmic dweller beyond any scope for doubt or argument.

Thirdly the gospel

mentions that as a direct result of its active compassion there is a sudden uncover from the effulgence already existing within the seeker.

Fourthly the light and energy of that effulgence

dissipates all darkness that exists in various of its forms like confusion, conflict, delusion, vices i.e. ignorance of all kinds and forms. The way light banishes all darkness when it spreads its scope upon any unlit place similarly the light of effulgence of the cosmic lights when unleashes itself within ones soul then the transformation shall commence at the end of ones total seat of understanding perception changes, priority change, attitude changes, response ability changes, manner of analysis changes, myth and delusion are blow into pieces making way for the fact and fact alone prevail. Now read both the gospels in their continuation and find yourself immersed and associated with their total sense 1ST Part. Those who submit their entire self to me and offer me their unconditional love to them I impart the wisdom of true discernment (discriminative power) through which they can realize me. 2nd Part. Moved by the compassion towards such seeker I (the lord) that dwells within the soul of each being then release the effulgence that dissipates all darkness born out of ignorance. These gospels holds a very high importance to all those seekers who deeply yearn to advance in respective streams of their lives Recall the words of Albert Einstein who once remarked under similar words I simply want to know what is there on gods mind. Recall the words of Nicholas Tesla who also said similar words Inventions come to me as visions and later I draw them as a sketch and endeavour to fill in respective details ( the words of Albert Einstein or Nicholas Tesla are not exact words uttered by those luminaries but they approximate the sense of their actual remarks). For if you intend to follow the pursuit of the most successful ones then there must be some form of initiation upon the fellowship with the divine Indweller within all of us so

that we are able to benefit of the infinite reservoir of creativity and potential. dinesh kumar. Learning under discipline. Dinesh kumar A teacher/trainer in the ancient wisdom which is an endowment of great ancient seers known as Indian Ethos. He has directly trained more than half million people during last 15 years.