CHEESE & CHARCUTERIE 1/5, 3/15, 5/25

Chicken Liver Paté (House) Corned Duck Breast (House) Pork Terrine (House) Speck Americano (La Queried, WI) Kielbasa (House) St. Olga (Goat) (Rivers Edge Cheever, OR)

or Chef’s choice 6/28

Reserve Cheddar (Cow) (Blue Mount Dairy, WI) Coleen’s Hickory Smoked Gorgonzola (Cow) (Mindoro, WI) Little Napoleon (Goat) (Zinger man’s Creamery, MI) Fresh Goat (Goat) (Stickney Hill Dairy, MN) Parmesan Grana (Cow) (Park Cheese Company, WI)

Togarashi buttered popcorn – 4 Herb fries, garlic, thyme, malt aioli – 5 Fried pickles, celery seed, Tabasco aioli - 5 Jar of olives - 6 Bowl of B&W nuts – 5 Chorizo tacos, queso fresco, pickled cactus slaw, salsa verde – 7 Warm burrata, pickled fennel, crispy capers, watercress - 10 Duck confit pierogi, pickled red onion, herb crème fraiche - 12 Arugula, apple, house cured bacon, pickled date, brown butter vinaigrette - 9 Smoked trout on toast, horseradish crème fraiche, crispy capers, herb salad – 10 White bean puree on toast, roasted garlic, parmesan grana, arugula - 8

White bean puree on toast, roasted garlic, parmesan grana, arugula - 8 Beef & chorizo burger, cheddar, red onion jam, pretzel roll, fries - 12 Banh Mi, country ham, chicken liver paté, pickled carrot & radish, cilantro, jalapeno, sriracha aioli, French roll, fries - 10 Black Earth lamb & mustard seed meat loaf, yogurt braised greens, white beans, harissa - 12 Walleye, brown butter crouton, braised fennel, watercress citrus salad, green olive tapenade - 17 House fettuccine, pumpkin, oyster mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, fresh goat cheese - 14 Chicken breast & confit leg, truffle dumplings, roasted root vegetables - 16 Pumpkin seed crusted tofu, refried lentils, pickled oyster mushroom salad - 13

Mixed greens, sourdough crouton, pickled fennel, and honey vinaigrette – 6 Roasted root vegetables, poppy seeds – 6 Spicy beans and greens (v) – 6

Rosemary olive oil cake, lemon curd, whipped crème fraiche – 7 Chocolate pecan bread pudding, vanilla whiskey sauce – 7 Sweet potato doughnut, salted caramel sauce – 7

Where we buy our stuff: Living Waters, Mick Klug Farm, Black Earth, Stickney Hill. 18% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more. Consumption of raw or undercooked foods such as seafood and shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness. Items marked with a “v” are vegetarian. Please alert your server to food allergies or requests and we will accommodate when possible.