Electrical Inspection Checklist

Facility: ___________________ Department __________________ Date _________ Production Areas:
Disconnects have proper covers & covers closed & fastened No flexible cords taped or showing signs of wear Emergency stop devices work Indicator lamps operating Unused openings are plugged Switches & circuit breakers labeled All seal tight & properly fitted No exposed wires on equipment All controls function properly Electrical cords do not hang on pipes, nails, hooks No cords pass through walls, ceiling, doors or windows Electrical panels accessible

Electrical Rooms:
Boxes & Cabinets labeled All equipment doors of original design Floors dry High Voltage Signs Posted No signs of deterioration of equipment No Storage in Electrical Room Motor control doors/covers closed and latched Disconnect arms operate breakers properly Rubber mats in place Restricted Access to Room Emergency lighting works properly Ventilation adequate for heat load

Maintenance Shop:
Power cords grounded No power cords are taped No broken/cracked handles Extension cords not used for power bench tools Controls work properly No sign of equipment deterioration Plugs properly attached to cords Tool Switches operate properly Equipment work lights operate properly Auto shut off features work


Labs. Laundry. Break rooms: Power cords arranged in a neat and safe manner No cords strung along walkways Coffee pots / warmers turned off at end of the day On/Off switches function properly on all equipment Electric heaters unplugged at the end of the day Power outlets and electrical devices covered Outlets within 6 feet of sinks ground fault protected Power panels accessible (2 feet on each side and 4 feet in front) 2 .Office.

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