Holiday Themed Platters Menu

LARGE PLATTERS – All platters serve 10 unless otherwise noted

Phone: 310-401-3397

Mediterranean Meze Platter - $50 Creamy Hummus and olive tapenade drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs - served with pita chips, olives and house-marinated feta cheese Market Crudités Platter - $40 Assorted fresh cut vegetables served with buttermilk Ranch dipping sauce Artisan Cheese Platter - $85 An assortment of 3 cheeses with fruit, nuts and fine crackers Deluxe Artisan Cheese Platter - $100 An assortment of 5 cheeses – includes nuts, cheese preserves, fruit, fine crackers and baguette Charcuterie Platter - $100 Assorted fine cured meats, chicken pate, olives, cornishons and olive oil crostini Build Your Own Crostini Platter - $50 No assembly to prevent sogginess! One Topping Per Crostini Platter Spanish Manchego Cheese with Membrillo (Quince Jam) Bruschetta Topping – with garlic, tomato and basil  Shiraz-Marinated Flank Steak with chimmichurri, gilled vidalia relish and sriracha aioli California Goat Cheese Mousse with Seasonal Fruit Compote Fresh Ricotta Cheese with seasonal topping – delicious!!! Autumn Butternut Squash with lemon ricottta, pepitas and crispy sage Autumn/Winter Mushroom with ricotta and truffle oil

Holiday Themed Platters Menu

Phone: 310-401-3397

Mini Yorkshire Puddings With roast beef, caramelized onion and horseradish cream $55 (20 Pieces) “Red and Green” Caprese Skewers Fresh mozzarella, sweet baby plum tomatoes and basil with balsamic reduction and new olive oil - $45 (20 Pieces)

Pine Nut Crusted Goat Cheese Tarts With Seasonal Fruit Compote $65 (20 Pieces)
Herb Grilled Shrimp With lemon basil aioli - $65 (20 Pieces) Blini with smoked salmon, crème fraiche, caviar and dill - $65 (20 Pieces) Chilled Asian Noodle Salad with Asian vegetables Served in individual takeout Boxes with chopsticks and peanuts on the side $45 (10 Boxes) HOT BITES (REQUIRE HEATING) Jumbo Lump Creole Crab Cakes With Chipotle Honey Corn Mashed Potatoes and Remoulade - $65 (20 Pieces )

Mini BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers served on homemade brioche buns $55 (20 Pieces )

Holiday Themed Platters Menu
Seasonal Vegetable Spanish Croquettes with lemon-basil aioli $50 (20 Pieces ) Savory Bread Pudding Bites – Try them, you’ll love them! $45 (20 Pieces ) Flaky Asparagus puff pastry bundles with olive tapenade $50 (20 Pieces )

Phone: 310-401-3397

Dolcetto Braised Venison bite in puff pastry shell with potatoes, carrots, and peas $70 (20 Pieces)
Mini Homemade Corn Dogs Served with chipotle and mustard dipping sauces - $50 (20 Pieces) Mac’n Cheese Bites with creamy tomato soup dipping sauce - $50 (20 Pieces)

Seasonal Dessert Assortment - Something to satisfy every sweet tooth! - $80 (50 Pieces) Seasonal Dessert Shot – A decadent dessert layered artfully in mini shot glasses $60 (20 Shots per order)

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