Equation Ratscrew, or Equation Slaps

This is a modified version of Egyptian Ratscrew designed to give students practice solving single variable equations. Instructions (for two or more players) Deal out all equation cards. Player to the left of the dealer places the top card from his/her pile into the center of the table. Proceeding clockwise, the other players do the same until everyone has played a card. The player who played the card with the lowest value variable takes all the cards (a trick). However, if the value of the variable on two cards in the same, the first player to slap the cards takes the entire trick. Even after a player has no more cards left in their pile, they may get back into the game by slapping in. The game is over when one player has successfully acquired all the cards. Note: All solutions to cards are either 1, 2, 3, or 4. Currently, there are eight of each. Blank cards are also attached if you choose to add additional or more difficult equations.