IR RD Joins With LDS an MCOR to nd UM o Enha ance W Water  Se ecurity in Hor rn of Af frica 
  FOR R IMMEDIATE RELEASE   DEC CEMBER 8, 20 011   CONTACT: MELISSA PRICE  571 1‐366‐1596  PRE ESS@IRD‐DC.ORG      ARLIN NGTON, VA – Internationa Relief and Developmen (IRD), a ma al nt ajor implem menter of U.S. foreign assi stance and a l leader in the i international stabilization and dev velopment co ommunity, ha expanded it efforts to pr as ts rovide relief a safe and water resources in Ethiopia and S r E Somalia. "There are simple an low-cost p e nd programs that greatly incre t ease water sec curity and reduce the likelihoo of famine a suffering, noted Adam Koons, Dir od and ," m rector of Relief at IRD. "We appreciate ou partners’ w ur willingness to invest in proj jects that can bri longer-ter water solu ing rm utions to comm munities in th Horn of Af he frica." In IRD second pha of program D’s ase mming for Et thiopia and Somalia, field teams will employ additional re y esources prov vided by Latte er-day Saints Charities (LD and DS) new resources provi ided by the U United Method Committe on Relief ( dist ee (UMCOR) to help communities increase wa security. Employing lo workers, IRD will p s ater ocal , build 11 birkits in Ethiopia and 3 birkits in So 1 E omalia. Comm munity birkits – covered s cement water catchm t ments– are es ssential to dro ought resilienc in the Som region. cy mali The bir rkits fill durin the rainy s eason, are use as safe sto ng ed orage, and then provide stored rainwater for several mont during the twice annua dry seasons The r ths e al s. birkits constructed by IRD will p b provide secure water suppl to tens of thousands e lies f of peop ple. nd tion of pharm maceuticals an medical su nd upplies to IRD will also expan its distribut commu unities in Som malia. Malnou urished indivi iduals are esp pecially suscep ptible to disease such as measles, cholera and malaria as well as r es a, a, respiratory inf fections, due to compromised immune sys d stems. Distrib bution plans a developed in are d conjun nction with loc officials a hospitals t better targe the most at cal and to et t-risk popula ations.   ition, IRD wil support rive ll er-fed micro-irrigation for farmer group to r ps In addi produc grains, vegetables, and a ce animal fodder year round, thereby provi r iding assured sustainable food and inco d ome sources d during dry seasons and dro oughts. t on s of ian e More than 13 millio individuals are in need o humanitari assistance in the Horn of Afri Due to a severe drough villages ex ica. s ht, xperienced critical food sh hortages and a life-th hreatening lac of water. T UN estim ck The mates that tens of thousands have s already died in Som y malia alone, ha of those vi alf ictims are chi ildren, and the numbers e are onl expected to increase as f ly o famine condit tions spread.
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IRD is a nonprofit, non ngovernmental organization r l responsible for implementing relief, r stabiliza ation, and deve elopment progr rams worldwide IRD’s missio is to reduce t suffering e. on the of the world’s most vulnerable group and provide the tools and re w ps esources neede to increase ed their sel lf-sufficiency. Specializing in meeting the ne S eeds of commun nities emerging from conflict g or natur disaster, IR partners wit donors, local organizations and many oth to deliver ral RD th l s, hers sustaina services in agriculture, g able n governance, hea alth, and infras structure. For m more informa ation, visit IRD. .org. ###

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