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An address to our people in Algeria entitled And Incite the

By Sheikh Abu Abdul Ilah Ahmed

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My Moslem Ummah in general and our people in Algeria in particular, As-
Salmu `Alaykum wa Rahmatu l-lhi wa Baraktuh.
Allah Almighty says: (Fight then in Allah's way; this is not imposed on you
except In relation to yourselI, and rouse the believers to ardor maybe Allah will
restrain the Iighting oI those who disbelieve and Allah is strongest in prowess
and strongest to give an exemplary punishment) 84 Surah An-Nisa.
When we saw the Moslem Algeria the stronghold oI Ribat and land oI the
martyrs suIIer Irom abjectness and degradation, and its honorable people gulp
all kinds oI humiliation, driven by a group oI thieves to the arms oI the
conqueror once again, we saw that we are obligated to give advice to our
people, and incite the people oI ardency and virility to stand in the Iace oI this
sweeping stream oI corruption, and stop the project oI selling the country and
people beIore it is too late. The despicable thieI BouteIlika intended since
receiving the keys to power Irom the military to hock the sovereignty oI
Algeria and its riches in the corridors oI Washington and Paris, seeking to
please them, and seeking Ior a comIortable retirement Ior him in the
presidential palace to end the his treacherous career, or how do we explain the
opening oI oIIices Ior the CIA and FBI in the capital, and the military bases Ior
the American army in the Great Sahara?
Who do we explain the Ioreign minister Medelci standing beIore the French
MPs in Paris and being exposed to a humiliating questioning about the program
oI his corrupt governments and its imaginary reIorms?
Doesnt that mean in politics that Algeria is still a French province?
Is that why our Iathers Iought the occupying France? And is Ior this we paid
1.5 million martyr?
But it is a heavy price Ior handing over the weapons aIter the mined
independence, and removing the Aqeeda oI Walla wa Bara Irom governance,
so that the grandsons oI Bigeard and Massu Iound the road open to loot the
authority aIter they rode the train oI revolution beIore it ended with La Cost
and under the cover oI nationalism and patriotism.
Our people in the land oI the martyrs, the oppressors have exceeded the range,
and they reached that they sold us Ior a cheap price to the enemy, we are
shocked like we have birds on our heads, and the best oI us is coldly sorry to
what we have reached Irom the humiliation and degradation aIter long years oI
running aIter the mirage oI the traitor BouteIlika and his Ialse promises.
Years where the Algerian who was an example in challenging unjust rulers -
wasted many oI his ardency, manhood and magnanimity too pitiIully, or how
do we explain the inability oI our youth, men and Daa'iyahs to revolt against
these bad conditions like peoples who are less in number and suIIerings which
used to see in him an example beIore decades?
We say this when the market oI jihad Alhamdulillah is open, so what iI the
Ilame oI jihad Iaded may Allah Iorbid that -?
Our honorable people in the land oI jihad and conceitedness, we are your sons
and brothers either you like that or not, and the guide doesnt lie on his people,
and Im a sincere adviser to you so give me your ears and hearts, because the
matter is important, and our struggle with the ruling regime in our country is an
struggle over Aqeeda, and there are only two camps: the camp oI Iman and the
supporters oI Sharia, and the camp oI KuIr disguised in democracy and the
enemies oI Sharia, so we have to see in which are we standing and with which
group will he be comprehended, because the person is comprehended with who
he beIriends, supports and loves, and it will not beneIit him the claim oI Islam
and Iman when he stands between the Hands oI his Master iI it wasnt
conIirmed by action.
Our people in Algeria oI the martyrs, BouteIlika and his associates in
plundering intended to distort your sons the mujahidin to prevent you Irom
supporting and aiding them, and he succeeded in that to a great extent, and
jihad turned to terrorism on many tongues, and many oI our sons and brothers
turned away Irom this obligation that was prescribed upon us like Iasting and
Salat were prescribed upon us, and were dragged behind the Iorsaking Irjaa
calls, and the calls oI groups that take the side oI the unjust Tawagit in a clear
violation to the guidance, Sunnah, Sira oI the prophet peace and blessing be
upon him, how much we are heartbroken when we see thousands oI worshipers
in the mosques but no one oI them is Iit Ior jihad, iI Irom every mosques one
man came out it would have been enough and more, which conIirms the saying
oI the prophet peace and blessing be upon him: An army oI 12000 soldiers will
never be deIeated, because oI less in number, how is it not so, when the
number oI our Iormal mosques 15000 mosque not to mention the small
mosques, so how will it be iI one mujahid came out Irom every Iamily, we are a
nation oI Iive million Iamily and 40 million in population, but we are rubbish
like the rubbish oI Ilood, wa La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah.
Our people, we are your sons and brothers, and you know I swear to Allah
that we dont lie on you and you never Iound us lying Alhamdulillah,
BouteIlika and his generals the sons oI France and the slaves oI America, didnt
dare to oppress us except when we abandoned our manhood, ardency and
magnanimity, and we abandoned deIending our honors with our weapons, only
then they increased their aberrance, and their evil volatilized, and their plunder
redoubled, aIter they realized that our most eIIort is strike Irom studying and
work or closing some streets Ior several hours, then everyone returns to his
home and sleeps saIely on Ialse promises, that are used by the oppressors as a
tranquilizer Ior every uprising or popular anger that they see in it a threat to
their thrones, until when how much longer will we remain believing their lies,
is there no path Ior us to a revival? We ask Allah that be soon.
Our people in Algeria in general and its youth the hope oI the Ummah in
particular, the winds oI revolutions have blown on our Ummah, but we have
come back empty-handed and missed you in the squares oI Ireedom aIter you
Iilled the stadiums, and the traitor BouteIlika can live comIortably, boasting his
heresy and democracy openly, aIter he succeeded with the sorcery oI Iootball,
glottides and satellite channels in achieving what his predecessors Iailed to
achieve by tanks and armored vehicles.
The dire situation which the country and people have reached bear the
responsibility oI that aIter the treacherous rulers are the Ulema oI the Ummah
Ior remaining silent Iro saying the truth Ior Iear and Ior greed, and even
approval oI the crimes oI BouteIlika and his cronies, Iorgetting or pretending to
have Iorgotten the saying oI the Almighty: (And remember Allah took a
Covenant Irom the People oI the Book, to make it known and clear to mankind,
and not to hide it; but they threw it away behind their backs, and purchased
with it some miserable gain! and vile was the bargain they made) 187 Surah
Aal-e-Imran, and iI they declared the truth and were sincere in advising the
Ummah the status oI the oI the oppressed people would have been very much
better Irom what it have reached Irom humiliation, degradation, deIormation
and Ioulness, and we are wondering where are the Ulema oI the Ummah Irom
the absence oI the Sharia Irom governance?
Where are the Ulema oI the Ummah Irom the corrupt rulers committing the ten
Where are the Ulema oI the Ummah Irom the spread oI debauchery and
unveiling among our sons and daughters, and what results Irom that Irom
immorality and weakness which the coming generations will pay Ior it?
Where are the Ulema oI the Ummah Irom the suIIerings oI our brothers and
sisters in the prisons oI their alleged Wali-u-al-Amr (guardian)?
Regarding jihad unIortunately they are the Iarthest people Irom it like it
isnt addressed to them! And iI they talk about it they slander the mujahidin,
and discourage the righteous youth who are eager to support their religion and
their oppressed brothers.
But all these doesnt absolve us Irom the responsibility towards this religion on
the day on which men shall stand beIore the Lord oI the worlds, how is it not
so, when the armies oI apostasy are Iilled with the sons oI the Moslems, iI they
went out Ior the sake oI Allah our situation would have been diIIerent, but they
preIerred the promise oI the generals over the promise oI the Lord oI earth and
heavens, and they reaped only hellIire to those who died Irom them, and grieI
and regret to those who remained alive, especially iI he became Irom those who
have disabilities, and was thrown outside the barracks, and their number today
according to oIIicial sources are 65000 servicemen Irom diIIerent ranks and
specialties, and say the same thing about the new recruits Irom the Patriot and
the dull municipal guard, slaves oI every heretic and roisterer, who their
numbers are estimated in tens oI thousands but they are thousands who are
equal to nothing, they are hostile to mujahidin, and peaceIul to the corrupt
rulers the origin oI the disease and roots oI the scourge, and now the Tawgut
wants to get rid oI them aIter they were weakened by diseases and disabilities,
and the hereaIter is the most grievous and bitter except those who repented and
does good beIore we get him or his death comes.
We today aIter these diIIicult years advice those who are engaged in their war
against Islam and preventing the implementation oI the Sharia to review
themselves, and repent Irom their deeds beIore it is too late, also we renew our
call to all the sincere Ulema, and devoted Daa'iyahs, and supporters oI the
Sharia people oI the ardency and virility to unite the eIIorts and corporate in
goodness and piety (And Iight with them until there is no more persecution and
religion should be only Ior Allah) 39 Surah Al-AnIal, and standing and giving
aid until we are ruled by the Sharia and liberate the last span oI the Moslem
O lions oI the capital, Blida, ChleI, Medea, Boumerdes, and Boura, this is
your day go out to give support to your religion and deIend your honors and
save your money, Allah Almighty says: (Go Iorth light and heavy, and strive
hard in Allah's way with your property and your persons; this is better Ior you,
iI you know) 41 Surah At-Taubah.
O Shers oI the Iree tribes grandsons oI Tariq and Amirouche, return to your
religion and zeal, and stand behind your brothers the mujahidin to retrieve your
glories and status between the armies oI the coming Islamic conquest
O brave oI the North in Constantine and the Aures the beginning place oI
bravery and heroism return to your old days to retrieve your lost glory and
stolen independence, stand up once again under the banner oI Tawhid and
disclaim Irom the banner oI paganism the banner oI polytheism and Tandeed
and you will be successIul and gain the pleasure oI the Lord oI the slaves.
O heroes oI the West and Ribat in Bel Abbes, Sada, Mascara, Tlemcen,
Tayara and Oran, there is no pride Ior you except oI jihad, and there is no
salvation Ior you except with Iighting Ior the sake oI Allah.
(Arabic poetry)
Killing and Iighting is prescribed on us and the beautiIul women have to drag
their dresses
Be sincere with Allah in your religion, and be sincere with Allah towards
brothers and neighbors in the Al-Maghrib Al-Aqa (Morocco) who pray
ardently to Allah under the whips oI subjugation, and cry out to you in day and
night, dont you hear their cries when it have reached the skies?! Did we lose
ardency and our Ieelings sag to this extent?!
O knights oI the Great Sahara people oI generosity and magnanimity Irom
Baskala to Laghouat and Irom DjelIa to Hoggar, stand on your Ieet, and
embrace your arms as your Iathers and grandIathers who entered this land
conquerors and reIorming Daa'iyahs to Allah, the only option is arms to
embrace glory and salvation Irom the rule oI butcher, there is no way to
achieve justice by division oI wealth except under the shadow oI Sharia that is
preserved by the Ience oI jihad and the clanging oI sharp swords.
(and Allah is the master oI His aIIair, but most people do not know) 21 Surah
Al-Hamdu Llillahi Rabbil 'alamin
Published by Al-Andalus Media
16 SaIar 1433 A.H.